Up, down, over, around, The Touki Toussaint Carousel spins around. I can’t quite recall a player in recent years who’s had such a tumultuous start to their careers. Good news is, he’s up again. Can it be trusted is the question. We dive deep into Touki as our 2019 Video Draft Guide continues.



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  1. Bterry says:

    I like touki more than most. I have him on two NFBC squads where I grabbed him between picks 200-250. Anyone with a big arm and a whipeout split is worth a shot there to me. If he finds control he could be a difference maker. Nothing is showing me he will but it wouldn’t be the first time a big arm guy finds control from nowhere.

  2. Dr p says:

    Soroka and Wilson are both better imho

  3. Harley Earl says:

    Touki rhymes with dookie.

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