It’s late in the season, and you know exactly where you are in your seasonal league, but there’s still time to make money on DraftKings.  It’s a Thursday, which means there aren’t many games on the slate, but at least the Coors Field games continue this week as the Giants invade Colorado.

The plus side is that both teams have players reasonably priced on the offensive side, but the negative side to it is that an already small slate turns smaller on the pitching end of things as both starters are automatically out of it due to pitching in Colorado.  Well, and they just aren’t good.

Let’s get straight to the cash, homie.

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Jordan Zimmermann, SP: $10,400 — Zimmermann has been pretty meh all season, but on a day lacking stud pitching options (it’s not Liriano, folks), Zimmermann is the best of the bunch against a putrid Braves offense.

Matt Latos, SP: $7,300 — There’s something wrong with me, clearly, as I can’t get off of the Matt Latos train.  A part of me still thinks he’s going to recapture his former ace-self that he showed signs up prior to the trade to Los Angeles.  Again, beating the same drum, there are a lack of options so Latos against the Padres is a plus matchup.

Francisco Cervelli, C: $3,500 — Another article, another day Cervelli is in my lineup.  Low ceiling, high floor.

Ben Paulsen, 1B/OF: $3,500 — I’m nervous about Justin Morneau’s looming return for Paulsen’s fantasy value, but until he’s back, I’m more than comfortable in running Paulsen out against Ryan Vogelsong at home.

Matt Duffy, 2B/3B: $4,800 — Duffman playing in Coors.  It’s like a perfect Simpsons episode, no?  Duffy has been surprising this year, making Giants fans forget that Kung Fu Panda was ever an actual thing.  Plus, you know, he’s facing Chris Rusin in Colorado.

Pedro Alvarez, 3B/1B: $3,400 — Alvarez is going to end up with 30 home runs again this year, and he’s in the most homer-friendly stadium in the league this year.  I’ll chance it.

Jung Ho Kang, SS/3B: $4,100 — Like Cervelli, rinse and repeat.  Kang is my shortstop week in and week out, barring a minus matchup.

Charlie Blackmon, OF: $4,800 — Blackmon proved last year wasn’t a fluke with his superb 2015 season.  Against Vogelsong at home makes Blackmon the play of the day.

Carlos Gonzalez, OF: $4,300 — You obviously have to watch to make sure Gonzalez is good to go, but if he is, he gets the green light at home.

Jayson Werth, OF: $3,600 — It looked like it was a lost season for Werth, but he’s shown signs of life since taking over the lead-off spot in the Nationals lineup.  The return of some pop is definitely a plus, and it’s a plus matchup against Atlanta.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Rain shouldn’t be a factor today, as only Washington and Colorado have 15 percent chance of rain at first pitch.  Should be good on all cylinders.

Doing Lines In Vegas

No surprise, but the Colorado and San Francisco game is the game projected to have the most runs in it, as Vegas set the over/under at 11 runs.  Get them in your lineups, folks.

  1. longbeachyo says:

    I guess you don’t put much weight in the batter vs pitcher stats… CarGo is 1 for 17 (career) against Vogelsong with 5 k’s… I guess you could say he’s due, but I’m staying away.

    • @longbeachyo: Yeah I’m not a big BVP guy really, especially When it’s against someone the caliber of Vogelsong. A better pitcher, I’ll consider it more.

      • longbeachyo says:

        @Michael WaTerloo: Unbelievable. 2 homeruns and a double later… I guess he really was due.

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