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If you’ve ever been to that little jewel of a ballpark in Houston, you can hear the refrain every game: Deep in the heart of Texas!  And they’re singing it full throat with a World Series win last year and one of the juggernauts this year.  One reason: their starting pitching.  And hiding in plain sight, behind Verlander, Cole, and Morton, is a man by the name of Lance McCullers, and he is indeed the real McCoy.  This year he’s  8-3 with a 3.83 ERA and 1.190 WHIP and today he faces Kansas City, who come in at 22-48 and are 1-9 in their last 10.  Now let’s look at a few more early-, middle- and late-round picks for your Draft…drafts!

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Joe Musgrove, SP: Middle – This Pittsburgh hurler is off to a fast start and gets to face the struggling Reds at home.  A worthy mid round pick.

Andrew Heaney, SP: Late – The man who bet on himself is himself a great bet today.  He travels to Oakland’s spacious Colosseum and faces the A’s, who hit a measly .120 against him.

Mike Trout, OF: Early –  This precocious youngster (he’s only 26) is back in his rightful place, leading the league in many categories, including 23 home runs and 58 runs scored.  And against A’s hurler Daniel Mengden, he’s 3-4.

Jose Ramirez, IF: Early – He’s already got 20 home runs this year and gets to face off against Minnesota’s Fernando Romero, whom he’s hit 2 homers and a 1.333 OPS against.

Michael Brantley, OF: Middle – Another Indian with good numbers against Romero (.905 OPS).  And he’s playing at home, where he’s hit .365 with a 1.017 OPS this year.

Eric Thames, IF: Middle – He’s just recently off the DL, but gets to face the PhilliesAaron Nola; Thames has a .500 AVG and 1.333 OPS against him.

Carlos Gomez, OF: Late – Tampa in New York against the Yankees doesn’t seem like such a great match-up, but Gomez has got the goods.  He’s hit Yankees’ starter CC Sabathia to a .312 batting average and .812 OPS.

Yuli Gurriel, IF: Late – He’s hit .302 this year and is positively sizzling with a .500 batting average and 1.305 OPS in the last week.  Strike while the iron is hot.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a chance of some early rain in Atlanta for Braves-Padres and the wind is blowing out in Kansas City for Astros-Royals, but otherwise one of the quieter, more perfect baseball weather days across the country than there has been in a while.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Stack ’em, pack ’em and rack ’em: The highest projected runs scored today are the Yankees (5.10) vs the Rays, the Indians (4.99) vs the Twins, and the Astros (4.90) vs the Royals.

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites today are the Astros (-213) vs the Twins, the Dodgers (-146) vs the Giants, and the Yankees (-146) vs the Rays.