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ADD is Attention Deficit Drops and you have no idea how this sentence will end because you’re already reading the comments.  You drafted Jay Bruce and traded him for Shaun Marcum.  You’re glad Ryan Raburn has 2nd base eligibility so you can trade away Kinsler.  If Greinke doesn’t return within a week, you’re dropping him for Freddy Garcia.  You’re trigger finger is itching and only Willie Bloomquist can scratch it.  You’re also potentially losing your league in April.

Don’t drop guys that just happen to have a bad one or two weeks to start the season.  In general, anyone that you drafted in the first ten rounds, should be untouchable in April.  You need to let your Clydesdales carry your beer.  Maybe you bench one that is severely struggling, but don’t fall victim to Attention Deficit Drops.  Sure, “Current Hot Outfielder” is current and hot, but you don’t just drop a number two outfielder for him.

I realize this isn’t as easy as it sounds.  The trouble lies in the fact that a lot of guys burst on the scene in April, never cool off and can carry your fantasy baseball team to a championship.  So you don’t want to sit on your hands (especially if you have gas).  If you took a flier for your MI spot, lose him for the “Current Hot 2nd Baseman.”  A 5th outfielder is probably droppable.  Utility guy?  Droppable.  Guys at the end of your staff?  Fine.  Those kinds of moves shouldn’t hurt you as long as you know you might have to keep playing the hot hand all season unless you fall into this year’s Jose Bautista.  In general, if you think someone will just sit there on waivers if you drop them, then lose them for the player who is on fire.  You can always go back when the hot player cools off.  There’s a fine line between reacting and panicking.  Walk the line, Johnny.

  1. byrone says:


  2. Matt K says:

    I admit it. I dropped Vazquez. I shouldn’t have drafted him in ~15 round in the first place….

  3. NewBVick says:

    Yes, forget ADD and ADT (attention deficit trade) me your stars. I’m looking at you Longoria.

    >_> —– <3 Longoria <3

  4. sean says:

    Of course you need to watch for your league’s panicky owners and offer trades that would have seemed foolish on draft day but just might entice the owner who has ADD!

  5. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Matt K: Me too. Good riddance to that guy.

  6. Karl says:

    Hi. My name is Karl and I have ADD (“Hi Karl”). I just dropped Fernando Rodney and now I can’t shake the felling that the move was premature. I know, any day now, he will rediscover the strike zone and begin to dominate the ninth inning. And there I will be sitting on Jordan Walden in a league where holds don’t count. Or maybe Rodney is a turd and whoever picks him up off waivers deserves what he gets.

    I love fantasy baseball.

  7. bogbert says:

    Pick one: Britton, Wood, Beachy, Stauffer

    Pick two, general need for RBI/AVG: Carlos Pena, Adam Jones, Cuddyer, Morrison, Byrd, Belt, Smoak

    Thanks… XO (guy reader) (just kidding about the XO.. not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  8. Long Bawls says:

    The ADD posting (or a variation of it) should be Razzball’s masthead (wait, isn’t the masthead what they hung Jeff Karstens from last year?)

    I’m considering the dreaded trade to get a closer. Do you think Hanrahan or Bailey is worth Pagan or Lewis?

  9. Ben the M says:

    20 team 5×5 league

    Which SS do I start on most nights?

    M. Izturis

  10. I always have one guy on my teams that I’m willing dump like a case of Joba the Hut rookie cards. I figure that every April there are a few suprises that can help you all year long. You have to take a calculated risk now and again…this year I have Belt (dropped LaPorta), Pineda (dropped Minor) and E. Jackson (dropped Jar-Jar)

  11. Long Bawls says:

    @Karl: “Rediscover”? I guess he does actually know the strike zone, but it’s always in a 2-for-1 package with the BB zone.

  12. Timmox says:

    Beachy or Pineda? Which should I pick up? 12 team league.

  13. nick m. says:

    Which side do you like in 10-team H2H:

    Mine: Youk, Ethier, Markakis, Castro (this would leave me with Sandoval and Glass Chipper at 3B)
    His: Halladay, Reyes, Quentin

  14. Looking for an upside pitcher says:

    I’m itching to drop Lackey before his next start (vs. Yankees)

    Who are your top two available from the waiver wire:
    Jordan Zimmerman
    Brandon Beachy
    Jorge De La Rosa
    Michael Pineda (tough matchups early – could be a pickup in a few weeks)
    Travis Wood
    James McDonald

  15. Razzball can read my twisted mind….

    The problem is the Waiver Wire is the DMZ in our league…bad things man.

    I think Matt Joyce is going to be huge this year…told a few people that and am about to drop him, knowing he may never be seen again…oh well…better to have loved an 0-7 that rode your bench then to have never have loved at all. C’mon down Edwin Encarnacion!!!

  16. Lava says:

    Speaking of making quick moves, I assume Grey isn’t as worried about Broxton as some of the Yahoo guys are? It surprises me that even Behrens is on board in calling for Broxton owners to try to trade him this early in the season.

    Two home runs in three innings is annoying, but it’s hard to call it a trend, even with Broxton’s last season.

  17. Long Bawls says:

    @bogbert: None of those guys is going to rock your AVG (which is such a whimsical category anyway). Pena best for RBIs. I’d go Morrison and Cuddyer for best combo of the two; Pena and Cuddyer probably have the firmest grip on their jobs.

  18. paddyman says:

    I have ADD. These are my moves. Dropped, Minor, Raburn, saito, ike davis, league.

    Added: Walden, Beachy, Beltran, stauffer, S Burnett.

    Kinda compulsive. League’s out there still. But is he better than what I got?

    Ike Davis is still hanging on the wire too. Any thoughts on him?

  19. Long Bawls says:

    @nick m.: I like that deal.

  20. xopchipili says:

    Dammit, how am I supposed to take advantage of peoples’ panic moves when you go spouting common sense all over the place?!

  21. little bunny foofoo says:

    @Looking for an upside pitcher:

    Why are you playing in an 8man league

    I go:

  22. The Cow says:

    I am trying to fight ADD and hang on to Sean Rodriguez, but guys like Swisher, Francisco, and Ka’aihue are available. My other OF’s are Choo, Cruz, Pagan, and Snider and Tex is my 1B. I feel Sean-Rod is always going to be bounced around and not fall into a groove, so cut bait while the gettin’s good.

    Thanks everyone!

  23. Wiley says:

    Goes against my roster no player on a NY based team rule, but is Jorge a better bet over Suzuki? H2H 6×6 that uses OBP instead of AVG.

  24. charlie batch says:

    such a good post, and at the perfect time.

  25. I would drop any ESPN ‘pert for one refreshing Captain and Coke.

  26. Tim says:

    Drop any of the following to pick up Morrow off waivers?

    T. Wood
    E. Volquez
    J. De La Rosa
    I. Kennedy

  27. ujoh says:

    The Scherzer owner in my league has ADD to the max and I just felt the drop coming. But then my own ADD took over and I offered him a deal for Scherzer (I think it was Bud Norris and Jonathon Niese). Now he’s probably going to hold onto Scherzer because he knows he has trade value!

    Long story short, I’m an idiot. I have to stop thinking about fantasy baseball for a while for the good of my team and my sanity. In that order.

  28. Wake Up says:

    @Grey: How many IP does Beachy get this year?

  29. John says:

    Who do you like more Ortiz or Belt?

  30. Maitland says:

    I’m not too experienced with the free agent waiver budget set ups. Someone dropped Kendrys Morales, seems like that dude will be back in a month. The budget is $100, seems like it’d be worth it to burn a bit on that cat, what’s a good number?

  31. Long Bawls says:

    @Wake Up: IP. Hehe.

    I’d guess 160-175. He had 119 in the minors and 15 in the majors last year So 80-90% of a season this year, maybe all in the majors and maybe not.

    Separate note: do you know there are 12 major leaguers named Brandon? You could field most of a troubled team with them alone.

  32. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    Would you guys take CarGo for ARod? I already have Bautista to cover 3rd and my outfield is a little weak (Victorino is my #1, although Bautista can play there too).

  33. Tom Emanski says:

    Loving Starlin Castro so far. Viva la revolucion!

  34. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Great post! Speaking of which, I was just offered Rios for Thornton. My OF’s are Holliday, Kemp & Bruce; my UTIL’s are Snider & Belt; and my remaining two RP’s are Kimbrel & CPerez (Hanrahan available on the WW). Got to do it while Rios is down, right? Thanks!

  35. Chunk says:

    12 team yahoo 5×5 weekly, 4 SP spots each week. first three spots will usually go to Gallardo/Liriano/Hudson. I want to carry 3 of the following: EDWIN JACKSON, VOLQUEZ, CHACIN, CUETO (DL), wood, DLR, beachy. Pitchers in caps are currently rostered. Assuming a healthy cueto, which three do you like?

  36. Wake Up says:

    @Grey: @Long Bawls: Thanks. That’s about what I had him for (155). If he gives me a nice pre-all-star run, I’ll be happy and look to ship him to one of you reading this right now and you shall take him and you will like it!

  37. Long Bawls says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Wowzer. I’d drop Belt (or Snider, I guess), pick up Hanrahan, and take that deal.

  38. Wilsonian says:

    So I was thinking about targeting Scherzer in the hopes that someone has some serious ADD, but I don’t know if I have anything that really works. Can anyone point out a decent, yet fair, offer out of this squad (I’m including my bats, as well, but I don’t think any of them are on the market)?

    C – Napoli
    1B – Prince
    2B – Zobrist
    3B – Wright
    SS – Andrus
    OF – Kemp
    OF – CarGo
    OF – Bruce
    UTIL – Lind
    UTIL – Krispie
    DL – Longo

    SP – Lincecum
    SP – Verlander
    SP – Hamels
    RP – Soria
    RP – K-Rod
    P – Lyon
    P – Contreras
    P – Bills
    BN – Gio
    BN – D. Hudson
    BN – Kuroda
    BN – Kennedy
    BN – Beachy
    DL – Strasburg

    Thanks to anyone out there in Razzball land…

  39. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Long Bawls – Belt probably has better trade value (lots of Bay Area leaguemates). Thanks for the input.

  40. Long Bawls says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Yeah, I’d agree–he’s the hot young thing and everyone’s thinking Posey II:Busterin’ Out. Which, who knows, might be the case, but I’d still prefer to trade him if you can get something good. Like the cannibal said about the albino, he might be rare, but he’s also raw.

  41. Mike says:

    Posts like that are why I pay the huge subscription fee every month. Two years ago on April 17th Ian Kinsler was hitting .476. He ended up at .253. So temper your jealousy of these guys that get off to ridiculous starts. It’s a marathon, and we aren’t even to the first water and goo station.

    Having said that I dropped Vazquez too. He’ll find the plate eventually but he won’t find 94 mph again.

  42. Long Bawls says:

    @Wilsonian: Hmmm…maybe Contreras and Beachy, depending on how delusional your target is. You (really, he) could make the argument that you’re offering 20 saves, 12 wins and monster Ks. I mean, you could dangle Lyon, but that probably isn’t fooling anyone.

  43. Mr2Bits says:

    When the hell is Stephen Drew going to go on the DL? I can’t take anymore Ian Desmond on my team and the pinch walk Drew had last night only to sit today has me seeing blood.

    Additionally, when did Yankee stadium turn into Tropicana field? I have never seen so many empty seats for an evening game in my life.

  44. Long Bawls says:

    @Mike: Bartolo Colon certainly found the plate.

  45. Public Enemy #1 says:

    Cashner’s throwing well today. Thoughts on him? Where does he fall among the young SP group of Britton, Beachy/Minor, Pineda, Drabek and is he one I should be picking up in a deep 16 team league?

  46. Public Enemy #1 says:

    Drop Duensing for Cashner?

  47. Ray says:

    Soundgarden Narveson or Bud ‘Light Chuck’ Norris?

  48. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thank ya. Drop Dice-BB for Cashner?

  49. Rob says:

    Someone dropped Matt Garza after his 12 hits he dished out.

    I have Edwin Jackson and Tim Stauffer at the back end of my rotation, do you think i should drop either for Garza?

    btw – your boy Twisted Cockcroft @ espn just put garza at #23 SP in his rankings ahead of Liriano lol

  50. Broccoli Roberts says:

    drop Vazquez for Narveson?

    ADD in full effect by the way. Do they prescribe some kind of medicine for that? I’d probably just sell it to all the highschool kids on my block anyway.

  51. Mr2Bits says:


    As a huge Rays fan, I’d stay far away from the human camel. He is his worst own enemy and loses it once he starts getting tattooed. His K’s looked good day one but his hits, walks and when he throws home run derby will crush your team

  52. Public Enemy #1 says:

    And down goes Cashner.

  53. MD says:

    @RandomItalicizedVoice: I’d do that in a heartbeat. gonna get pretty similar power numbers and average but add in about 20+ SB’s.

  54. Alcesto says:

    Start Chacin tonight against the Dodgers? His splits didn’t favor Coors last year and he had a rough spring….

  55. Public Enemy #1 says:

    Shoulder injury for Cashner for all of you poor saps without the MLB package.

  56. Eddie says:

    No Mike Stanton makes me a sad panda.

  57. MD says:

    alright… i’m gonna be that guy.

    Here’s my team in a 12 team AL only 5×5 Dynasty keeper Auction league. We keep 15 “keepers” each year. Draft with a total of $260.

    C: JP Arencibia $2 *
    C: Brayan Pena $1 *
    1B: Kevin Youkilis $39
    2B: Aaron Hill $12 *
    3B: Adrian Beltre $15 *
    SS: Asdrubal Cabrera $17
    MI: Maicer Izturis $7
    CI: Jose Bautista $10 *
    OF: Julio Borbon $1 *
    OF: Shin-Soo Choo $16 *
    OF: Felix Pie $2
    OF: Alex Rios $36 *
    OF: Casper Wells $2
    DH: Mike Cameron $6 (my last pick, not to thrilled)
    P: Brian Duensing $10 *
    P: Jeremy Hellickson $5 *
    P: Derek Holland $9
    P: Brandon League $10 *
    P: Francisco Liriano $6 *
    P: Joe Nathan $7 *
    P: Michael Pineda $17
    P: Andrew Bailey $6 * (replaced w Brad Ziegler while on DL)
    P: Brandon Morrow $24 (replaced with Takahashi while on DL)
    Minor: Desmond Jennings $5 *
    Minor: Lonnie Chisenhall $2

    All thoughts / comments are welcome. My projections system currently has me sitting in 1st place at the end of the year with this team, however it is a close race. 12 tm AL only league, the waiver wire is basically empty, so i just have to hope the majority of these guys stay healthy, and that Des Jennings and Chisenhall actually get called up to take the place of Pie/Wells and Cameron.

  58. MD says:

    @MD: my bad, the ” * ” denotes that they were one of my 15 keepers.

  59. Stanton’s health (early on) seems as fragile as a pimply, braces touting 13 year old girl’s confidence at a dance. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

  60. Eddie says:

    @Dr. Stats: Stanton is not Sarah Plain & Tall! YOU TAKE IT BACK!!!

  61. Colin says:

    As usual my team starts slow out of the gate. Fielder, Tulowitzki, C. Young, J. Upton, Ethier etc.. doing dick in April.

    So annoying seeing the Brewers score and it’s Weeks and Braun doing the damage. Does Fielder know he’s a free agent at the end of the year? I thought he would have 5 homers by now. Idiot.

  62. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Dr. Stats: yeah,im getting a bit worried also,

  63. @ Eddy–funny stuff. Do you teach middle school?
    BTW, Stanton’s health is a bit of a worry to me. I own him on 5 of 8 teams.

  64. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: re: Cashner, that is. Just read it was shoulder tightness. As a Cubs fan, I’m not friggin’ surprised…

  65. Ryan says:

    Last pitcher spot. Who should I carry?

    Stauffer, Beachy, Narveson, Holland.

    Our league is heavy on Wins.

  66. Mr2Bits says:


    If you’re asking Grey it will always be Beachy unless Halladay is the other option

  67. the grate one says:

    hey grey, if cashner is out of the picture, who takes over in Chicago?

  68. Eddie says:

    @the grate one: Probably Casey Coleman. I’d avoid. Lets just hope that Cashner is fine. Please, Cubs. Please let him be ok.

  69. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Grey: Wise words as always.

    Quick – drop Albert for Emilio Bonobloomquist!

  70. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Bautista not in the lineup – personal matters.

  71. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Grey: My 6×6 (OBP) H2H team is somewhat power deprived but I have a ton of speed, especially in my OF. You think I should offer a guy with no wheels Denard Span in exchange for his DL’d Jason Bay. I can stash Bay and ten grab Michael Brantley, who is sitting on waivers. I figure he and Span are just about tomato tomato.

  72. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @VinWins: found out he is 35 years old not 31,hehe

  73. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Ha! As long as it doesn’t lead to a 50-game suspension.

  74. Hennessey says:

    I understand why you don’t like Bedard, but as long as he’s healthy, don’t you like him at least a little? That start was at Texas afterall, and his next one is at Safeco against Cleaveland.

  75. Deeeeeeez Nuts says:

    What up Grey,

    I feel like I’m already stuck between a rock and my penis. The V___quez brothers (Edinson and Javy) took early craps on my ERA/WHIP and I’m worried about releasing them to chase stats thereby absorbing their respective terrible starts. Drop one for Beachy? If so, which one?


  76. Black Beard says:

    Also, Walden or Rauch. Thanks.

  77. Rick says:

    Pujols is like 2 for 17? Why was he the consensus #1 pick? I just dropped him for hardy. I need this turd off my team asap

  78. Maggie says:

    2011 D’Back Chris Young this year’s 2010 KKKemp?

  79. Hennessey says:

    Burnett or Walden?

  80. fyodor says:


    Beachy or Travis Wood?

  81. BKK says:

    Who to start in my Util spot: Valencia vs Sabathia or Manny vs Jered Weaver

  82. Charles says:

    *12-team league – I currently have Marmol & Kimbrel*

    I was holding Chapman for some ratio and K help while Cordero was [hopefully] relinquishing the closer role in Cinci. Holds do not count in my league. Should I drop Aroldis for Walden? Or even for Gregg?

  83. bogbert says:

    Closer questions..

    My current: Marmol, Hanrahan, Contreras, Lidge (DL), Francisco (DL)

    1) Drop anyone for Storen, League, or Walden (just announced he would close)?
    2) I was offered Putz and Valverde for Hannnrahahaha; I’d have to drop another closer, though.

  84. strugz says:

    Just dropped Fuentes for Waldon btw. Hoping that will get Bailey’s ass in gear!

  85. Nomar Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Grey strictly as a Utility player in a 5×5 who do you like between:
    Brandon Belt – he generally just plays UTIL
    Carlos Beltran – our league plays 5 OFs he’d be my 6th or UTIL

    Thanks much!

  86. Steve Stevenson says:

    Who gets more saves this year, Walden or Aardsma?

  87. Charles says:

    @bogbert: you were offered Putz AND Valverde for Hanrahan? Take that immediately and get rid of (or trade) the rest of your closers.

  88. tourinct says:

    Jay Bruce getting the night off? It’s been what, three games?

  89. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Bautista probably off for 3 games with new baby.

  90. bogbert says:

    @Charles: Yeah I’m confused by the trade offer. I guess I could drop Contreras, trade away Hanrahan, and take on Putz and Valverde. Then see later what happens with Lidge, though he’s occupying valuable DL space (I have 3 guys on the DL). I’m also not sure how to compare Francisco with Walden or Storen.

  91. bogbert says:

    @Charles: “Confused” as in, “I’m not sure why he made that offer.”

  92. Steve says:

    Morneau sitting too. Just resting, though CC is going for Yanks.

  93. Wilsonian says:

    Due to roster size, I can play 5 closers in a given day. I currently have Soria, K-Rod, Lyon and Contreras. My starters are Lincecum, Verlander, Hamels, Bills, Kuroda, Kennedy, D. Hudson, Gio, and Beachy.

    Our league also counts Ks/9.

    Do you drop Beachy for Walden?

  94. Calogero says:

    “You need to let your Clydesdales carry your beer.”

    Just excellent, Grey. I’ve been looking for a new way to say “dance with the one that brung ya” for a while now.

  95. MattW says:

    Anyone know why Marmol didn’t pitch the ninth?

  96. peter says:

    @MattW: Probably because he appeared in the previous 3 days; so just a day off.

  97. Gambler says:

    How ADD’ish would it be to drop Axford for Walden? My other two closers are Valverde and Kimbrel if that makes a difference..

  98. ltf says:

    Who should I drop for Jordan Walden?

    Jhoulys Chacin
    Kyle Drabek
    James McDonald
    Travis Wood

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ltf: McDonald

  100. Rob says:

    Would Figgins qualify as an ADD drop? I’m getting decent steals with Kemp, Ichiro, Rollins, Kinsler, and Casto, but I’ve been keeping Chone on the bench. I’m tempted to drop him for Beachy or Arencibia, though…

  101. Chris says:


    Attempting to pick up Beachy in a 14 team league, with $500 budget, how much of a bid is he worth?

  102. Exactly says:

    hey mr. grey,

    12-team H2H league, I picked up walden yesterday and today he’s the closer, so now I got 5 closers, can only start 4 (hanrahan, perez, axford, lidge/contreras and walden)…was thinking of trading walden to the guy who had rodney for some SP help…(his other relievers are Bard, Gregg, Takahashi and Aardsma on the DL)…his starters are liriano, dempster, matusz, c.j. wilson, j. sanchez, morrow and beckett. So, was thinking about offering walden straight up for j. sanchez, what do you think?

    Or do you think I should keep walden and try to move one of my other closers for someone like billingsley, cain, chacin, colby lewis, brett anderson, lilly or greinke (maybe have to throw someone else in)? and if so, who would you target? Thanks a lot.

  103. Hennessey says:


    7×7 (QS & L), H2H, 10 teams

    Potential trade: My Billingsley and D. Hudson for his Longoria

    I would have SPs of Hamels, Anderson, Gio, Scherzer, Wood, and Volquez left if I trade Billingsley and D. Hudson. Beachy is on the waiver wire and so is Drabek for now, so I’m thinking I can land at least one of those if the trade goes through. The other guy’s team is desperate for pitching so I think it would. I have Wright in my 3B slot, but we carry 3 UTIL spots so there’s room for Longo when he gets back.

    My offense is McCann, Votto, Uggla, Wright, Andrus, Holliday, Heyward, Pence, Krispie, Pierre, Pena, Posada — so pretty stacked offense already, but I wouldn’t mind more if it doesn’t hurt my pitching too much.

    Would you make this offer? Thanks!

  104. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: I’m guessing that means no? I’m fighting with it now since I have such a good collection of starters.

  105. exno says:

    People in my league are freaking out after 15 at bats it is so entertaining.

  106. ltf says:

    I have a stacked outfield of Braun, Heyward, Kemp, McCutchen, and Bruce. I have Fielder and Ryan Howard as my 1B and utility, Mike Napoli, Brandon Phillips, Mark Reynolds, and Alexei Ramirez round out my offense.

    I’m thinking of moving Ryan Howard after the big series against Houston., but not sure which direction to take.

  107. nyydj2 says:

    another 3 run jack for Tex

  108. ltf says:

    @nyydj2: Nobody remind Tex it’s April!

  109. fyodor says:

    Thanks for your help, Grey.

  110. 3FingersBrown says:


  111. 3FingersBrown says:

    @nyydj2: Tex messages all over the place. Lovin’ it in RCL!

  112. 3FingersBrown says:

    Liked the way Hamels got out of first inning trouble. Both he and Young look sharp so far.

  113. agarthered says:

    Chris Young looking good so far, I have Bedard/De La Rosa on team, thinking they still have more value, am i right?

  114. Long Bawls says:

    Early goings, but so far Chris Young is stooping to conquer (the Phils). Though, to be fair, he has to stoop to do pretty much anything.

  115. nyydj2 says:

    41 pitch 3rd inning nightmare for Madbum, that hurts

  116. Eddy says:

    Can’t saw that Hamels has looked sharp tonight. Mets have been extremely patient and he’s had trouble with that.

    Currently in a base-loaded, no-out jam.

  117. Eddy says:

    And a 2-run single for Wright.

  118. agarthered says:

    ugh slotted in beltran tonight, of course he strikes out.

  119. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Eddy: yeah. I said that after the 2nd inning. He’s throwing hard but can’t locate his change. Ugh. That’s what I get for fucking my step-sister.

  120. 3FingersBrown says:

    Ugly. Mets pwn Hamels. Thankfully my h2h opponent benched Chris Young.

  121. RichC says:

    Chris Young with two hits against Hamels. In the same inning!!! UGLY.

  122. MattW says:

    Manny Ramirez looks like sh*t and HowarD Kendrick looks sweet

  123. 3FingersBrown says:

    @RichC: That unraveled quick.

    Thanks for shizzing all over my ratios Hamels. At least Ike got a piece for my RCL team.

  124. Tony says:

    tex might hit 40 HR’ this year the way he’s starting…. wow, in my really competitive league he somehow fell to the early 3rd round, disgusting…

    How about my pitchers STOP shitting the bed, seriously, lester, hamels, volquez, brox, hanson, liriano….. im about to punch myself in the face, two different leagues but seriously…. can’t i get one good start!?

  125. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Tony: 3rd round?! I took him with the 9th overall pick in RCL.

    I feel you with the pitchers, I’ve got a 1-2-3 punch of Ubaldo, Liriano and Hamels in h2h.

  126. Alex says:


    I got offered Crawford for Teix. My immediate reaction is accept the trade since I have Cabrera at 1B.

    I’m right to sell high on Teix and buy low on Crawford right?

  127. Eddy says:

    Only 3 outs in and I’m slowly starting to regret dropping Pineda for Contreras earlier in the season.

    Let’s hope the Rangers prove me wrong, because my opponent for the week is the one who picked him up.

  128. Steve says:

    Wish Manny would stop being Manny and start beng Manny.

  129. MattW says:

    Manny getting a golden sombrero tonight?

  130. Eddy says:


    Rangers never let me down.

    And I’m a Marlins fan.

  131. Eddie says:

    The “start Aaron Harang at home against mediocre offenses” plan is off to a rousing start.

  132. bogbert says:

    Who to drop to pick up A. Jones from waivers? V. Wells, Sizemore, C. Pena

  133. charlie batch says:

    pena or gardner in vacuum

  134. bogbert says:

    @charlie batch: Hmm, not sure if that was to me. Thanks if it was, but Gardner wasn’t an option. All my OF/UT: V. Wells, Sizemore, Pena, Rasmus, Morrison, McCutchen, Tabata, Krispie.

  135. Steve says:

    Good heavens. Farnsworth in the game. Recipe for disaster.

  136. Wilsonian says:

    Drop Beachy for Alex Gordon? I promise this is my last question about Beachy. I just put Longo on the DL (I do have Wright, however)…so I guess who is the better short term investment while Longo is out? One will get dropped when Evan is back.

  137. Wake Up says:

    @Alex: I don’t know how much you need to improve your OF or how badly you need steals. But, my first reaction is no way. I’d want Teix.

  138. Commish Cauda says:

    Gibson just names Miranda the starting 1B. Drop Melky for him in a deep mixed H2H-Points league?

  139. herschel says:

    Farnsworth in in the 8th down 5-1. Just getting in work or is this bad for his chances at closing?

  140. Wake Up says:

    Drop Capps or League for Pineda?

  141. Donnie Baseball says:

    Hey Grey, would you give Ad. Gonz and Papelbon for Ellsbury and Youk?

  142. charlie batch says:

    @bogbert: was talking to Grey :P

    also, gardner or snider/posada?

  143. Drew Crew says:

    Is pedro alvarez going to break mark reynold’s strikeout record this year?

  144. bogbert says:

    @charlie batch: Hah, sorry about that!

  145. Trevor

    tggq21 says:


    Do you think it is worth wasting a roster spot for a catcher just to back up napoli on days he is benched? 12 team H2H yahoo standard

  146. Jordan says:

    Would it be wise to drop Javier Vazquez for any of these waiver guys?

    Kyle McClellan
    Alex Ogando
    Mike Minor

  147. Donnie Baseball says:

    @Wake Up:
    Ha! At first I was like, what the hell is he talking about? Then I looked at it and just realized it.

  148. Eddie says:

    Somebody wake Carl Crawford.

  149. Whiskey Diet says:

    Grey –

    14 Team, H2H:

    Current outfield: McCutchen, Pence, Krispie.

    Drop Sale, Wilton Lopez, or David Hernandez for Bourjos?

    Big Ups

  150. Wake Up says:

    @Grey: He is my 4th CL right now in 12 team H2H. I’m thinking I might need Capps when/if League loses the job and when/if Nathan loses it. Pineda would be my #8 SP. Also, I don’t have a C at all but my offense should carry most weeks. Posada is in FA pool. Thoughts?

  151. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: I don’t have to, but if Gordon might be more productive over the next 3-4 weeks (especially when I have no bench bats at all with Longo on the DL), then I wanted to know if you’d drop Beachy. He’s by far my worst pitcher, unless Kennedy or D. Hudson really choke, so he’d be the one to drop. Thanks, as usual, for the advice!

  152. Wake Up says:

    Another QS but no win for CC!

  153. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: So seeing that you told someone else to drop dlR, do i do it for Beachy, Cueto, Stauffer, Narveson?

    Also have Raburn and Snider, should i drop either of them for LoMo?

  154. charlie batch says:

    @charlie batch: I have iannetta – need catcher. Too much speed – need power.

    My gardner for his/her snider/posada. If I need those things, is this worth it for me? Is it fair enough to be accepted?

  155. preptime says:

    @Grey: If you had to rank Walden in the closer rankings for the rest of the year, where do you think he would go? Around #9 or #10 is what I’d say if I had to guess.

  156. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    Balfour in for the save. Should I worry as Fuentes owner that his days are numbered if not already over?

  157. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    …and Balfour gives up the walkoff. Maybe I shouldn’t worry.

  158. herschel says:

    Gallardo cruising but only 1k? What up with that?

  159. BigRedLatrine says:

    Balfour just got the save opp in Oakland and promptly blew it.


  160. paulzone says:

    niese or chris young?

  161. Nick says:

    @Grey: Hey Grey, what do I do with Hong-Chih Kuo in a 12 team league? My pitchers are: Anderson, Sherzer, Gio Gonzalez, De La Rosa, Hanson, Niese, Peavy, Contreras, Nunez & Frank Francisco. I dont get points for holds…do I drop him for Travis Wood. RP’s available are Sean Burnett, Fuentes, Rauch…

  162. Commish Cauda says:

    Anyone notice Nyjer Morgan batting second and going 3-4 tonight? With Kotsay and Gomez his main competition, I like his chances to take over the CF when Hart returns.

    16-team, mixed, H2H-Points league (std. points but 3pts. for steals)

    Pick two for my bench:

    Melky Cabrera
    Juan Miranda
    Marlon Byrd
    Nyjer Morgan
    Gerardo Parra

  163. Steve says:

    Wanna give Yo-Ga a big ol’ hug.

  164. Hennessey says:

    Just got bet $50 that Pujols won’t hit .300 this year…

  165. Eddy says:

    I am regretting picking Fielder over Teixeira in five-yes five- leagues.

    What the hell is going on with him?

  166. MattW says:


    What do you think about Beckham?

  167. Carlos Z has slurpees says:

    Wow, what do you call a CG shutout when you also score the only run of the game?

  168. AL KOHOLIC says:

    GREY, im going to trade 2 of these 3 for verlander,ive also got walden and kimbrel im keeping,what 2 of these to loose,valverde,rodriquez(the fighter) and street,thanks in advance my friend

  169. kangaroo hops says:

    Supposedly, Fuentes has a blister and is sitting for that reason.

  170. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i picked tex as the A.L MVP,i about took him or A-ROD over longoria at pick 6,was scared of the tampa week lineup,now i really wish i had,

  171. Schmohawks Bob says:

    Kila or Alex Gordon? Which KC Schmohawk is the superior CI for the rest of year?

  172. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Schmohawks Bob: man im buying both,kila,s ave will prolly be 250-260 but in obp leagues he makes up for it,and i actually grabbed gordon and think he might pull off a good year

  173. ltf says:

    @Eddy: Fielder starts slow, it takes a while to get the fat man rolling(career .838 OPS in March/April, .741 last year).

    I usually don’t draft him or Teixeira because I figure I can get one from a panicky owner due to their slow starts. I got Fielder this year in the third round so I had to grab him in the draft.

  174. ltf says:

    @Hennessey: Haha I want in on that action! You need to give that friend an ADD intervention.

    Pujols went 4 for 5 on opening day, and then had the same 2 for 17 slump he starts this year with.

  175. Eddy says:


    Hmm, well I’m seeing here that in his big years he also had a lukewarm March/April.

    I’m just hoping Tex and him haven’t switched roles.

  176. Tom Emanski says:

    Man, I drafted Jennings then dropped him but I’m really nervous about leaving him lying around to be taken. I hate that feeling.

  177. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Tom Emanski: how deep a league?

  178. AL KOHOLIC says:

    unless its a deep keeper/franchise league,i doubt anyone wants him right now

  179. Wow 14 IP 4K 2W 1 SV 0.00 ERA 0.36 WHIP. Thanks Gallardo (and crew). Maybe having Gallardo on both my teams will work out!

  180. kangaroo hops says:

    dropping Rodney (picked up Walden) for a flier on either J. Francis or J. Hammel. Not too deep a bench, so I gotta grab a upside starter while the gettin’s good. Premature to drop Rodney for Hammel/Francis? Which one?

  181. Durb says:

    I dropped 0-13 Ian Desmond for Beachy when I’ll happily take Steven Drews zero stats for the next week. Does that count?

  182. Flunkie says:

    @Schmohawks Bob: Grabbed Kila the day before his walkoff. Cheap power, decent average, good OBP. Only problem is Hosmer looming in the background.

  183. Chinaski says:

    Man someone in my league dropped Scherzer after his ugly win against the Yankees and i picked him up of waivers. Wow…i mean what was that guy thinking…

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