Phil Hughes was named the Yankees’ fifth starter.  The good news, he’s a solid fantasy 4th starter with 3rd starter appeal.  He can put up over an 8 K/9 with a near-4 ERA.  Rudy’s Hughes’s (say that fast seventeen times) starter projections have him at 10-5/4.18/1.32/130 in 140 innings, which brings us to the bad news.  There’s no way the Yankees throw him for more than 140 innings.  That could mean instituting a new “Hughes Rules” doctrine, where he’ll be skipped on occasion, won’t throw more than five innings, won’t start after August, can’t eat after midnight, etc.  Anyway, here’s some other fantasy baseball news:

Aroldis Chapman – Dusty will be deciding between Aroldis, Travis Wood and Mike Leake for the fifth starter job.  Honestly, if you would’ve said, name the one that is not a professional baseball player out of these three:  Travis Wood, Mike Leake or Jimmy Fakename.  I would’ve had no idea.  Would love to get a glimpse of Dusty Baker’s decision making process for picking a fifth starter.  I know there’s equal parts eeny and meeny.  There might also be a dunk tank.   I’ve compared Aroldis to a young Randy Johnson.  Wanna see where?  Here, “His stuff is wicked awesome and his control is wicked awful.  But he wouldn’t be the first guy to struggle there.  Hello, Randy Johnson.  That’s a tall order, literally.  But he’s someone I’m excited about in keepers and deep leagues.  He should be owned in keepers from the jump.  In one year leagues, I’d take a flier on him in the final rounds to see if he breaks camp.  If he doesn’t, then you drop him. No harm, no foul.  If he does break camp, then you’re looking at a Volquez-type season.  Not great WHIP, decent ERA and great Ks.  Think 3.75/1.37 and a strikeout/inning.”  And that’s me quoting me!  Should you own Aroldis if you’re drafting this weekend, even with his starting job up in the air?  Yes, you should.

Cristian Guzman – Now the Nats are giving Guzman two straight starts to see if he can be the starter over Desmond.  Hopefully by Sunday we have some good news about Desmond.  Otherwise, I’m going to have a lot of hearts to cross out on my Trapper Keeper.

Brett Myers – Left the game after tweaking his left groin (hehe, Myers has two groins).  He plans to make his next scheduled start.  I’m avoiding Myers in all of my leagues coming out of drafts, but I could see grabbing him during the season.  The NL Central should have some nice match-ups for him and he’s always been capable of punching out guys (and girls).  A near-4 ERA and a 7 K/9 wouldn’t surprise me.  Will he be more valuable than Tim Hudson?  I could see it.

Ted Lilly – Rather than the late-April ETA, now looks like he could be back as early as mid-April.  Might only miss three starts.  Still, he’s coming back from shoulder surgery and has already complained of knee pain this spring.  I’m having a hard time buying.

Derrek Lee – He should return Friday, but he hurt his back yesterday after falling out of a chair.  The equipment man obviously forgot to get rid of the breakaway stunt furniture they had for Milton Bradley.

Scott Kazmir – Scratched with shoulder tightness.  Kazmir with arm troubles?  C’mon!  No way!

Emmanuel Burriss – Out for 10 weeks after having a screw inserted into his foot.  That never slowed down Number 5.

Russell Martin – Says he’ll be ready for the start of the season since his groin is feeling better (Thanks, Alyssa Milano!).  I’d never own Martin, but I think everyone who drafted him in the last week or so probably got a great bargain.  Martin’s still nothing but Crapolanco at catcher, but in the final rounds that’s nothing to sneeze at, unless you’re allergic to that sorta of thing.

Brad Lidge – Will be out at least a week of the season.  Madson should fill in for him.  Both should be owned in all but the shallowest of leagues.  In deeper leagues, I’d own Danys Baez too.  He could see some saves.

Brandon Morrow – Set to throw off the mound today.  Could be the final determination on whether he starts the year on the DL.  It sure wouldn’t be the first time.  He’s worth a stash on the DL but expecting more than 100 innings out of him is Fool’s Gold (which is not the Matthew I’m-Kinda-Gay movie).

Vicente Padilla – Before Padilla heard he was going to be the Dodgers’ Opening Day starter, this was himThis is him after.

  1. Terrence Mann says:

    In deep leagues, aren’t guys like Lilly, Sheets and Harden uber-valuable? Of course, they’re not really durable, but when they do pitch they can be difference-makers, right?

    Say you have an option on your fifth and sixth roster spots in your pitching lineup. Would you rather have two guys from the Cueto tier or Lilly and Harden?

  2. Spamcakes says:

    Of all the young (say under 25 years old) pitchers, who are the top three or four you’d like in a keeper league?

    Reason I ask… Hughes – I have him in a keeper league. Sell high with his #5 hole announcement yesterday or be happy I have him for the next few years and try to pair him with a Feliz or Hellickson or Martin Perez or Chapman or Matusz or ?

  3. PhillyYorker says:

    Sad about Hughes. My bad for drafting him thinking he’d be in the pen again (holds leaguer). The pen added a few mph to his fastball.

    Drafted Baez and Lidge 15 minutes ago (champion’s end of the snake). Have a great feeling about Baez. Lidge was a risk/reward choice. Sure, I could have taken Slowey or Cueto to fill out my staff, but why? Lidge could save 35 and have an ERA around 4. None too shabby.

    Thanks for the info this spring. Razzball is always open in another window as I draft.

  4. Eddy says:

    Holy shizznit it’s The Great Khan! Haha, one of the greatest blurbs to date for me. Hilarious stuff Grey!

  5. Gareth says:

    Question that’s a touch off topic, but if anyone knows the answer it’s Razzballers. Last year I signed up for MLB.TV on a deal that also gave me 12 months of ESPN Insider for free, which was worth the price of admission for Keith Law alone. (Wait, it was free. There was no admission!)

    Anyway, anyone know if there’s a similar deal around? Or was this ESPN’s cunning plan all along, like a crack dealer giving out free samples?

  6. Atherton32 says:

    14 team keeper league (keep between 3-6 players every year) drafting tomorrow that will have a majority Reds fans. Should I reach on him and if so what round would be reaching? And if I don’t reach and he lasts awhile what round do you think would be a good round? Thanks

  7. Tony says:

    @Atherton32: aroldis? “him”?

  8. Eddy says:

    Grey there’s speculation that Heyward will make the starting lineup come opening day and bat seventh. In my draft this Sunday I’d like to draft either Strasburg or Heyward. But seeing as how it’s only 3 OF and I don’t want to use one on a rookie, Heyward would be on the bench, at least from the start. Would you reccomend drafting Heyward, who will start 2010 in the MLB, or Strasburg who’ll come up later in the year? This is a one year 12 team H2H btw.

  9. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Eddy: keeper? if it’s not a keeper league then i would treat heyward like any other marginal 3rd OF at best. hell, i’d probably just rather wait and grab some young guys who have some seasoning for a young breakout, like bruce or rasmus or blanks or someone. if it’s a keeper league though, i think you could feasibly stretch and take heyward as your OF3, but i’d turn around and grab insurance policies to back up, don’t wait too late to grab a quality OF4, and feel free to grab several OFs late as fliers to hedge your bets on heyward in case he doesn’t go all ryan braun his rookie season.

  10. Beau says:

    @Gareth: I know ESPN the mag comes with a free insider subscription…not sure if that helps.

  11. magicterp says:

    Is Bumgarner worth a bench spot in NL-only keeper league? June call-up potential?

  12. Frank Rizzo says:

    Damnit, don’t tell me that about Lilly after I drafted him last night. Everything I’ve heard to this point has been great. Now knee pain? I’ll keep him a put on the DL as soon as the season starts I guess. Is it worth it to keep Lilly rostered or should I look at what is on the wire?

  13. Eddy says:

    No it’s a one year league in yahoo. We have 3 OF and two Util. I’ve successfully managed to mock (and draft in one league) Quentin, Pence, Lind, Werth and Bruce as my OF/Util. Like I said, I don’t want to use Heyward as anything but a Util in my roster if I draft him. Since it’s not a keeper idk if he’s worth it because Strasburg seems like he’ll be a better trading piece upon being called up. The only thing is that Strasburg is under 200 ADP. Heyward is buried way past that

  14. Ryan Beariot says:

    Grey, keeper league question. If I bid on Joe Nathan for a buck this year to be able to keep him for $6 next year, would you think this is worth it? Or should I grab him the day after the season ends and keep him next year for $5? Or is this idea just plain crazy?

  15. Martin says:

    @grey- so what round would u draft hughes. Also, how about jose reyes now?

  16. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Eddy: i mean, if you can get him after round 15 then i’d go for it in a single year league, but if someone else wants to take him in the 10th, i’d rather have pence or someone at that point in the draft.

  17. Bob says:

    Padilla, I know he’s got a new look. Is he worth picking up in a mixed league over the Joe Blanton’s and Clay Buchholz’s of the world?

  18. Mr. Rickey says:

    I’ve been invited to join a NL only 12 team keeper league. Rosters are 1-C, 1-1B, 1-2B, 1-3B, 1-SS, 1-Corner, 1-Middle Infielder, 5-OF, 1-Utility, 8- Pitchers. When I agreed to join, I was told there would be an expansion draft for the 3 new teams, with the 9 existing teams allowed to protect 5 players (of 7 keepers). After a lot of whining by existing teams, the commish is allowing them to protect all 7 in the expansion draft. New teams then draft at the end of the regular draft, which is snake/auction.

    I’m having second thoughts about this league, especially b/c the cost is high. Anyone have an opinion on this setup – I’m concerned about being able to field a competitive team under these rules.

  19. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mr. Rickey: yeah, sounds like the pickings will be awfully slim. i’d ask to see the pool you’ll be drafting from and if if it’s extremely shallow back out. if the owners want to add more teams, they are gonna need to be willing to give up a potential 6th and 7th keeper.

  20. Eddy says:

    The speculation was correct.

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Jason Heyward’s big lefty bat eventually made it a foregone conclusion, and a Friday morning meeting with Bobby Cox made it official: Heyward will be the Braves’ Opening Day right fielder.

  21. magicterp says:

    @Mr. Rickey: Agree w/ PoonTycoon. At the very least, your expansion draft should be before the regular one. Concessions need to be made for you and other expansion prospects otherwise you’re out of it from the get-go.

  22. royce! says:

    Do the Hughes projections in your rankings assume that he will be in the bullpen?

    Also, Hughes > Buchholz?

  23. mrbaseball says:

    Jason Heyward is fools gold – some of the names that jump out from last year that every one had some manlove for


    or are we talking about Ryan Braun numbers here

  24. scrotum says:

    Why all the love for Maicer Izturis over at ESPN? He’s got an 80% own rate. The Bill James roflcopter has him at 70/6/56/.283/14 over 446AB. 446AB? Really? How is Maicer winning anybody any leagues?

  25. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @mrbaseball: i don’t know of any of those guys that people were considering drafting in the first 10 rounds though. i grabbed rasmus and snider in a draft or 2 around the 20th round or later where i was just taking some cheap fliers on guys. i’m also targeting those guys around the same place this season.

    i think the biggest difference between heyward and those guys is his low K rate, high BB rate, and his K:BB rates. for a 20 year old, they are poohole-esque.

    again, a single year league, i doubt i end up with heyward, but in a keeper league, i can see elevating his status significantly depending on how you have your team structured, how your league does keepers, and whether you feel like you can gamble on him being at least OF3 worthy in 2010, and being a stud in the near future.

  26. Probable Party Starter says:

    With Berkman likely to start the season either injured or on the DL, how far down the list of 1B are you dropping him? Below Butler?

  27. mrbaseball says:

    The one thing about baseball players is this…. they will put up the expected stats every year – Jason Heyward has noting to base this on – and before this press release he went cheap enough – now you are going to have to pay a King’s Ransom to draft him now

  28. matthole says:

    What approach would you take going into the season if your team looks like this: Im projected to finish at the top in Runs, avg, Whip, era, K. im supposed to finish in the middle of the pack RBI, SB, W, S and am projected near the bottom in HR.
    I took Greinke with my 4th rd pick instead of a bat; and figgins in the 6th rd (for 2B hopefully) instead of a carlos lee that put me behind in power but solid in speed/runs/pitching as previously mentioned.
    Since I appear to be weak in the counting stats, what really matters post draft, and strong in the non counting stats (era/avg – not so ideal)…howd u play it? Would you try to address the defeciencies immediately and try to get a power bat….or would you maintain your strengths and perhaps even build on them to secure those cats.

    IE. If my SPs greinke, beckett, baker, dempster, price (looks solid but not great)……would u jeopardize ruining your strength (pitching cats) to even out your weaker cats…or would u just accept your team is running/pitching oriented and do your best to win THOSE cats

    Thanks and please let me know if its a confusing or an incoherent post

  29. Mickey says:

    Hey Grey, little off topic, but I wanted some last minute advice for my draft tomorrow.

    Kershaw doesn’t fit the bill for one of my usual targets, walks, age, etc.

    But I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop myself.

    Are you still high on him? No worries about injuries?

  30. mrbaseball says:

    The equipment man obviously forgot to get rid of the breakaway stunt furniture they had for Milton Bradley.

    hey grey Milton Bradley proberly broke the chair with one of his fits

  31. Gareth says:

    @Beau: Thanks.

  32. mrbaseball says:

    Jason Heyward – 2010 Projections: 65/12/70/.290/20

    were these numbers based on him making the team out of spring or coming up in June

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Let Figgins get 2nd base eligibility. Then trade for a 3rd baseman with your 2nd baseman and/or strengths.

    @Mickey: Always worry about injuries with a pitcher. Kershaw no more than others though.

    @mrbaseball: Making the team, but there’s downside to those numbers.

  34. JoeC says:

    RE: Bretty Myers: “Will he be more valuable than Tim Hudson? I could see it.”

    Grey, I hate to do it, but I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there, mmmkay? Myers isn’t half the pitcher that Hudson is. Hudson has a career ERA nearly a full run lower than Myers and a 1.26 career WHIP versus Myers’ 1.36. If Myers pitches 200 innings, he’ll likely out-K Hudson, but that’s the only cat he’ll beat Huddy in. Houston is a Triple A team with a bunch of “questionable” closers (Lyon/Lindstrom… we should just conjoin them to “Lyondstrom”), whereas the Braves will be challenging the Phillies for the NL East crown and have a revitalized Billy Wagner (personally, I thought he was dead) closing out games. I expect Hudson to win 15 games, while Myers will be lucky to hit double digits.

    Maybe I just don’t like the guy cause he’s a wife-beater, whereas Hudson seems to be nothing but a good guy and a role model for the childrens. But even if we keep the comparison to on the field stats, I say that Myers has about 0.0% chance of out-pitching Hudson.

    I rest my case.

  35. matthole says:

    @Grey: RCL – “ones are good right”

    I drafted wright/holliday over J-upside/tulo

    12 David Wright, NYM 3B
    13 Matt Holliday, StL OF
    36 Justin Morneau, Min 1B
    37 Zack Greinke, KC SP
    60 Adam Jones, Bal OF
    61 Chone Figgins, Sea 3B
    84 Josh Beckett, Bos SP
    85 Jonathan Broxton, LAD RP – started crazy closer run that fred never stopped
    108 Denard Span, Min OF
    109 Scott Baker, Min SP
    132 Andrew Bailey, Oak RP
    133 Johnny Damon, Det OF
    156 Ryan Dempster, ChC SP
    157 David Price, TB SP
    180 Howie Kendrick, LAA 2B – MI
    181 David Ortiz, Bos DH – needed power/DH
    204 Brad Hawpe, Col OF – needed power/OF 5
    205 Kurt Suzuki, Oak C
    228 Ryan Theriot, ChC SS
    229 James Loney, LAD 1B – CI
    252 Wade Davis, TB SP
    253 Michael Wuertz, Oak RP
    276 Mike Adams, SD RP
    277 Justin Masterson, Cle SP
    300 Kazuo Matsui, Hou 2B – forced me to take MI bc of figgins

    Thanks again

  36. matthole says:

    @Grey: undeservedly projected #1 in the war room bc of avg, era (flakey cats)

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JoeC: Yeah, but Hudson’s returning from major surgery. Not saying Myers will be more valuable, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

    @matthole: I don’t think it’s undeservedly so. You have a solid team. If you ran the numbers, you see where you’re light and heavy. You only have one guy I could see definitely hitting 30 homers, that’s an issue.

  38. Back to Minors says:

    Who do you like better at 2B: Beckham or Stewart?

  39. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @matthole: Oh, go ahead and just drop Figgins (whom you scooped from under my nose!). :-)

  40. matthole says:

    @Grey: Thanks for the vote of confidence. i have the #s from freds war room….and i agree that my power is a concern. Since I have wright at 3B… you have other suggestions? I may play the patient game, work the wire and see what unfolds the first few months of the season….thanks again

    re – “Let Figgins get 2nd base eligibility. Then trade for a 3rd baseman with your 2nd baseman and/or strengths.”

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Oh, I see. I usually like to trade saves, though you don’t have extra closers and I’m not sure that would work in an RCL anyway. If Davis, Masterson or Price break out in a big way, then trade Beckett. But that would mean waiting at least a month. Right now, it sounds like you could trade Figgins. Though I wouldn’t do that with your team. Maybe trade Span for a Chris Davis? Span’s better, but Davis could hit 30 homers and Loney’s doing you no good.

  42. matthole says:

    @Simply Fred: nice, looking fwd to trading with you…power hoarder

  43. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @matthole: with my all-upside staff, it should be about day 2 for first injury!

  44. JoeC says:

    @Grey: Yes, but Hudson’s TJ surgery was in 2008 and he already started 7 games at the end of last season (WHIP was high, but everything else was in line), so it’s not like he’s an 18 year old, virginal Britney Spears (ah, the salad days). And he’s lookin’ real good this Spring (I know, I know, ignore Spring stats… easier said than done!). Meanwhile, in a bit of irony (the real kind, not the Alanis Morrisette-type), it’s Myers that’s the one who’s injured!

    You are right though. Myers *could* conceivably post better numbers if everything broke right for him and if Heyward took a bat to Hudson’s repaired elbow, but I think the chances of all that is about equal to the chance that Maverick could land a Tomcat on Tyra Bank’s forehead (although, granted, that thing is HUUUUUGE).

  45. Scott says:

    @Mr. Rickey: There’s a chance you could draft Halladay or Bay in the expansion. My NL league is run in a very similar manner and it is very hard to compete in the first year. If you’re in it for the long haul, as I was, shoot for last, 4th, 1st over the next 3 years. I drafted a lot of youth the first couple years and now have Utley and Pujols as my cornerstones. I brought in a friend who finished in 2nd behind me last year in his second year. He’s drafted guys like Reynolds and Hanson in the last couple years and speculated correctly on Halladay coming over and had him on his bench at the end of last year and is now keeping him coming into this year. Hey, the Marlins went from expansion to WS champs in 5 years. It’s possible, but not without significant investment of time and money for the first couple years.

  46. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JoeC: I heart anyone who uses “salad days,” so we’re even.

  47. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @matthole: maybe check on getting kyle blanks for cheap? no reason the padres shouldn’t let him battle through any struggles, and if he gets 500 ABs, i’d fully expect 25 HRs with upside for more.

    just a thought on nabbing a solid source of 30+ HRs.

    the chris davis suggestion is a good one too.

  48. matthole says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: not a bad idea….too bad its a RCL league and everyone can read this!

  49. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Is Fausto Carmona for real this year? Consider dropping Matusz, Jaime Garcia, or Wade Davis for him? (If so which one.)

    By the way, did you get the memo about the TPS Reports? :-)

  50. Tom Reale says:

    In non-keeper leagues, Heyward and Strasburg will both most definitely go to early for the #’s they put up this year. Keeper leagues are a different animal all together.

  51. ETMcgee says:

    @mrbaseball: heyward may be fool’s gold, but matt wieters helped win me h2h leagues last year with a huge end of the season. a lot of roto players missed MW’s late season surge in value, and rookies always seem to shift the balance of a fantasy season (lincecum, braun, longo, etc).

  52. Tom Reale says:

    @JoeC: Goose could do it!

  53. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: No idea what TPS means. Hold the SPs that you have. Fausto is garbage.

  54. Tom Reale says:

    @ETMcgee: Good point. MW #’s were not that big of a let down for his # of at bats. Depending on how much you paid for him last year, of course. If you reached or overpaid, that’s your fault, not Dreamy Wheat.

  55. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @matthole: Hey, no RCL’ers paying any attention.

    meat: $5 not to give up Blanks to matthole.

  56. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey: Padilla Before and After – LMAO!

    @Simply Fred: you already have a bit of a problem with Lilly. But I thought you only lost one of your projections, Kendry. Now you lost Figgy, as well? I was thinking of him, until i took Kinsler. One thing, Fred – holding on to your closer hoard for too long may backfire, if some of them start losing their job, or their health. You may need me as an advisor, for a price…

    @matthole: Told you Fred was going to hold you guys hostage. He has you guys by the cajones.

  57. JoeC says:

    @Tom Reale: Except Goose was the weapons officer! And there’s the little fact that he’s dead! :)

  58. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: “Office Space”

  59. Tom Reale says:

    @JoeC: and “fictional”

  60. JoeC says:

    @Grey: ZOMG, Grey! You haven’t seen Office Space? For shame, for shame! For those of us who work in the white collar computer world, it is the Holy Grail of movies (and it has Jennifer Aniston, who might not be enough for Brad Pitt, but would do just fine for me!).

  61. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: No, I am a love child. All, peace and love. :-)

  62. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Simply Fred: I’ll take Blanks for $10. Same issues as Matt. Davis would fit in nicely as well. I think we have parallel squads; strong except without punch.

    There will always be a set of eyes and ears from Ones are GOOD Right? on Razz, fo’ sure.

  63. Tom Reale says:

    @JoeC: A dead weapons officer still wouldn’t need that much room to land.

  64. JoeC says:

    @Tom Reale: But can you imagine how many dudes the Navy/Air Force snagged because of that movie? Certainly more than were enticed by “Officer and a Gentleman” or even “The Great Santini”.

  65. Mic says:

    so is seattle actually going through with the figgins-lopez position swap?

  66. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Simply Fred: Yeah, forgot that you are a West Coaster. Plays Youngbloods day and night. Where’s a flower in your hair. ..And then stabs your poor RCL mates in the back…

  67. Probable Party Starter says:

    @Tom Reale: Grey, please tell me you have seen that, otherwise your red Swingline is mine. Easily Mike Judge’s finest work, although don’t disregard Idiocracy as a huge sleeper.

  68. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @JoeC: I loved my performance in Office Space. They did such a good job of capturing my true essence. You know, if I had a $ for every time I said “Ahh, I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too…”, I’d be a rich man!

  69. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Used to fashion a ‘fro while making my Kotter impression as a junior high English teacher. Peace and love.

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JoeC: Of course I’ve seen it. Just missed the reference. We’re no longer hearting.

    @Mic: Yup

  71. Back to Minors says:

    any info on Colby Lewis?

  72. JoeC says:

    @Grey: Grey giveth and Grey taketh away.

  73. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Comforted by S&G’s “I Am a Rock” right now.

  74. Commish Cauda says:


    you got a link to your entire draft results?

  75. Commish Cauda says:

    @Simply Fred:

    same question…can you post a link to your RCL draft results?

  76. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Simply Fred:

    I have my STATS
    And my WAR ROOM to protect me;
    I am shielded by CHONE,
    Hiding in my Hardrive, projections sealed inside a tomb
    Closers snatched I hid them in my room.
    I am a rock,
    I am an island.

    Finish First, Feel no Pain
    And Nice Guys Finish Last…

  77. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: A magical refrain. Garfunkel finishes: And Nice Guys Finish First…

  78. @JoeC:

    Figgins at 2nd is functional, at 3b he wonks your whole lineup. (fantasy-wise)

  79. Andre says:

    Yeah all the Weiters haters were not playing H2H last season and undoubtedly drafted him early. I had him in the 10th of a keeper league (earlier then I wanted to take him but I didn’t have 11th or 12th round picks and C’s were coming off the board). I also took Napoli late so I had a backup plan, which worked out pretty well much of the year.

    MW’s September helped push me over the top. All told his numbers were not that bad and still better than a lot of catchers. I think a lot of fantasy ballers get caught up in the hype machine and think every prospect is a can’t miss, Ryan Braun-esque rookie right out of the box. Pretty rare and just about unheard of for a rookie catcher.

    That said, I have a feeling Heyward’s going to put up some nice numbers this year. Dude reminds me of a young Griffey Jr. I’ll say 85-25-90-.285-.370-20

  80. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: Just read post from earlier. Porcello ERA to Mushroom. Nice!

  81. Tom Reale says:

    Any way to erase Carmona’s 2007 season from history? Vis-a-vis the TX board of Ed erasing Thomas Jefferson from history.

  82. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Tom Reale: Where’s the love gone?

  83. majortommy says:

    If Hughes is the #5(which I think is the right choice), then Joba goes to the pen? If they want this guy to be a starter it would make more sense to send him to the minors and keep him stretched out as a starter?

    I heart Guzman for my Razzball team!

  84. majortommy says:

    @Tom Reale: While they are at it some other seasons to erase
    JA Happ-2009

  85. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Reale: Hehe

    @majortommy: Joba’s Rules are now to totally screw up his arm.


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