What is up party people? We are back for a brand new edition of points league hotties. Among today’s featured players are guys such as Christopher Morel who has been looking real nice for a bit now. I had hoped he would start the year in the bigs but instead, we were treated to a delayed start. Since his elevation, he has been just smashing bombs. That’s what he can do. I loved him in the preseason, no matter how long ago that was, but I did believe in his talent. I’d really like his strikeouts to come down, but honestly, I don’t think that’s about to happen. Like I said, I really wish he would swing and miss a bit less but we can only work with what we have. And what we have is a hot hand. I don’t know how long he can keep up this pace (spoiler alert, he can’t keep getting away with this all season), but I would very much like him to be on my team.

Nolan Gorman has been the type of guy you’re looking for for a minute now and I am a believer. He has big-time power, something that we have always known but this year he has found a way to turn that up a notch.  I want him and I want him everywhere. He has the pure power to be a big big-time points league star. This is not a fake out.

Paul DeJong has looked like a real fantasy baseball asset. Now there’s a sentence I thought I would never say. Is he good, I don’t think so, but I’m really not sure. But there is no denying the fact that he has been racking up them points. He looks good right now but I don’t think we can’t really count on that. However, his power surge is impossible to ignore.

Michael Conforto may be rediscovering the power stroke he showed us the last time he was truly healthy. He sits at double digits and could find himself with the most homeruns by a Giant in the past few seasons. Granted the number is 30 so it’s not a crazy high bar but it would be enough to move the fantasy needle. As has unfortunately become the case with Conforto, health will be the deciding factor on whether or not he lives up to his potential.

Jake Fraley has appeared in this space before, albeit very briefly, but it’s time to give him his proper due. There’s really no reason he should be this widely available. He has a nice mix of power and speed as well as a more than acceptable batting average. He’s got the tools and he seems to have the playing time.

Esteury Ruiz may be a speed first guy (he leads the league in steals with 26) but that hasn’t stopped him from being incredibly valuable in points league formats. His supporting cast leaves quite a bit to be desired so his opportunities for runs and RBIs will likely be limited. In addition, he won’t be putting the ball out of the yard (1 on the season) but he can smack doubles (13) and has shown a strong batting average. Add that up and we find ourselves with a very nice points league outfielder that can often be acquired for the low low price of the worst player on your roster.

Bryan De La Cruz finally looks like the guy I wanted him to be last season. By that I mean a guy who deserves a roster spot. He can hit for a high average and can chip in some pop but that’s certainly not his strong suit. He’s young enough to believe that he’s starting to figure things out and the breakout is real. Definitely worth a speculative add as a fourth or fifth outfielder.

Seiya Suzuki may have gotten a late start to his season but he’s delivering on his potential now. The power is there, just as we knew it would be when he finally took the field. He’s fun to watch and I’m glad to see him back. The injury bug is a real concern for him but the talent and points are undeniable. I’d grab him while you still can.

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