Because things are always changing in fantasy baseball, it’s impossible to do a definitive list of the top hundred overall for 2008 or for any year for that matter. Tomorrow, Pujols could announce he’s having his surgery to repair his injured arm and be gone for the season or he could announce that he’s having his arm replaced with an aluminum bat and he moves to number one overall. Nevertheless, here’s my 2008 fantasy baseball top 100 as of right now. (BTW, download Rudy Gamble’s projections for 2008 here.)

1. Alex Rodriguez – Dur. Projections: 120/42/130/15/.305
2. Jose Reyes – Find thirty homers later in the draft. You ain’t finding 70 steals. Projections: 130/14/65/.295/70
3. Matt Holliday – Great hitter + Coors = Fantasy Stud. Projections: 110/40/125/.310/10
4. David Wright – The Mets have a penchant to run. Don’t see Wright slowing down just yet. Projections: 115/34/120/.310/20
5. Hanley Ramirez – I’ve already explained my hesitation for Hanley. Projections: 110/17/85/.295/45
6. Chase Utley – Could he give the Phillies the MVP trifecta this year? I give him 50/50 odds. Projections: 120/32/115/.325/12
7. Johan Santana – I’m not drafting him here, but that’s already been covered. Projections: 21-5/240/2.50/.95
8. Jake Peavy — Weak hitting division, extreme pitching park, ranked #1 as last year’s fantasy player. I’m not drafting him either. (BTW, why are people ranking Peavy so much lower than Santana on their draft cheatsheets? Does everyone really think Santana will win 25 games? He’ll be great, but c’mon. Don’t believe the hype.) Projections: 20-5/230/2.75/1.05
9. Miguel Cabrera – Everything but steals. Projections: 110/37/125/.325/4
10. Prince Fielder – Him and Howard are the only ones with good odds to hit 50. Projections: 115/50/125/.285
11. Ryan Howard – See Fielder, Prince. Projections: 100/50/140/.275
12. Carl Crawford – He’s still young and he can still hit 30 home runs. Projections: 105/25/85/.305/50
13. Grady Sizemore – This is probably my preseason AL MVP. But we’ll get to that. Projections: 120/35/85/.290/30
14. Alfonso Soriano – He’s a Latin 32, but doesn’t seem to be slowing down or losing power. He might have the best preseason shot at 40/40. Projections: 115/35/75/.280/20
15. Jimmy Rollins – He’s not hitting 30 homers again. Projections: 130/22/70/.290/35
16. David Ortiz – Eligibility concerns have me passing on him, but I could understand this pick. Projections: 115/40/120/.310
17. Alexis Rios – This is who I want in every league. I have his projections at 120/32/110/.300/25. Next year he’s a first rounder. Chew on that.
18. Carlos Lee – He’s good every year and he plays. That’s reliability. Projections: 90/35/120/.295/7
19. Vladimir Guerrero – Maybe he can get an aluminum leg from Pujols’s doctor. Projections: 105/32/125/.315/3
20. Mark Teixiera – You can count on certain stats, but that includes sub-par first halfs. Projections: 105/35/115/.300
21. Nick Markakis – I will have him on every team I can. Projections: 100/27/115/.300/20 with the skill set to go way above and beyond these numbers.
22. Ryan Braun – I already told you why not to buy into the hype. Projections: 100/27/105/.280/12
23. B.J. Upton – I don’t see a huge step forward from last year. But 30/30 would still be sweet. Could easily be a 1st round guy next year. Projections: 100/30/85/.280/27
24. Albert Pujols – A high-grade tear in his elbow? A team with nothing to play for. He might not see July. Projections: 55/22/70/.330/2 and he hangs them up by July 4th.
25. Ichiro Suzuki – He’ll be batting .330 in September and I’ll still be glad I didn’t draft him. You don’t have to turn your average to eleven. Projections: 110/10/65/.330/45
26. Carlos Beltran – Is it me or is this round filled with landmines? Projections: 100/27/110/.270/18
27. Lance Berkman – A lock for 90/35/110/.280.
28. C.C. Sabathia – It’s let’s start a pitching run. Projections: 20-9/210/3.40/1.15
29. Brandon Webb – Easily could be in the top ten at the end of the year. Projections: 19-7/190/3.10/1.20
30. Erik Bedard – I give you permission to now draft a starter, if you really must. Projections: 16-9/230/3.30/1.10
31. Aramis Ramirez – Last year’s numbers aren’t indicative of ’08. Projections: 95/37/120/.305
32. Troy Tulowitzki – The Polish are hard workers. I expect Tulo to make his people proud. Projections: 115/25/80/.280/10
33. Adam Dunn – I love guys that are guaranteed 40 homers. They give you runs, RBIs and home runs. BTW, Dunn’s only 28. Projections: 100/45/110/.265/7
34. Travis Hafner – I’m probably the only ‘pert ranking Pronk this high, but I think this is the year he puts everything together. He’d be higher if he had some eligibility somewhere. Projections: 100/40/110/.300
35. Jonathan Papelbon – This is where you should draft him if you want him. I don’t. But I do think he’ll be spectacular. Projections: 5-0/90/1.10/.75/45 saves
36. Robinson Cano – My third 2nd basemen off the board. Fark you, Phillips. Projections: 100/25/100/.295/3
37. Derrek Lee – As Rudy Gamble is prone to say, fifteen steals easily turns into five when your game isn’t stealing bases. Projections: 110/30/115/.290/5
38. Garrett Atkins – Third base sure be deep. Projections: 85/34/115/.300
39. Curtis Granderson – Too rich for my blood. I’m out of the Granderson pot. Projections: 115/27/85/.280/25
40. Victor Martinez – I’m taking Cralos Ruiz in the 18th round, not V-Mart in the third or fourth. Projections: 75/25/115/.300
41. Derek Jeter – Girls draft Jeter. Don’t be a girl. Projections: 110/15/70/.315/15
42. Miguel Tejada – He tore up the winter leagues and he’s pissed off because he’s pissing clean. Projections: 90/25/100/.290/3
43. Cole Hamels – The first pitcher I could conceivably draft. Here’s what I said in January, “The future has arrived for the Phillies ace. If he stays away from injury, he battles Peavy for the Cy Young. Not sure how early I’m going to draft him, but he’ll be on one of my ’08 teams.” You see that wisdom there. But then Santana came to the NL. So, sue me, Hamels now comes in third in the Cy Young voting. Projections: 20-7/210/3.20/1.10
44. Aaron Harang – The second pitcher I could conceivably draft. Projections: 17-10/220/3.75/1.15
45. Joe Nathan – If Papelbon’s selection didn’t start a closer run, I suppose here’s a good place to look. I won’t be picking a closer until the second tier. Projections: 6-1/80/1.90/1.00/40 saves
46. J.J. Putz – Very solid number one closer for any team, except for one of mine. Projections: 4-2/80/2.00/.90/40 saves
47. Brandon Phillips – I thought about dropping him into the fifties to prove how much I want you to avoid him. Projections: 80/19/75/.240/25 and is benched in July because his slump is “all in his head.”
48. Brian Roberts – Okay, here’s the problem. One year twenty homers, one year 4. Career average of 29 steals, last year 50. In fantasy baseball, inconsistency breeds contempt. Projections: 105/10/55/.290/30
49. Alex Gordon – I love Gordon this year. Projections: 80/25/90/.280/20
50. Bobby Abreu – Everyone loves Granderson. How about you draft someone that is guaranteeing you good numbers? Projections: 120/15/110/.310/20
51. Torii Hunter – Double I is about as consistent as a 25/20 man can get. Projections: 85/25/100/.275/20
52. Corey Hart – Here’s what I said in January, “He ran like a demonfish in the first half (mostly against righties) and kept consistent power and average throughout. As much as I feel weird saying it, I think Mr. Hart is here to stay. His OBP against righties is kinda icky, but you know who else is like that, Double I. That’s right, Corey Hart is the white man Torii Hunter.” So it’s only fitting they’re next to each other in the rankings. Projections: 95/22/75/.280/25
53. Justin Morneau – Don’t think he walks enough to ever come close to another MVP. Projections: 90/32/105/.275
54. Dan Haren – He’s a bit prone to the home run ball and the move to a more hitter’s friendly park doesn’t help, but all this is negated by weaker offenses in the NL. Draft with confidence. Projections: 17-9/210/3.60/1.20
55. Manny Ramirez – I’m not high on Manny, but come on, he’s still kind of a hitting savant. Projections: 85/32/105/.315
56. Ian Kinsler – I kinda wanna have Kinsler’s babies. Projections: 110/25/70/.270/25
57. Eric Byrnes – Take Shane Victorino thirty spots later. You’re welcome. Projections: 90/20/75/.270/20
58. Chone Figgins – I already explained I don’t draft steals after Reyes. Projections: 105/5/60/.290/45
59. Magglio Ordonez – Here’s what I wrote in January, “Saw something the other day about Mags. It said he won his 1st batting title in ’07. Thought it was weird it said “1st” as if he’s going to win a second.” Projections: 100/30/110/.300
60. Russell Martin – I had to list another catcher eventually, though you should be warned. He’s not going to steal 20 bases this year. Can’t you just draft Carlos Ruiz fifteen rounds later and grab Michael Bourn to get you some steals? Geez, and I thought I was difficult. Projections: 85/20/90/.290/15
61. Francisco Rodriguez – I won’t draft a closer this high, but I will say if I were, I would not be drafting K-Rod. He’s the only top tier closer that worries me. Projections: 6-2/90/3.00/1.25/45 saves
62. Mariano Rivera – I’d rather you started a website then draft Rivera, but you do what you do. Projections: 5-2/70/2.75/1.10/40 saves
63. Adrian Gonzalez – I can’t fathom anyone hitting 40 homers in Petco, but he might get to 35. Projections: 90/33/105/.280
64. Paul Konerko – My man Paulie is dropping off draftsheets. Did he screw someone’s Moms and I didn’t hear about it? Projections: 90/35/110/.275
65. Hunter Pence – You’re drunk if you think I’m drafting him, but, ya know, he’s gotta fit in somewhere. Projections: 95/22/75/.290/17
66. Chipper Jones – Yes, he’ll only play in 120 games, but you can make moves in your league to fill in people, right? Projections: 85/25/85/.315/5
67. John Lackey – It’s not that I don’t like him because I think he’s probably going to be my preseason AL Cy Young pick, but I just don’t like AL starters. Projections: 20-5/180/3.00/1.20
68. Justin Verlander – Might be the only American League starter I’ll consider drafting. Projections: 19-7/200/3.75/1.20
69. Rafael Furcal – I would actually consider taking Raffy because his last year made him a bit of a bargain this year. Projections: 110/15/65/.285/35
70. Gary Sheffield – You need some ‘tude on your team. Projections: 90/25/80/15/.285
71. Carlos Pena – I’m predicting he’ll make fantasy owners miserable this year. Projections: 85/22/80/.260 and he falls into a platoon.
72. Josh Beckett – I was down on this schmohawk before the tender back. Now? Not with a ten foot pole. Projections: 18-9/190/3.90/1.20
73. Edwin Encarncion – I’m wild about Edwin even if he’s a total jerkoff. Projections: 75/25/85/.275/15
74. Delmon Young – I stay away from 2nd year players when possible. Delmon’s one guy I’m considering. Projections: 70/20/100/.285/15
75. John Smoltz – He seems like he’s almost as nice a guy as Vernon Wells, right? (BTW, if you need me to tell you about Smoltz, you’ve been in an Afghani cave for too long.) Projections: 16-7/160/3.75/1.22
76. Carlos Guillen – I think he might be the biggest overpriced piece of garbage since Morneau last year. Projections: 95/15/75/.300/8
77. Ryan Zimmerman – And here’s where I pass. Wrist surgery and people are drafting him like it means nothing. Projections: 90/18/90/.275/5
78. Hideki Matsui – Godzilla loves porn and I don’t mind him. So there’s that. Projections: 105/25/100/.295
79. Roy Oswalt – Ks are trending the wrong way, but he’s still very reliable. Take a middle reliever to offset the Ks. Projections: 15-7/150/3.60/1.22
80. Todd Helton – He’s getting to the point where he’s undervalued. Let’s be realistic for a second. He’s not getting you 40 homers anymore, but what he does give you is not dreadful. Projections: 90/15/90/.315
81. Chris “No B” Young – A tall pitcher with back issues concerns me, but I’d take his 22 starts over some guys 32. Projections: 15-5/160/3.00/1.10 and he only pitches in a 150 innings.
82. Carlos Zambrano – In my opinion, any guy that does what he did to Barrett you have to like. Projections: 18-7/210/3.60/1.30
83. John Maine – I love Maine this year. And not just for their lobster – oofa! I will have Maine on at least one team. You should too. Projections: 18-9/210/3.60/1.20
84. Rickie Weeks – This question still lingers, if Clint Barmes, Rocco Baldelli and Rickie Weeks board your cross-country flight, do you get off? Projections: 85/15/50/.260/22
85. Jeff Kent – At some point he’s going to get old, I think it’s coming soon. Act accordingly. Projections: 80/22/90/.300
86. Mike Lowell – His luck with runners on last year was a collision of good fortune and stoopid good fortune. Projections: 75/20/105/.280/3
87. Shane VictorinoI love Victorino. If I were a 300 lb. Hawaiian woman, Victorino and I would be living off the coast of Oahu. Projections: 115/15/60/.280/40
88. Vernon Wells – O, Vernon. Don’t suck this year. Projections: 90/30/90/.280/7
89. Jeff Francoeur – Do you think if Frenchy were popular in 2001 he would have went by Freedom? Projections: 85/25/110/.280/5
90. Chris B. Young – Krispie will frustrate for extended periods of time with swings and misses. Projections: 90/25/70/.245/32
91. Jhonny Peralta – The only thing I don’t like about Peralta this year is the spelling of his first name. He’s a big buh-Buy. Projections: 85/32/105/.270/3
92. Brian McCann – He’s the last catcher of the top one hundred (eff Mauer) so this will be the last time I tell you to draft Carlos Ruiz in the 18th round. Projections: 75/25/105/.285
93. Andruw Jones – Ok, I’m aware he reported to camp looking like Umaga. But he can’t be over the hill yet, can he? Projections: 85/32/110/.250
94. Mike Jacobs – The Marlins will give the Nats a run for most unwatchable team, though I do like Jacobs’s upside. Projections: 70/30/95/.285
95. Jim Thome – You can set your watch to his stats. Projections: 70/30/90/.265
96. Ryan Garko – Garko’s getting overlooked in the drafts I’ve seen. Watch him jump up to the fourth round next year. Projections: 75/27/90/.285
97. Josh Hamilton – Hamilton gets high on life! Projections: 70/27/80/.300/5
98. Brad Hawpe – Here’s what I said in January, “Hawpe will be sensational this year and not hit lefties. He sported a .418 OBP last year against righties. Grab Spilborghs for next to nothing and platoon them yourself, cause Spilborghs had a .426 OBP against lefties. Hawpe/Spilborghs combo projections: 105/35/110/.300/5.” I stand by that.
99. Nick Swisher – He’s pretty. Projections: 95/30/100/.275
100. James Shields – His year end numbers will blow away Kazmir’s. Projections: 14-6/185/3.75/1.10
101. Rich Hill – No top hundred list is complete without a 101st pick. Projections: 18-7/200/3.60/1.15
102. Kelly Johnson – Ok, last one, but only because I hate the way people are passing by Kelly Johnson. Look at these projections: 85/17/65/.275/12, there’s a fifty percent chance those will be better than Rickie Weeks. (BTW, as for the Weeks question above, I get off the plane. You?)

  1. Razz,

    You really did your homework! I am an avid baseball fan for more than 40 years. Die-hard Yankees fan being from NYC.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    Thanks, blogzilla. Hey, maybe that’s Matsui’s online alias?

    I’m a Yankee fan, as well. But haven’t really liked them since ’98. They make it hard throwing cash at people. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    Thanks, Eric.

    For whatever reason I like second year players that don’t play well in their first year. Weird quirk of mine. Hence, Pence. Also, Gordon’s pushed up and Braun’s pushed down. Otherwise, I agree with you; I did do a tremendous job.

  4. Carl says:

    Hi Grey,

    I just found your site last week and I love it. Great list here. Quickly, I would like to hear your thoughts on my dilemma. I’m in a NL-only Keeper league and draft last out of 9 managers. I traded my 2nd round pick and Gallardo for Fielder and his 4th (a steal if you ask me). I kept Howard, Fielder, Chris B. Young, Kemp and Loney. Now of the first 26 players that will be chosen I would have only drafted 1 at that point so I have to make it count. Do you recommend for my first pick I go after the top pitcher (could be Webb, Smoltz, Zambrano, Young), keep packing on the power (Dunn maybe? and go for younger pitchers with upside later in the draft?), go for a power/speed guy (Hart?) or go for a player at a scarce position (Tejada, Furcal, Weeks). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks Grey. Keep up the good work!

  5. Carl says:

    To add, Beltran might fall to me at 9 too, but his knees looks more brittle this year than my mother in law’s whole wheat muffins. Is he worth taking coming off surgery on both knees? Thanks.

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    First off, thanks.

    “I traded my 2nd round pick and Gallardo for Fielder and his 4th (a steal if you ask me).” Um, steal? Yeah, I’d say. Heffin’ hey, how did you pull this trade off? With a roofie and a prostitute?

    Anyway, Webb’s the only choice here. It’s like you already have a first rounder (Fielder) and a 2nd rounder (Howard) and a great 7th or 8th round outfield (Kemp/Young). You’re moving into the third round now, and you can grab Webb. After that grab some middle infielder, preferably a Furcal or Kinsler. From there, I’d say right back to a pitcher, but at that point you have to see what is falling to you, and what others are doing. Good luck, and let me know if you need anything else.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    BTW, stay away from Beltran at that point.

  8. Carl says:


    Thanks for the input Grey. As for the Gallardo-Fielder trade I have to admit I had to change my Fruit of the Looms when he offered it to me. The problem is we have a $75 cap according to the mixed league salaries on (even though we’re NL-Only) and he’s a big M-E-T-S fan and has Reyes and Wright already chewing up $67 and needed to protect 3 more. With Fielder at $17 he was going to lose him…so he got Gallardo from me who’s listed at $1.

    As for my situation, I heard through the grape vine that Webb will be taken at 5th overall so there goes my chance at him. I completed a deal today and got back my 2nd round pick so I now have the 9th and 10th pick overall again. I was thinking about getting 2 bats at scarce positions, one of them being Furcal (Tejada the other, or Weeks) I have my 3rd and 4th round picks back to back, as well as another 4th round pick via a trade. With those 3 picks I’m thinking about grabbing the top 3 SP available. Or would you go with 2 SP and 1 Closer? I appreciate your thoughts, thanks again Grey.

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    I like Furcal and Tejada, but where’s Santana? If this is NL-only, how is he gone already? Is Furcal and Tejada the best ones available? (I don’t like Weeks over either, btw.) I’d go with SPs with those other picks in an NL-only. In my NL-only, you can compete with one crashoot (Lidge) and one decent guy (Isringhausen). You don’t need heavyweights in an NL-only to get 7 to 8 points.

  10. Carl says:

    I didn’t mention Santana because he will be the first overall pick seeing as he came over to the NL in the offseason and this will be the first time he will be acquired by anyone so he’s moot.

    As for middle infielders with a lick of talent, Furcal and Tejada are the best ones available I believe. You can imagine all the ones that are protected (Reyes, Rollins, Hanley, Phillips, Utley, Tulo, Hardy, Johnson). Only notables left are Furcal, Tejada, Weeks, Uggla, Greene, Kent, Drew, Hudson. Should I grab Uggla with with one of my first two picks seeing how much more thin 2B is compared to SS? Can he repeat the 31 bombs with out Miguel? Thanks Grey.

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    Gotcha. Then Tejada and Furcal are the two right choices. Uggla may hit 31 homers, but he’s liable to hit .250, as well. I prefer Tejada at 25 home runs and .290 anyway. Let me know how it goes.

  12. Steve says:

    Great post. I managed to get Howard, Crawford, Rios and Markakis and Atkins from your top 40 in my 12-team H2H draft – so be more than happy if they match your projections…

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    Steve — Awesome, that sounds like a really solid five. Post the rest of your team if you want. Let’s see it.

    Jay — You cocky bastard.

  14. Steve says:

    OK here it is. Couple of things – as I said it is 12-team H2H that is 5 x 5 plus OBP and Holds. And I’m using Patrick from Fantasy Babesball Generals strategy of using NO starting pitching (unless I have to). Which (kind of) explains why I drafted Bell and Broxton so high. Also – BJ Upton got drafted right in front of me in round 3 (where I was hoping A-Ram would be available) so took Rios and reached slightly for Atkins. I also wanted Tejada in the 7th but he went about 3 picks before mine. Think Renteria in the 15th is good value though. The last two picks are to fill my SP slots with MRs- no other reason! Although it did mean I couldn’t grab Billy Butler…

    1. (11) Ryan Howard 1B
    2. (14) Carl Crawford LF
    3. (35) Álex Ríos CF,RF
    4. (38) Garrett Atkins 1B,3B
    5. (59) Nick Markakis RF
    6. (62) Takashi Saito RP
    7. (83) Brad Hawpe RF
    8. (86) Mariano Rivera RP
    9. (107) Jorge Posada C
    10. (110) Huston Street RP
    11. (131) Heath Bell RP
    12. (134) Jonathan Broxton RP
    13. (155) Andruw Jones CF
    14. (158) Jason Isringhausen RP
    15. (179) Édgar Rentería SS
    16. (182) Kelly Johnson 2B
    17. (203) Scot Shields RP
    18. (206) Lastings Milledge LF,CF,RF
    19. (227) Pat Neshek RP
    20. (230) Ty Wigginton 1B,2B,3B
    21. (251) Adam Jones LF
    22. (254) Michael Bourn LF,CF
    23. (275) Jorge Sosa SP,RP
    24. (278) Kevin Correia SP,RP

  15. Carl says:

    Grey what about 2nd base…should I just go after a 3rd tier guy like Hudson or Durham in the later rounds? Looking at everyone’s keepers which were due today I could really get screwed if I don’t take a SP with 1 of my first picks now that I think about it. Once guys like Webb, Harang, Zambrano, Young and Haren are gone, there won’t be much to pick at in terms of strikeouts and Wins. Do you agree?

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    Thanks for sharing your team.

    First, for H2H, heffin’ hey, your team is solid. Great offensive balance all the way down to 16th round. After that, you got guys with great offensive upside late (Milledge/Jones). It sounds like you know this already, but I think you reached on Bell, unless there were others grabbing MRs. I probably would have went Betancourt, Fuentes or Rodney instead, unless they were gone. Shields has a good track record, obviously last year wasn’t stellar and Sosa and Correia are kinda throwaway picks. Wouldn’t be surprised if you drop them by April 15th for better waiver pickups. But, yeah, overall well played.

  17. hey steve –
    nice team. i’ve read patrick’s H2H posts and he’s got some great insights. i think you got some great value w/ a lot of picks. of note: markakis, posada, kelly johnson, bourn, and wigginton.

    i do think starting pitching should be de-emphasized in H2H but I still think you should have a few in your back pocket for when it makes sense in match-ups.

    aside from wins and K’s, i think your team proves to be a tough match-up. maybe you’re a bit weak on AVG but that’s a bit of a crapshoot anyway.

    good luck!

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    Carl — Take a starter if you feel you have to.

    Hudson and Durham are just okay. Durham’s playing well in spring training, but I think the Giants have to start thinking about the future soon, right? Hudson’s not really strong in any category except runs. So why not take Castillo then? If I were you, I’d take a flier on Yunel, Iguchi, Matsui (who’s injured already but they say it’s not serious) or even Felipe Lopez (they’re talking about Guzman. I can’t see that lasting.) These are all late fliers if you can get them.

  19. Steve says:

    Grey, Rudy – thanks for the input. I’ve really only latched on to the blog-style Fantasy sites (partic those that stress stats/sabermetrics over hype!) this year and have been really impressed by the way you guys dispense opinions and advice with intelligence and humour. Leaves other ‘bigger’ sites for dead.

    Yeah – Bell was a bit of a reach. The three you all mentioned were all there and no one else was really grabbing MRs! In fact Betancourt was next on the hit list but got taken just before me (so did Joba) and Andruw in the 13th seemed to good to turn down.

    I guess I felt that I had the bulk of my offence nailed by then and I was pretty confident that the guys I wanted late (Milledge, Jones + my 2B and SS) would be there for me so I didn’t feel so bad going a little MR-crazy. A great holds guy always materialises (that’s how I got Bell last year) so I will be watching for one of those.

    I’ll need some SPs at some stage no doubt, but I’ll just grab as I need. Thanks again for the comments!

  20. Steve says:

    Grey – just out of interest, what is your thinking in a preference for Rodney, Fuentes or Betancourt? Is it that they are the most likely MRs to turn into closers?

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    Steve — Yeah, and their track record. Bell came out of nowhere with that season last year.

  22. Steve says:

    Rodney is available – you think I should grab him instead of, say, Shields (although Sport Fanatics project him to be one of the top three “holds-getters”)? I think I should keep Bell now that I’ve reached for him. He’s also a closer-in-waiting and on a team that has traditionally produced MRs that get plenty of holds.

    Peter Moylan, Henry Owens and Rafael Perez are also there…

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    Holds is pretty unpredictable. I looked at Sports Fanatics hold list. Maybe I missed it, but where are these projections coming from?

    Anyway, I’d hold (pun intended) onto the guys you have. Rodney looks like he’s going to open the season on the DL and with the unpredictable nature of holds, you got what you got and you can always jump on a hot middle man in April. Keep an eye on Perez though, I used him to great effect last year.

  24. Steve says:

    Thanks, Grey. Just had another look myself and can’t see where those projections are coming from. I’m happy, though, to stick with what I have. Do you know of any starters who are likely to start the year in the pen as MRs?

  25. Steve says:

    Perfect. It is time for me to start doing some of the work! Many thanks.

  26. What are the positions in your league? Is it 3 OF or 5? How many pitchers?

  27. Get Figgy With It says:




  28. mike says:

    Hafner, Gagne for Vlad Guerrero…… gotta do it if your getting Vlad… no?

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mike: Yeah, you gotta do that trade. Nice move.

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