I don’t know if there’s a more frustrating pursuit than finding enough pitching in fantasy baseball. Usable middle relievers used to grow on trees. Now the good ones are picked and what’s left probably tastes sour. Nevertheless, we forge ahead trying to find a bandaid for our fantasy staffs where we can. In deeper leagues those won’t be brand name, rather bargain brand bandages. At least we’re far enough into the season that some early injuries have healed.

  • Help could be on the way from the IL for a couple of bullpens. David Robertson and Hunter Strickland sound close to returning. Both have some question marks. Both bullpens could really use a stabilizing closer. Check your wire in case someone discarded one of them.
  • Again with this Boston bullpen. Ryan Brasier should not be allowed anywhere near the ninth inning right now. He blew a three-run lead Tuesday without recording an out. It was spectacular: homer, walk, homer, hook.
  • Maybe Brandon Hyde knew what he had in Mychal Givens all along. I certainly criticized Hyde for his usage of Givens. My faith was not rewarded. Shawn Armstrong got the first bite at a rotting Baltimore apple.
  • Tommy Kahnle seems to have found himself again. He’s up to nine holds with a 1.64 ERA (2.33 xFIP). That Yankees pen is nothing to trifle with.
  • The Cardinals have come to rely on John Brebbia in late innings. He’s had some luck but opportunity is half our battle.
  • It looks like Shawn Kelley is indeed the man in Texas. He’s been reliable for the Rangers. They also seem content to let Jose Leclerc figure things out in innings that aren’t the ninth.

Closers In Waiting

The next men up for saves. One break just needs to go their way.

  1. Ty Buttrey
  2. Craig Stammen
  3. Joe Jimenez
  4. Emilio Pagan
  5. Sean Newcomb
  6. Andrew Miller
  7. Joe Biagini

K It Up

Get a category enhancer from these high K/9 strikeout artists.

  1. Diego Castillo
  2. Nick Anderson
  3. Lou Trivino
  4. Tayron Guerrero
  5. Robert Stephenson
  6. Jake Diekman
  7. Reyes Moronta

Ratio Darlings

These guys may not earn saves, but they can help smooth your ratios.
  1. Ryan Pressly
  2. Adam Ottavino
  3. Zach Britton
  4. Tommy Kahnle
  5. Amir Garret
  6. John Brebbia
  7. Tony Watson

Long Men

Hard up for starters? An effective long man can bridge a gap until you find someone.
  1. Ryne Stanek
  2. Chris Devenski
  3. Robert Gsellman
  4. John Gant
  5. Hunter Wood
  6. Jesse Chavez
  7. Mike Montgomery
  1. LenFuego says:

    Hector Neris is 10 for 10 in save opportunities, and is carrying a 0.89 WHIP and 1.90 ERA while striking out guys at a 12.89 K/9 clip. Not sure how much more of a “stabilizing closer” you can be. Meanwhile, David Robertson blew 4 out of 9 save chances last year.

    So what makes you think Robertson is even in the thought process to replace Neris as closer?

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      I suppose that applies mostly to the Mariners. Neris has quietly been a boss in May. Maybe it’s the Kapler fever. I hope I’m wrong and Grinning Gabe doesn’t upset the turnip cart.

      • LenFuego says:

        Yeah, it applies square on to the Mariners. With the sh*tshow that their closer situation has been, it is hard to imagine Strickland not taking the closer role there within a week or two of coming off the IL.

    • kilkennybrian says:

      I thought the same thing when reading that. Both Bullpens? Neris? Seriously? Gotta be more aware than that.

  2. Chucky says:

    Saves and Holds 6×6. I gotta to be able to do better than Alvarado and his inability to locate home plate? Looking at Amir, Kahnle or Pagan?

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      Is Alvarado your best drop? Kahnle has my interest at the moment, but any work.

  3. toneDEAF! says:

    Apologies if I missed this info but when you post your “ratio darlings”, “long men”, etc lists, are those basically your rankings of each sub group?
    I’m in a custom Pts league and I’m tired of getting blowups from my staff. So I’m trying a strategy of really good relievers who get work. We get points for innings pitched, k’s, holds, and saves but on the other end we get negative points for BB’s, hits, and ER. So my question is how would you rank all these relievers? I own Pressly and Diego Castillo already. My first instinct is go after the ratio darlings. Any input much appreciated!

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      They are loosely ranked in the tiers. I like the ratio darlings best, especially for your setup. Are any of the Yankees on your wire?

      • toneDEAF! says:

        Yessir! Otto Britton And kahnle

        • Roto-Wan

          Roto-Wan says:

          Otto probably gives you the most Ks but all 3 are solid.

          • toneDEAF! says:

            Thanks for your help man

      • toneDEAF! says:

        Yessir! Otto Britton And kahnle are available. I’ve had Ottavino on my watch list for weeks.

  4. baby seal says:

    What are your thoughts on Walden in BOS? Picked him for Stammen, who seems to have lost his ability to miss bats this year.

    Think I’d put Ottavino in the K section, and he walks a good amount of guys, so not sure he belongs in the ratio section for that reason.

    Thanks RW!
    Baby Seal

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