Like the end of anything that was good, there is only one thing left to do as the MLB regular season comes to a close: lay it down really hard.  Finish strong, as they say.  Earn your season-long awards.  Kershaw is possibly making his last case for a seemingly deserved MVP as a starting pitcher tonight and he has the added motivation to embarrass his team’s greatest rival and clinch the NL West.  After spending the majority of the year avoiding writing about my beloved Dodgers, I can no longer avoid the allure.  Tonight offers a matchup as sexy as anything to come out of San Fernando Valley in the last 20 years.  Let’s start with the NL Cy Young and MVP probable, Clayton Kershaw, P: $14,800.  Considering that the best starting hitter on the Giants BvP line is held by Pablo Sandoval who has a growing trend of being incapable of hitting from the right side, Kershaw is a no-brainer today.  The NL MVP should have no problem punishing the shrinking Giants’ bats into submission.  Sandoval’s leading BvP by the way is 14-54 with 3 2Bs equaling a .596 OPS… the best they have to offer.

I got ideas and the DFSBot has finely honed predictions.  You have ideas and the DFSBot has finely honed predictions.  The DFSBot is critically acclaimed on the internets.  I sleep at night and the DFSBot never stops working.  You and I have a lot in common.  I hope you sleep too.  Listen to the DFSBot.

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Late Games Only

Lisalverto Bonilla, P: $5,700 – If he can put up 15.7 DK points against the Angels, he can easily repeat or outdo that against the Astros who have clearly given up on the year; they allowed Nick Martinez to go 6.2 shutout innings last night.  Yes, the same Nick Martinez with a 6.29 home ERA this year… He can also make you want to forget him forever.  All reporters and writers who try to spell and/or pronounce his name hope for the latter.

Joe Wieland, P: $4,400 – Yes, that price is correct and yes, it’s also appropriate.  He’s been horrible so far in his few innings in the bigs, but he faces the worst hitting team on the road in the best pitcher’s park in baseball.  He may not even have the stamina to go 5 full innings but he could possibly put up 6 scoreless as well and affords a lot of extra cash to spend on filling out the rest of your roster.

Dodgers Stack – This is gonna be a game punctuating the final standings in the NL West.  Kershaw is dominant and Puig, A-Gon, Kemp, Crawford all have .900+ OPS vs. Tim Hudson.  Hudson has been awful in September.  All four are heating heading down the stretch.  DK salaries:

Adrian Gonzalez, 1B: $4,900

Yasiel Puig, OF: $4,800

Matt Kemp, OF: $4,800

Carl Crawford, OF: $4,000

A.J. Pierzynski, C: $2,500 – Gotta save some dough somehow.  May as well take a guy with a line of 6-8 with 2 HR and 2 BB with no Ks against Jake Arrieta.  If any team is gonna own Arrieta it’s the Cards who have had him on the brink of early termination multiple times this year.  Also rosterable today from the Cardinals:

Matt Adams, 1B: $3,700

Kolten Wong, 2B: $$3,700

Jhonny Peralta, SS: $3,800

Freddy Galvis, 3B/SS: $3,000 – He’s got a 7 game hitting streak with 5 XBH.

Mike Moustakas, 3B: 2,800 – Many Razzballers refer to him as Moose Tacos.  As one who’s put faith in a bounce back one too many times, I refer to him as Mostsuckass.  I’m not claiming he’s your savior today, but he’s priced to counteract Kershaw and an expensive stack and he’s got all his splits in his favor.  He’s 2-4 against Bauer and he prefers hitting RHPs and hitting on the road.

Adam Lind, 1B: $3,500 – He’s been steadily holding his injury riddled, but very solid season performance over the past few weeks.  Lind owns a .418 wOBA vs. RHP and a .405 wOBA at home and he faces Taijuan Walker who allows a .384 wOBA against LHBs.

Corey Hart, OF: $2,700 – Considering his performance this year, Lloyd McClendon is going to have some some cajones go with his Hart today.  But, presuming he does, Corey is 3-5 2 HRs and a BB vs. Mark Buehrle.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

The heavens may be tinkling upon Target Field and Nationals Park, affecting players on the Mets, Nats, Twins and D-Backs.

Doing Lines in Vegas

Dodgers are -260 with O/U at 5.5.  That essentially means Kershaw will throw a shutout and Dodgers will put up 4-5 on Hudson with .5 or more on the bullpen.  Hudson has been terrible down the stretch.  I’m buying what the sharps are selling.