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This isn’t meant to replace Smokey’s two-start pitchers for fantasy that comes every weekend.  This is meant to supplement that, like something A-Rod’s cousin would give you.  This isn’t two start pitchers, this is barely owned guys that could give you one start.  A pick up and a drop.  They’re all owned in less than 50% of ESPN leagues.  Pretty much everything I told you in the beginning of the year about trusting your big guns and not trusting the wayward sons-of-bees goes out the window this time of year.  If you’re battling for pitching points or a playoff spot in H2H, you need to take some chances I wouldn’t necessarily take in April.  Suddenly, James McDonald looks ownable and Ross Ohlendorf doesn’t look like Ross Ohlendorf, but looks like a guy who’s facing a team that he has an under 3 ERA against.  So I’ve assembled one, two or three starters from Friday, the new Humpday, until next Wednesday, the old Humpday, that you could take a chance on depending on how bad your pitching shituation is.  I’m not completely proud of all of these guys, but their mommas are (even Momma Ohlendorf).  Anyway, here’s some borderline starters for this week in fantasy baseball:

Friday, August 20th

Homer Bailey – Looked solid in his last start, but it’s risky because I don’t always believe the 2nd time’s a charm.  Against the Dodgers in LA looks like a start where Bailey can hold his own.  Or at least not totally screw the pooch.  Or pouch, if you’re a kangaroo.

Mike Pelfrey – I don’t fully trust him every time out, but he gets the Pirates.

Anibal Sanchez – He (she?) has a 3.18 ERA in his last three starts and gets the Astros.

Saturday, August 21st

James McDonald – 20 Ks in his last 17 2/3 IP, goes against the Mets.

Jon Niese – He really should be owned in more than 50% of leagues, but he’s not so here he is.

Sunday, August 22nd

Mike Minor – I’ve talked about him enough at this point.  Search the site on the top left.

Daniel Hudson – Ten Ks the last time out, 9 Ks the time before that.  This is vs. the Rockies, so it’s not without its risk, but if you need Ks, I’d go for it.

Monday, August 23rd

Ross Ohlendorf – None of the starts today are very appealing.  I wouldn’t pick up The Dorf unless I were really up against a wall, but as mentioned in the intro he’s been decent vs. the Cards in his career.

Tuesday, August 24th

Clayton RichardHodgepadre.

Travis Wood – Gets the Giants in San Fran, which is a solid enough matchup.  Could be risky because I think there will be some rough waters ahead for Wood… Too bad he’s not Balsa Wood.

Wednesday, August 25th

Homer Bailey – This recommendation could change depending on his Friday start.

Jake Westbrook – Shoot me now for recommending Westbrook.

  1. Mike D. says:

    @Grey: Desperate times…

    Jeanmar Gomez or Brian Duensing, rest of season, 5×5?

    Mike D.

  2. struggler says:

    Been waiting for these posts.

  3. I'm so Prado of you says:

    Drop Wood for Brett Anderson? Or wait for after tonights start…?

  4. Back to Minors says:

    I feel so dirty after reading this.

  5. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    I’m in first place but I’m out of moves and I have Furcal at SS with the trade deadline Sunday. I’m well positioned at SP (Lester, JJ, Hanson, Bucholz, Lilly, CJ Wilson, Volquez) and homeboy is currently requesting Hanson for Castro.

    How high should I be willing to go before I say forget it and just hope for Furcal? I would like to move Wilson but I suspect it may take Lilly if not Hanson.

  6. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    p.s. I’m negotiating with a guy that offered me Carlos Ruiz and Starlin Castro for Crawford and Lester based on their “30 day splits”

  7. royce! says:

    @Deeeeeez Nuts: HaHAHAHAHA. Dude’s got boulders!

  8. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    Yeah, non-keeper. Wow, I’m floored by the recommendation – thanks.

  9. struggler says:

    What’s your take on Hellickson? Do you think he really goes to the bullpen if he dominates in the next start? If he goes to the bullpen, would you hold onto him until after Niemann and Davis’s start?

  10. kwak says:

    This post is great Grey! Keep em comin. Very helpful in H2H.

  11. royce! says:

    @Grey: I think that this trailer came out yesterday (although I found a very similar, if not identical trailer posted in 2007: ). The project has been in the works for years, and for some reason there’s an imdb page for it, listing it as having been released in 2007. I’m no dedicated Wuologist, but I’m pretty sure I would have at least considered watching this if it came out in 2007.

  12. royce! says:

    @royce!: All of which makes me think that I shouldn’t get my hopes up that this documentary is coming out any time soon. I mean, what ever happened to the Wu Tang theme park?

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: I had a similar thought, this thing ain’t ever getting done.

  14. Van Hammersly says:

    Grey, Jonathan Johnson Gomes has got to be a sell at this point right? He’s been a Utility fixture for me all season, but I didn’t realize until today that he’s had 4 RBIs since the ASB! Drop him for Thome or Cain? HRs and SBs needed equally.

  15. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Are you more comfortable throwing out Filty tonight @ Philly or Lincecum on Saturday against STL?

  16. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    *Filthy Sanchez

  17. Steve says:

    @Grey: Slight hiccup for The Padre Method there in the 6th, but normal service hopefully resumed now.

  18. Steve says:

    Oh – and Clemens indicted for perjury.

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: BTW, you get your league filled?

  20. Steve says:

    @Grey: Roger that.

    @Grey: Not as yet. Must be fewer football newbies.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Email turnip @ — he wants in one.

  22. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah – saw that over at football. Will fire him one.

  23. @Grey: Must have been some false statements in his recently-released memoirs. That’s harsh to indict a guy 100 years after his death.

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, he’s an easy win. Don’t tell him I said that though.

  25. danimal35 says:

    Beltran and Capps for Nyjer too much/little?…Nyjer’s owner has zero closers and he seems to have a penchant for old names (Wells, Beltre, Ortiz, and Tejada on his team)

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: I think he stated to Congress his real name was Mark Twain. His progeny is saying he had his fingers crossed. Don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.

  27. Grey

    Grey says:

    @danimal35: Looks fine if you need steals.

  28. Steve says:

    @Grey: Ah, Doc’s already slotted him in to one.

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: That was fast.

  30. second says:

    Is Thome playing everyday? Should I drop David Murphy for him?

  31. BMcP says:

    Great write-up! Can’t honestly say enough about this site, Grey – keep it up!

  32. sucklingduck says:

    @Grey: Cecil, Hudson, Delarosa, Mcdonald or Volquez for the rest of the year? Unfortunately I need to pick 2 outta these schmohawks.

  33. Goose says:

    deadline-day deal just went down in our 6×6 roto keeper, curious who you thinks wins this:

    Pujols/Rivera/ARam for Braun/Beckham/Hanson

    also, for the rest of the year… would you take one of the young NL arms like McDonald, Hudson or Minor over any of the upsy-downsy (downsy!) guys in the AL East like Shields, Burnett and Beckett?

  34. Adam says:

    Dude, awesome post. Any chance of a similar post for streaming hitters (based solely on trends)? Something along the lines of overlooked, yet drastic splits we can pounce on. e.g. – Ryan Doumit is 27-for-79 (.342) in day games… weird stuff like that.
    Thanks again! Au Bon Japan!

  35. bsa says:

    pedroia is a late scratch – sore foot.

  36. Steve says:

    Does anyone know if Car-Go is good to, er, go?

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @second: Eh

    @BMcP: Thanks!

    @sucklingduck: I’d go on matchups unless I had waiver wire pick up limits. Hudson, Cecil…

    @Goose: Hudson over them. I’d play matchups though. Trade’s fair, I’d take Pujols, depends on needs though.

    @Adam: Au Bon Japan to you! Probably not on hitters, too much movement from day to day, I do consider the Buy/Sells along those lines though.

    @bsa: Ouch

    @Steve: Haven’t heard.

  38. paddytwotimes says:

    Drop Gardener for Caca Crisp?

  39. ViagraFalls says:

    Would you start dlR tonight, or do you forsee another shell session?

  40. Steve says:

    Well, f*** you Hamels – and the horse you rode in on.

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I was waiting for that comment.

  42. Steve says:

    @Grey: If I’d have known he was going to do that, I would have started Erv-San too (H2H).

  43. Bob says:

    Derek Lee or Aramis Ramirez?

  44. Quinn says:

    uggggghhhh, all NL guys! There never seems to be any openings or movement in AL pitching to help save my AL-Only team!

  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, I would’ve benched him if I had known.

    @Bob: Lee

    @Quinn: Sorry about that.

  46. Steve says:

    @Grey: Let’s see where we’re at in an hour and five innings’ time (emoticon)

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: That’s what I’m hoping.

  48. danimal35 says:

    @Grey: Thanks…he accepted the trade of Capps and Beltran for Nyjer…and then he dropped Kendrick to make room for them…seems dumb of him

  49. Wilsonian says:

    Damn. I can’t buy a friggin break this week. Floyd, Wuertz, Hamels, Verlander. We count walks, too…

    Here’s to hoping Lilly pulls a rabbit out of his hat tonight.

  50. Steve says:

    @Wilsonian: I see your Verlander and raise you a Chacin, a Kuo, a Capps and a Heilman.

  51. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: wow. I have Capps in that group, too. But Kuo and Chacin does make it worse. This is all on one team and my Pops is seriously guilty of some child abuse this week. I keep telling him I’m not his red-headed step child.

    These guys are really f-ing up good starts from Hudson, JJ and Kershaw.

  52. Steve says:

    @Wilsonian: Have Capps, Thornton (forgot about him!), Kuo and Wuertz on one team. Heilman, Floyd and Wuertz on another.

    Not good.

  53. Steve says:

    @Grey: Don’t bother checking back…

  54. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: damn! At least it wasn’t one team. I’m still hoping Hellickson, Lincecum, Scherzer, Kershaw, and Verlander can salvage my week this weekend.

  55. Steve says:

    @Wilsonian: I’m up 8-2 in my H2H league, but behind in ERA to a guy that started Chen and Figueroa yesterday (Chen!) and is starting Norris, Davies and Sonnastine today.

    That’s H2H for you I suppose.

  56. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: that’s why I hate it and love it at the same time. At least I’m losing to CC, Hughes, Cain, Mo, Street, Axford and Aardsma this week.

  57. Steve says:

    Padilla to the DL. Bulging disc in his neck, or somesuch.

    Won’t wear my pink shirt til he’s healthy again.

  58. danimal35 says:

    Filthy Sanchez!!!! Sonofa…wait I started him! And he hath rewarded my faithfulness.

  59. Steve says:

    @Grey: Which would-be closer would you drop to pick up Old MacDonald for his start on Saturday – Parnell or Heilman?

  60. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: I have to include a closer in a deal…Which one would you lose?


    I’ve got one guy sitting every day so I need to trade one. The deal is Tim Hudson and a closer for Krispie Young.

  61. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Sonavabenched by Dirty Sanchez…[email protected] wow. can’t figure this guy out

  62. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Yeah, well you wouldn’t know it by my closers now but I actually drafted Mariano and Soriano. I got good value for them to say the least, but it kind of left me with the worst closing staff ever. But with a great offense and lethal pitching staff I can live with it.

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: You’re a disciple of SAGNOF, it’s understandable.

  64. Steve says:

    Hah. Take that, Davies.

    @Grey: H2H strategy question. We count Holds. The only relievers I have are Wagner, Heilman, Madson and Parnell (forget for a moment I’m losing him for McDonald.

    Love me some SAGNOF as you know, but am I better to pretty much forget about Saves (taking what I can get from Wags of course) and using the spots currently occupied by Heilman and Parnell to grab some proper MRs (for Holds) or spot starters as circumstances dictate?

  65. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey et al: Should I trade my Haren for his Latos in a 12 team H2H dynasty league? Thanks!

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Well, technically you have two holds guys and two closers. Though Heilman’s obviously wonky. I’d lose Parnell for spot starters and rotate in MRs for Holds.

    @Bill Lumbergh: Yup

  67. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: To a fault, I am. I always shop my closers around, but in a league where I auto-drafted (couldn’t make the draft but I’m in first in that league) I drafted Fuentes. I couldn’t pay people in my league to take that guy!! Like I picked up some dud of waivers thats closing for a couple of weeks and people would want that guy more than Fuentes.

  68. GopherDay says:

    I was about to rant about the Indians putting Chris Perez in the 8th inning, but Yahoo messed up. They put in R Perez, not C Perez in. Hehe

  69. Wilsonian says:

    Lyon with a clean save tonight. I could use a couple saves in the near future, pick him up for Hellickson after I get him in for his start tomorrow?

  70. Steve says:

    @Grey: OK – I think I know what I’m asking now (emoticon).

    Heilman’s crap and hardly gets any saves. Not a great combination.

    Will I get more mileage from that spot by dumping him and grabbing decent MRs (or whoever) instead?

    I’m facing losing Saves each week, obviously, but losing K-Rod made that a likelihood anyway. On the flip side, I’d be in with a much better chance of winning Holds, which I’ve pretty much ignored up until now.

  71. danimal35 says:

    If you could trade for one ‘affordable’ pitcher for the fantasy playoffs who would it be?

    in other words, if you could get one guy relatively cheap for the stretch run…what list of five starting pitchers would you go after

    what is affordable and relatively cheap?…I guess we all have our own version of that but in my head it is a current 2nd to 3rdish tier starter that maybe had some trouble early in the year but has the ability to put up some good games or perform like a #1 over the last few weeks

    in my head guys like Nolasco or Wandy…but I have both of them and they have kinda already turned it around so I was looking for somebody else

    would make an interesting “buy” article supplement as trade deadlines are rapidly approaching…just a thought

  72. Tom Emanski says:

    Just when Brantley was starting to play well, he goes down too. Fantastic.

  73. This should be one of my last trade questions because my trade deadline is in 12 hours. :-)

    Would you trade Derrek Lee and Axford for Konerko? I’m leaning towards no because Konerko may not give me much more than Derrek Lee while saves are quite tight in my league.

  74. GopherDay says:

    @Tom Emanski: What happened?

  75. Black Beard says:

    Ass-Cab or Desmond, rest of the way?

  76. big o says:


    this is the 4th year in a row that i’ve drafted and kept lyon ,
    and believe me , i’ve been waiting for this opportunity for some time now …
    (not that i wished lindstrom any ill will) <=== ok , that's a lie .

    anywho , i would be remiss if i didn't point out that he's made 8 appearances
    in the last 11 days !!

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Sure, go with an MR.

    @danimal35: I’m not sure what you’re asking. Sounds vague to me.

    @Frank Kim: I wouldn’t.

    @Black Beard: Asdrubal

    @big o: Surprising you’ve held him for this long, but it paid off tonight.

  78. Lance says:

    @whoever said they had the worst closers ever try…. Dotel, Qualls, Rauch

    I get the bad save medal.

    Anyway trade deadline move I give Jamie Garcia and Duensing for Cole Hamels and Bard

    16 Team Keeper and I don’t have any more keeper slots unless I buy out a contract
    Thoughts other than pitch limit for Garcia?

  79. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lance: Looks good for you if you’re willing to lose Garcia in a keeper.

  80. Lance says:

    Not ideal but owning Lincecum as a keeper is about to make me swear off pitcher keepers

    I have thought about buying out Hill and keeping Prado…. thoughts?

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lance: Neither are terrific keepers. I’d lean towards Hill, but not as a keeper.

  82. Steve says:

    I drafted Ted Lilly the very first year I played fantasy in 2003. Picked him up off waivers in keeper this year.

    Much more enjoyable this time round…

  83. big o says:


    it doesn’t seem so long ago that we were discussing how lyon was the ‘stros win leader , with 6 .
    but , i suppose you’re right …
    tempus fugit .

  84. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks. Sorry for the convolutions (word of the day?). Dumped Heilman, picked up Crain. Can always get him back again (The Hoff has stayed on the wire since I dropped him) if I’m SAGNOF-ing.

    @big o: Never count a Lyon out…

  85. fitz says:

    It sucks when you expect Kemp to go 0-4 every night and he doesn’t fail to disappointment.

  86. big o says:


    the year he spent in detroit was like purgatory .
    let that be a lesson to us , all .
    though i hardly recommend it .

  87. Steve says:

    @big o: He’s not the only Lyon who’s spent a lilttle time in Detroit.

    I didn’t find it so bad. Was only a couple days and I wasn’t quite hanging on the street, though…

  88. Gambler says:

    Please rank the top 2 of these 3rd baseman: Beckham, C. Johnson, Infante, Aramis Ramirez, and Alvarez..

    Do you think Aramis is finally healthy again?

  89. and1mcgee says:

    where can i go to sort through MLB batting splits to see who has the highest Sept. batting averages and slugging, etc. etc.?

  90. @Gambler: That’s tough. If I had to pick I’d go w/ Aramis and Alvarez.

  91. Bob says:

    In one league, I know you think Raburn’s a buy and Figgins is a sell, but would you really drop Figgins for Raburn in a league where you need everything.

    In another league, long story short, I’ve got Mourneau on the DL. So I’ve been going with Robot at 1B and Cuddyer at 3B. Is it worth trading for Aramis, sacrificing Hanrahan, and possibly costing myself two points with my main competitor for saves in that league, to try to make up a few more in HR’s where the points are bunched. And who gets benched if I make that move. Appreciate your help.

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