You know what burns me up?  Fire? Yes, random italicized voice, but something else too.  Three weeks ago, ESPN threw out trash like this, “Hamels could be one of the top-5 starters in most leagues now that questions about his durability and moxie have passed. Invest with confidence.”  Three weeks ago?!  Now, today they say, “Given (Hamels’s) injury history and the combination of an increased workload and long season, Hamels has a significant amount of risk when you consider his lofty place among the elite starting pitchers on the draft board this spring.”  That’s so annoying.  Almost as annoying as Bud Selig now getting upset at people who took steroids.  Like you didn’t know, Bud.  C’mon!  The other day I talked with Rudy — we talk, ya’ll! — and I was saying to him there’s one pitcher I probably won’t own this year.  That’s Cole Hamels.  The innings increase worried me.  The K/9 dropping in 2008 had me a bit buggered.  I liked that he gave up less home runs, but it wasn’t enough.  I wouldn’t own him.  On February 1st, I said, “(Even considering the good things about Hamels, it) does not mean he’ll be on any of my teams in 2009.”  In my top 100 post, I wrote, “Even Philly phans are worried about the extra innings. ”  And that’s me quoting and quoting and linking to myself!  Now there’s word of Hamels having a sore elbow.  This is bad news.  I can’t stress this enough.  Okay, maybe I could’ve cap that last sentence, but you don’t need me to yell at you, do you?  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in spring training for fantasy baseball:

J.R. Towles – There goes that opp.  Pudge signed a one year deal with the Astros.  Wait, what about Humberto Something Or Other?!  He had a future, I tell ya.

Ivan Rodriguez – Do all the kids out there know Pudge isn’t meant to be an ironic nickname?  Just because the Astros signed this schmohawk doesn’t mean you should.  Ever.  He’s C to the Rap.

Ryan Braun – Same injury that slowed in September has returned.  I think he’ll be fine, but it’s enough to knock him below Miggy and Sizemore on your draft sheets.  Wait, I already him after them on my top 100.  Hey, I’m a fortune teller!

Manny Ramirez – Aggravating his hamstring while aggravating his owners.  He’ll play fine when he wants to.  Read:  July, it has a great ending.

Matt Lindstrom – Seriously, get on the Leo Nunez bandwagon before someone else does.  You think this is nothing, but you thought it was nothing when Jon Rauch replaced Chad Cordero last year.

Justin Duchscherer – Let’s see if we got this right, Dooksheer is hurt?  No way!  I think he might start 5 games all year.  I’m not exaggerating.  I said this more or less over a month ago in the top 60 starters post.  Berry might have ESPN, but I got ESP.  Natch!

Vernon Wells – Good ol’ VW thinks he’ll be ready on Opening Day.  Here’s what he’ll say sometime around May 15th, “It’s just a mild strain.  I’ll be back in 15 days.”  Here’s what he’ll say two weeks after that, “It’s not healing how I would’ve hoped.  I think I should be back by the All-Star Break.”  After the All-Star Break, Ricciardi goes on record with, “We hope to have Vernon back by August.”  In August, Vernon returns for a final solid month before pulling his oblique.

Joey Devine – Devine’s nursing something… Not a baby giraffe from what I can gather.  Brad Ziegler seems to have this locked up for Opening Day.

Huston Street/Manny Corpas – It may come down to the final days to decide the closer.  I think Corpas ends up with more saves on the year because Street will get injured even if he secures the job.  In other news, Billy Beane has some AIG stock he’s trying to unload.

Jeff Samardzija – He’s done with that whole starting business.  Until Harden gets hurt.  May!  On the for realz, I wouldn’t own Samardzija in any league.  Not right now at least.

Shawn Hill – Like a two year old’s poo, Hill’s looking solid so far.  I’m telling you, if he can stay healthy he could be a huge sleeper.  But you do what you do.  What, I’m gonna beg?  Nah, Charlie.  Not me.

  1. Steve says:

    Nunez will get Holds too, right? Drop Okajima for him in a Holds league? Okey is the only Holds guys I got right now.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, grab Nunez.

  3. Bob says:

    Corpas or Nunez – who’s got more value this year?

  4. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks. I was gonna draft more MRs in the last few rounds, but Felipe Lopez, Percival and Lyon (gotta be good, that guy!) were making eyes at me.

    Think Chipper + a closer gets Kemp? Guy with Kemp has Lindstrom as his only closer and with Nunez I have, like, seven potential closers.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: Corpas right now, that could change.

    @Steve: You can always get Holds guys on waivers, I wouldn’t worry. Try and get Kemp with that. not sure it works, but can’t completely hurt you.

  6. Steve says:

    @Grey: That’s what I figured re: Holds.

    I’m not sure the Kemp guy will go for it, but can’t hurt to try.

  7. Eric W says:

    Phew good thing I didn’t just trade for Hamels a few days ago in my keeper leauge…….. O wait shit some one call Doc Brown and tell him to bring the flux capacitor.

  8. Bob says:

    @Grey – I get all excited trolling around for crappy closers off the waiver wire.

  9. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Every time someone I wasn’t going to draft goes down (A-Rod, Hamels) the players I do want get a little bit more expensive. i.e. Miggy’s now the 5th pick in the first, not the 6th; C-Bills moves up on everyone’s chart. T’ain’t fair, I say!

  10. Hardcore Midget says:

    Who ends up with more saves this year- Corpas, or Chris Perez? I need to choose from one of them…

  11. mikey boy324 says:

    grey as i went to drop lidstrom for francisco somebody already scooped him up i dont have room for anyone unless i drop some one my closers are qualls hanrahan and lidstrom the only available guys are corpas gregg and nunez. should i drop lidstrom for any1 of them or should i just hang on to him?

  12. Tony says:

    So what is wrong with Lindstrom? My waiver wire doesn’t open until march 18th, tomorrow… I have a top waiver priority and really really don’t want to burn it picking up Nunez…. whats the outlook on L-strom and whats the outlook on NUNEZ?

    Another Question: I offered up my Matt Holliday/Wainwright for Miggy/Fuentes? In my league there is a 32 inning min in pitching, its H2H, so SP isn’t as valuable, you don’t need tons and if i lose wainwright i have Beckett, shields, wang, jurjjens, etc and I could use a closer…. PLUS i already own david wright and miggy is 3B eligible in our yahoo league. I can use some HR/RBI power and the command/bargaining power i’d gain would be huge…. if he won’t deal him with wainwright am i crazy to offer up a little more? My OF is crazy stacked too…..


  13. Tony says:

    ok i am reading rotator cuff issues and he’s shut down for 7-10 days and could be ready by early april…. i’ll get NUNEZ on board, rotator cuff issues on a guy who throws 100 mph = NOT GOOD

    I have like 3rd waiver priority, is it worth burning? I do need some saves, but we don’t know if this guy is a long term option, if lindstrom comes back asap or ????

  14. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Tony: Grey is right, this is the kind of thing where 10 days turns into 2 months turns into see you next year at spring training. See also: Cordero, Chad. See also: Putz, JJ. See also: Idea, you get the.

  15. Tony says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Yeah thats what I’m thinking. I dont ever trust when a player is injured the organization is telling the truth, especially if its a high profile guy. Like BJ RYAN, etc, they prolong letting out how bad a guy really is hurt.

    Is NUNEZ strong enough to hold it down though or is it going to be a TB or Blue Jays situation where like 3 different guys are getting saves…. Those situations tend to drive me NUTS!!!!!

  16. Tony says:

    and is it worth my waiver priority… we drafted 26 rounds, 12 teams, there’s guys left on the wire, but not tons. Def’ly no volquez or cuetos like last year, AT LEAST NOT YET….

  17. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    The money around Cubs’ blogs is that Jeff Samardzija will begin the season in AAA. He’s struggling for control and stamina. They think the Cubs are going to make a move on Joe Beimel or Will Ohman.

  18. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Nunez, Francisco or Zeigler… which one would you rather have?

    Also, Grey, don’t forget to mention Kevin Gregg, who is now the odds on favorite to be the Cubs’ closer after Marmol’s meltdown in the WBC. You thanked me last year for Wood and Soto, right??

  19. papasmurf says:

    I tried to trade cole in the offseason but got lowball offers so I kept him. Now I wish I had kept Cliff Lee… keeping optimistic.

  20. Nick says:

    I’m also looking at closers as many of you guys are but I think Chris Perez is no good. I would wait on Nunez, I don’t think anyone in your league will jump on him just yet, but keep an eye open for news about Lindstrom in the next few weeks. Same with Corpas, watch the news the next coming weeks.

    If you have an open spot (unlike myself) on your roster then maybe look at Corpas or Nunez in the spot for now

  21. cockyphoenix says:

    Well I just drafted my first team. Picks 10 and 11 were Santana and Lincecum, which messed up pitching a bit for the other 9 of us. I punted it for a long long time, and pretty much completely punted catcher.

    Bengie Molina’s Runless Homer looks thoroughly solid behind the plate, but the pitching staff is held together by spit and icepacks:



    (Batters in order are Shoppach, Miggy, Utley, Atkins, Hardy, Kelly J, Gonzo, Beltrán, Quentin, Ríos, Victorino, Ibáñez, Cruz, F Lewis, Jesus Flowers)

    Given the shoddiness of my pitchers to start with and the news of injury to the single-season ERA record holder (with at least 40 IP), should I abandon Jesus and half my C AB’s for the Ziegler handcuff?

  22. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @cockyphoenix: No advice on Zeigler, but I’m loving the Miggy/Utley/Beltran/Quentin combo platter. What spot were you drafting at, and how many teams?

    @IowaCubs: In order of preference: Francisco, Francisco, Francisco. He will be monstrous this year. He is Soria ’09. The other schmoes are waiver quality at best.

  23. Just Another Steve says:

    ESPN: The CNBC of fantasy info.

    And, well, anything to do with baseball.

    “Okay Krukie, in this next segment we want you to argue the point that….”

  24. Tony says:

    @Nick: I dont know if NUNEZ will be there in my league. There’s a solid 6 of the 12 teams I know are hawks and soaring above waiting to feast on the kill. Plus we have 3 new guys this year and they seem on the up and up…. I know saves pop up frequently, so I can see waiting, but I love being the first hawk in on the kill!

  25. cockyphoenix says:

    clarification: Cruz and Lewis are doing the UTIL dosey-do and Jesus is attending to the pinewood

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric W: Ha!

    @Bob: Me too!

    @Hardcore Midget: Corpas, but it may not be out of the gate.

    @mikey boy324: Go with Nunez over Lindstrom.

    @Tony: Get Lindstrom. I’d get Miggy/Fuentes there, but I wouldn’t offer much more.

    @IowaCubs: I’ve been saying it’s goign to be Gregg since the Cubs traded for him, will make mention of that tomorrow though. Francisco, Zeigler then Nunez, in that order.

    @cockyphoenix: Yeah, get Ziegler.

  27. Nick says:

    @Tony: Yeah you probably have a more competitive team especially early on. My league has lots of people concentrating on Basketball post season right now so there not up to date with the MLB right now

  28. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Just Another Steve: HA! I’d love to see Kruk guesthost Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money” !!

  29. Tony says:

    @Nick: yeah we’re in our basketball playoffs right now too! i know some of them aren’t checking back in to baseball yet because i’ve offered out a few trades and no replies/rejections, etc…. and you can check managers activity, LOL

    I think i’ll probbaly just wait til tomorrow and get on early and snipe NUNEZ off the FA pool.

  30. Nick says:

    @Tony: wow I just noticed you could see that from the managers screen on yahoo. thats sick, now I know why 2 people I offered trades to have yet to reply

  31. cockyphoenix says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: spot 9 in a 10 team league. Other than the pitching fiasco it was a very good draft.

    @Grey: cool, was leaning hard that way

    just thought of a better team name to use on Saturday’s draft:

    A. Pujols Rhinoplasty Center

  32. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @cockyphoenix: Sweet picking. I wouldn’t sweat the pitching too much. You’ve definitely got some health risks, but if a few of these guys bounce the right way, you should be fine. At least you didn’t draft Hamels….

    @Maitland: True — though the Ks being down does make him less valuable…. I had him in both ’07 and ’08, and I sure missed the 13K outings that seemed so plentiful in ’07.

  33. tony says:

    @Nick: yep not everyone is on their team page everyday, or even more than once a week, i noticed in my basketball league one guys checks on mondays and if i’m ever offering him deals I make sure i put it up sunday night, cause if i’m late i have to wait a week to hear back!

    @Grey: i can use the help in saves and HR/RBI so ithink getting miggy and his 3B eligibilty would be huge (yahoo league). wainwright doesn’t bother me one bit to lose, holliday is a bit of a gamble, he’s such an unknown on his new team….

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cockyphoenix: Nice.

    @tony: Don’t think he’s that big of a gamble. He hit 25 HRs last year calling Coors his home park. That means he’s not likely to hit more than that in Oakland.

  35. tony says:

    @Grey: dont think who’s not that big of a gamble, Holliday?

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tony: Yeah, I think expecting more than 25 HRs is a gamble, but he should be good for 90/22/105/.310/12

  37. tony says:

    i just reread…. yeah i dont mean like he’s gonna totally flop, but he’s kind of a gamble in the fact its a new park,new manager, etc.

    I think his numbers will tail off some, i really wonder about his SB’s, which would be the biggest loss to my team. I am stacked in the OF already so position wise its not a loss. He also missed time last year so his 25 HR’s last year probably should have been in the low 30’s?

  38. tony says:

    @Grey: GOTYA and to me I’d rather have miggy who could crush 40 HR’s and should hit 120 RBI’s in easy, plus his average should be higher, he slumped all first half and still managed a .290 ish average in 2008.

  39. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Ziegler with an 11.57 ERA in the “Classic”. Got a back-up to a back-up?

  40. James says:

    @tony – I was back and forth with Holliday and Rios for my 3rd round pick. I have settled on Holliday because he will probably put up 3rd round numbers. Plus, he will probably be traded since he is a Boras client. Thus, you are getting value with the possibility of upside.

    *Rios – Wells is already hurt, and Rios had his worst months (May/July) when Wells wasn’t in the lineup last year.

  41. Colin says:

    Grey – What’s your take on Manny? Is this Hammy a sign of things to come? What is your line on him this year? Would you trade him for younger player with upside like Edwin or Zimmerman and a higher draft pick for him in a NL-only league?

  42. Tony says:

    @James: Yeah I always forget there’s a chance he’s dealt again this year. I think Holliday over RIOS in the 3rd is a NO BRAINER, rios is easily a 4th rounder, and he actually went mid 5th in my draft. One “kinda” down year and people are down on rios, when in actuality he just dropped in power a bit and went up in SB’s….. you won’t get the HR potential/rbi’s out of RIOS you would out of Holliday, and Matt should hit for more average than RIOS easily as well…. Holliday is the easy choice there in my mind.

  43. bostonaccent says:

    @Grey: Did Holliday lose power last year due to the hamstring injury? Did he injure the hamstring because he decided to run more? Did he run more because he knew he lost power? Those numbers look like Sparkakis to me, ‘cept Nick is younger with upside.

  44. Tony says:

    Holliday is 28 years old! I’m not saying he’s “young with upside” but he’s young with about 3-5 solid years left. Its hard to say he has upside because he’s leaving Coors, and he’s had some GREAT seasons. Upside eventually peaks out when you become elite.

  45. gleeksquad says:

    i’m on an island on this but I don’t think Holiday’s power drops that much. I’m still anticipating high 20’s in HR(like 28) a .310 average with room to go higher, and a dozen + steals . .310 95/29/105/14 is my official prediction.

  46. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: I read somewhere — I think it was ESPN, but I don’t want to fan those flames (wait, no, it was Jay Clemons at — that people were wrong to see Holliday’s numbers drop at Oakland:

    “But I cannot, in good conscience, sign off on such a precipitous drop — especially when you consider that Jose Canseco tallied 42 HRs, 120 runs, 124 RBIs, 40 steals and hit .307 in 1988 … playing in the same stadium (same dimensions, too) in which Holliday now calls home.”

    I hesitate to point out to Mr. Clemons that Canseco was ROIDED TO THE GILLS LIKE A CARTOON CIRCUS STRONGMAN at the time. That’s like predicting Bengie Molina will hit 50 HRs in SF because Bonds once hit 73.

  47. tony says:

    @gleeksquad: if i dont pull off my holliday/wainwright for miggy/fuentes deal i hope you’re right… i see the guy still keeping a good average. It will be interesting.

  48. Sean says:

    Amen. Not sure how this turned into a holliday debate, but he’s moving to a ballpark less favorable and his numbers outside of coors were fourth outfielder material at best. I don’t think the advice is that he’s miserable, but please just let someone else take him in the second round or even the third.

  49. tony says:

    Loving the huge article on espn MLBabout Bruce and Votto. Snagged both in my league, got votto late 5th (maybe a bit early, but it had to be done!) and bruce in the 10th! I’m a tribe fan, but i’ll root for the “other” team in OHIO! Looking for some big things out of those 2.

    Votto 25+ Hr’s .300

    Bruce 30+ Hr’s and hoping the average bumps to around .280, might be wishful thinking so soon….

  50. bostonaccent says:

    @Tony: He’s 29 this year. I wish I were still that young and with any upside.

    @gleeksquad: His three year road slugging splits are eerily consistent (.485/.485/.486). Last year his home slugging dropped along with the rest of the team (Humidor issues?). McAfee is no Petco, but it’s not going to help. The real question is whether he stays on the field for 155+ games this year. But that’s the question for everyone, isn’t it?

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Sure. Ruin my sleeper for 2009. Bengie is good for 45, isn’t he?

  51. Tony says:

    @bostonaccent: I know the coors effect, but I assume most players play better at home, does anyone have an overall stat on that?

    More comfortable, better conditions, use to the playing field, climate, etc, close to home…. etc

  52. bostonaccent says:

    All MLB

  53. Colin says:

    @tony: Tony I have Bruce as well and with his immense talent, that ball park and a pretty good lineup around him I think 30 homers is very realistic and .280 is very reasonable.

  54. Colin says:

    Speaking of the Reds…Myers just faced their A lineup today and mowed them down. 5.2 IP with 7 K’s. I know Razzball and I disagree on Myers, but I think he puts together a great season. A free agent at the end of the year, he has no choice but to pitch well if he wants that big deal. Money is a great motivator for some of these players.

  55. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Colin: Tell that to people who drafted Andruw Jones in ’07. And ’08.

  56. Colin says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: That’s true. But Jones already made his money at that point. This is Myers’ chance at a huge deal and I don’t see him blowing it. Coming to camp in shape for once was a good start. Anyway that’s just my opinion…that’s why they play the games so we’ll see how it pans out.

  57. Christopher says:

    @tony: Hey, another Tribe fan! Grew up in Canton! Love me the Jake (I can’t bear to mention the “P” word) on a June/July night! Sure beats watching the Montgomery Biscuits (Rays AA team) on a June/July night!!!

  58. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Colin: I agree about Myers — I like him as a moderate sleeper this year. He’s always been a bit overlooked, and he’s a solid mid-round pick if he’s healthy.

  59. Nathaniel says:

    In a 20 team roto league, who is the bigger schmohawk right now- Freddy Sanchez or Pudge? I have McCann and Uggla and I am thinking about picking up McPherson.

  60. Colin says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Baron his 2 years as a starter before becoming a closer, was it me or did he seem to go like 7-8 innings with 8-10 k’s quite a bit? Everytime I saw his line, I was like damn I wish I had him on my squad. I think in NL only he’s a must have and mixed he’s a damn good 4th or 5th starter this year! He had a great second half except for his last 2 starts and that was probably him running out of gas getting acclimated to starting again.

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fred Barker: Maybe Casilla, but I don’t think it goes that deep. Not yet, at least.

    @Colin: Edwin who? Encarnacion? THey’re not in the same league. Neither is Zimmerman yet. I have Manny’s projections in the top 100. The hammy doesn’t bother me. Manny only plays hard four months a year, the Dodgers probably want those to be in the 2nd half.

    @gleeksquad: Could be, but Holliday’s more of a line drive hitter. That’s not a bad thing.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Canseco and Holliday are/were two different types of hitters.

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nathaniel: Pick up McPherson, drop Fudge.

  63. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Colin: Definitely. He tended to be streaky, but on the whole he’s been a good source of wins and Ks. He’s long been a favorite of mine to pick up midseason when someone else loses patience and dumps him, then ride him for the good part of his season. Could easily win 15 with 180+Ks this year, if he stays healthy.

    @Grey: Preaching to the choir, brother. I won’t be drafting Holliday this year unless he falls to the 6th (which he won’t). I suffered through HomerDraught’08 with the dude — and then there were those 88 RBIs. Bleeccch. He was basically vintage Erubiel Durazo last year.

  64. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Good news on Hamels, for $15 I can’t throw him back can I?

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Sounds like he can still make 25-30 starts. For $15, that’s still a good deal.

  66. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: You wish, kangaroo boy……..

  67. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Ha, that’s what they get for naming their daughter Beatrix.

  68. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yup those ‘roos can be pretty vicious. Glad we don’t have ’em here.

    Just in case you were labouring under that misapprehension.

  69. Colin says:

    @Grey: Grey it’s fairly obvious Encarnacion and Zimmerman are not on the same level, that’s the reason for the extra draft pick in the deal. That extra pick is nice, but I believe I’m overthinking this. I already have 8 great hitting keepers and will add to that collection with my first 2 picks and then grab the best SP’s available when it’s my turn again. Thx Grey.

  70. Tarasco'sSecretStash says:

    Sooo…Houston has the worst farm system in baseball, and one of their only potentially impact young players is a mashing catcher coming off a busted first go in the bigs. So rather than pay him the league minimum to give it the ol’ college try a second time around and build his confidence backing up Sanchez out the gate they instead throw a couple million at a washed up roidbag 37 year old who’s four years removed from his last league-average OPS season. Did Ed Wade lose a bet or something? Gotta love the ‘stros…

  71. @Baron Von Vulturewins: Holliday missed 23 games? Homer draught? He hit 23 while missing 23 gamessss? His splits were almost dead on first half and second half except he missed 23 games…. he stole more bases than he ever has… he was ranked #9 overall in yahoo at years end? Add 23 games on that…. I mean i understand you saying he’s going to regress some this year, but I hardly think you were robbed from that output last year?

    Did i mention he missed 23 games?

  72. papasmurf says:

    News on Hamels is as good as one can hope fer.

  73. BigFatHippo says:

    @papasmurf: Let’s hope the extra innings in the playoffs doesn’t do what it usually does to young pitchers, cause dead arm about midway through the season.

  74. papasmurf says:


    I hope we (all Hamels’ owners) can get at least half a season out of him.

    This news threw me for a loop today. I was all set to draft a versatile position player for my team (slow draft) and then had to switch gears and grab Clay Buchholz as insurance. It was pick #300+ so I guess the upside is worth it, but the guy I passed up I could really use as backup.

  75. Tarasco'sSecretStash says:

    Hamels is a scary scene for the Phi-tins’ still, but definitely not worst case. He doesn’t seem to have a body that’s pitching-friendly based on early returns – lots of minor-but-threatening structural injuries. No question talent-wise he’s one of the best lefthanders in baseball, but he’s starting to earn the rep of a cat like Kazmir or Beckett. When he’s on the hill and healthy he’ll be the best fantasy pitcher in baseball, but durability is always going to be a question.

    Holliday’s an interesting hitter, and one I look forward to seeing at least a little bit more now that he’s in the AL. This is a go year for Billy Beane, which is always exciting, and Holliday is a guy he’s got a lot riding on. I’m a Sawx fan and I’ve never had him on a fantasy team, so my firsthand experiences watching this guy are limited so far. But he’s a legitimately scary hitter from what I have seen. He showed a tremendously compact, quick-to-the-ball stroke in the ’07 Series (his homerun against Okajima was ill), and I’ve seen him hit a few dingers in random games with the same swing. He’s shown himself to be a legit .300 hitter in this league by using all fields and he’s shown a steadily progressing ability to take walks. Bostonaccent does a pissah jawb making the case of the negative move from Coors to the Colosseum as a detriment to Holiday’s value, but while there is likely to be a slight effect on his homerun totals (what, 3…5 less max?) he’s shown himself to be a reliably smart hitter that works all fields effectively so far in his career. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he keeps his slugging eerily consistent by adding a few doubles and triples to augment the loss of homeruns. And he may run a little less in Oakland, but he’ll still be good for 10 bags. He’s still a top tier outfielder in a scratch draft, absolutely…

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