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This is the part of this story that is supposed to grab the reader.  I don’t believe in all the handy hullabaloo.  I will be too worried about doing it in a fashion that is in the form of an inverted W and having other people critique it and say I am an injury risk going forward.  That stuff just isn’t for me.  So we are at the quarter post of the season already, fast right?  So this week we have a good gaggle of guys that will bring your fantasy baseball roster some prosperity.  Personally, I am tempering expectations and want to be whelmed not under/overwhelmed.  Because I don’t think I can handle all the burden of being over/under-anything.  Seems like a much ado about nothing to me.  Holy tangent, sorry.   Well, enjoy the week to come and happy rostering.  Catch you all on the flip, and by flip,  I mean next Saturday.  (Please keep in mind that pitchers and matchups change.)



J.A.Happ vs CHC – Wood

Felix Doubront @ Bal – Matusz


Andy Pettitte @ KC – Mendoza


Randall Delgad0 @ Cin – Bailey

Joe Blanton @ STL – Westbrook


Anthony Bass @ NYM vs Gee


Wei-Yin Chen vs KC- Mazzaro

Paul Maholm vs Pit – Correia


Rick Porcello (@Cle vs Jiminez, @Min vs Blackburn) Why is that all the Jersey guys get bums raps?  Oh, I remember now, because all we see is guys on reality show acting a fool and all their professions all seem to be “party hosts.”

Clayton Richard (@STL vs Garcia, @NYM vs Santana) It is Hodgepadre on opposite day.

Patrick Corbin (LAD vs Capuano, Mil vs Wolf) Please keep this spot in the rotation warm.  It will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Signed Skaggs and Bauer.

Tommy Hunter (Bos vs Buchholz, KC vs Paulino) He takes the prize or cake or whatever free stuff they offer with expressions these days for being the guy least owned.  This week’s “Click and Pray” pick o’ the week.

Mike Leake (@Atl vs Minor, Col vs Guthrie) Last start was better, not great but a step in the right direction.  Just don’t stand downwind of him when he pitches. On a positive note, it can’t really get much worse…Can it?

Jerome Williams (@Oak vs Milone, @Sea vs Hernandez) On the road, throwing pitches, from mound-on tops. Yeah, you will now never look at Jerome ever again and not pronounce it Jer-O-Me.  So you’re welcome for that, secret handshake comes later.

Kyle Drabek (TB vs Hellickson, @Tex vs Darvish) You know you have been playing fantasy too long when you call him Doug every time you see him.  Funny, I call E5, Porkchop and he stares at me with disgust.

Kyle Kendrick (Was vs Gonzalez, @STL vs Garcia) I will have a banner at the game.  It will say ‘Go Kyle Kendrick’ and then will add the letter K for every strikeout he gets during the game to the end of his name.  Hoping it’s not 2, because all of sudden 3 K’s isn’t a crowd, it became an affiliation.

Felipe Paulino (NYY vs Kuroda, @Bal vs Hunter) We come for the K’s and hope you don’t take a Mike Leake on our peripherals.  A win would be nice too, but I will take the 12 plus K’s this week and worry about that ERA thingy elsewhere.

R.A. Dickey (@Pit vs McDonald, SD vs Volquez) Rahhhhh, or that’s what I am calling him from now on.  It’s more fun that just saying R and A.  No word back yet from Busta Rhymes’s agent about a cross promotional thing.

Erik Bedard (NYM vs Santana, CHC vs Garza) He is due for a DL stint, I mean he has to eventually.  I will now go to church and count some rosaries for me wishing injury on someone.

  1. Jay29 says:

    If J.A. Happ is pronounced “Jay Happ” you should totally go with “Ray Dickey.” Sounds like an old Kevin Costner or Tom Cruise character from the ’80s.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Jay29, Like a cross between All the right moves and Dances with Wolves, I can dig that. We can call it Dancing with all the right moves.

    • Wallpaper Patterson says:

      @Jay29, I have often thought the same thing.

      On a similar note, I was a fan of former major leaguers Ridge Reynolds and Yule Washington.

      • Smokey

        Smokey says:

        @Wallpaper Patterson, Nothing says nostalgia like a good old U.L Washington reference.

  2. Ozzie says:

    hmmm, was just offerered Ike Davis for B McCarthy in a keeper league. I am pretty weak at 1b. Morales, L Duda, A Craig.


    Also, how would you rank the following, or it is just based on matchups:



    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Ozzie, Where would McCarthy fall in Sp pecking order, my guess is no more then 4-5. It may be better to just play mix and match at first. No sense trading a mashing position(or lack of there one) in this case for a guy who will play 5 times in a month max for you.

      Nicasio gets @ Mia and Hou on Memorial day. Jer-o-me gets Oak and Sea. Matusz Bos and Tor on Mem. day.

      Nicasio, Williams, Matusz

      • Ozzie says:


        Thanks, Mccarthy has not started for me for awhile. I always seem to have some other match up that I like more.

        Would you rather have Davis, Morneau or Moreland ROY.

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Ozzie, I’d probably roll the dice with Morneau, when he is semi-fit he hits.

  3. rounded korners says:

    think reddick and lawrie is too much to give up for trumbo? looking to upgrade at 3B and i have Ells, Morse and Jennings all coming off DL(eventually). thanks, you guys rock

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @rounded korners, Yes too much

  4. Hunter says:

    For a util spot, worth dropping Gaby Sanchez for Bobby Abreu?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Hunter, gaby has been awful, it’s more of a short term solution but depending on league size sure

  5. Ryan says:

    Would u trade AROD for a closer like Axford?
    No one in my league will touch AROD…he is shot…
    Standard league

  6. Ryan says:

    Just traded AROD for starlin Castro?
    Did that make sense?
    Have Seager and freese to replace
    Ss harder to upgrade..had Elliot Johnson there

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