Did you know he’s popped out only 7 times since 2010, and that the average major league batter would have popped out at least twice that many times? And that he’s never popped out to the pitcher, catcher, or first baseman in his career? I’m talking, of course, about Joey Votto. Wait… one of those stats is wrong. The average MLB player would actually have popped up 127 times in that same span. Crazy, right? Like seriously, that is an insane stat. He may seem boring, but you can count on him to put up numbers. If nothing else, he is reliable. Don’t let that make him boring, and definitely don’t let someone else draft him.

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Jacob deGrom, SP: He finds himself near the top of the board. I imagine a fair amount of that has to do with his opponent, the Padres. Hey now, we’ll take it. Fire him up with full confidence.

Rick Porcello, SP: He gets Baltimore; what more do you need? I guess pitching for Boston doesn’t hurt, as that Red Sox offense is loaded. We’re looking at a great chance for a W and some good K numbers.

Ross Stripling, SP: Ross has been looking good for the year. This Phillies lineup has talent, but also strikeout potential. Plus, the Dodgers are heating up, as much as it pains me to say that, as a Giants fan. 

Luis Castillo, SP: This isn’t the pick you feel great about, but it’s the one that could swing your day and bring you glory. The Cards are not a terrible offense, but there is definitely strikeout upside. 

Justin Turner, IF: I know that Manny Machado is the big news, the new hotness, and you should grab him if you can. But Turner is pretty damn good, too. If anything, he just got better with the addition of Manny to a lineup that was already waking up (looking at you, Bellinger). Let someone else chase the sexier name. Make sure you get the player who is right there in terms of fantasy value. However, there’s a chance he may not play, as he re-aggravated his groin yesterday. As alternatives, try Freddie Freeman for the lefty-righty match-up versus Luis Urena, or Edwin Encarnacion, who has been hot the last few and gets to face Streamonator’s lowest-ranked pitcher of the day, Pittsburgh’s Trevor Williams

Matt Carpenter, IF: Forget what you think you know about carpentry, what we have here is brand new. It’s hot and it’s hitting for power. Yes and yes. What more could you be looking for? Don’t wait, draft him today,

Yoan Moncada, IF: Do you like to live dangerously? If so, I have found the perfect pick for you. Look no further than Moncada. The talent is immense. And lock it in here first, but if he ever gets his strikeout rate under control, he’ll go 30/30/30. That’s the kind of power and speed combo that I like. Let’s go out with a bang. 

Bryce Harper, OF: Look, he’s been bad. But if the Home Run Derby proved anything, its that Bryce can absolutely crush the ball. Why not hitch your wagon to a guy like that? He could be the upside play who puts you over the top. Hopefully, winning the derby in front of his home crowd can give him the kick in the pants he needs.

Joc Pederson, OF: This jock is the one we want: good at everything. Or at least he’s good at knocking it out of the park. We’ll definitely take that, and he could lead you to victory.

Eddie Rosario, OF: Playing in Minnesota may have obscured the fact that he’s having a terrific season. Get him on your team and reap the rewards. 

Jesse Winker, OF: He’s the new Joey Votto… or something like that. What’s important is that he’ll give you great value late in your draft. He won’t give you speed, but he’s got power and average. You can’t ask for more than that.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s summer, which means clear skies across the board. Haha, actually it means thunder in Baltimore, Philly, Cleveland and New York (Mets). There’s a solid chance of some impact to these games. 

Doing Lines In Vegas

Give me Oakland and Texas: the over is set at 11. That’s pretty high. Let’s get wild.