A slow week other than a couple of notable call-ups and activations. Should go without saying but all 10/12 team adds should be sought out in 15’s or deeper.


Notable team schedules:

Eight games: Guardians, Twins, Blue Jays

Seven games: Yankees, Athletics, Pirates, Mariners, Rays

Five games: Diamondbacks, Tigers, Mets, Giants


It is important to try to maximize plate appearances. So, try to take advantage of teams with the most games. There wasn’t much change in the closer landscape this week. Steaming a setup man from one of those teams isn’t a bad idea (if you’re hard-pressed for saves). Eli Morgan, Adam Cimber or any of the Mariners or Rays committee groups would be my preferences here.


10/12 Team Adds


Alex Kirilloff (MIN/OF) – Kirilloff has been crushing it in Triple-A. 10 home runs in 35 games while slashing .359/.465/.641. He looks healthy and should finally start to build on his strong rookie campaign in 2021. (7-8% FAAB)

Oneil Cruz (PIT/SS) – Caught the eyes of many with his massive 118.2 Max EV in 2021. It looks like any service time manipulation is over. As the Pirates have finally called him after 9 homers and 11 steals in Triple-A in 55 games, this year. (15-18% FAAB)

Lane Thomas (WAS/OF) – A tough week saw him relegated out of the leadoff spot. However, I’m still betting on talent here. Over the last three weeks, Lane has slashed .279/.364/.426 (123 wRC+). (2-3% FAAB)

Edward Olivares (KCR/OF) – Activated off the IL Friday. Put together some eye-popping seasons in the minor but has yet to make it stick. He appears healthy as all three of his batted balls Friday night had exit velos of over 100 mph. He’s now 26 years old and getting a chance, could be a difference maker with his power/speed combo. (6-7% FAAB)


15 Team Adds


Jose Iglesias/Yonathan Daza (COL/SS/OF) – Six games at home, streamers for average help. They both have very little pop. (1% FAAB)

Michael Chavis (PIT/1B,2B) – Improved his K-rate from previous years, 26.2% vs a career mark of 31.4%. Chavis has done enough to stay out of a platoon and 20-25 homers on the season isn’t out of the question. Pirates are scheduled for seven games this week.  (1-2% FAAB)

Devin Smeltzer (MIN/P) – Scheduled for a two-start week against the Guardians and Orioles. The Guardians are last in wRC+ against LHP and the Orioles slot in at 20th. He doesn’t strikeout enough batters to be viable long-term, but should be a useful streamer. (1-2% FAAB)

Jose Quintana (PIT/P) – Favorable matchups against the Nationals and Brewers, who are 21st and 26th respectively in wRC+ against LHP. (1-2% FAAB)

Orlando Arcia (ATL/OF) – Arcia only has 93 PAs but holds down a playable 9.4% Barrel and a 48.4% Hard Hit. The Braves are scheduled for six games. Three in Philly and three in Cincinnati. Both are great places to hit and will soon gain 2B eligibility. (2-3% FAAB)

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8 months ago

Great quick write up
Tyler Wells… Something I just remembered.. is the quality of batters or teams pitchers have faced and have had matchups against..
Where is a stat that reflects that?… Bc not all batters are the same especially teams… And wells has pitched against the Yankees 3 times already, and the Blue ? Jay’s once and other solid teams.
How are we not taking into account stregth of competition more for pitchers?
I can’t find a stat the fully encompasses this metric.. can you help me with this dilemma?
I need a comprehensive source not just a day to day matchups ratings but all of season and 7&14&30 days kinda breakdown from past starts
Here is only thing I have found…
It’s ok..

Quality starts “Vs top 10”


Marky Mack
Marky Mack
8 months ago

Franmil and India dropped who do I put more FAAB on for a nice second half?

Reply to  Marky Mack
8 months ago

Reyes suggestion… India is hurt and I believe it’s going to be a constant problem…
I no expert but it’s a tough one

Last edited 8 months ago by mj486092