Has there been a bigger surprise this season than the 26 bombs Eugenio Suarez has dropped? Guy has gone from fringe infielder to power corner while holding down one of the game’s nice young prospects. Adapting your preexisting evaluation of players is one of the harder things to do in the course of a season. Suarez is a top play now, especially against lefties. Let’s see who else you need to consider on Draft.com today.

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Carlos Carrasco, SP: Early. Carrasco has hit that mid-season stride. He’s given up only 3 earned runs in 20 innings since the break. Ride him while he’s hot.

Nick Pivetta, SP: Middle. Here’s hoping the humidor sciences the balls enough to get the good Pivetta going. Despite some struggles, Pivetta is still a guy with an 11.2 K/9. The DBacks are striking out at 25.3% vs RHP. The ceiling is high here.

Miles Mikolas, SP: Late. There’s something to be said for the consistent nature of guys like Mikolas. They aren’t going to carry a lineup of underperforming hitters, but they can set the table for early studs to go off. Your win odds are always great facing the Marlins, as well.

Jose Ramirez, IF: Early. Just an all-around fun player to watch/root for/own in fantasy. He leads all of baseball in combined HR/SB with 33/26. It’s a stretch, but the 40/40 club is on the table for him this year.

Jean Segura, IF: Middle. Bartolo Claus has been delivering 5 or 6 runs in each of his last 4 starts. Segura thrives hitting second at the top of the Mariners’ potent attack. Dee Gordon gets in scoring position in front of him and the big bats behind drive him in. Teams also run on the Rangers. Segura has a 4-steal game this year, don’t forget.

Eugenio Suarez, IF: Late. It still cracks me up that the Mets chose Jason Vargas to stick in the rotation over Matt Harvey. Dude is not good at pitching baseballs. To the tune of an 8.23 ERA. How does Suarez fare against LHP? Only a top 10 ISO of .329 against. Citifield’s spacious confines won’t save Vargas today.

Andrew Benintendi, OF: Early. Basically insert your preferred Boston outfielder here. I tend to like Beni against righties a hair more. He doesn’t have the roof-shattering ceiling of the others, but he’s a very steady producer (.389 wOBA vs RHP).

Lorenzo Cain, OF: Middle. This one’s a hunch on a guy who should benefit from an off-day yesterday. Cain tends to wear down in the second half, and his numbers are starting to show it. At home, rested, and facing Clayton Richard is a great spot for a guy with power and speed.

Teoscar Hernandez, OF: Late. I don’t think very highly of Drew Pomeranz. He’s occasionally competent, but the Rogers Centre is a hard place to pitch for a guy with a 40.4 FB%. Teoscar has immense power and a .287 ISO vs LHP.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a slight chance of pop-ups almost everywhere today. It’s August, after all. The Mid-Atlantic has a bit more risk than most, but Chicago looks like the only problem child at this point.

Doing Lines in Vegas

I’ll take the under at 7 runs on the Astros and Giants. The Astros left half their starting lineup in Houston and the Giants are, well, the Giants.

  1. prestige says:

    So do you also like the Over in the Mets game with a total of 8.5? Vargas has to be good for a good chunk of that

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      @prestige: that was my first instinct, but Rudy’s Teamonator had it going under. There’s a lot of bad hitting on those teams as well.

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