Delmon Young has 7 home runs for the season, but 3 in the last seven games. Mouth on the left side of the screen says, “Tor-.” Mouth on the right side of the screen says, “-rid.”  …Torrid. Capital T, lowercase -orrid. (As if there’s any other kind of -orrid.) This is a whole lot better than horrid, which he was the first half of the season. Delmon has jowls of a near-20 HR hitter or so say just about every fantasy baseball ‘pert in the beginning of the year. Composite projections look like 76/17/88/.290/15. That’s Shandler, Baseball Prospectus, Rotowire and our own Rudy Gamble’s Point Shares. (See, we only sound arrogant like we don’t read/listen to any other ‘perts, but that’s not true. We’re just aware you’re not that interested in reading how we come to our conclusions. And even less interested in hearing how you are uninterested.) But right now Delmon Young is at 61/7/52/.290/13. So does this mean all of the ‘perts are wrong on Delmon or will he go on an absolute tear in the final 40 games? I’d say a little bit of both probably. He’ll fall low on RBIs, slightly higher on steals, but HRs can be made up fast and I’m buying that he gets close to 17. Anyway, here’s some players to buy and sell for fantasy baseball:


Marlon ByrdDon’t Cha wish your last week was fly like me… Don’t Cha!

Melvin Mora – I’ve never liked Mora. Just doesn’t seem like he cares much. But he’s hitting third on the Orioles (I know, great shakes!) and he’s hit .384 since the All-Star break with 6 Melvins and 32 Moras.

Joey Devine -Season numbers look incredible. How incredible, Grey? Tell us! Okay, but don’t sit on my lap. It’s weird. 32 Ks in 27.2 IP, a .98 ERA and a .98 WHIP. For those that read the FBHOF posts and have an encyclopedic memory, like moi, you won’t need this reminder, but go check out this FBHOF post and read about Eck’s historic season. Identical ERA/WHIP ain’t easy, son. (Not son as in I’m your Dad, but you were just sitting on my lap.)

Brad Ziegler – *shakes fist at defaced poster of Orel Hershiser* Don’t worry, you still got value, Ziegler. A whole lot more than that other German reliever, Heilman.

Jensen Lewis – I love Swensen’s! (Editor’s note: Swensen’s did not pay for Grey’s endorsement. In fact, if they knew, they would probably request Grey keep their name out of his mouth.)

Matt Capps – Only about a week away. If he was dropped in your league, I’d pick him up if you have room. Nope, no room! Sure, just move the camping gear out of the trunk.

Jeff Kent – So everyone pegs this D-Bag to get 17 Hrs, he’s at 11. And that was before Manny. I just grabbed him in a 15 team ‘pert league.

Asdrubal Cabrera – Yes, his first name sounds like a leaky bum, but in August he’s batting .310 with 2 HRs and a 1 steal.

Ty Wiggington – Another hot 2nd baseman. Actually, he’s been hot for a 3rd baseman. Surprising factoid of the day, he’s only 30. I would’ve guessed 37.

Wandy Rodriguez – No Rhyme or Reason, “Yeah, I can talk. Whaddup?” “I’m picking up Wandy.” No Rhyme or Reason, “That makes sense to me.”

Dan Wheeler/Grant Balfour – I’m grabbing Wheeler first, and only after he’s gone am I looking at Balfour. UPDATE: Since I wrote this, the Rays announced Balfour would fill-in. Saves are the bottom line, so he should be the first one grabbed. I still think Wheeler will get a handful of chances.

Jeff Francoeur – As I like to say about one of my female neighbors, “What a bust.” But the other day, he hit his first home run in over month. If you didn’t have Frenchy throughout his razztastic season and he’s sitting on your league’s waiver wire, he could have value in the last 40 games.

Chris Dickerson – Okay, so I touted him here and here in the last day. Get Off My Dickerson And Tell Yo B**** To Come Here. (BTW, **** Weren’t asterisks to look below the post. That was to fill in for “itch.”)


Jed Lowrie – The newest recipient of the tooting of the Sons of Sam’s Horn. With one home run and zero steals in 122 at-bats, I wouldn’t even be talking about him if he was on any other team.

Chris Young – Looks like a lost season and I’d just drop him to waivers, except in the deepest of leagues.

Jorge Campillo – Getting off here, fellas. Next stop, Pueblo de Wandy Rodriguez.

Phil Hughes – Holy heffin’ heff, ESPN JUST!!! announced that the NY Daily News announced that the Yankees might announce Hughes might take over for Giese. I guess it’s better than their usual announcement that Hank Steinbrenner farted.

D.J. Carrasco – First he played the skinny, cracked out buddy in those teen comedies and now he might take Contreras’s spot in the rotation. He’s worth a flier in AL-Only leagues, that’s about it.

Paul Byrd – Yes, being on the Sox gives him a bit more value. But he doesn’t strikeout anyone. Last year, in nearly 200 innings he K’d 88 guys (only two of those were Adam Dunn, but 16% of them came in interleague). He’s onto some similar yawnstipating numbers this year. He’s given up 23 HRs compared to his schmohawkian 56 Ks. Has he been good recently? Yup. Could he be good against the Jays tonight? Perhaps. In the long run, Koko B. Ware because the Byrd man will kill you.

Troy Percival – After the game, he was seen in crutches (and some fly-ass Zubaz). Percival lost nearly a month with a sore hammy. Now he’s on crutches (in fly-ass Zubaz) as he heads to the DL and he’s old as dog balls. I’d drop him if your DL-spot is Nissan Sentra crowded.

Daniel Cabrera – Member that girl you slept with who bugged out and put together a future photo album, which was pictures of Ken and Barbie posing as you and the girl in the future?  Dooooode! Cabrera’s the pitching equivalent of that crazy ass chick!

  1. BigFatHippo says:


    The little post it note says Balfour’s the closer, but he’s not available.

    Should I drop Rafy Perez for Wheeler?

  2. Doug Ault says:

    How about Hideki Matsui? he’s just off to rehab

  3. Steve says:

    Grey – just to pick up on my possible Holliday trade… the latest was (my) Hanley/Burrell/Al-Ram for Holliday/Tulo and a BJ (sorry – couldn’t resist).

    But have just realised that Al-Ram is SS-eligible, thus is a possible Hanley ‘replacement’ (and quite a nice one at that).

    How about doing the original Hanley/Burrell for Holliday/Tulo, and just dropping Tulo for one of Iwamura/Wiggy/Ass-dribble/F Sanchez/R Vasquez/Kaz to play 2B?

  4. BigFatHippo says:



    Just did.

    Nice to see some love for my man Wiggy.

  5. Nick says:

    whos worth more coming down the stretch, D. Young or CoJack?

  6. Nick says:

    also Polanco or Wiggington?

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: Another hyped Yankee/Sox player. He could have some value when his return and, this time of year, anyone’s worth a shot if they might produce, but I’m not holding out hope. Just be careful about who you’re dropping. If you’re just putting him on your DL then no harm no foul.

    @Steve: Holliday is about as solid as they come, but the fall off from Hanley to Tulo or a waiver pick is dramatic. Is Burrell on your bench or something? What’s your need to move Hanley? Are you way out in front in steals? What are you looking to happen when you get Holliday? A boost in what?

    It’s not bad an awful trade, but I’m just trying to understand why you want to do this move.

    @Nick: I’d take Young.

  8. Martin says:

    grey i think people close to tampa bay are reporting that balfour will get the save opportunities insted of wheeler

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: Wiggington

  10. Steve says:

    @Grey: A bit blinded by the thought of getting Holliday I guess. I’m over the original trade idea now, but the three-for-three version is still good for me, right?

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Wheeler was the eighth inning man and I think he slides in for the majority. It could be Balfour. But I think either way, it will be a combo of both of them rather than one set guy.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: The one with Upton? Yeah, that’s fair.

  13. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: After reading your little story about a man named Jed,I turfed him and scooped the Devine intervention.I need pitching help anyway

  14. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Steve: I would not do that trade. Uhuh….no way.

    Speaking as a Holliday owner, yes it’s nice to have him….but I’d trade Holliday straight up for Hanley right now. Look how production falls off at SS after Hanley and Jose. It’s ugly. Meanwhile, you won’t find the same production as Holliday in LF but you could probably still find something closer than you would at SS. Tulo=puke. If you’re getting production out of your SS position you’re one of the few and the proud.

  15. Steve says:

    @Grey: Sorry to labour this one but nothing evens up a deal like a BJ. Boom-tish!

  16. Frank Rizzo says:

    I’m actually considering picking up Jed Lowrie purely on a backup basis to Rollins. I’ve currently got Yunel Escobar as Rollins’ backup and I am making the move based purely on the team each is on, as Grey mentioned. Lowrie has a higher chance to succeed than Escobar based on the lineup he’s in. Look at his RBI the past 4 games.

  17. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Steve: In this case I’d keep a great HanRam over a slumping BJ.

    Don’t forget to tip your waitstaff on the way out.

  18. BigFatHippo says:

    About Wheeler/Balfour.

    You may be right Grey about Wheeler but I like Balfour long term.

    Remember last year when Soria was an add/drop, add/drop guy in every league? Till he became a rock solid closer to the point of a keeper at the end of the year.

    That’s Balfour this year. Next years rock solid closer for the World Champion Rays.

    Book it.

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: Cool.

    @Frank Rizzo: As a backup, it’s fine. But as I mentioned yesterday, Izturis has actually been more valuable for the last fifteen days. Plus the Sox numbers are really skewed for the last few days because of the Rangers beating.

    @BigFatHippo: Balfour’s been lights out this year, but he’s old for where he is in his career.

  20. SoS says:

    Got one spot. Keep Wheeler or drop him for Lewis? I’m already in the playoffs so I’m looking for value at that point in my H2H.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SoS: Lewis seems like he has fewer question marks so I’d go that way.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SoS: Actually, and I never do this, but I’m not crazy about that advice I just gave. *I* would not take Lewis over Wheeler, but if your end game is saves, Lewis seems like a slightly better bet.

  23. SoS says:

    @Grey: It’s really six of one, half dozen of the other. Actually, maybe if I really had six closers, I wouldn’t be picking through the bloody waiver remains. Thanks Grey. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SoS: Thank you, sir, for noticing. I am! (and modest.)

    Honestly, just trying to do best by everyone.

  25. Steve says:

    @Frank Rizzo @Grey: Thanks for the input, fellas. I have broken off negotiations. Hanley is too much to give up and even getting Upton doesn’t convince me. Hopefully Al-Ram can do a passable Upton impersonation the rest of the way – and Burrell can come out of his slump.

  26. BigFatHippo says:


    Guess we don’t get to find out the results of the great “Sit Roy Halladay vs. Boston” debate.

    The way I figure it, now he’s a good start. Mother Nature pissed on the Sox momentum.

    Nobody pissed on Webb’s.

  27. wakeNbake says:

    Start Harang VS. St. louis tommorow? I have zero trust in him VS anybody.

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wakeNbake: I would start him in anything deeper than ten team leagues. I would not start him in eight or ten team leagues.

  29. wassup says:

    out of these releivers can any of you guys rank them
    taking in account save opportunies and job security

    ziegler, perez(one on stl), rodney, capps, hanrahan

    im thinkin bout droppin hanrahan cuz he never gets opportunities to add capps? is it smart

  30. Nick says:

    So I dropped CoJack tonight & picked up Wiggington. Was going to drop Polanco for him but his HR tonight made me change my mind & drop CoJack who based on his recent #’s seemed just “alright” and hardly that considering its an 8teamleague. Wiggingtons sick night tonight was convincing enough.

  31. Nick says:

    Now the question is, do you start Delgado tomorrow against Dukes (2for10)or Polanco against Sarfarte (1for2)

  32. wassup says:

    dropped navaro for ramon hernandez because navarro been cold recently and hernandez has been hot

    was this a smart move?

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wassup: Perez, Ziegler, Capps, Hanrahan then Rodney.

    I could see dropping Hanrahan for Capps, but you may not see many more saves. Pirates aren’t exactly getting a ton of chances and Capps isn’t due back for a week at the earliest. Then if he has a set back he may not be back at all.

    @Nick: Yeah, makes sense. But Wiggington may be droppable in a week or so too. But in an 8 team league, at this point, you should just be playing hot hands any way. No more loyalty.

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: I don’t usually start Delgado against lefties, but Polanco isn’t really that enticing. Kinda a coin flip, but I’d probably go with Polanco.

    @wassup: Ramon has been hot and dropping Dioner isn’t really a move that could come back to bite you that bad anyway. I’d say it’s fine.

  35. wassup says:

    thanks for the advice

  36. Nick says:

    @Grey: Figured that would be fine. & I will drop Polanco if he dries up one day and Young does well.

  37. Nick says:

    Ohh & I have made up some ground in my league went from 6th/8th to 4th/8th, but this is the hard part because 3rd place has 63.5,2nd=63.5,1st=67.5 and I have 45. need 22.5 more points to go.

  38. wassup says:

    Since I dropped Hanrahan for Capps, right now my current closers are capps, chris perez, guardado, and f cordero but once capps comes back I will have to drop a player or else i will have too many players . Who should I drop out of those closers or should I drop Oliver Perez, Guzman, or Drew. I already have Reyes so I’m kinda leaning toward dropping Guzman.
    Also pick one, Guardado or Ziegler. Is Ziegler’s job security enough because some articles are saying Street might come back.

  39. wakeNbake says:

    @Grey: would u drop Harang in a 10 team league??

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wassup: Yeah, I’d drop Guzman. GUardado if your main objective is saves. Ziegler if you want the better pitcher.

    @wakeNbake: I’d bench him for today, see how he does then make a call for tomorrow.


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