Gleyber Torres (25-30%) [MASSIVE BID POTENTIAL] is one of the highest ranked prospects projected to come up this season is Gleyber Torres. He will make his first start for the New York Yankees on Sunday, April 22nd and, according to Jack Curry, slots in as the starting 2B for the rest of the year. The upside is evident based on his track record in the minors. Always young for his level, Torres has accumulated 19 home runs in his last 180 games with impressive BB/K ratios. We have seen prospects called up only to manifest career-high power numbers in the MLB, so Gleyber could easily be another one of these narratives. This week the bid is for an above-average approach with decent power and speed to provide excellent fantasy value in a star-studded New York Yankees lineup.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (1-5%)

The brother of Yulieski Gurriel is currently making his debut for the Toronto Blue Jays. I was lucky enough to catch the athletically built 2B in Hartford already this season. He was hitting a ton of hard fly balls even in the frigid central Connecticut temperatures. The skill-set is similar to Gleyber Torres in the fact that it is all approach based for now. There could be more power potential for Gurriel than he has shown in his one season, but currently, he has a useful hit tool and some hitters parks to play in throughout the AL East. Looking at the numbers will hinder some excitement for what Gurriel can provide in fantasy. However, I can see more power in the bigs as he has been starting off this year with a higher FB%, and from what I observed very hard contact.

Tyler O’Neill (1-5%)

If you want to love Tyler O’Neill, you must read Ralph Lifshitz’ St. Louis Cardinals Prospect Review. There isn’t much else to say after he’s down talking about the kid. The fact that he hit 30 home runs and had 14 stolen bases as a 21-year-old last season is crazy. Ralph also points out that those steals are no joke and the speed is capable of moving up to the next level. I agree that the plate discipline concerns are a bit overblown because O’Neill does know how to take a walk and is, again, extremely young for where he is playing. He may have a tough time finding places to play, but I doubt they would call up this kind of talent to sit him on the bench. O’Neill is a gaudy fantasy profile at his ceiling with power and speed upside much higher than maybe any prospect coming up this season outside of Ronald Acuna.

JaCoby Jones (1-5%)

If you’ve played dynasty leagues for a few years now, you have probably heard the name JaCoby Jones a ton. Never any considerable hype, but all-around tools and speed plus power have made him a fantasy target for quite some time. He is now 26-years-old getting his third test in the bigs. So far this season he has had success swinging freely, and it shows in his increased contact rate. The power and speed may not be an incredible monument for fantasy players to worship. However, 15/15 HR/SB could easily be possible because he should see copious amounts of reps in that barren Detroit Tigers lineup. Continued improvements in the approach could leave his overall stat-line at the end of the year looking pretty gaudy. Right now, the bat is more of a .250 average-type with the potential to drop lower. Still, upside and playing time are two things worth bidding on this week.

C.J. Cron (1-5%)

I had to add one seemingly dull player to this list of exciting young prospects. C.J. Cron seems old but is still only 28-years-old with a ton of power. His plate discipline is pretty awful this season, and shouldn’t be counted on as one of his skills, but the home run potential is legit. As I say with any new Tampa Bay Rays slugger, “Brad Miller hit 30 home runs for them.” The ceiling for Cron is much higher considering he has had this untapped potential his entire career. The Rays development has shown a knack for taking these guys and breaking down that last barrier. He already has 4 HR in the bag and could be that Jed Lowrie-type that is not hyped on the wire at all. Cron can provide an exciting skill-set for the lower FAAB bid.

LONELY-ONLY Target: Adam Cimber

Adam Cimber has an odd profile for a reliever. He does not throw gas and relies mainly on ground balls generated by his sinker to get guys out. The slider is a decent weapon, used as his punch-out piece, but it is interesting to see a middle relief come in throwing under 90 MPH. Cimber has already thrown multiple inning efforts and can provide that ratio help necessary with those appearances. However, I believe the upside is as the Padres main closer. Eventually, I do think A.J. Preller deals Brad Hand and some other bullpen pieces. In that situation, Adam Cimber may be the only beneficial option left to close out games. Regardless I think the multi-inning ratio benefit should be enough to take a look in Only-leagues and he is an under-the-radar speculative pick for saves.