You click the button.


You’ve made your pick. You feel energized, confident. You look over. Your queue is proud and strong.

I’ve got this.

Nothing can tear you down. You’ve done your research, crossed your Ts, and dotted your I’s.

Until… The next pick. One player taken from your queue is no big deal, right? You’ve still got… Ding. Ding. Ding. And just like that, your best-laid plans have vanished.

My good do these scrubs read Razzball, too?

You panic as you search the top available picks left. All your targeted prospects, all your value veterans, all hope… Gone in a flash. Even Hedbert!

 Jeff Mathis is next on the top available? Is he even in the league anymore?!

Nobody knows if Jeff Mathis is in the league anymore, son. Nobody knows and that okay because you’re not drafting him. It’s time to put your back against the sandbags, put on your helmet, and bunker down, maggot.


Let’s get to it then, shall we? First up on the docket for today’s emergency picks is 2B/3B/SS Osleivis Basabe (awesome name, huh?).

The 20 year-old Venezuelan infielder came over to the Rays in the Nate Lowe trade with the Rangers along with C Heriberto Hernandez and RF Alexander Ovalles (who are some very interesting prospects in their own right).

Can the Rays save some versatile multi-position infielders for the rest of us?

In his short playing career, one professional season in the DOSL and two seasons at the single-A level with the Rangers, Basabe has hit for a .339 AVG in 490 stops at the plate with some flashes of speed with 20 stolen bases… though he did get caught for 8. Basabe is certainly not a power guy, only putting up 2 homers in his entire career and doesn’t show any signs of developing any but he’s got a lot of discipline and vision at the plate with a rockin’ 10% K rate at his highest level.

The upside you’re looking for with Basabe is that he develops into an everyday top of the lineup hitter with multi-position eligibility. He’s no Wander Franco but if you wanted to find Wander Franco in the 500th round, I have a bridge to sell you in The Town With No Bridges, WI (I’ll cut you a nice deal on it too!). Then again… you never know do you?

Next up on our beautiful journey to the ends of benches is RHP Jose Martinez.

Martinez was signed as a free-agent out of Caracas, Venezuela by the Dodgers at the tender age of 16 and has been hanging around in the rookie and single-A level since before being promoted to the AAA roster this season. In time thus far in the minors, Martinez has posted a solid 3.05 ERA in 215.1 IP with a pretty nice 189 Ks. Martinez is not a flamethrower, he’s got a pretty underwhelming fastball but the guy has got a clean change-up and his command is relatively solid with only 48 career walks.

He’s the type of pitcher that’s absolutely necessary for a team to have on their burner, he can go deep into a game, can put balls on knees, and can draw weak contact. With a year facing higher-level talent at the AAA level, we could see a further evolution out of Martinez if he can improve his slider and continue to hone in on his change-up but at his floor he’s a slightly above-average innings eater that can provide a decent chunk of strikeouts.

What do you expect, huh? This is No Man’s Land. You’re not here for big numbers and “fun”, soldier. We’re looking for the least hurt-y looking part of the barbed wire to grab onto. And you better hold on for dear life, baby!