Let me begin by thanking Papa and Nana Lifshitz for taking my two little rugrats last night so the Mrs. and I could go out for our 8th wedding anniversary. We went to a great Italian place in town and left in a food coma that put the two of us out of commission until early this morning. Not to worry Daily Fantasy Junkies I’ve arisen and am here to give you the DK knowledge you need to Get Money. I know what you’re all thinking, my Wife is truly the luckiest woman in the world. After all she’s married to me. Let’s think about this, not only am I handsome with six-pack abs, I’m also always there to explain baseball metrics like K/9, wOBA, and wRC+. Seriously I’m a real gem. You know who else has been a gem of late? Madison Bumgarner! Over his last ten starts he’s averaged 25.5 DraftKings points, he’s had 19+ point efforts in each of his last five games, and best of all he’s had two 47+ point efforts in his last 5. At a price of $11,200 he is tops on the board today but he’s totally worth it if he can keep up his hot streak. The one caution I will throw at you is his poor home ERA of 4.58. This is a little confusing when you consider that AT&T is a pitchers park but not everything makes sense now does it? (BTW am I the only that still wants to call it Pac-Bell?) I’d like to focus more on his August ERA of 1.58 in 40 innings thus far. Ready for this his K/9 for the month is 11.03 while his BB/9 is .45, those are the kind of numbers that make Grey stay at home at night and wax his mustache. They get me really excited, maybe too excited. His wOBA against is .194, those numbers are just video game on easy with cheat codes good. Sure this was an easy call and sure I’ll give you cheaper options but I always feel the need to remind you of great players playing great. These streaks only happen a few times over the course of a career even for a very good player like Mad-Bum. Well my fellow DraftKings welcome to my first DK installment on the newly minted HipHop Sunday let’s proceed to give you what you need.

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Chase Anderson, SP: $6,300 – This has everything to do with two things, the price and the opponent. The Rockies are horrific away from Coors, posting the 2nd worst road wOBA in the league behind only the Padres who just suck it up everywhere. Seriously the Rox road wOBA is .282 and their road wRC+ is 77. Anderson had a nice run in July when he put up a 2.78 ERA but has crashed down to earth in August with an ugly 5.40. The last two starts in particular have been rough but he had a run of 6 straight Quality Starts before that. I’m loving his chances to right the ship at home (3.61 ERA) against a struggling offense.

Francisco Liriano, SP: $9,800 – Back in May I swore off Liriano, and he didn’t resurface on my radar until recently. The man was a beast for the month of July and much like the aforementioned Anderson has come back down to earth here in August. Granted the crash has not been as severe as he’s still put up a respectable 4.03 ERA this month. Much of that number came from a shameful start two turns ago against Atlanta. He gets the Reds today and anyone who’s paid any attention to baseball in the last two months knows the Reds offense stinks (.283 wOBA in the last month). Liriano has had some trouble at home his home vs. road ERA splits are a little unsettling (home 4.78, Away 2.96) but I’m going to ignore that and focus on the opponent and the K upside. Liriano’s K/9 this season is 9.77 and he’s a had a few months (June and July) where it hit double digits. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he could be the best pitching play of the day.

Travis d’Arnaud, C: $3,200 – He’s my low cost catcher option of the day and it’s mostly based on BvP. He’s 5/9 off of A.J. Burnett with two dongs. I also like to keep my catcher spending at a minimum and he allows me to do that. I love me some cheap power from my cheap catchers, it’s even better when they’re repping the Bridge.

Matt Holliday, OF: $4,400 – Sure he’s older than dirt and sure I don’t think I’ve had him in a single lineup this season but today that changes. The man rakes against Travis Wood, he’s 11/34 with 3 dongs. I’m going with the old dog today as my DONG OF THE DAY!

Jose Bautista, OF: $4,900 – Joey Bats is en fuego and he costs under $5K, this a must add to your lineups. The man has gone 4 straight with a dong, that’s just porn star dirty. That’s a dong to day ratio that would even make Eva Angelina jelly. Yuuuuummmm Jelly. Sorry still having food cravings from last night. Either way Joey Big Bats gets Brandon McCarthy at home at the Rogers Centre and I’m buying another banner day.

Jimmy Rollins, SS: $4,300 – At this point in his career Jimmy has sort of settled into the role of un-exciting vet. He’s still got some pop and some speed and on the right day it’s 2006 all over again. I’m hoping that today is one of those days as he faces old friend Dillon Gee, Rollins is 13/28 with 2 jacks and a SB off Gee lifetime. Here’s to Ryan Sandburg actually playing Rollins today. You never known with that guy, his manging style makes about as much sense as Jews for Jesus.

Adrian Gonzalez, 1B: $4,200 – He homered last night and has a couple of dongs off this afternoon’s pitcher Eric Stults. This tells you how bad Stults is because A-Gon typically struggles against lefties in fact his season BA against southpaws is below the Mendoza line (.185). I’m going to ride the hot bat, the BvP numbers, and the familiarity of hitting at Petco to a contrarian play in GPP’s today.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Looks like there’s a chance for some showers in Philly and about a 30% chance of rain in the night game in KC. Otherwise the weather is looking good.

Doing Lines In Vegas

NYY @ Tor – 8.5 – Under

Bos @ TB – 7 – Over

[email protected] LAA – 7.5 – Over

Hip-Hop Sunday Battle Vol. 1

So J-Foh and I have decided to have a weekly installment of battling each other with hip-hop videos in each of our posts. Here’s how it works we each will pick a topic and then go drop a few videos for you guys to watch and we’ll leave it to you the readers to add to the discussion in the comments. Todays topic is BBQ Joints East vs, West Coast. I’m obviously repping the East like Big and J-Foh is our very own Tupac as he’ll be repping the West in his post. Check out my picks.

Camp Lo – Luchini

Biggie – Hypnotize

Slick Rick – Children’s Story

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – Summertime

Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell

Redman – Pick It Up

  1. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    d’Arnaud is out of the lineup but Yadier Molina at $3,200 is a great alternative.

  2. J-FOH says:

    I knew summertime was on your list, it’s a must

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