What is up party people? He is risen. Jordan Walker has finally come to be. Loved him tons in the preseason (as did the whole Razzball crew) and these past two weeks have been heaven. Power was always one of his calling cards and oh boy has it been on full display. Beyond that light tower power is the ability to hit for a strong batting average. League average has fallen to .250 so he’s already way above that at the .274 he’s rocking this season. Just like his power numbers should spike I think that he can boost his batting average up into the .280 or .290 range. Heck, he could even challenge .300 and if that happens… Oh boy, the sky is the limit for him.

Royce Lewis – You know the rule. When he’s healthy he’s great. Season numbers of a .307 batting average and 10 home runs in 163 at bats are pretty darn good. Ride the wave while he’s rolling.

J.P. Crawford – Feels like it’s been ugly for large stretches of the season but the last couple weeks he has really started to come around. Honestly, his season numbers aren’t really that bad, they’re just not great. But back to his past couple weeks. Over that stretch, he has 3 bombs and is batting over .360. Those numbers are darn nice to see and if the Mariners keep up this run that they’re on he should be able to maintain his pace.

Davis Schneider – Need a stopgap guy to in for an injury? Davis could just be your guy for the next week or so until the Jays get some guys back. You can’t complain about his performance, a .390s average and 6 home runs in only 58 at bats. Obviously, not sustainable but it shows the kind of power that he has. That might be enough to force his way into the lineup. Likely just a flash in the pan but worth a roster spot if you need short-term help.

Nolan Jones – Feels like every time he heats up, Bud Black banishes him to the shadow realm known as the bench. Right now he’s hot so it seems like only a matter of time until he is inexplicably sent to ride the pine. We know what he can do, now we wait and hope he is allowed to do it.

Parker Meadows – Love the juice that he can give you. He won’t win any awards for batting average but he does have power and speed. I see more than a few doubles in his future. He’s far from perfect from a points league perspective but he does bring some big value to the table. Maybe Parker Meadows can’t lose.

Novelvi Marte – The Reds sure are full of exciting prospects and Marte is just the latest model. Truth be told, I am very interested in all of them, for this year and beyond. So crash course, Marte is a hot prospect, one of the hottest this season, but he has all the tools to be a star. He either has or will soon have multi-infield eligibility which is a sweet bonus.

Brandon Drury – Last season’s darling has become this season’s afterthought. Alright, maybe not quite an afterthought but he has certainly fallen off from where he was. That sounds rather dramatic and I suppose to an extent it is because last season he was a breakout stud. Granted, the season isn’t over but he’s really not that far off from his numbers last season. The batting average is right in line and if he hits a single home run a week, he will be right at the edge of the 28 he blasted last season. I guess that’s what expectation does to how we feel about a guy and that’s crazy. Or maybe it’s not but either way, Drury has been a perfectly fine guy to have on your roster who can slot in at a variety of positions.

Yoan Moncada – He might be good. Wait what year is it? Talk about a post post post hype sleeper. Seems like yesterday that he was hailed as the next stud at third base. Unfortunately that never quite materialized. Probably just a blip on the radar but his last two weeks have been very strong. Deep leagues take note, he could be your fill-in. I want to buy in on him, I really do, because I love his potential but don’t feel you have to rush out and grab him.

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