With the 2009 fantasy baseball rankings for every position in the bizz-ag.  We turn our conjunctivitis-tainted eye towards the top 100 for 2009 fantasy baseball.  This should have you skipping around like a little school girl.  I love Razzball and the Jonas Brothers! If you’ve been following the top 20 position rankings, this top 100 shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  I’ve basically just placed guys in order for the bigger picture for when you’re doing your fantasy baseball 2009 drafting thing-a-ma-whozie-watts.  Not to get all biblical on you, but this is the gospel.  Hold it up to the light and it will say, “Win your 2009 fantasy baseball league, young premature balding man,” or some shizz.  For another perspective, our 2009 fantasy baseball player rater goes to the 616th ranked player.  Also, to help with your drafting, here’s a list of players with multiple position eligibility.  Or read why some of your favorite pitchers are not here but in Rudy’s top 20 risky pitchers post.  Anyway, here’s the top 100 for 2009 fantasy baseball, including projections:

1. Hanley Ramirez – Legit 35/35 threat at shortstop.  The iffy shoulder worries me a bit, but he has shown to be resilient.  2009 Projections:  125/37/80/.295/35

2. Jose Reyes – He’s like your brain on Jolt and coke.  2009 Projections:  125/15/70/.290/60

3. David Wright – And he helped a Baldwin win a challenge on The Celebrity Apprentice!  2009 Projections:  110/33/120/.310/14

4. Albert Pujols – One of these days he’s just going to get a bionic elbow and you’ll never have to worry about him again.  Which reminds me, who’s older right now —  Albert Pujols or Lee Majors?  2009 projections:  105/35/110/.335/5

5. Miguel Cabrera – If Miguel Olivo was around to hug him, he’d hit 50 HRs.  (<–It’s called a hunch, people!)  2009 Projections:  100/39/125/.305

6. Grady Sizemore – Better 30/30 threat than Hanley?  2009 Projections:  110/37/85/.285/30

7. Ryan Braun – Best Jewish player since Gene Simmons.  2009 Projections:  100/40/110/.280/15

8. Ryan Howard – They should have a Battle of the Network Stars-type activity at the All-Star Game where someone like David Eckstein has to rickshaw Ryan Howard around the bases.  Why am I not in charge of the ASB activities? 2009 Projections:  100/45/140/.265

9. Johan Santana – First guy on this list I don’t draft where I have him listed.  I’d grab Johan early in the 3rd round, if he were there.  2009 Projections:   18-6/2.95/1.12/210

10. Chase Utley – I’m pretty confident Utley moves up to the ninth spot on this list when he shows up to spring training healthy.  2009 Projections:  105/29/105/.295/10

11. Mark Teixiera – No speed, but as good as a lock for his projections as anyone.  2009 Projections:  110/35/125/.310

12. Tim Lincecum – Innings were pretty high last year, and he’s ranked at 13.  Superstitious? 2009 Projections:  17-8/3.00/1.18/210

13. Carlos Beltran – Steady as they go and uncanny resemblance to Ricky from My So Called Life.  2009 Projections:  110/27/115/.275/22

14. Ian Kinsler – People seem to think he’s going to be the new Chase Utley.  The problem with that is Kinsler might bat .260 this year; Utley won’t.  2009 Projections:  110/23/80/.280/25

15. Jimmy Rollins – He’s not getting younger and at some point he’s going to go from a 40 steal guy to a 30 steal guy.  Cust kayin’.   2009 Projections:  115/16/75/.280/40

16. Prince Fielder – Surprised he doesn’t request the Brewers add a Tofurky Dog to the wiener race.  2009 Projections:  85/40/110/.285

17. Carlos Lee – I know you want the Longoria upside, but safe pick in the 2nd round and risky pick in the 12th round wins championships.  2009 Projections:  100/33/110/.300/7

18. Lance Berkman – See Lee, Carlos or one-sixteenth of an inch above.  2009 Projections:  100/32/100/.300/7

19. Evan Longoria – Choose your own adventure.  Get upside in the 2nd round?  Or get upside in the 10th round? 2009 Projections:  85/30/110/.275/7

20. Alfonso Soriano – Al-So is somehow being underrated all of a sudden.  Sure, he’s a Latin 33 but whatevs.  2009 Projections:  110/32/85/.275/15

21. Matt Holliday – He hit 25 home runs last year calling Coors home.  Zoinks!  2009 Projections:  90/22/105/.310/12

22. Josh Hamilton – I’ve gone over why Josh Hamilton is overrated.  2009 Projections:  95/30/110/.295/7

23. Brandon Phillips – When someone can point out to me exactly how Phillips isn’t better for his value than Kinsler, I’ll move Phillips down the list.  Or up.  Or whatever.  2009 Projections:  90/25/80/.270/25

24. Justin Morneau – I’m skipping Morneau for Votto or someone else.  2009 Projections:  90/27/115/.285

25. Aramis Ramirez – I’m targeting Aramis over Longoria in most of my drafts.  2009 Projections:  105/30/115/.295

26. Carlos Quentin – Love CQ, hate Roman Coppola.  2009 Projections:  105/35/110/.275/7

27. Jake Peavy – He can easily be better than Sabathia, Lincecum and Webb.  2009 Projections:   15-6/2.95/1.10/205

28. B.J. Upton – If he shows the power of 2007 and the speed of 2008, watch out.  2009 Projections:  95/20/80/.280/35

29. Carl Crawford – I didn’t like him ranked at 14 last year but I like him at 30 this year.  Recognize!  2009 Projections:  85/15/80/.300/45

30. Matt Kemp – I love Matt Kemp this year.  2009 Projections:   95/24/80/.295/30

31. Adrian Gonzalez – He’s battling Petco, and he’s still beating Morneau’s power numbers.  2009 Projections:  85/34/95/.280

32. Ichiro Suzuki – Here’s another guy I won’t have on any teams, but he is what he is.  2009 Projections:  110/7/50/.315/35

33. CC Sabathia – Hopefully he doesn’t have an April in New York like he had in 2008.  2009 Projections:  18-7/3.20/1.10/200

34. Cole Hamels – Even Philly phans are worried about the extra innings.  2009 Projections: 16-9/3.30/1.10/195

35. Alex Rios – He should go 20/20.  Then again, he should’ve went 20/20 last year.  Thought bubble, “Rios should be ranked lower.”  Leave me alone, thought bubble!  2009 Projections:  85/25/90/.295/20

36. Kevin Youkilis – I liked Youuuuk a lot last year.  He’s not quite the steal anymore, but I do still like him.  2009 Projections:  95/25/110/.295

37. Nick Markakis – I am Sparkakis!  No, I am Sparkakis!  2009 Projections:  95/25/100/.310/10

38. Alexei Ramirez – This high because the shallowness of shortstops.  (That’s not implying shortstops only read Perez Hilton and talk about their nails.)  If he’s not eligible at shortstop, then he drops about ten spots.  2009 Projections:  95/22/90/.285/15

39. Brandon Webb – Win karma’s gonna get you, knock you right on your head.  2009 Projections:   16-10/3.30/1.20/180

40. Alex Rodriguez – Drugs bad, A-Rod good, Cyst bad.  Any questions?  2009 Projections:  70/24/75/.295/4

41. Dustin PedroiaPedroia overrated. (<–You click)  2009 Projections:  110/15/75/.310/15

42. Shane Victorino – I love The Flying Hawaiian.  Like love love.  2009 Projections:  100/15/60/.285/35

43. Brian Roberts – I hate Brian Roberts.  On the left side of the screen, a mouth says, “H” and on the right side of the screen another mouth says “ate.”  Then they come together in the middle of the screen to form “Hate.”  2009 Projections:  105/10/50/.285/30

44. Dan Haren – I don’t draft pitchers until later, but I could see a scenario where Haren’s on one of my teams.  2009 Projections:  16-7/3.40/1.15/195

45. David Ortiz – Big Papi is a Latin 33 and aging rapidly.  2009 Projections:  85/27/110/.285

46. Chipper Jones – 120 games of solid and 40 games of waiver wire pickups.  2009 Projections:  80/20/85/.320/5

47. Jacoby Ellsbury – A cheaper, slightly riskier Victorino?  Pee to erhaps.  2009 Projections:  110/10/60/.285/40

48. Jason Bay – He was sofa king bad in 2007, that it’s hard for me to trust again.  2009 Projections:  100/32/110/.280/10

49. Nate McLouth – The only drawback for McLouth is you have to watch the Pirates highlights to see how he did, and there are no Pirates highlights.  2009 Projections:  95/22/90/.270/22

50. Curtis Granderson – Vladdy’s your baby’s daddy, but Grandy is dandy.  2009 Projections:  115/22/75/.275/17

51. Manny Ramirez – This is assuming he plays somewhere.  2009 Projections:  85/30/90/.300

52. Roy Halladay – Careful expecting lots of Ks.  2009 Projections:  16-6/3.50/1.10/165

53. Corey Hart – 80s one hit wonder reemerges to give you a 20/20 season and an iffy average.  2009 Projections:  75/22/80/.275/20

54. Roy Oswalt – 12 to 6’er who’s the big three-one.  2009 Projections:  15-9/3.75/1.15/150

55. Vladimir Guerrero – Beginning to run like the Ruskie he might be named after.  2009 Projections:  85/27/100/.310/5

56. Joey Votto – The Reds might actually be good this year.  Seriously.  Seriously!  SERIOUSLY!  2009 Projections:  85/28/100/.300/12

57. Josh Beckett – Red State Jeter has Cy Young stuff.  2009 Projections:  16-10/3.75/1.20/175

58. Dan Uggla – Mini Dunn. 2009 Projections:  85/30/100/.255/5

59. Adam Dunn – Regular-sized Dunn. 2009 Projections:  80/40/85/.245/5

60. Jonathan Papelbon – I’ll take Broxton around the 10th round as my first closer off the board.  2009 Projections:  6-2/1.75/.95/80, 45 saves

61. John Lackey – Dazzling at times might be outshined by Weaver this year.  2009 Projections:  16-11/3.60/1.22/175

62. Joe Nathan – If I were the type to take a top closer, I’d grab Lidge because of the Ks.  2009 Projections:  2-3/1.90/1.00/75, 42 saves

63. Brad Lidge – See Nathan, Joe or one-eightteenth of an inch above.  2009 Projections:  5-4/2.50/1.20/100, 40 saves

64. Brian McCann – A catcher in the top 100?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  2009 Projections:  75/25/95/.295

65. Geovany Soto – Why would you draft a guy that could give you Melvin Mora numbers at 65?  Because he’s at catcher?  That’s foolish, fool.  2009 Projections:  70/26/100/.280

66. Derrek Lee – Derrek Lee seems like he’s beginning to get a bad rap.  I’m beginning to think I’m going to end up with him on some teams.  2009 Projections:  95/22/90/.295/8

67. Garrett Atkins – No one wants to believe his year to year declines in home runs.  According to my projections, neither do I.  2009 Projections:  80/24/90/.290

68. Magglio Ordonez – Not a big fan of outfielders that project to 24 HRs and very little speed.  2009 Projections:  85/24/105/.310/3

69. Bobby Abreu – BA may be 12/12 outfielder as soon as this year.  That’s worrisome.  2009 Projections:  110/17/100/.300/20

70. Mariano Rivera – Good value for a top closer, but I still won’t own him.  2009 Projections:  4-3/2.75/1.00/60, 40 saves

71. Francisco Rodriguez – K-Whatever.  Don’t fall into this trizz-ap.  2009 Projections:  3-2/2.85/1.30/80, 42 saves

72. Carlos Delgado – I’m not sure about his reemergence last year to the point where I’m reaching for Votto and passing on Delgado.  2009 Projections:  80/31/110/.260

73. Carlos Pena – Pena worries me less than Delgado.  (Hey, wasn’t Pena Delgado the name of a character Javier Bardem played?)  2009 Projections:  75/32/95/.265

74. Joe Mauer – His numbers are so silly awful compared to the players around him it really illustrates why you shouldn’t draft a catcher in the top 100.  If I were to remove his name from his stats, you would think he should be ranked around 200th.  2009 Projections:  95/12/80/.320/3

75. James Shields – My first pitcher off the board in a lot of leagues.  2009 Projections:  15-9/3.50/1.14/165

76. Chad Billingsley – Another pitcher I’m very high on.  If you want to know more, search for Billingsley in the left sidebar Search thingamajig.  2009 Projections:  16-6/3.35/1.33/200

77. Johnny Damon – Damon’s getting to that age where he’s about to recite Pacino from Scent of a Woman.  I’m too old, I’m too tired and I’m… Actually, I don’t think Damon’s blind.  2009 Projections:  105/15/70/.285/20

78. Jermaine Dye – Boring, but productive.  2009 Projections:  80/30/90/.275/3

79. Victor Martinez – Even if he bounces back, Doumit can put up enough numbers 40 spots later.  2009 Projections:  65/18/95/.300

80. Russell MartinDon’t take a catcher in the first 100.  2009 Projections:  95/15/70/.285/10

81. Chris Davis –  If he hits .260 instead of .275, he’ll still be worth it.  This is a trust exercise.  Fall into Chris Davis’s arms.  2009 Projections:   75/30/95/.275/3

82. Aubrey Huff – I will not have him on any team.  2009 Projections:  75/22/75/.280

83. Scott Kazmir – Take what I said about Huff and then factor in he’s a pitcher.  2009 Projections:  15-7/3.65/1.30/180

84. Rich Harden – What I Said About Huff + What I Said About Kazmir * 2 = Harden.  2009 Projections:  12-4/2.75/1.10/160

85. Daisuke Matsuzaka – His WHIP scares me too much.  2009 Projections: 14-7/3.90/1.30/160

86. Cliff Lee – His entire career minus 2005 and 2008 scares me.  2009 Projections:  15-10/3.75/1.22/150

87. Carlos Zambrano – Dusty managed him for how many years?  2009 Projections:  14-9/3.90/1.30/150

88. Edinson Volquez – I’m not going to recapitulate (16th Century Word of the Day) everything I’ve said up to this point in other posts, but I like Cueto better.  Projections:  12-8/4.00/1.33/175

89. Raul Ibanez – Ibanez bores me, but the move to Citizen’s Bank excites me.  Conflicted!  2009 Projections:  85/25/110/.290/3

90. Vernon Wells – Ibanez without Citizen’s Bank.  2009 Projections:  85/24/95/.280/7

91. Torii Hunter – Abreu without the average.  2009 Projections:  85/24/85/.275/17

92. Jay Bruce – Sweet, sweet upside.  Sweet, sweet…  2009 Projections:  85/30/90/.280/10

93. Ryan LudwickCards site said this about Ludwick.  2009 Projections:  85/30/100/.275/3

94. Joakim Soria – I’d love to grab Soria, but I feel like he might be going too high in drafts.  2009 Projections:  3-4/2.00/.95/60, 35 saves

95. Jonathan Broxton – The first closer off the board I could conceivably land.  2009 Projections:  3-3/3.00/1.15/80, 35 saves

96. Stephen Drew – It’s insane how few shortstops are on this list.   Insane, I tell ya.  2009 Projections:  85/24/80/.280/7

97. J.J. Hardy – I mean, there’s no shortstops at all.  Maybe I could’ve boosted Jeter into the top 100, but he gets laid a lot.  He doesn’t need any extra favors.  2009 Projections:  85/25/80/.275/3

98. Krispie Young – Chris B. is phonetically Krispie.  Welcome to Razzball.  Nice to meet you.  2009 Projections:  80/25/80/.245/20

99. Brad Hawpe – When I see Vernon Wells and Raul Ibanez go way before Hawpe, I laugh.  On the inside.  2009 Projections:  70/30/95/.280

100. Hunter Pence – Numbers aren’t that far off from Carlos Lee.  I will call you, Lanky Lee.  2009 Projections:  85/28/95/.275/10

101. Felix Hernandez – Your staff is complete with F-Her on it.  2009 Projections:  13-9/3.85/1.33/190

102. Francisco Liriano – The Fran?  The Leer?  The Twin Cities Treat?  If Liriano returns to form this year, we’re gonna need a nickname.  2009 Projections:  11-5/3.25/1.25/160

103. Troy Tulowitzki – Making up for lack of shortstops boosts Tulo, but there’s really no reason to reach for a shortstop when there’s so many middling middle infielders.  2009 Projections:  65/20/85/.285/5

After the top 100 for 2009 fantasy baseball, there’s a lot of names but two stand out:

Conor Jackson – A white Derrek Lee.  2009 Projections:  85/17/85/.300/10

Ryan Zimmerman – Some of you may find it a bit queer (stop giggling!) that I’m now touting Zimmerman after how much I didn’t like him last year.  Guess what, ya’ll?  That was last year.  2009 Projections:  80/20/90/.285/7

  1. Steve says:

    Great piece of work, Grey – and I’m damn proud to be the first to say so!

    Any surprises for you when you put these guys in order for this list?

  2. Tony says:

    quit saying good things about votto, bruce and the reds being good LOL….

    Nice article. My conflict is fill my OF in the 4th round or take Alexei and get Drew in the later rounds for SS. I think SS is deeper than you’ve kinda let on? I’m liking alot of those “middle tier SS’s”.

  3. Tony says:

    I really like Alexei but paying a 4th round spot when i could take Markakis or someone is tough. I like Drew, Tulo, Hardy, Peralta in that order, and if for some reason someone went SS Bonanza on me all in one round I’d take aviles, michael young, or jeter later? Not saying they’re all high performers but there are some with some studly potential. I am really high on DREW and thats who i see myself going after…..

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: I like Drew a lot, but he’s really an 8th or 9th rounder depending on how your team is stacking up. So that means Rollins to Drew (if Alexei isn’t SS eligible) is 6 to 7 rounds. That’s a huge dropoff.

  5. James says:

    Nice post, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on why Peavy should be ranked higher than Webb. Because of his style, Webb pitches deep into games, which will lead to wins. I understand your theory that you shouldn’t bank on wins; however, if nothing changes why should we? I don’t see any reason why Webb can’t win big again.

    Peavy on the other hand has many question marks. He plays on a weak team, pitched poorly after the world baseball classic in ‘06, and only has one 19 win season in his career. Plus, if he is traded his era is 3.80 away from Yellowstone.

    I have had Peavy for two years, and want him again, but I think Webb is the better pick due to these concerns.

  6. James says:

    Great info – could be year three…

  7. Ballin says:

    I really love the great work you do and helped me win a fantasy baseball team this year but I just wondering whats up with Jason Bay? Im not questioning your rankings I just check out a lot of websites and wondering why Bay was at 34 in Yahoo! draft and he is 48 here. Is it just that last year could of been a fluke? thanks

  8. Ballin says:

    Im trying to prepare hella good for this year’s draft and I’m just wondering what are the most undervalued players this year in the top 100 that I could get them for value worth a few rounds earlier. Who’s getting picked way too late based on adp that are worth much more?

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ballin: I’m just being conservative with Bay since a lot of his value comes from the steals. Bay’s one of those players that could easily only steal 3 bases and then how different is he from Mags? He’s had knee problems in the past and they could surface again.

    re: 2nd question — That’s a huge question. Check the left side of the site for sleepers, overrated players and keepers and then ask specific questions on those posts and I’ll help any way I can.

  10. sean says:

    @grey: @62/63: did you mean you’d take Lidge for the extra Ks?

    I’m so leery of the entire MI crop this year. There’s not a single guy outside of Reyes that I am confident can replicate his ’08 stats. Give me Canoe and Aviles and let the others fight it out for the cream of the crap.

  11. Tony says:

    @Grey: 6-7 rounds ADP, maybe not value, i think drew performs like a top 6 SS and a top 60 overall player….. I like Alexie, but i just dont know if i’m sold on him enough to take him in the 4th, late 5th early 6th sure, can you convince me different?

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Typo, I meant Ks. Good catch. I updated. Yeah, the MI crop this year looks like a bad harvest.

    @Tony: He looks just like a poor man’s Soriano. He hacks a lot (prone to slumps) and he has a solid combo of speed and power. Not only can he get to 20/10, something you won’t find from many MIs later in the draft, but he already has in less than 140 games. He’s not fail proof because of his hacking ways.

    When pitchers realized he swung at everything in August, they changed their approach and Alexei combated that by hitting 6 HRs and a .300+ average in August. Then in September he slumped to .211 hitter (still with 6 HRs). So you see he’s going to be very hit or miss from month to month. Pun noted and intended.

  13. Ess says:

    Love the site for the jokes but I think ill stick to my own rankings. Drafting Delgado in the 6th is exactly how you finish 4th.

  14. sean says:

    I know we’ve already discussed Alexei in depth, but I’d sooner let someone else take the gamble. I perused some magazines for free the other night that had him going in the second round. Thankfully my resolution was to refuse to pay for that shizz.

    Still, US Cellular was the 2nd best park in the bigs (behind Camden) for HR last year, so I don’t think we can discount his power numbers, especially because he’s nearing the age where a natural power increase occurs. 25 dongs are definitely in reach (I think I saw a Jasmin St. Clair flick with the same name).

    I am worried that he’ll hit .265 and won’t swipe any bags though, putting him in the Stephen Drew range in the 90s — except of course that you gave up a #1 OF or one of the last solid power guys on the corners to draft him…

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ess: I wrote next to Delgado that I’d be passing on him.

    @sean: I don’t think not swiping bases is something to be worried about. Batting .260 is a legitimate concern.

  16. Eric W says:

    My girlfriend who has watched maybe 10 baseball games in her life has changed me from a cliff lee hater to a believer (if he falls far enough) by one sentence “Maybe he is just good” and yes he will probably end up burning me.

  17. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric W: Sounds like we need to have her write a guest post.

  18. Emporers Monkey says:

    Out of my fantasy hibernation and ready to roll. Good list!!

  19. DocNo1 says:

    I like Kemp this year too, but doesn’t he fall into the ‘overrated’ category as addressed in the Razzball take on Hamilton? I have to pick soon in a large (15 team) keeper league where you can only keep guys for two years (ensures turnover). I have the 6th pick in the 1st (with half of these top guys off the board already), and am trying to determine the best pick for this year and next. These guys should be available: Hamilton, Lee, Crawford, Holliday, Kemp.
    Is Kemp the guy to pick early for 2009 and lovin’ it in 2010?

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DocNo1: Who else is on your team?

  21. Garrett says:

    Great stuff.. it’d be cool if you roll out a top 250/300 in this format.. I know you have the player share thingie to print out but i like the rankings with the one sentence comment.

    That way I don’t have to bring the top 300 crap from ESPN.. just saw their projections, love how they still have Jeter/Young’s of the world so high so that the schlemils in my league will over-draft them again.

  22. Garrett says:

    Also the fact that the player rater for 2009 is different from how you/we would actually rank them.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Garrett: Thanks! I’m going to try and do a top 300 but no promises that’ll have blurbs for everyone, it gets time intensive. I can’t believe some of the rankings over at ESPN.

  24. DocNo1 says:

    Thanks for your interest!

    My keepers:

    Top players already claimed/kept:

    Likely to be available (It’s the 8th pick, not the 6th)
    Carlos Lee

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DocNo1: I’d draft them Carlos Lee, Holliday, Hamilton, Kemp then Crawford, in that order.

  26. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    Great list. Perfect description of Dye, but he should still go a full round earlier. Solid predictions for Dye, while Delgado’s are very optimistic.

    Grey, you probably shouldn’t leave Armando Benitez in charge of numbering ranks 75-78.

  27. DocNo1 says:

    Thanks for your advice, Grey. I believe I agree. Will see how it plays out.

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Moonlight’s Grahams: Damn you, Benitez! As you get further in the list, there’s more ‘give’ either way with the rankings.

    @DocNo1: Cool, no problem.

  29. Ben says:

    Why rank catchers or other players you don’t like in the top 100 if you don’t think they’re worthy of being drafted so high? Aren’t your rankings supposed to be a list of people you feel should be drafted first?

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ben: I can say I would not draft Mauer, but he’s still a 7th round pick. People need to have an idea of where guys should be drafted in the big picture, then you go about your own drafting.

  31. Hogleg says:

    Grey, your humor alone makes me believe in the rankings. Braun-“Best Jewish player since Gene Simmons” lmao
    I play NL only 5×5 keeper and our league is going into our 19th year…you have some great insight, man. Thanks for your hard work.

  32. Fman99 says:

    I’d like to make cumsies with this list.

  33. Adam says:

    Love the rankings Grey. Even though you have Mauer ranked so much higher, would you keep Chris Davis over him, all else being equal in a 12 team, 5×5 roto. league?

  34. dman says:

    Solid list!

    I notice you have the flyin’ hawaiin Victorino ranked much higher than Corey Hart. Im trying to decide which of these guys to keep in my 5×5 keeper league and was leaning towards Hart until I saw your rankings.

    My other keepers are Reyes,Howards,Utley,CLee,McCann, Lince,Webb

    Can you tell me why you’d go with Vic? I guess Im just looking for more persuasion ;)

    Im a bit hesitant already having Utley and Howard. If the Phils bats go cold for a few games this could really hurt with my lineup set for the week.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dman: The Phillies score lots of runs, they’re in a hitter’s park and Victorino is a 15/40 guy with a good average and Hart’s a 20/20 guy with a mediocre to poor average who batted .173 in September last year.

  36. dman says:

    Thanks for the reply………do you see any problem with keeping 3 Phils?

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dman: Nah, no problem. At least not those three.

  38. James says:

    I assume you don’t think the post all star break .278 for “Krispie Young” can be something he can build on for this year. I love his potential and will probably draft him at the 90th spot or so with the hope the upside we hear about him comes out. What do you think he will be in his prime? Do you think he could reach it this year?

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @James: Last year, his BABIP was much higher than he’s ever done before. He’s a potential 30/30 guy, but he’s not a .280 hitter.

  40. Jeff H says:

    Grey, love your work; this site has definitely become one of my favorites over the last 2 years.

    That said, the whole methodology behind your Top 100 rankings escapes me. What is the point of ranking someone at a given spot, only to say “I wouldn’t take him here” (or something to that effect)? If I wanted generic player rankings, there are scores of places I can turn to. And if I merely wanted entertaining, snarky comments, I could read pretty much anything else you’ve written. What I was hoping to get out of your player rankings was just that: YOUR rankings.

    I mean, if you wouldn’t draft a catcher in the first 100 picks, then DON’T LIST THEM THERE!! If you wouldn’t take Johan until the third round, then rank him 25th or something (not 10th). I hope you understand my point — if you put together a list like this, only to say at various points throughout how you disagree with the ranks, then what’s the value to the reader?

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jeff H: There’s a few problems I see generating from me just ranking my top 100. There’s no context. People would come out and say things like, “Wait, you forgot Delgado.” Then I’d have to say, “No, I’m just not drafting him.” Another problem, you have no idea why I’m leaving guys off. So you can’t see my methodology or reasoning. Another problem, you’re going to have only the top 100 guys I draft, so Elijah Dukes will be number 65? Then I’ll have people saying, I grabbed Elijah in the 6th round like you said and people laughed at me. Finally, I think Brian McCann *is* a 5th to 7th round pick. *You* can draft him there and get value. *I* would not draft him there because I don’t believe in drafting catchers. Your criticism is fair, hope you understand my reasoning. It’s the best way I can think of arranging the lists.

  42. James says:

    Grey – was his BABIP for the 2nd half really high?

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @James: Yeah, 1st half; .269 — 2nd half; .349. — He never had over .270 in his first two years. His line drive rate improved in 2008, but there’s nothing to suggest that’s a sign of things to come. And his Ks just keep going up. Listen, average is so fluky, he could have a .275 year, but there’s nothing that suggests he should.

    EDIT: Typo. Word.

  44. James says:

    Yes, I figured that was the case. Thanks

  45. Jeff H says:

    @Grey: Appreciate the response, and yes, I see your logic. It’s just confusing (maybe contradictory?) in some respects to see an expert suggest that a particular player is worth a certain pick in a given round, and then, as an aside, imply that you’re a fool for actually drafting him there. Not sure how to resolve that issue, but I guess the best answer is to just refer to the entire canon of stuff you’ve written/ranked, not just this particular column. Then the reader gets both the general perspective of where he/she can expect a player to be drafted, and why you think it’d be smart/foolish to actually draft him there.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  46. Todd W says:

    When someone can point out to me exactly how Phillips isn’t better for his value than Kinsler, I’ll move Phillips down the list.

    In response to this quote from you, I’ve seen other projections with Kinsler’s BA 20 to 30 points higher than Phillips. If that holds true, that would be a significant reason to draft Kinsler so high, especially given the weak and shallow 2B pool.

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Todd W: Kinsler’s BABIP last year showed he was very lucky. He’s not a .320 hitter. He projects to between a .280 and .300 hitter. Phillips projects to a .260 to .280 hitter. They could meet somewhere in the middle since batting average is a very fluky category.

  48. David Wrighteous says:

    I can’t wait till David Wright overtakes A-Rod as the best 3B and the best fantasy player this year. I’m expecting huge things from him this season, and he will lead my team to a championship this year!

  49. Big Gamer says:

    I pick first in a 10 team keeper league, who would you select out of A. Ramirez, C. Quentin, and Ichiro

    My 5 keepers are
    G. Sizemore
    J. Peavy
    B. Roberts
    C. Granderson

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Big Gamer: Quentin, Ramirez then Ichiro, in that order.

  51. James says:

    @Grey: What do you make of Haren’s 2nd half performances in the past three years? Could it really be 3 years of bad luck? I want to make him my number one, like you from the post above, but fear my playoff run could be hindered.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @James: I’d knock him down a bit for a H2H league. His splits are not just bad luck.

  53. James says:

    Agreed – I might go with Beckett as my number one. He should bounce back, and with the chips down (option year/possible extension), he is money.

  54. zombie says:

    If Keeping 5 Bats (no catchers thanks to your advice, although I had McCann) in Sizemore, Holliday, Kinsler, Kemp & Teix, in a small 10 Team H2H where a lot of pitchers were Kept by other teams, is it time to grab an Ace with the 9th pick (Billingsley, Shields & E.Santana should be the best available) or continue to load up on ample offense with someone like C. Davis maybe a round too early (was thinking Alexei, but this thread has given me doubts)?
    And Grey, your site is phenominal. The most entertaining and informative site there is. Thanks.

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @James: Yeah, I’d prefer Beckett slightly more in a H2H league.

    @zombie: I’d go for Shields, Billingsley then Santana, in that order. Then in the next round I’d grab Davis then Alexei, in that order.

  56. AJ says:

    Anyone notice anything interesting right after Dye at 78? Is this some hijackery by Rudy or random italicized voice? Surely Grey is better than a copy and paste error. Either way, this should be re-titled 2009 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Top 104, you know, for razztastic accuracy and all…

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AJ: Or maybe that was my way of sneaking a couple of picks in… Hmm… No, it’s my goof. You’re Razzball’s official proofreader. You go, sir.

  58. Jack says:

    Hey, I’m in a 12 team H2H keeper league. My Keepers are:
    A-rod, Howard, Crawford, Peavy, Haren.

    In the first rd of the draft I’ll probably have a shot at:
    A Gonzalez

    With my keepers would you take Phillips or A gon over an Outfielder?
    If not Which OF would you chose?

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jack: I’d usually tell you to go Phillips, but with Howard you are already susceptible to a low average. I’d go Markakis, Phillips, A-Gonz, Rios then Victorino.

  60. Mike says:


    Love the site. Question about Harden – why do you hate him? With the numbers you’ve got Harden putting up, he’ll be a top 50 player on the Yahoo rankings, with better peripherals than any other pitcher. If you combine his season with another 50-60 innings of replacement player, I think you have a top 5 pitcher. Last year, he wound up No. 23 overall on the Yahoo 5×5 rankings, in only 148 innings.

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Because for the draft spot you have to take him, he’s not worth it. You may end up with a guy who gives you 75 innings. He topped 80 innings once in the last five years. If you own him and he hits the DL for a few months, you’re going to want to drop or trade him away quickfast.

  62. arussell1983 says:

    Grey, Who do you like best in a 5 year keeper league, I can only keep one for this year:
    Prince Fielder
    Matt Kemp
    Roy Halladay
    Aramis Ramirez

  63. arussell1983 says:

    wow… was expecting the same ole ‘gotta take Fielder’ response. I have been posing this question across the board whenever I get the chance. I definately agree in some aspects but I still I think thats a really hard move to make over Prince. It is 17 vs 31 on your rankings above. Not sure I can justify it yet.

  64. Grey

    Grey says:

    @arussell1983: Kemp’s getting better and we’ve seen Fielder’s best. The Brewers were trying to move him because like other big men before him (his dad, Ortiz) they break down is they age. As of next year, you’ll probably want Kemp. For five years, you’ll definitely want Kemp.

  65. arussell1983 says:

    Dont forget that Prince and Kemp are both only 24 years old. Kemp improving, absolutely, but I think its an agressive statement to say that Fielder is no longer improving. Maybe he had a MVP caliber season at 23 and declined at 24, but I see that no reason of why he cant regain his top tier stats again, with the prime of his career ahead of him. 50HR/.285+/120RBI is in the future.

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @arussell1983: Sure, when I said we’ve seen Fielder’s best I meant 50 HRs, which is great and I think he can come close again. I do like him, after all I did rank him 17th overall. All I meant is Fielder has the body type that breaks down. Matt Kemp does not. If I had to bet on one for the next five years, I’d go with Kemp. He can be a 100/30/100/.300/30 player. The only caution with Kemp is he has not done it yet, so he’s riskier. Your choice is not a slam dunk.

    EDIT: Typo.

  67. arussell1983 says:

    if it is not a slam dunk do you still fully eliminate ARAM and Doc Halladay from the equation?

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @arussell1983: They’re not in the convo, no. It’s between Fielder and Kemp.

  69. arussell1983 says:

    Just some props, that short article ‘Dustin Pedroia – 2009 Fantasy Schmohawk’ is by far my favorite 2009 MLB Preseason article out there. I totally back that, and you kicked its ass.

    Do you change your view on kemp/fielder if it becomes a 3 years keeper league?

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @arussell1983: They move closer to each other and then it probably goes to Fielder by a hair.

  71. arussell1983 says:

    then wouldnt you think I’d be better off holding on to Fielder and then hope to redraft kemp in the 2nd rnd of the draft, 30-somethinth overall (its a 10 team w/ 2 keeper league, going to 10 team w/ 5 keeper next year).

  72. AJ says:

    Grey, any drastic changes you’d make to this list using OBP instead of AVG? I refuse to draft Reyes again cause his value just isn’t there for my 5×5 H2H league.

    For my kind of league, is it as simple as making a list of projections, ranking each player in by category, and averaging out those rankings? I know it’s rather rudimentary, but this list seems to be a good representation of the multi-tool guys. I do have to revise the projections a bit here and there cause it tends to skew some players. Love to hear your thoughts…

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @arussell1983: Yeah, go with that strategy.

    @AJ: The added OBP changes things. Maybe not drastically, but some names would move up, while others would move down. For the most part, I prefer guys that are well-rounded and have a good OBP so this list probably isn’t drastically off, but it would change some.

  74. Jeff 1 says:

    Grey, I have my own strategy for a draft in a 12 team h2h league. I want to take one of the top 3 SS no matter what my position is in the first round. Then go OF for rounds 2 & 3. Then I have precise players that make this work, by taking Alexei Ramirez in round 4 and Chris Davis in round 5. Another OF in round 6. Votto in Round 7. and then going on a pitching run. I’ll wait to grab a 4th OF and Sandoval for my C somewhere in the teen rounds depending on how the draft is going. I really don’t care about closers as i’ll just grab whoever is around towards the end and figure that out as the season goes. What do you think of this strategy?

    do you think this is smart to possibly take Rollins over the other top players on the board if ramirez & reyes are gone by the time it gets to me?

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jeff: I’d hate to get into taking specific players because what if someone reaches up and scoops you on Alexei or Davis or Rollins? Then you’re whole strategy is thrown off-kilter. But in general it sounds like it could work for you.

  76. Jeff 1 says:

    Thank you for your quick response! Yes, the targeting of specific players is worrisome, but I’m hoping I’ll be picking them slightly earlier than others would (whether that’s good or bad will be determined). If not I’ll wing it!

    Also, I’m a brand new fan of Razzball, as I found it thru a link off Baseball-Intellect to Rudy’s Riskiest Pitchers post which was incredibly helpful, yet scary as I was targeting several of those pitchers. Nolasco, Greinke, E. Santana, and Baker were the ones I was most bummed seeing on the list, although glad that I am now aware of this. Will you be generally avoiding these pitchers?

    Fantastic site and I see myself visiting several times a day…I’ve already been here a bunch today!

  77. Cheez Whit says:

    Just found your site. Much better rankings than any other site or magazine!!! Do you guys put out Auction values in your rankings?

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheez Whit: If you scroll your mouse over “2009 Fantasy Baseball Rankings” at the top of the page (next to Home), you’ll see our Player Raters. Those have dollar amounts.

  79. Clodbuster says:

    Corey Hart being 48 spots higher than Hunter Pence is a little confusing to me. They are essentially the same player with Pence being the one with the higher ceiling.

    Either way, you didn’t have to put Torii Hunter 9 spots ahead of him. That’s just no way to treat a man named Hunter!

  80. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Clodbuster: Corey Hart’s a 20/20 player and Pence has never put up more than 11 steals. They’re not the same player.

  81. Jeff says:

    What is a better value; Howard as a 1st round pick (13th pick of 16), Ibanez as a 8th round pick, Atkins as a 8th round pick, or Dempster as a 17th round pick?

    I’m trying to decide on my last keeper in a 16 team 5×5 roto league. Other 2 being kept are Holliday in the 9th round and Fuentes in the 20th.

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jeff: Howard

  83. PhillyYorker says:

    Dilemma. Keeper league reconstruction. Only get to keep 4. Prospects: Hamilton, Longoria, C. Davis, Ankiel, Cust, Ichiro, Ellsbury, and Soto. It’s a R, HR, RBI, OBP and SLG league.

    Who do you keep? I realize Hamilton is just gonna suck this year, but I feel I must keep him. After that, I can’t say. Leaning towards Jacoby over Ichiro, but then I think keep both and lock down steals. It’s a quandry. As I look at last years numbers, I just don’t see why Cust isn’t more highly rated. Anyhow, as of now I’m going with Josh “the most overrated player of all-time” Hamilton, Longoria, Ellsbury and Davis.

    Any ideas?

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PhillyYorker: I would chose the same four. Cust is much better in an OBP league, but he’s still below the four you have.

  85. Travis says:

    I’m in a ten 10 mixed league where we get 5 keepers, and I’ve got Grady Sizemore, Jimmy Rollins, Brandon Phillips, Adrian Gonzalez, and Dan Haren right now. I’m assuming, generally, that your top 50 will more or less be taken by keepers on other teams and by the fact that I’m drafting 9th in our snake draft (giving me the 59th and 61st picks in essence). Who do you really like from your 50-75 range, because it seems like you’re really down on most of them (lots of closers and catchers there). Would you reach for Chris Davis as the equivalent of a late 6th or early 7th round pick, especially considering my need at third base? I’d love to have Aramis or Chipper but I don’t see them being there at that point. Garrett Atkins may also be available.

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Travis: I’d definitely reach for Davis.

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