There’s playing with projection (Jurickson Profar). There’s playing with magic (Derek Jeter). Then there’s playing with zeal (Robert Refsnyder). He’s no Mookie Betts, but he’s also not nearly as blocked at second base. He also might be a better bet for some counting stats in NY than Tommy La Stella in ATL.

Robert Refsnyder showed up #6 overall on my custom AA IBS wOBA leader board. While wOBA/ISO is clouded because it’s so affected by BABIP, he’s posting a glorious ISO-Spd combo at AAA right now. Chances are that he posts second base average power numbers at best longterm, and he hasn’t made it on many top-10, even top-20 New York Yankee prospect lists, but there is short-term impact here if you’re in it for the now and need a middle-infielder. He’s already two years older than Jeter when Jeter came up, and he won’t displace him with 1/2 the value, or 1/4 of the magic, but I think he can translate.

Look at these Steamer projections prior to this year:

11 Matt Carpenter 519 76 10 53 5 0.284 0.365 0.422
12 Howie Kendrick 540 64 12 65 8 0.276 0.319 0.409
13 Jurickson Profar 528 68 13 62 12 0.249 0.321 0.384
14 Chase Utley 476 62 16 60 8 0.256 0.335 0.419
15 Daniel Murphy 535 62 9 55 11 0.276 0.317 0.4
16 Omar Infante 471 56 9 54 7 0.293 0.327 0.41
17 Jed Lowrie 482 62 13 60 2 0.26 0.325 0.408
18 Neil Walker 439 58 13 54 4 0.268 0.34 0.424

Currently, Carpenter and Kendrick are barely in the top-20, while Infante and Lowrie are no where close. Second base remains scarce and volatile. By next year, he should have more contact than Walker and Kendrick, and better ISO and Spd scores than 3/7 of this list.

If you’re in a deep dynasty league with a rate stat like SLG vs. a counting stat like HR, then there’s little reason not to roster Refsnyder over some of the above based on their cost/inflation value. The average stats from the above matrix would result in 499AB-64R-12HR-58RBI-7SB-.270AVG-.331OBP-.410SLG. I could see him out-valuing this projection, due to the SB total and BABIP inflated batting average/on-base potential. He had 22 stolen bases in 2013, 2014, albeit with inflated OBP’s.

Simply put, RRR.

Roster Robert Refsynder.

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  1. ram says:

    In 2014, Lowrie just sucks. need Dan Santana to come back and get Lowrie out of my lineup

    • Neal Garber says:

      Robert Refsnyder will get the job done at the next level. He is a winner.
      Give him a shot.

    • Dano

      dano says:

      @ram: I like Danny too…Anything beyond sb is value add.

  2. pull the trigger?? says:

    in second place and i have been hurting at 2B all year I need runs and SB and Alcanterra looks like he might be better than LaStella, (plus I have oft injured H ramirez). So I feel he is worth the wait—

    Question is since i am holding Bryant for $6 in ’15 and $9 in ’16 or trade him soon to win—For now I need to cut either
    LIND(he is on the bench over M Betts & Chisenhall)
    C Martinez

    IN THIS 5×5 12 team I always start Tanaka-Bumgrdner-Zimmerman-THEN 3 OF THE ABOVE STARTERs and use closers of Rosenthal Rodney and now S Casilla….So who do I cut among lind and the 5 pitchers listed below him?

    • Dano

      dano says:

      @pull the trigger??: I’d pick up alcantara in deep league …def keep Bryant. I’d drop eovaldi or Nelson to keep Bryant.

      • Pull da trigger says:

        Sorry I meant who to drop to keep alcanterra ??

        • Dano

          dano says:

          @Pull da trigger: id drop eovaldi based on his pitch f/x which has been catching up to him in his last few starts (drop in K-rate). Lind is a solid for the now when he’s healthy

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