Happy Saturday everyone.  If you’re checking in on our DFS content at this stage of the season you’re doing a couple thing right.  First off, you haven’t blown your entire bankroll chasing a million dollar pay day.  Nice work!  You also haven’t abandoned your baseball buddies to focus all your attention to football players turning each others brains into scrambled eggs every Sunday.  Nope, you’re sticking around and watching Chris Coghlan turn Jung-Ho Kang’s knee into spaghetti, which is much more civilized.  This is part of the season where the rubber meets the road and I would implore anyone with anything left to play for in any leagues to take a peek at our daily fantasy content.  I mentioned this very thing all the way back in April with my second DFS article.  DFS and your H2H and/or roto team can form a nice little symbiotic relationship this time of year.  If you’re in the midst of a heated H2H semi-final match-up and and a little behind your opponent, for example, you could look at adding one of the lower-priced options mentioned here as they’re likely available in your league.  H2H points leagues and daily fantasy are essentially cousins and we’re looking for the same things: points.  A low-priced, high-upside play is great for DFS but could also help you win a H2H matchup.  Smell what I’m stepping in?  Big Magoo just touched on the importance of batty calls this time of year.  Let’s say you’re a couple HRs back in your roto league and you’re looking for any and all power you can get your hands on.  Well, look through our daily picks and see if one of our low-priced calls such as Wilin Rosario might be available in your league.  Again, we’re all looking for the same thing here.  So, come with me past the jump and let’s look for some players to a) win you some DFS money today and b) win you that virtual trophy to set up on your virtual mantle.

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Michael Pineda, SP: $10,200 – I’m going to break up the day/night slate and pick a player or so from each.  I’d also like to try and focus on some guys that may be available in your league to stream.  During the day, I think you’ve got to pay up for pitching.  While Pineda is a bit pricey, I was able to nab him in my RCL leagues for today’s start against the Mets.  I expect Pineda to bounce back from a couple of subpar outings.  It’s funny, the roles being reversed in this game, with this time the Mets acting as the big brother.  The Mets are already way up in the division and are doing things like resting Matt Harvey and company to prepare for a playoff run.  The Yankees on the other hand need every game they can get.  These things matter in September, so take note.

Jordan Zimmermann, SP: $9,200 – I’d say J-Z is actually the safest pitcher on the day docket despite the smaller price tag.  His pricing must be due to recency bias after his 6 ER dud vs. the woeful Phillies offense last time out.  I’m willing to dub that a fluke and say Zimm will be just fine against a team that’s struggled mightily without it’s best hitter.  In fact, they posted the 3rd lowest team OPS during the month of August.  Pay up and we’ll find some value hitters.

Carlos Carrasco, SP: $11,400 – Kershaw is your clear stud of the night, but for about 4 grand less, Carrasco makes for a nice second choice.  Francona admitted he was overprotective of Kluber the other day and I don’t think he reacts the same with Carrasco.  Carlos just twirled 6 innings against the Royals last time out, the toughest team in the majors to strikeout, and got them 9 times.  When he’s on, he’s one of the best pitchers in baseball and that alone is well worth the savings from Kershaw.

Erasmo Ramirez, SP: $6,400 – Here’s a guy that is likely available in your league that you can double dip on.  The Orioles are prime targets these days and especially so on the road.  While Smyly blew up on me yesterday, I can get behind doubling down with Erasmo.  He just got done nearly no hitting one of the best hitting teams in baseball and before that struck out 9 Tigers.  To say he’s been on a roll is an understatement and he’s worth much more then his price tag indicates.  Take advantage.

Wilson Ramos, C: $3,000 – Catchers stink, so grab one that’s cheap and has the platoon advantage.

Wilin Rosario, C/1B: $3,100 – When there’s a lefty on the mound at Coors field, I have such a hard time fading Wilin.  The guy can mash and getting a double dong out of your cheap catcher is beyond awesome…boy that sounds wrong.

Justin Bour, 1B: $3,200 – If for some reason you don’t go with Zimmermann then bour makes a nice value first baseman.  Bour has been pretty exciting of late and for this price, it’s hard to find better power upside.  If you’re rostering Zimm though, you’re most likely paying up at this spot.

Adam Lind, 1B: $4,400 – Lind is a personal favorite of mine, he never seems to be highly owned and has nice power potential for his usually very reasonable price.  Tonight is no different and he gets Josh Smith and his 7.36 ERA at home in Miller Park.  Sign me up.

Anthony Rendon, 2B: $4,100 – His price is finally moving upwards, but it’s still not reflective of his upside, especially against a lefty.  He’s by far the best 2B on the day.

Jedd Gyorko, 2B/3B: $3,500 – Hitting 5th with huge power upside at the best hitters park in baseball, it doesn’t get much better than that at 2B.  Oh, and he’s under 4 thousand bucks.  Fade at your own risk.

Xander Bogaerts, 3B/SS: $4,300 – There’s not a lot to love at third base during the day time outside of Josh Donaldson, the only other guy I’d look at is Bogaerts.  I’ve mentioned before that BvP vs. a pitcher as unique as Dickey is something to raise an eyebrow at.  Xander is 9 for 25 vs. the knuckler.  He doesn’t provide a lot of pop, but should be good for a couple hits.  If that’s not a ringing endorsement I don’t know what is.

Cory Spangenberg, 2B/3B: $3,200 – Cheap Coors exposure is always fun.  Spangenberg hits for average and can swipe the occasional bag.  If you’ve paid up for Kershaw, you’ll need guys like this to round out the roster.

Jhonny Peralta, SS: $3,500 – The misplaced ‘h’ hits clean-up for the Cardinals…how do they win games again?  Travis Wood or Trevor Cahill could be pitching for the Cubbies and either way there should be ample opportunities for Peralta to score some points.

Elvis Andrus, SS: $3,700 – Shortstops almost stink as much as catchers, but Andrus has been doing some work lately.  He’s swiped 3 bags in 4 games and has the platoon advantage on Vidal Nuno.  Nuno has been jerked in and out of the rotation quite a bit over the past couple weeks so who knows what we might get.  It’s worth a shot if you want to fade Jose Reyes.

Chris Colabello, OF: $3,900 – I’ve hardly gotten to mention the Jays, but Wade Miley is coming into the Rogers Centre so all those righty bats are in play.  That also puts our friend Colabello in play also.  It’s quietly been a nice season for Chris and the first base platoon of Colabello/Smoak has produced 30 HRs and over 100 RBIs.  Not too shabby and I’d expect a couple more chances to add to that total today.

Tommy Pham, OF: $3,500 – At what age do you or should you drop “y”s from the end your name?  9?  10?  I think so, unless it’s your lady friend using it, I see no use for that “y”.  Anyway, Tom’s been raking and has moved up to the 2-hole the last couple days.  For $3,500 I’d absolutely take a look, especially if Trevor Cahill somehow finds his way to the mound.

Anthony Gose, OF: $3,100 – Gose has been hitting a little of late and is always a threat to swipe a bag.  He also has some positive BvP on Volquez as he’s 5 for 9 with a HR and a SB against him.  When Gose has a HR against you, you know he hits you well.

Domingo Santana, OF: $3,400 – I really want to stack this game if I’m fading Coors.  Both of these pitchers are fairly terrible and pitching in the Miller Park launching pad.  Domingo is always a threat to go yard and can be had a very reasonable price.  Load up.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Boy did that [email protected]IN PPD hose me yesterday, maybe the first time all year a rainout has really killed me.  Typically I avoid the whole mess, but it sounded like the weather would clear and then, it didn’t.  I hate playing weather guesser so much.  Looks like that won’t be a problem today though, it’s nothing but clear, blue skies.

Doing Lines In Vegas

No surprise that Kershaw is the biggest favorite today at -200 or that he and Liriano have the lowest over/under at 6.  It’s also no surprise that the highest over/under on the day is at Coors Field, an 11 run total.  If you want something that is surprising, how about Mike Leake being a -135 favorite at home against Patrick Corbin and the Diamondbacks in a game with a 7 run total?