A lot has been said about Jose Fernandez in these last few days, ever since our slow entries into a relaxing Sunday morning were abruptly jarred with the news of his passing. I cannot sit here typing from Syracuse, New York, never having been anywhere near Jose Fernandez, and attempt to do him justice. I think the one thing we can all do in memory of this great young man that has been lost is to smile. Each and every day, we can attempt to smile even half of the smile that Jose seemed to flash in his every waking moment. If everyone smiled like Jose Fernandez, imagine how pleasant a world we would live in. And so I ask you, on this day and every day, to smile. Smile even if your DraftKings lineup is an utter, complete failure. Smile even after your boss yells at you. Smile even when your grade on that test isn’t what you were hoping for. Remember what Jose went through to get to this country, and smile in the blessings we have. We’ve been blessed enough to have the time to read this article; we’ve been blessed enough to know the beautiful world that is baseball; we’ve been blessed enough to revel in the smile of Jose Fernandez. Bring joy to others the way Jose brought joy to all of us, by smiling and appreciating each and every moment of each and every day. If we can do that, I know Jose will look down in between innings of the Heavenly ballgame he is pitching in, and he will smile right along with us.

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Danny Duffy, SP: $10,500 – Duffy has finally realized his potential, and he faces a Twins team without a whole lot of right-handed thump. Deploy Danny Duffy with confidence.

Alex Reyes, SP: $7,400 – One of the keys to your starting pitching is to rack up the K’s, and Reyes can do that in bunches; he also gets to face the Reds.

Gary Sanchez, C: $5,400 –I know he’s way more expensive than every other catcher. However, he just took David Price deep for his 20th bomb on Tuesday, and he gets to face a much weaker lefty in Henry Owens today. I can’t pass that matchup up.

Jose Abreu, 1B: $3,600 – I know the year hasn’t been quite what he would have wanted, but he still can rake, especially at this price.

Matt Carpenter, 2B: $4,100 – Not quite sure why his price is this low. Homered the other night, get him in there.

Ryon Healy, 3B: $3,700 – He isn’t as hot as Gary was in the homer column, but a lot of his overlooking is due to the fact that he plays in Oakland. Don’t you overlook him too.

Tim Anderson, SS $3,500 – I guess I’m not a big fan of Chris Archer today with the two White Sox here…

Brandon Moss, OF: $3,300 – Brandon Moss just needs to hit a homer to return optimal value from this low price. It’s a good thing he’s known pretty much only for hitting homers.

Kiké Hernandez, OF: $3,600 – He’s got a sweet name and he’s a lefty masher facing a lefty. Therefore, he’s in your lineup.

Randal Grichuk OF: $4,400 –Another uber-hot player. Don’t miss out on his uber-hotness.

I’m Only Happy When it Rains

Watch out for rain in Pittsburgh and Chicago. Wouldn’t wanna miss out on Jose and Timmy!

Doing Lines in Vegas

There’s an over/under of 9 in the O’s-Blue Jays game… But you already knew that, both those teams can rake!

This is my last column of the season, and it’s been a pleasure writing these for you guys. I’ll miss you during the offseason, and all I’ll ask is for you to find a reason to smile each and every day, and to use that smile to brighten someone else’s day.