“Big Maple” James Paxton takes the mound on Thursday in his second start off the disabled list, facing the Rangers at home. Paxton’s first start off of the DL was a disaster, but that’s often the case – it normally takes at least one start for a pitcher to regain form after missing more than a month. And plus, it was against the Astros, so it’s completely forgivable. Paxton’s full-season stats are drool-worthy, so to get him at just $8,400 on FanDuel is an opportunity to pounce on. As for the Rangers, they strike out 24.7% of the time against lefties. If he’s back to form, it will be a big night for Big Maple.

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Tyler Anderson, SP: $6,400 – On one hand, it’s Tyler Anderson. On the other hand, he’s facing the Padres. On the third hand that’s actually a foot, it’s a joke I stole from Grey (don’t worry, he doesn’t read these). Anderson sucks, but he just shut out the Padres in six innings at Coors, so he can probably do it at Petco too. I’ll be on him in GPPs.

Evan Gattis, C: $2,300 – Man, that is a good price for Gattis. Just check to see if he’s in the lineup, because there aren’t many catchers that can hit like Gattis, and none of them come at this price.

Lucas Duda, 1B: $2,800 – The Stream-o-nator is enamored with Duda, as he’s the second-highest ranked hitter on the entire slate. It makes sense, as he’s in Baltimore against Gabriel Ynoa. You know, uhhhh, Duda will probably homer.

Neil Walker, 2B: $3,100 – Walker doesn’t get enough love for a guy batting second in a loaded Brewers lineup. Since joining Milwaukee, he’s got an .861 OPS, and he’s at home in one of baseball’s top offensive environments.

Jedd Gyorko, 3B: $2,800 – The Cardinals are going to trash Homer Bailey, just like every team does. Can you believe this guy still pitches? The Reds are doing their best to tank, I suppose. Anyway, Gyorko is hella cheap and can be used in part of a lethal Cards stack.

Jorge Polanco, SS: $3,400 – Polanco is the three-hitter for a Twins team that’s probably going to the playoffs. What a time to be alive. Batting third puts Polanco in line for both runs and RBI against Jordan Zimmerman.

Ian Happ, OF: $3,200 – The Happster (nobody calls him that) should enjoy his trip to Milwaukee, which I mentioned earlier as a fantastic hitter’s park. Most Cubs are expensive, but Happ is at a cool price.

Corey Dickerson, OF: $2,300 – Another Rays hitter facing Ynoa. You know, uhhhh, now’s a good time to tell you to stack the Rays. Get as many of them into your linueps as you can. And don’t act like you can’t afford Dickerson! I don’t care how bad he’s been lately.

Adam Jones, OF: $3,500 – Jones continues to rack up homers, runs, and RBI year after year in the Orioles lineup. For that reason, I like him in cash games against Matt Andriese and his 5.01 FIP.


I’m Only Happy When It Rains

No real threats of rain across the board, which is great for this late in the season. The only notable wind is in San Diego, where it’s blowing in at 11 MPH.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Tampa Bay at +111 against Ynoa? Yes, please! I’d also consider the Angels at +130 against the Indians, as Salazar could have another implosion.