I’m going to change things up a little bit for this fine Monday morning. Normally I advise you to get in on the top pitchers for your slate on Draft for any given day, because that can make or break your day. Even today, we have a certified ace in Justin Verlander making a favorable start against the Blue Jays. He makes for a fine first pick, or even a steal with your second. However, today there are multiple pitching options that I like later. This gives you the chance to lock up the best player in baseball: go get you some Mike Trout.  Over the last month, he has raised his always-incredible performance to another level. Don’t question your pick if he’s still on the board. It really is crazy how good he is. And you would be even crazier not to take him. 

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Jameson Taillon, SP: He’s tinkered with his pitch selection during the season, adding a slider. Since then he has been locked in and should be able to take advantage of the Mets. After all, they are the Mets. Take a shot of Jameson to fire up your lineup.

Jonathan Loaisiga, SP: His name may sound like lasagna, but don’t expect him to throw meatballs over the plate. Dude is legit. The Phillies are an up-and-down lineup so there is some risk, but I like the upside. I also like lasagna, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the corner stuffing my face. 

Blake Snell, SP: A date with the Washington Nationals doesn’t sound like what you want in DFS, but Stream-o-Nator still likes Snell. That’s good enough for me to look to him mid to late, if your fellow drafters have been scared away by the Nationals

Freddie Freeman, IF: Would you look at that, Freeman is the top first baseman in points leagues. That is the kind of performance we’re looking for on Draft. We want number one. Even better, Hittertron likes this pick, too. If you miss the Trout, free yourself.

Cody Bellinger, IF: Finally. It’s about time the Belly-boi has remembered that he can hit. The power has started to flow and there’s no time like the present to get in on that action. He’s back to being a great pick, no matter the park or opposing pitcher. 

Ozzie AlbiesIF: Ah, the Wizard of Oz. He may have slowed a bit of late, but his pace was so great it was to be expected. Like Freeman, he finds himself in a plus match-up against the Reds. I think we can expect some magic here. 

Nick Castellanos, OF: On name alone, he should be regarded more highly. Sadly, the Tigers are considered an offensive wasteland. And while it is true that they are no powerhouse, it gives you an opportunity to capitalize on an overlooked asset. Nicky C could be that guy, the one who puts you over the top. Be sure not to forget him.

Mitch Haniger, OF: In June he’s been racking up the RBIs. That reminds me of BBQ, and I like that. Andrew Cashner should not present an impediment to him adding to that total, especially in Camden Yards. What we have here is an underrated mid-round pick who could give you early value.

Michael Brantley, OF: He may not be a sexy name, but Brantley has been contributing across the board this season. The average is very pretty. On top of that, we’ve got some power and speed. Factor that into a Cleveland lineup and you’ve got Believeland. Color me intrigued. Don’t be the one to overlook him in your draft. 

Hunter Renfroe, OF: This one is for the end of your draft, if you want to chase power. He’ll strike out a bunch, but when he connects…Oh boy, he can hit it a mile. If you’re looking for a last pick who could explode and provide huge value, Renfroe is your man.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

We have a chance of thunder in Kansas City (Angels vs Royals) and St Louis (Indians vs Cardinals). The only game with a significant chance of weather is the last one, so you should be slightly cautious with Cards or the Tribe, but based on my amateur meteorology, I don’t foresee much of an issue. But what do I know? I’m just reading off the teleprompter.

Doing Lines In Vegas

San Diego vs Texas is projected to be high scoring, which bodes well for our boy Renfroe. The Houses also like Seattle vs Baltimore and LAA vs KC. The bet on all favors the under, but keep that in mind when making your picks.