B_Don and Donkey are back at it this week profiling two more young ball tossers. But first DT has a few words for B_Don regarding some of his pickup recommendations on the Razzball Podcast earlier this week.

Donkey then digs in on his profile of exciting Cubs prospect Adbert Alzolay, who features two impressive off speed pitches. The guys speculate that a longer-term opening may arise in the Chicago rotation for Alzolay; since recording Cole Hamels has hit the IL, so be sure Alzolay is owned in all leagues.
For his profile B_Don breaks down Marlins youngster Jordan Yamamoto, who has burst onto the scene with three very solid outings. The show is topped off with some rapid fire pickup suggestions: B_Don loves Ian Kinsler and Mike Fiers. Sausage, sausage, get your sausage here!
  1. RoarOf84 says:

    Trade help, please!

    I’m in a 10-team league where each team can keep up to 8 players without penalty. Scoring is h2h categories. See below for my current roster. I starred the players that I currently plan on keeping.

    C – Contreras
    1b – Abreu
    2b – Scooter
    3b – Bregman*
    CI – Bryant*
    MI – Machado*
    OF – Acuna*
    OF – Dahl
    OF – Eloy*
    OF – Marte
    U – Ohtani
    Bench bats – McNeil, Yordan
    IL bats – Mondesi*, Correa*

    P – Sale
    P – Flaherty
    P – Tanaka
    P – Woodruff
    P – Greinke
    P – Kimbrel
    P – Holland
    P – Pressly
    Bench arms – Wheeler, Leclerc, Darvish, Marquez, Gant, Luzardo, Stripling
    IL arms – Treinen

    Trade offer is… his Juan Soto and Lucchesi
    for my Eloy, Yordan, and Scooter


    Since I can only keep 1 of Eloy and Jordan, I figured that I could move them for Soto, who I consider to be an upgrade. McNeil has been great and has some versatility, so figured I could roll with him as my 2b, especially when I have Correa and Mondesi in my lineup.

    • What are the categories? Standard 5×5?

      • RoarOf84 says:

        6×6 – hitting categories are BA, OPS, HRs, Rs, SBs, and RBIs

        • I think it’s likely an overpay for Soto, but given that it’s only 10 teams and limited keepers, I don’t mind overpaying. I’d try and get something else kicked in or somebody better than Lucchesi who seems pretty replacement level in a 10 team league.

          • RoarOf84 says:

            The Soto owner is one of the lesser teams in the league, so he doesn’t have a lot of mid-level talent. Team is pretty much made up of some high end guys and a lot of replacement level players. He has better hitting options than pitching, but, unfortunately, that’s the opposite of what else I’m looking to obtain. His staff is made up of guys like Lucchesi, Happ, E-Rod, and Archer.

            • Maybe you can get a draft pick or something tossed in then to make up the difference in value. Soto has shown it to us over the course of a full season, so, he’s safer, but Yordan may very well be right there with him at the end of the season.

  2. 183414 says:

    Good call. I’m not one to talk though, I added Logan Allen for this 1/2 of his 2 step.

    • Growing pains with young pitchers is part of the process unfortunately. Still like what I’ve seen from Allen’s and Alzolay’s stuff.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Sometimes when you get Alzolay’d you wake up wondering what the hell you were thinking the night before!

  3. Harley Earl says:

    Nice advice on Adbert. LOL That guy sucks. Steer clear!!!

    • We evaluated his 2 games and any film we could find from the minors. Can only tell you what we see.

      I watched last night’s start and he didn’t have any control from the jump and then got punished on get me over pitches. Other than Verlander, every pitcher in the league has gotten tagged hard at some point this year. To be fair, the guys we compared him to in the podcast should have given you some idea that there was some risk.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      I got Alzolay’d last night! Hey, what’s this itchy rash on my junk??

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