Clarence Clemons Sabathia was the big man for the Yankees, one-hitting the A’s over 8 innings for his 19th win. Over 17 starts since June 1, CC has gone 14-2 and has thrown 7+ innings with less than 3 ERs in 15 of those games. Besides pissing off Red Sox Nation and Rays Famous Original Municipality, CC is frustrating the whole sabermetric community as he’s zoomed into pole position for the Cy Young despite being behind several pitchers – notably King Felix – in most stats except Wins. Don’t blame CC, it’s not his fault that the Mariners bats are so weak that they couldn’t break open a piñata.

Curtis Granderson – Two HRs off the bench in relief of Nick Swisher.  Maybe they should make him a ‘6th man’ like in basketball.

Nick Swisher – Left after an inning with a stiff knee.  My knee would be stiff too if my fiance looked like this.   Word is he’ll be day-to-day but given the number of OF options on the Yanks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take off the whole Labor Day weekend.

Johan Santana – Got the win against Tim Hudson and the Braves but left after 5 innings with a strained pec.  My pec would be strained too if my team’s lineup looked like this.

Adrian Beltre – El Senator hit homer #25 and is nearing 100 RBIs with a .321 average.  Why do I call him El Senator?  Because he campaigns every 6 years, making promises he doesn’t live up to once under contract.

Miguel CabreraLeft the game early with bicep tendinitis.  Understandable since he’s been holding up the pathetic Detroit Tigers lineup like Bela Karolyi holding up Kerri Strug.  If you’re lucky enough to have him on your team, hope he sticks the landing.

Jhoulys Chacin – Pitched decent against Philly (5 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners) but had to settle for the no-decision when the Rockie bullpen got rocked.  I can’t tell you how to correctly pronounce his first name but I can tell you that he should be owned in any league that doesn’t have an innings cap.

Dexter Fowler3 for 6 with a HR and 3 RBIs.  Fowler’s got a great lineup slot hitting between speedy EYJr and CarGo but keep expectations low.  He’s still a serial K-er (8 in the last 5 games) with little power and yawnstipating speed (12 SBs this year).

Chase Utley – 2 for 4 with a HR and 6 RBIs.  It’s been a mess of a year for Utley but if he can put together one of his ‘hot’ months of .320/7/20, maybe some of his owners can climb into 5th in the standings.

Dallas Braden – Left with cramps in the 6th inning in his start against the Yankees.  Evidently the cramps were more severe than the start when he snapped at A-Rod.

Jose Valverde – Jim Leyland pitched him 3 innings in an extra inning win against the Twins.  Seems excessive but the Tigers are only 11 games out of first with 28 games left.  Keep fighting the fight, Jimmy!

Jeff Manship – Pitched 4 strong innings in relief of Scott Baker.  Not bad for a guy whose last name sounds like a bad Cuba Gooding Jr. movie.  His minor league stats indicate you should avoid him like that movie if he enters the rotation.

Nyjer Morgan – The Batty Natty is going to be suspended – it’s just a matter of how many games.  I think he just misses being in a Pirate uniform.

  1. PepeSilvia says:

    El Senator — I love it. Way to bring your A game this morning.

  2. GTG says:

    Rudy/Grey — we’re in the stretch run and need a few HR/RBI to maintain fist place… my choices in a 4×4 11-team AL-only league: rhymes, kotchman and casper wells. we’re in a non-daily transaction league, so whoever we pickup is our guy for the rest of the year (no lineup changes unless he goes on DL). thanks guys — lots of margaritas to buy if we win.

  3. Long Bong Hitters says:

    In the playoffs H2H matchup. Very close in all batting categories. You dropping Carlos Quentin Angel Pagan for Daric Barton or Marcus Thames?

  4. Black Beard says:

    h2h league:

    Thoughts on Pena or D. Young the rest of the way? My lineups freeze Monday, better to pick up a hot bat for the next 4 weeks or ride either of those guys?

    Also, will D. Hudson get shut down? Worth holding on to someone like him when I could carry an additional RP or SP/RP (Chacin)?

  5. @PepeSilvia: Gracias!

    @GTG: Rhymes is no tower of power. Wells might have a little more power but Kotchman is assured for more playing time so I’d pick him up. Good luck.

    @Long Bong Hitters: Nope.

    @Black Beard: Matters what ‘hot bats’ you’re talking about. Pena and D-Young are secure in playing time – if the ‘hot bats’ aren’t, you can’t risk a week where you get 10 ABs (read Thames, Marcus). Hudson may get shut down but he’s pitching great – wouldn’t want to drop him too soon. Like Chacin too – isn’t there a bench hitter or set-up man you can get rid of?

  6. PR says:

    The Joanna Garcia link’s not half bad either.

  7. Eddy says:

    @Rudy Gamble:
    Hey Rudy goodmorning! Good to see a post from you. Listen, I was wondering the other day where a couple of players may go next year in a 12 team keeper snake draft. I’d love your insight.

    Utley, Ellsbury, Hellickson, Jennings, and Braun.

  8. @Eddy: Thanks. I haven’t thought through the 2011 first round just yet but let me see…In no particular order, I’d say: Pujols, Cabrera, Votto, CarGo, Hanley, Braun, Longoria, Cano, Hamilton, Teixeira, A-Gonz?…..

    Okay, I could see Utley being picked at the end of the first round. At this point, he just seems too injury and slump-prone. I’d take Cano over him in every draft format except NL-only.

    Braun will still be a 1st round pick – somewhere in the middle.

    Ellsbury will fall a couple of rounds vs. this year. Maybe to 4th/5th round?

    Hellickson will depend on who is drafting. In an ‘expert’ league, he’ll go earlier because experts love prospects. Maybe 10th-12th round when 3rd SPs are being taken? He’ll be available later in less competitive drafts as a 4th or 5th SP (like David Price was this year).

    Jennings – He should be available as a 3rd or 4th OF assuming Crawford leaves Tampa Bay. He’ll likely move up to 2nd OF in 2012 just as the Dread Pirate McCutchen will go higher in 2011 that he did in 2010.

  9. Scott Boras (bored at work) says:

    Playoff time: who do you like at SS the rest of the way, Alexei or Drew? And would you prefer Chacin or de la Rosa at SP?

  10. Neil says:

    Interesting re: Utley being a late first round pick. I own Miggy, Prince, Utley, Rios and Cliff Lee. Any thoughts as to where Prince/Rios will go in a 12 team snake in 2011? I’m thinking late round 2 for Prince and round 4 or 5 for Rios.

    Rios has hit .290+ four of the last five seasons. Toss in a conservative 45 HR + SB, and he is a mirror of Shin Shoo Choo, but with the ability to get you a few more steals.

  11. Todd says:

    Need some steals and runs to win the week and make the playoffs. Gotta drop raburn and wells. Who should i pick up for the next three days?

    EY jr., pagan (maybe still hurt), bourjous, lorenzo cain, sean rod (playing time issues), crowe, bernadina, bonafacio (playing time)?

  12. Todd says:

    P.S. any news on pagan playing today or through the weekend?

  13. peter says:

    @Eddy: @Rudy Gamble: re: Hellickson… I find myself in a little bit of a jam. I have Hellickson in a couple competitive h2h keeper leagues. Heading into the playoffs, Hellickson has turned into dead weight on my roster(s) – although there might be a spot start or 2 left.

    If I drop him for a spot starter or a hot hitter, I’ll certainly never see him again. So I’ve decided to hang on, unless it’s a very close, and dire, situation in the pitching categories.

    Feel free to offer moral support for my decision, or just accept it as vox populi regarding Hellickson’s value.

  14. peter says:

    @Todd: He’s back in today’s lineup against the Cubs…

    @Todd: I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer EYJr.

  15. Tony says:

    @Rudy Gamble: i can see KEMP this year scaring people from CARGO in 2011, at least as a 1st rounder. I dont know if Cargo can have a BETTER year than this one right now? He’s absolutely killing it.

    So glad no one would accept my cargo/hughes or cargo/haren deals i was shooting out there mid yr. in my yahoo league, Too bad in my RCL someone did…. lol

  16. Dad says:

    @Rudy Gamble: When Furcal comes off the DL (supposedly as early as today) would you drop either Tabata, Niese E Young for him?

  17. big o says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    ok . i’ll give you that c.c has dominated the A’s this year ,
    but prior to that , they pounded him like he was the
    pillsbury dough boy trying to throw batting practice .

  18. Eddy says:

    Who are your other keeper candidates and how many could you keep?

  19. Goose says:

    somebody just dropped Delmon Young in our 14t 6×6 keeper. prob because he’s been worse than Melky Cabrera in the last month (.236 OBP, 14 r, 2 hrs, 0 stls, 12 ribs… in other words, bleh). so i’ve got Rasmus, Tabata and El Caballo in my OF (along with my boy Heyward) — would you drop any of these schmoes for Delmon, with an eye toward next year? maybe Lee? i know i’m not keeping him, but he has been playing well in the 2nd half. and even though i’m stuck in 7th, i still like my guys to be not sucking. do you think Delmon will be keep-able after the year (we get to keep 6, so roughly top 100), or just a mid-round OF, in 2011?

  20. Tony says:

    @Goose: id snag him over lee, he’s over the hill and rolling down….

  21. Eddy says:

    @Rudy Gamble:
    Thanks for the extensive insight Rudy, it’s much appreciated.

  22. big o says:

    ha .
    bautista doing his manny impression .
    teixeira ends up on 2nd .

  23. Tony says:

    just reading the stats past triple crown winners put up on ESPN, how the heck did some of these guys win it?

    1909 Ty Cobb 9 HRS? 107 RBI .377 AVG.
    1947 Ted Williams 32 HRs???
    1966 Frank Robinson won it with a .316 AVG?

    I kinda just threw out the guys who played in the 1800’s, etc or the really early 1900’s, but nowadays it would have to be the stud of all studs having their career year and praying no one else snipes them in the triple crown cats. I mean I understand in 1909 guys weren’t lifting weights or as physically gifted as todays atheletes, but 9 HR’s was the highest HR total in the AL that year? In 1966 Robinson batted only .316 and won it? How does that happen…. You’d think some pesky little guy like Ichiro would slap hits all over and beat that average?

  24. @Scott Boras (bored at work): It’s a coin flip between those two MI teases but Drew is definitely the hotter hitter of the two so I’d choose him. I’d prefer Chacin over DLR.

    @Neil: Prince will be somwhere in the 2nd round. Rios won’t get out of the 3rd round next year – if it weren’t for his Toronto tailspin that’s still in the back of everyone’s mind, I’d say 2nd round.

    @Tony: I don’t think Kemp will depress CarGo’s value. I agree the two are comparable – particularly when it comes to K rate (both 20+ % which means they are susceptible to weak AVG). But CarGo is in Colorado and didn’t have sex with his coach’s daughter so I think he’s a safer bet than Kemp (note: not saying Rihanna is Joe Torre’s daughter)

    @Dad: Definitely not EYJ or Tabata. If EYJ is in your MI spot, I’d keep Furcal on the DL.

    @big o: True.

    @Goose: Rasmus’s calf scares me but i wouldn’t drop any of them for Delmon just yet. he’s not a keeper in my mind.

  25. Eric says:


    Should I drop Yovani Gallardo for Jorge de la Rosa? My playoffs start next week and I can’t afford to have Gallardo stink it up any longer.

  26. @Eric: i’d check their schedules first. if gallardo has easy matchups, i’d rather take my chances with him.

  27. Tony says:

    @Rudy Gamble: true on cargo. Kemp burnt alot of people this year, he’ll probbably be a good late 2nd round value and cargo will probably be a little over valued if people are taking him in the 1st.

    I’m mad i passed on miggy in my RCL to take Prince. Passed up the for sure guy hoping for the 50 HR guy, bad move.

  28. Black Beard says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Gavin Floyd, Kelly Johnson…it’s a ten team league and shallower than most to boot…Michael Young?

    A for instance(s) of a guy who’s out there would Austin Jackson, Drew Stubbs, Barton, N. Walker, Matsui, and Bernadina.


  29. @Black Beard: Given that, I’d ditch both of them. Pena is awful for H2H unless he’s on a streak. I’d take my chances with Bernadina and Walker.

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