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So we had our first draft.  Rudy and I.  We drafted a pretty badass team if this were 2004.  Maybe they can show this draft on ESPN Classic.  If I can somehow bait my leaguemates into my DeLorean, I could win this league.  Rudy’s a bit of a fantasy baseball cougar, so let’s blame him.  No, Rudy, we can’t draft Brian Giles!  Maybe I’m just sore because I missed out on Shaun Marcum, Ian Desmond and all the Pirate hitters I’m crazy about — black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow!  We did grab Brandon Allen and Yo-lease.  I’d like to mortgage Jhoulys’s future!  You know what I’m saying?!  Yeah, I’m not entirely sure either.  When Rudy put our team through his magic calculator, we came in 3rd place overall.  Frankly — no relation to Cliff — I like our team the best.  We have some holes, but if you don’t have holes in this deep of a league, you’re playing with a bunch of autodrafters from ESPN.  “So, what kind of things do you like to do on the weekend?”  “I am a computer, I do not understand your small, during-draft talk.”  Anyway, here’s my 2011 fantasy baseball team with thoughts on different draft trends I noticed:

12 teams, Roto, 5 x 5 — C, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, Util, BN, BN, BN — P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL

2011 Fantasy Baseball Draft


If you’re looking for that draft strategy, you’re at the wrong site.  I don’t buy that it’s a good idea to have Ryan Braun, Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday on the same team if it means you have Paul Janish, Xavier Nady, Melvin Mora, Wilson Ramos, Ronny Paulino, Jon Jay, Jarrod Parker, Jordan Lyles, Yonder Alonso and Julio Teheran all in your starting lineup.  A lot of them aren’t even starters in the major leagues.  And the ones that are are (stutterer!) W to the onky.  You should spread your risk around.  If the aforementioned team loses one of their top three players, they have as much chance as I have with Megan Fox.  David Silver, really?  Even if they don’t lose one of their guys, I still don’t like their chances.  I usually don’t even like to spend more than $30 on any one player.  In this draft, we exceeded that only once and you see that even if we lose Kemp, we have depth all over the place.  Which brings us to the next point.


Yes, Eli Whiteside might be the most unsexy name ever — even more unsexy than Alan Greenspan — but if Posey plays first, someone has to catch.  In a league this deep, it’s just about getting stats at every position.  If a player goes down, we have replacements.  If you don’t have replacements in this deep of a league, you end up with Gregg Zaun at UTIL and hoping Geoff Blum gets 2nd base eligibility.


Yes, but they’re all over the place, A.J. Mass.  I don’t recommend you punt anything, but in the twenty-elevens speed is cheap and power’s hard to come by.  We’re good in Runs, RBIs and HRs.  Some teams don’t have any closers.  We have three.  If we can trade a closer for some speed, our team loses nothing because we have too many saves as it is and we gain everything because we need steals.  This has been said ad nauseam on this site, but here’s it one more time.  (If you’re reading this on a roller coaster, you may barf.)  You can always trade closers.  There’s only so many of them in the league at any given time and people need at least one.  On the other hand, speedsters are like new cars.  They’re pricey and lose their value the minute you drive them off the lot, i.e., draft them.

  1. Francis says:

    $20 for Carlos Lee? Hot damn!

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Francis: When there’s only a few starting outfielders left, it’s either that or start a guy that is only playing 3 times a week.

  3. Steelers Can't Lose says:

    Wow, you got Chacin for about as much as he went for in my 8-team mixed league auction.

  4. Eddy says:


    What site is this league affiliated with?

  5. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    More great news for Cardinal fans. Chris Carpenter just walked off the mound with an injury.

  6. @Smokey: Just a strained hamstring on Carpenter. I wouldn’t own him anyway but that’s much better than an arm injury.

  7. jeffjam says:

    Grey, would you apply same “don´t pay over 30$ a player” strategy on standard format 12 team H2H auction league? I mean, your snake strategy is pretty much getting the cream of the crop 1st baseman out of the first two round but in auction you would end up with Morneau at very best with this 30$ strategy. Is it the case?

  8. CT Old School says:

    Brian McCann, huh? I suppose at $25…

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Yea the way he was walking of the mound made it look like he was carrying something high in the upper body. Funny guy who came in after him preceeded to get hurt as well. Do they employee a strength coach?

  10. JustMatt says:

    @Grey: Just saw a projected lineup for Houston. Since you’re so invested here – if you were a betting man – would you put your money on Pence picking up more of his RBI this season driving in the pitcher from the 9th hole or Clint “yes, I still play professional baseball” Barmes?

  11. Cain Fan says:

    Hey guys, any worry that you are low on Ks and high on WHIP? Do you think your closers and Hudson balance Chacin and Volquez? How much were the likes of my namesake, Hanson, Garza going for?

  12. Sugar Tits says:

    Like the team Grey. I want Kemp and Aramis bad this year, didn’t get Kemp in this one. Crazy how late Chacin is going. Took your advice pairing Braun with Zimmerman in rounds 1/2. And I’ve got some Pirates hitters I could spare you. 12 team 5×5, let me know what you guys think.

    1. (5) Ryan Braun (Mil – OF)
    2. (20) Ryan Zimmerman (Was – 3B)
    3. (29) José Reyes (NYM – SS)
    4. (44) Andrew McCutchen (Pit – OF)
    5. (53) Adam Dunn (CWS – 1B)
    6. (68) Álex Ríos (CWS – OF)
    7. (77) Yovani Gallardo (Mil – SP)
    8. (92) Aramis Ramírez (ChC – 3B)
    9. (101) Chad Billingsley (LAD – SP)
    10. (116) Jonathan Broxton (LAD – RP)
    11. (125) Brett Anderson (Oak – SP)
    12. (140) Neil Walker (Pit – 2B,3B)
    13. (149) Huston Street (Col – RP)
    14. (164) Carlos Zambrano (ChC – SP,RP)
    15. (173) Jose Tabata (Pit – OF)
    16. (188) Miguel Montero (Ari – C)
    17. (197) Craig Kimbrel (Atl – RP)
    18. (212) Brandon Lyon (Hou – RP)
    19. (221) Daniel Hudson (Ari – SP)
    20. (236) Jhoulys Chacin (Col – SP,RP)
    21. (245) Alfonso Soriano (ChC – OF)
    22. (260) Sean Rodriguez (TB – 2B,OF)
    23. (269) Gavin Floyd (CWS – SP)

  13. wilsoniam says:

    grey, we keep 6 going into draft. right now i have 5 stud position players (1b/2b/3b/of/1b-which i play @ util)…(i dont want to post b/c my leaguemates are on here too)

    as a 6th keeper going into this year, would you rather have lind (who is 1b/of elig), bruce, jer weaver, or marcum. thanks.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jeffjam: I don’t like to go over $30 unless necessary.

    @JustMatt: Are we that invested?

    @Cain Fan: I don’t remember what others went for, we did this draft two weeks ago. I’m not worried about our pitching staff.

    @Sugar Tits: I like your team. Only major issue will be WHIP. Not sure you have one guy that is a lock for under 1.28, except Anderson and he’s an injury risk.

    @wilsoniam: Bruce

  15. Mike says:

    are you purposefully avoiding Ike Davis? For a rookie, didn’t he show at least as much as Logan Morrison/Gaby Sanchez? Why no love for Ike?

  16. NewBVick says:

    Enjoy the mostly under $30 dollar stratgey. Very hard to find value for those +$30 players.

  17. Cole says:

    @Grey: How much did Eric Young Jr. go for? I thought he might have been a cheap speed choice.

  18. marti says:

    In an N/L only keeper auction league where we also draft one american league pitcher and hitter snake style. Who would you keep of the following

    Votto 21, Kemp 26, mc cutchen 11, stubbs 11, rasmus 16 axford 6, freeman 6, lincecum 21

    Can only keep 6 of the 8

  19. BookieBob says:

    Love me some mono-league action! Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

    Robot Jones $11? Isn’t he in a blahtoon with Matt Diaz?

    Is he a keeper in a NL-only, 5×5, 11 team w/12 keepers at $10?

    I was gonna drop him, but now I dunno…….

  20. Sugar Tits says:

    @Grey: Thanks for the input, agreed that my WHIP looks shady. Think I might have taken Montero too early also (round 16) but I always get nervous leaving my C spot open that late. Need to stick to the strategy.

    One other thing: Do you think it’s worth trying to handcuff Venters and Kimbrel?

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Not purposely avoiding him.

    @NewBVick: Yup

    @Cole: Don’t remember.

    @marti: Don’t keep Rasmus or Freeman.

    @BookieBob: He is in a blahtoon, but we have Dickerson to put in if need be, hoping to max out starts. He’s not a keeper in most circumstances.

    @Sugar Tits: Yup

  22. wilsoniam says:

    thanks grey – its a h2h league…so you still say bruce? i just wanted to make sure b/c your strat in this mornings article suggested you would take SP SP SP..but i guess thats later (and ok to go in w/ 6 position players?)

    thanks, and sorry for being so slowwwwww, i just want to make sure i get it right.

  23. Amigo Miguel says:

    Hey there, thanks for this and for the H2H strategy post. I was wondering how H2H strategy (general or drafting) changes when the league is weekly instead of daily. Is it pointless to have a weekly H2H? Gracias!

  24. jeffjam says:

    So, basically, you´re giving up on top players in order to have balanced players on all positions? Which is interesting because positions like SS, 2B and 3B are really shallow so you´re better off with some upside picks that you can get for 5 bucks at most than balancing out by paying for some reliable but boring players.

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wilsoniam: Bruce

    @Amigo Miguel: It’s not pointless, just not as much fun.

    @jeffjam: I never said that. Not sure what leagues upside picks are going for $5 or less, not this league though. Eric Young Jr. went for $10, Pedro Alvarez went for $29.

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cole: BTW, I just looked it up, $10 for Young.

  27. jeffjam says:


    Well, I am referring to standard AL/NL H2H 12 team league. In my draft Alvarez went for 14$ and Eric Young wasn´t even drafted. It just seems to me that by passing out on the top players you´re digging yourself a hole you might not climb back by balancing out positions. Not saying going crazy and buy Pujols, H.Ramirez and Tulo, though.

  28. @CT Old School: McCann was my call. I have him at $31 for NL 2 catcher. (Posey at $36). I wouldn’t have gone an extra $ above $25 though for McCann. I think Posey went for $29?

  29. Chunk says:

    @wilsoniam: Haha I definitely had some tweaked rankings in my dream, too. I remember drafting Adam Dunn twice in the first 5 rounds. How ridiculous does a dream have to be before I realize it’s not really happening??

    It’s funny, I never liked or followed baseball my whole life, then started playing fantasy 2 seasons ago. Now I have draft day nightmares and loathe Sundays because it means I’m not getting a Razzball article.

  30. Steve says:

    @Smokey: @Rudy Gamble: In other shocking, jeez-I-never-saw-that-coming injury news, Grady Sizemore unlikely to be ready for Opening Day.

  31. Hi guys,
    Would appreciate your draft advice.
    I’m in a 14 team roto league, pretty standard except for OPS and only 4 OF’s.
    I have the 2nd pick and got Hanley in the 1st round and surprisingly Utley in the 2nd.
    Now it’s my turn and I’m considering Pedroia just because he seems like a good value. Should I grab him? Other options are J Upton, Heyward, McCutchen, Kinsler, Phillips, Jose Reyes, Morneau.

  32. @Grey: 2nd pick in OPS league, 10 teams, going with Hanley and hopefully Fielder (#18 per Yahoo) at pick 19. What do you think about Youk (an OPS king) over Zimm & A-Rod at pick 22? Also, where would you consider Holliday (#27 per Yahoo) in this scenario if some of these guys are gone?

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jeffjam: Everyone has a price. I prefer upside picks at SS, MI or CI, not always possible.

    @Steve: Wow, surprising.

    @Frank Kim: Don’t take another 2nd baseman.

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jonesy: I wouldn’t draft Youk over those other two. My top rankings don’t change with OPS.

  35. @Grey: Thanks Grey, you’re awesome.

  36. FANTHEAD says:

    Followed your last trade advice, thanks.

    Coming back to the well that nourishes many….

    In keeper league (I am rebuilding), I have E. Encarnacion or D. Lee at first (I know, I know…). But have D. Wright and P. Sandoval at third.

    Was planning to trade Wright for goodies and keep Sandoval for his rebound.

    But just got offer of: J. Smoak (which solidly addresses 1b weakness) and J.J. Hardy (giving me depth at SS where I have A. Ramirez) for Sandoval.

    Or might offer him Wright for Smoak and Wieters.

    What would Grey do?


  37. Wilsonian says:

    @Chunk: I’ve always followed baseball, since about 1983 when I was a year old. HA! But fantasy baseball has made things so much worse. When I woke up from that dream I was freaking out.

    Oh, and your response was meant for me, not “wilsoniam” – he’s my long lost brother (not really).

  38. Steve says:

    @Grey: Never done a single-league, er, league – but I might have to give one a try.

    Kinda cool to be relying on players that up until now you would have regarded as candidates for a Razzball league. Looking at YOU Schumaker!

  39. Van Hammersly says:

    Hey Grey, if you leave the first 3-5 rounds with a 1B-3B-OF combo that you are comfortable with, how far would Morneau have to fall for you to draft him for your Corner slot? For example, say you draft Longoria-Kemp-Howard-Phillips… if Morneau was still available in round 5 or 6 would you grab him or go after something else instead?

  40. Rob says:

    This got buried end of last thread before new one appeared. Reposting..

    I recently drafted the following in an auction. Roto league has the following wrinkles.
    * 6 offense categories (add OBP)
    * 1600 IP limit.

    My draft strategy was to load up on high OBP – AVG at each position (figuring the Yahoo default rankings undervalue this type of hitter with my league settings and hoping the draft would generally follow the Yahoo rankings which it did). In cases where none was to be found, favor steals. Also my strategy was to draft a number of pitchers that don’t suck but not to spend an undue amount at any one position.

    I drafted the following:

    C – $26: Joe Mauer /* This will be the only league in my life where I will ever own Mauer – drafted only because of settings. Even so in retrospect I wish I had drafted Soto instead. Will probably be what I offer in trade 1/3 way through season. /*
    1B – $45: Miguel Cabrera
    2B – $22: Dan Uggla
    SS – $11: Elvis Andrus
    3B – $5: Ian Stewart
    3B – $1: Scott Rolen /* I plan some type of timeshare/platoon here since there is only 1 3B slot */
    OF – $34: Matt Holliday
    OF – $20: Jason Werth
    OF – $9: Brett Gardner
    OF – $2: Andres Torres
    OF – $4: Logan Morrison
    OF – $1: Josh Willingham /* Envision mixing final two slots between these three */
    CI: – $8: Aubrey Huff
    MI: – $6: Chone Figgins /* Wanted steals */
    Ut – $1: Jim Thome
    Ut – $1: J.D. Drew /* One util slot. Plan to platoon as both have strong splits */
    Bn – $3: Yunel Escobar /* Arrrgh..what was I thinking..*/
    Bn – $3: Freddie Freeman /* Honest for some reason I accidentally clicked bid was getting late and I was getting tired */

    I see me dropping Escobar and/or Freeman at some point and regret these were not $1 picks. I do plan to hold onto them a while. Freeman might have some trade value if he gets off to a hot start. So might Escobar since SS is so rare. However I do anticipate picking up more pitching.

    I also think I overdid the OBP thing. I now have 8 of the top 25 taken players in OBP. Oh well..there is such a thing as trades to even this out.

    SP – $15: Yovanni Gallardo
    SP – $9: Brett Anderson
    SP – $5: Tim Hudson
    SP – $4: Colby Lewis
    SP – $3: Hiroki Kuroda
    SP – $3: Brett Myers
    SP – $2: Jhoulys Chacin
    SP – $1: Johnny Cueto
    RP – $7: Matt Thornton
    RP – $4: Francisco Cordero
    RP – $3: Fernando Rodney /* I always end up with 1 sucky closer */

    My finger slip on Freddie Freeman cost me Frank Francisco who for some reason was sliding in the draft during the $1-$3 phase and who I was reserving up to $4 for. Ugggh.

  41. Tony says:

    @wilsoniam: you’re all over this site man and you didn’t know BRUCE was the keep outta that group! haha

    @anyone: its pretty funny carp pulled up hurt today, i just did a mock with a guy on saturday, who for some reason was being all cocky and talking shizz about how good his “mock” was? ya i dont get it… but anyways he takes CARP and says “ya guess who’s gonna fill in for wainwright”.

    I didn’t know when an ace goes down the next guy in line becomes an ACE? And today CARP gets hurt…. I really hope that guy owned him in a keeper.

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @FANTHEAD: These trades are all terrible.

    @Steve: Yeah, they’re pretty deep. Single leagues, that is.

    @Van Hammersly: Maybe the 7th round, but have no idea how many teams are in this hypothetical league.

    @Rob: Is how many teams are in this league in there?

    @Tony: Carp getting hurt is as surprising as Sizemore.

  43. birrrdy! says:

    I agree that this team, as drafted, gets you about third, Grey. You’re going to need to pull your waiver wire magic in order to dig out of your deep middle infield hole, your apparent overpays at the C position, and really hope for your high-risk/upside starters to come through (e.g. Vazquez, Chacin, Volquez, Hudson).

    In a 12-team NL only, you ROCKED though at corner infield and your outfield. Helton’s a great sleeper for $2, and if your worst outfielders are the likes of Seth Smith and Garrett Jones, you are one injury/starting gig away from absolutely dominating. Love the high upside closer picks of Broxton and Storen. You’ll need them to manage your heart attacks from Lidge.

    Good luck! Any way for us to see the rest of the rosters?

  44. birrrdy! says:

    “@marti: Don’t keep Rasmus or Freeman.”

    gotta beg to differ with Grey here, marti. You said it was a keeper league. You would have no business keeping Axford over Rasmus in such a format. closers shouldn’t even be in your consideration since they come and go. Rasmus will be a no-brainer keeper for many years to come and Axford may find himself washing cars by next year.

    I might also consider keeping Freeman over Stubbs, but that depends on how secure he is looking going into the season. I would trust Grey on that one.

  45. Happy says:

    H2H keeper league. I’m trying to decide on my 7 keepers. $250 cap, 21 man roster, 11 categories (R HR RBI K SB AVG and K W SV ERA WHIP). I’m leaning toward Pujols, Braun, Rasmus, Butler, Bucholz, Oswalt and Lester, but as you see I have some cheap young guys that might be worth keeping. Also, Braun over Wright as he kills me with his K’s (as did Reynolds). Any help is appreciated!

    Jesus Montero, NYY C $3
    Albert Pujols, StL 1B $50
    David Wright, NYM 3B $37
    Colby Rasmus, StL OF $3
    Drew Stubbs, Cin OF $3
    Ryan Braun, Mil OF $41
    Billy Butler, KC 1B, DH $6
    Matt Wieters, Bal C $17
    Mark Reynolds, Bal 3B $7
    Gordon Beckham, CWS 2B $7
    Hunter Pence, Hou OF $17
    Mike Moustakas, KC 3B $3
    Travis Snider, Tor OF $3
    Brandon Belt, SF 1B $3

    Clay Buchholz, Bos SP $9
    Jon Lester, Bos SP $19
    Roy Oswalt, Phi SP $8

  46. Tom Thumb says:

    @Grey: What do you think of this team in a 12-team H2H with holds and XBH plus OBP instead of average?

    C- Matt Wieters
    1B- Prince Fielder
    2B- Aaron Hill
    SS- Alcides Escobar
    3B- Evan Longoria
    IF- Mark Reynolds
    RF- Andre Ethier
    CF- Matt Kemp
    LF- Jason Bay
    OF- Colby Rasmus
    U- Adam Lind

    BN- Bourjos
    BN- Espinosa
    BN- Tabata
    BN- Ka’aihue
    BN- Dan Johnson

    P- Kuo
    P- Gregerson
    P- Minor
    SP- Haren
    SP- Zimmerman
    SP- Nolasco
    RP- Soria
    RP- Feliz
    RP- Kimbrel

    BN- Shields
    BN- Adams
    BN- McGee
    BN- Walden

  47. Tom Thumb says:

    @Tom Thumb: The exact Settings are HR, R, RBI, XBH, OBP, Steals and ERA, WHIP, QS, K/BB, SvHd, Ks. Appreciate input from anyone else too. Thanks guys!

  48. Rob says:

    Grey: 12

  49. Jo says:

    The more likely scenario on the giants is that Brandon Belt plays 1B, Posey stays at C, and whiteside catches for Sanchez (cuz he caught his no-no and he’s gotta give posey a day of rest occationally)….. that’s my 2 cents on this team.

  50. majortommy says:

    Quality squad Grey/Rudy. Couple things, noticed you seem to be high on Aramis this year, guess it being an NL only league he becomes the third best 3 bagger. You grab him before Pedro Alvarez was proposed or after. Also I see you have Venters but no Kimbrel. Any reason besides the fact he is a K machine?

  51. majortommy says:

    also, any word on if Razz leagues have formed yet? haven’t gotten an email or anything yet

  52. little bunny foofoo says:

    Hey Grey,

    First off thanks for taking the time to respond to questions in comments like this. It’s a unique feature of the site and quite useful
    Important to let you know how much you help!

    5×5 12man h2h keeper league.
    Current keeps:
    Cruz (rd 3)
    Zimmerman (7)
    Lilly (13)
    Weeks (15)
    T-Hudson (17)
    Hanson (20)

    Was offered Vmart (6) and Marcum (10) for Cruz (3). Accepting means I no longer keep Lilly (13)

    I’m conflicted.
    1) I believe that Cruz’s change in running style means he plays a career high in games.
    2) Vmart 6 is clearly sexy
    3) Of the top 15 OF, only Braun, Kemp, McCutchen and Justin Upton are FA. My point here basically is that the top end OF options are largely kept

    Would ya take it?

  53. Dominic says:

    Wheres the love for Chris Johnson this year? His post all-star stats last year are pretty solid 33/11/44/.316/.348/.510/.857. Not bad for a rookie and now hes in his 2nd year with a solid starting spot…

  54. Rob says:

    With saves and holds being combined in one category I would be very careful in my draft. If my draft were still weighted towards saves I would be tempted to grab holds later in the draft. The balance of this is that the best closers will have more saves than the best middle relievers will have holds, but that would be my temptation.

    Another tip, for customized categories I do the following
    (1) Find a site that offers customized rankings based on settings. Baseball monster is one. Rotowire is another (must pay $14 or so).
    (2) Do not use their rankings..instead
    (3) Get the rankings of the normal 5×5 case and get the rankings of the new settings. Observe who has gone up.
    (4) Apply these deltas to the rankings you normally use. In my case I just color coded my spreadsheet with these names green.
    (5) If your draft generally follows the normal 5×5 rankings then the folks whose value has gone up willl be definition be bargains.

    I did that in my draft above. it might be possible to overapply this..but that is what I did anyway.

  55. Tom Thumb says:


    Yeah I tried to target bounce-back guys and some average liability guys with higher OBP and XBH (like Reynolds). Agreed on the save vs. hold thing which is why I drafted a closer (Soria) with a solid K/BB and drafted Feliz knowing he would be valuable either as a SP or RP. Thanks for the input

  56. Wilsonian says:

    Here are my 5 keepers: Fielder, Longoria, Wright, Kemp, Cargo.

    Would you deal Wright or Cargo for Hanley, straight up?

  57. Tom Thumb says:

    Cargo for Hanley in a second. Hurry

  58. Dominic says:

    @Tom Thumb: I concur

  59. mr baseball says:

    Hey Man looking for a good man to DRAFT FOR ME – can’t make it to the draft

    yahoo draft
    Draft Type: Live Auction Draft
    Draft Time: Sat Mar 12 8:00pm EST
    Max Teams: 14

    email me at [email protected]

    after all you hard work at the draft I will take over and manage the team

    any takers

  60. Wilsonian says:

    @Tom Thumb: @Dominic: thanks guys. Not sure if he’ll accept it. Dude just said his whole team was available. So I was going to inquire about Hanley. Those were two guys I’d feel comfortable parting with.

  61. GTS says:

    Would you trade Kinsler $22, Werth $15, and Lincecum $13 for Miguel Cabrera $41 and Liriano $8?

    10 team H2H 6×5 (+OBP) auction league $260 cap w/ 7 keepers

    My other keepers are Fielder $28, Longoria $13, Holliday $19, J-Up $17, Latos $8.

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @birrrdy!: Thanks! I don’t think CBS allows you to look at the other teams, not sure.

    @Happy: Reynolds for $7 is so cheap though, I don’t know. I know he hurts with Ks, but that’s a bargain. Otherwise, I’d keep the ones you have.

    @Tom Thumb: I think your hitting is great, but you’d need to trade one or more of them because your pitching is a mess.

    @Rob: I like the front of your team, the back side isn’t great. You’ll need to get some nice grabs off of waivers.

    @Jo: Yeah, could be.

    @majortommy: Venters should get 5-10 saves through the course of the year, in an NL-Only where 50 saves keeps you competitive that’s a lot. I like Alvarez and Aramis. Alvarez went for $29, too steep for me.

    @majortommy: People are still signing up. You’ll know when they form.

    @little bunny foofoo: Thanks for the kind words! I’d take Cruz.

    @Dominic: On the top 20 3rd baseman is the love.

    @Wilsonian: CarGo

    @GTS: Nope

  63. GTS says:

    Thanks — my keepers are Fielder $28, Longoria $13, Holliday $19, J-Up $17, Werth $15, Lincecum $13, and Latos $8. I really wanted Miguel and he’s available at $41 so I’m not sure what I could give up since he’ll be costing me much more. I have Kinsler $22 and Phillips $24 that I’m not keeping and could offer one of them and maybe an OF for M-Cab and keep him over an OF. Last year I was way behind in HR and RBI so I really wanted to be solid this year.

  64. birrrdy! says:

    Oops, and I mistakenly thought you had the other Hudson at P, Grey. You got Tim Hudson. That surprised me given the woody you have for Daniel. Probably a safer pick and stabilizes your pitching roster more than I may have given it credit. Not the same upside as the other Hudson, but the price was right, so who’s complaining?!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention how much awesome-sauce you and your site have. Don’t ever quit. I also promise to write you into my screenplay. You will have a buddy scene with Jim Rome and Bill Simmons. Don’t worry, you’ll get to have your way with Simmons.

  65. Rob says:

    I notice that you have Freeman for $12 dollars as your starting 1B for $12 yet he does not appear in your top 300. This does not compute.

    A part of this is wondering whether Freeman is in fact a nice sleeper pick I should hold.

  66. tom thumb says:

    @Grey: yeah I had a feeling you’d say that. But hardened and nolasco should be great for Q’s and k/Bobby and I was planning on using waiver wire SP- for qs. And my solid rp for ratios

  67. majortommy says:

    @Grey: WOW! That much more for Pedro. Isn’t it kinda weird how Aramis started his career with the Pirates and projects out to be the same type of player at the same position? It’s like they live parallel lives. Kinda like me and Leo DiCaprio(with the exception of the cash and super models, although I often act like his character from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. But only on the weekends.)

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @birrrdy!: Thanks! Look forward to seeing myself on the big screen, maybe you can get Matthew McConaughey to grow a mustache.

    @Rob: It’s an NL-Only league. Freeman’s a deep league option that I’m not entirely proud of, but at least he’s starting.

    @tom thumb: Gotcha

    @majortommy: The similarities are endless.

  69. Pauly says:

    @Grey: Any chance you can post a link to the league-wide auction prices? Looks like a good way to gauge prices. Thanks!

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Pauly: I would if CBS allowed, I don’t think they do.

  71. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey: Nomination for the Razzball Glossary:

    “Pandorable” = a pitcher worthy of streaming for free, but not if it costs you anything.

    For example, Fausto Carmona is “pandorable” for his upcoming road starts against the light-hitting Mariners and Athletics.

    Just like its online radio station namesake, 1 out of every 5 songs/starts might suck, but hey – the price is right!

  72. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Trying to fill the void in my 10 team 7 keeper I just traded Werth & Marmol for Hamels. My 7 keepers are now Fielder, Longoria, Kemp, J-Upton, Jeter, Kershaw, & Hamels.

    Do I like good to go or should I try to upgrade Jeter?

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: I like the area you’re in, but pandorable sounds too much like Panda Sandoval.

    @timSTi: Looks fine, but have no idea how you’re upgrading.

  74. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey: Good point. Perhaps it is better served as a term of endearment aimed at fat players (and people) that resemble panda bears!

    *Mom turns to son and says, “Oh Billy, look at (insert random portly player’s name here), he is husky just like you. You are both just so pandorable.”*

  75. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Yeah i dont know either haha.

    First pick, actually 8th round, about the 84th pick, ok to grab Aaron Hill there and then Jay Bruce with my extra 1st round pick, actually the 88th pick?

  76. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @timSTi: I’d take Bruce over Aaron Hill. Lots of late round 2B talent this year.

  77. Tom Thumb says:

    @tom thumb: Wow, auto-correct sure does suck

  78. timSTi says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: Did you see my keepers posted @here? Out the gate 2B appears to be my biggest hole. If Hill is there why not take him and be happy with 25HR’s from my 2B? I could use on of those late round guys in my MI spot. Figure I’m keeping Kemp and J-Up so wasn’t sure if I should go straight after Bruce.

  79. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @timSTi: IMHO Hill just seems like a reach at #84 (8th round). Current ADP at Mock Draft Central is 165, with earliest pick at #92. He is currently the 14th 2B off the board, but I expect him to trend earlier as spring progresses. Ultimately anything earlier than 9th round seems like a reach especially in a 10 team league.

  80. @Grey:

    Thats a lotta bench spots, is that typical for an NL-only league so teams can cover their bases?

  81. charlie batch says:

    Ive read you recommend at least 3 closers, but what do you usually aim for? How many is too many?

  82. Chris says:

    wow, love this! Trying to prep right now for my first monoleague, a 12-team NL, so this is very helpful. Working on my expansion draft list now & these are my leading candidates (no assurance I get all of them, but this is my attempt at finding a few value picks so far). This league goes 4×4 w/HR, SB, OBP, RBI+R-HR (runs produced), W, SV, WHIP, ERA. I have the #1 pick in the expansion, and then 4&5, etc. No existing team can lose more than 3 unprotected players in the expansion, so not all of these will still be on the table when my pick comes around. I’m supposed to submit 50 (!) potential players for that reason.

    LoMo $5
    Aroldis $5
    Seth Smith $1
    Maybin $5
    Domonic Brown $5
    Ian Kennedy $1
    Ryan Hannigan $1
    Skip Schumaker $1
    Krispie $19
    Furcal $15
    Mike Adams $2

    I also could go for a few of the at-this-point unprotected stars, like Victorino @ $30, Wright @ $39, Holliday @ $40, Utley @ $33. Since there are so many teams and I’m one of two expansion owners, I’m guessing auction prices could exceed all but maybe Utley’s # there.

    Any thoughts on prioritizing these in a different order?

  83. birrrdy! says:

    @Grey: you will be playing yourself on the big screen, Grey. Get ready for a major cameo! (and don’t shave that ‘stache) Don’t worry, Simmons and Rome can’t act either.

    @Chris: sounds like you are in a keeper league. 12 teams, NL only, that’s going to be very competitive. Don’t waste your time trying to find values out of the box in an expansion draft. This is your one chance to try and grab some elite players that will be the foundation of your franchise building for years to come. That said, you need to aim for serious upside and elites. Your “value” list to chose from is kinda sad, but I would put them in this order: Brown, LoMo, Aroldis, Maybin. Seth Smith ahead of Maybin if he’s gonna start.

    But IMHO you REEAALLY need to add some of the elite protected stars first. If they are part of the same pool as your “values” list, then I would go in this order: Wright, Holliday, Brown, Utley (since injured-moves up if healthy), LoMo, Victorino (due to high price), Aroldis, Maybin, Smith.

    Once the season starts, you’ll be mighty grateful if you have some elite players to work with. You can always trade one David Wright for the entire list of players on your current Value List. Trust me. I’m in a 10-team NL only keeper auction, and Ryan Braun is usually traded for 4 quality players in return each year to a team looking to make a championship run. Once people are out of it, they are usually looking to solidify their next year keepers with elites and will move lots of upper middle-tier guys and a low-top tier guy or two to get a player in the top-10.

    Good luck! I took my first stab at NL-only keeper 4 years ago (in an extremely competitive and long-standing dynasty league w/8 keepers each), and Grey helped guide me to the title in year 3 (the first year I started using his site), and always to the top half.

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