Jason Bay has a strained intercostal, which is the highway that runs along Florida’s coast.  Specifically, by Palm Beach where people are old and this strained whatever-the-shizz-is happens.  If you were counting on a bounce back from J-Bay, you might want to count to yourself so you don’t annoy your cubicle neighbor.  (Neighboricle?  Who might’ve also been the person who lived next to that nice black lady in The Matrix.)  These injuries tend to linger — see Braun, Ryan for further reading — and Bay already had Metco and age to deal with.  I’m not optimistic about him being at full strength until May and even then I have my doubts about how much we’re gonna see from him.  Rudy and I are betting Scott Hairston sees time in our deep leagues, but Duda could, as well.  Though I wouldn’t Camptown Race to pick him up.  Anyway, here’s what else is going on in fantasy baseball:

Edwin Encarnacion – Will start at 3rd base with Bautista moving to the outfield.  Encarnacion is a Latin 28, and I have little faith in him hitting over .260 but he could hit 25 homers with everyday ABs.  The only problem he seems to ever have is staying healthy.  The way randoms come out of the woodwork to hit bombs in Toronto every year, I wouldn’t be surprised if this year it’s Edwin’s turn.  Not saying he’s going to hit 50 homers like some schmohawk, but if he hit 30 homers in 500 ABs it wouldn’t surprise me.

Brian Wilson – Will miss a week.  O, Sergio Romo, will see saves in his stead, man.  For those who found us Googling “O + Steadman” — you’re at the totally wrong site and your spelling is off.

Juan Rivera – Hotel and Casino gets hurt a little with Bautista moving to right field.  Rivera should see time at DH, but I imagine Lind, Snider or Arencibia could also see some time at DH.  Frankly, that team has 7 of one player, then 2 of another player (Pods, Rajai).

Ian Stewart – Sounds like Stewart will open the season on DL.  Or if Sean Connery is reading this, “Ee-yan Shtewart is hurting.  Wigginshton is the man now, dog.”

Mark Trumbo – The Sciosciapath said Trumbo won’t be an everyday player.  I’d still own him in most leagues if you have room on your bench.  It’s worth a few day flyer to see if he hits his way into the everyday lineup.  By next Monday, you drop him if he’s not doing anything.  No harm, no foul.

Stephen Drew – Had an MRI for abdominal pain, might land on the DL.  Did you know Grey can’t have an MRI because he has metal plates in his head from one of the few amusing anecdotes that didn’t make it into the (e)book?  Did you also know Grey likes to talk about himself in third person?

Mike Napoli – I might put a moratorium on Napoli questions.  He isn’t going to start every day this year.  He hasn’t started the last three years and he has 20 homers in each season.  That’s why there’s the Ron Popeil School of Catcher Management.  You set him and you forget him.

J.A. Happ – Out with an oblique injury.  Vague!  You shouldn’t have owned him anyway so maybe that pressure is why he got hurt.  You better send him a Get Well card.

Jarrod Dyson – Backup/bench option for the Royals that could have value because of his speed — SAGNOF! — if the Royals are hit by injuries.  See, Dyson is specially engineered for speed.  Most runners move only one leg at a time when they run but Jarrod Dyson moves both in a centrifugal motion that reduces friction and removes all the dirt from the infield.

Brad Lidge – Out with a partially torn rotator cuff.  He’s saying back by June, wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him until August.  Madson is a Cuddle Boy, and Charlie Manuel don’t like no Cuddle Boys, so he’s saying Contreras will close.  I really don’t think it’s going to be this clear cut.  Madson will get some saves, but for now Contreras is the main pick up.

Drew Storen – Has all but lost the Nats closer job, but, since Sean Burnett is the favorite for saves, I wouldn’t drop Storen.

Ronny Paulino – May hit the DL with stomach issues.  Hey, now the Yanks and Mets both have colon problems.

  1. Carl Spackler says:

    better bet for saves Farnsworth or Burnett?

  2. DrEasy says:

    Aaaah, much better than my “Dyson sucks” joke.

  3. chata says:

    the only way that you could have known that old song is if your family sang in the car , when going on vacations .

  4. Grey — I already have Morneau and Smoak at 1B but am integued by Trombo. Is he worth a flier even with two 1B already on the roster? I’d drop either Cantu (I’m hoping for another hot April from him) or Casilla (I’m hoping for a couple of saves while Wilson is out).

    This is a 20-team roto league, no keepers.

  5. Chris Rite says:


    Just drafted, 6×6 (add total bases and quality starts) 8 team H2H money league: ( I asked you about this yesterday but this is how the draft actually came out, thoughts?)

    C- Joe Mauer (Fell to 54, had to take him)
    1B- Miguel Cabrera
    2B- Dustin Pedroia
    SS- Nishioka
    3B- Mark Reynolds
    CI- Mark Teixeria
    MI- Brian Roberts
    OF- Andre Eitheir
    OF- Chris Young
    OF- Nick Markakis
    OF- Curtis Granderson
    OF- Adam Lind
    UTL- Prince Fielder
    UTL- Adam Dunn

    I feel a little weak in runs but then again i have a couple possible 100 run guys in Cabrera, Teix, Pedroia, etc. Do i need to trade for more runs?

    SP- Billingsley, Wandy
    P- Dempster, Sanchez, Lilly, Perez, Thornton
    RP- Marmol, Soria, Perez, Thornton
    BN- Kennedy, De La Rosa, Lackey, Lewis, Meyers

    My strategy was to dominate HR’s, RBI’s, Total Bases, and Runs while ignoring but not punting average and punting steals.

    For pitching i will use my 5 streams per week, and my bench of pitchers to win Wins, K’s, and QS’s while using 4 good to elite closers to nail down saves.

    Winning 8-4 every week and occasionally winning average.

    Did i pull it off?

  6. adam says:

    Who would your rather roster? Mitch Moreland, Tyler Colvin or Will Venable?

  7. William says:

    @Grey: Thoughts on Erik Bedard for 2011? Is he worth a flier over Jonathan Niese, Brandon Beachy, or Dice-K?

  8. Steve Jeltz says:

    I added Bay late in my draft and now I’m thinking dump him and add Venable. Good move?

  9. famous anus says:

    @william i’d say beachy is multiple tiers above that crew in terms of upside fliers

    @grey, do you think mcgee closes for the rays or will maddon find a way to screw another young player out of PT?

  10. Clyde Prompto says:

    Mike Scioscia would have platooned Ken Griffey Jr. until he “paid his dues” for at least 5 seasons. What an ass. Why yes, I did just draft Trumbo in an auction league, why do you ask?

  11. Salty Balty says:

    Would you pick up Z. Braddock as your 5th reliever or Ty Wigginton as your backup 1b/2b?

  12. I-man says:

    @Grey, @All – All thoughts are welcome on this team. 10 team H2H with OPS and QS. I felt like I got the ’05 All Stars on the cheap, but how worried should I be about the back end of my hitting? Thanks in advance.

    C- Jorge Posada (19)
    1B- Joey Votto (1)
    2B- Brandon Philips (4)
    3B- David Wright (2)
    SS- Elvis Andrus (8)
    OF- McCutchen (3), Pence (5), Granderson (11)
    UTIL – Justin Morneau (6), Vlad Guerrero (14)
    Bench – Manny Ramirez (17)

    SP – Liriano (7), Haren (10), C-Bill$ (12), Gio Gonzalez (13), Tim Hudson (15), Daniel Hudson (18), Edinson Volquez (20), Ian Kennedy (22), Jordan Zimmermann (23)
    RP- Joakim Soria (9), Craig Kimbrel (16), Leo Nunez (21)

  13. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Need to become a save vulture. Who is your most stable pick for the most saves right now with future opportunities considered as well?

    Jonny Venters
    (Atl – RP)

    Koji Uehara
    (Bal – RP)

    Kyle Farnsworth
    (TB – RP)

    Jon Rauch
    (Tor – RP)

    Matt Capps
    (Tor – RP)

    Also, who do you like as a new starter to fill a DL spot?
    Nolasco, Floyd, Cueto, Jurrjens, Lackey, CJ Wilson, D. Holland or Beachy?

  14. Black Beard says:

    Worth dropping a Farnsworth or a Chapman for a Burnett?

  15. Stinky Cheese Man says:

    Brignac or Sean Rodriguez?

  16. Dickie Thon's Hairy Forearms says:

    Grey, (and anyone else that wants to chime in) Final roster decisions, who’s more valuable to have on a roster (head to head points league):

    Daric Barton or Brandon Belt or Mark Trumbo
    Jed Lowrie or (any of the above three)
    Chris Johnson or Jose Lopez
    Johnny Cueto or Javier Vazquez/Erik Bedard/Jorge De La Rosa/Tim Stauffer/Kyle McClellan/Michael Pineda

  17. 101 MPH says:

    I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner two years ago, the top of the line (purple) one. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but I was sick of buying $200 vacuum cleaners every five years that (ironically) didn’t suck. The Dyson is the best damned vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned, and I don’t care if James Dyson looks like some Eurotrash Sting wannabe.

    Stephen Drew’s MRI came back negative. He’ll probably still go on the D.L. because neither he nor his sick-time abusing brother could play through a cold sore, let alone a legitimate injury. This bothers me because, as a scarcity play I kept that delicate little flower for $11 in my 14 team mixed league. At least I’m not surprised.

    On a final note, Grey, I drafted in a ten team mixed league with a strategy based on the lessons I’ve (hopefully) learned from Razzball. The draft started in the 6th round, with owners keeping their top five players. Here’s how it all played out:

    C) Kurt Suzuki (round #21)
    1B) Adrian Gonzalez (kept)
    2B) Dan Uggla (kept)
    SS) Jimmy Rollins (round #7)
    3B) David Wright (kept)
    OF) Matt Kemp (kept)
    OF) Jacoby Ellsbury (round #6)
    OF) Adam Lind (round #12)
    OF) Travis Snider (round #18)
    Util) Ryan Zimmerman (kept)

    SP) Francisco Liriano (round #8)
    SP) Max Scherzer (round #9)
    SP) Chad Billingsley (round #10)
    SP) Daniel Hudson (round #11)
    SP) Ricky Nolasco (round #14)

    RP) Chris Perez (round #13)
    RP) Jonathon Broxton (round #15)

    B) Jordan Zimmerman (round #17)
    B) Neil Walker (round #19)
    B) Adam Jones (round #21)
    B) Joel Hanrahan (round #20)
    B) Brandon Beachy (round #22)
    B) Adam Jones (round #23)
    B) Michael Penada (round #24)

    I’d appreciate it if you could critique this, and let me know how it might have veered from your drafting strategies.

    Thanks for everything!

  18. Wilsonian says:

    2 things…

    1) Dyson helped me win my H2H league last year with his late season SAGNOF! So he’ll always have a place in my heart.

    2) Would you snag Burnett over Romo, since his O Steadman might only be a week and Burnett’s might be a wee bit longer?

  19. KyleJames says:

    Just drafted in my 8 team AL only league (H2H standard 5×5 cats)
    Here is how my team turned out:
    C. JP Arencibia
    1B Miggy
    2B Hill
    SS Peralta
    3B Bautista
    MI SeanRod
    CI Moreland
    OF Luke Scott
    OF Shin-Soo Choo
    OF Adam Jones
    OF Michael Brantley
    UTIL Thome
    Bench Alex Gordon
    SP Haren
    SP Morrow
    SP Lewis
    RP Feliz
    RP McGee
    RP Capps
    RP Walden
    RP Wuertz
    P Matusz
    Bench Danks
    Bench Buehlre

    For anyone- Standard what do you think of the team, weaknesses/strengths/general thoughts

    Also Burbon and Drew were just dropped and placed on Waivers, should I drop any of these players to pick either of them up?

  20. xopchipili says:

    My ex and I got in a fight over a Dyson vacuum cleaner once. She insisted that it worked by disintergrating dirt. Like, the dust particles would literally dematerialize. I countered with some thermodynamics, can-neither-be-created-nor-destroyed shizz, but she wasn’t having any of it.

    The bitch of it is, after insisting for half an hour that the damn thing worked like some sort of cosmic miracle, she wouldn’t let me buy one.

    I’m just gonna leave this here…

  21. poop says:

    OK had my main 12 team 5×5 weekly lineup set draft last night. i feel i panicked and made some terrible picks, let me start by saying there is 1 util spot and 2 SP 2RP 3 P. do i need to stand pat and see how this plays out am i overreacting or do i need to make a trade for a position or catagory.

    C-V Mart
    UTIL- 1 of pena,raburn, (nishioka who im thinking of dropping for luke scott)

    SP- Hamels,Scherzer,D. Hudson, Gio, MAtusz, lackey, zimmerman
    RP-Kimbrell,Hanrahan, rodney

    thanks for the help

  22. Eddy says:

    Grey, drafted my first razzball team. Is this team putrid enough to lose?

    C-Jason Kendall
    1B-Xavier Nady
    2B-Luis Castillo
    3B-Brent Morel
    SS-Paul Janish
    CI-Jorge Cantu (later regretted it, forgot about Hawpe)
    MI-Alexi Casilla (1st round pick!)
    OF-Skip Shumaker
    OF-WIll Venable
    OF-Scott Hairston
    OF-Jay Gibbons (gotta DL him)
    OF-Travis Buck
    Util-J.P Arencibia

    BN-Yuniesky Betancourt
    BN-Freddy Sanchez

    P-Jeanmar Gomez
    P-Charlie Morton
    P-Kyle Davies
    P-Barry Enright
    P-Matt Harrison
    P-Carl Pavano
    P-Chris Capuano
    P-Bruce Chen
    P-Randy Wolf
    P-Aaron Harang
    P-Joel Pineiro
    P-Chris Narveson

    There is still something I’m confused about. In fantasy razzball, do you reach your IP limit faster than usual? Because since my entire squad is basically SP, they should eat up innings quick, no? Or was it standard to draft RP?

  23. Van Hammersly says:

    Grey, YTMND!

    Assuming Belt makes the team, who do you like more as a CI: Belt or Freese?

  24. papadawg says:

    Playing in a H2H that uses Opening Day until Sunday the 10th as Week 1. (11 days)

    Q: Is there a shot that any of the Opening Day starters pitch 3 times in that period?

  25. NewBVick says:

    Happ injury opening the door for Rowland-Smith…RAZZBALL STUD!!!

  26. Randy BoBandy says:

    Could I get some thoughts on my team? My middle infield, is well crap, so is 1B, but I think I can manage.

    Standard 5×5 League, Head-to-head

    C – Brian McCann
    1B – Aubrey Huff
    2B – Chone Figgins
    SS – Rafael Furcal
    3B – Evan Longoria
    IF – Ryan Raburn
    OF – Matt Holliday
    OF – Hunter Pence
    OF – Chris Young
    Util – Jose Tabata
    BN – Travis Snider
    BN – Sean Rodriguez

    SP – Jon Lester
    SP – Justin Verlander
    SP – Brett Anderson
    SP – Tim Hudson
    SP – Javier Vazquez
    RP – Neftali Feliz
    RP – Chris Perez
    BN – Ian Kennedy
    BN – Kyle McClellan
    BN – Brandon Beachy
    BN – Brandon Lyon


    PS your site is amazing, and I wouldn’t dare look elsewhere, and that’s all the slurping I’ll do at the moment.

  27. Rob says:

    Recently did a 20 team auction draft with deep bench and extra slots. 6×6 with additional cats holds and TB. Draft was so deep there is nothing on WW other than middle relievers, which I plan to pick up 1 when a DL slot opens up. Was happy with my pace (last pick was 403 out of 700 picks..most of league paced themselves badly). Got a lot of $2-$4 bargains.

    -C $14 Soto
    1B $37 Howard
    2B $29 Kinsler
    SS $12 Furcal
    3B $10 Stewart
    MI $14 Figgins
    MI $02 Uribe
    CI $02 Smoak
    CI $03 Rolen
    OF $18 Rasmus
    OF $17 Gardner
    OF $06 Tabata
    OF $02 Willingham
    UT $03 Kubel
    BN $02 D Espinosa
    BN $01 Arenciba
    BN $03 Matsui
    BN $01 Trumbo
    BN $01 Morse
    BN $02 Infante
    SP $23 Johnson
    SP $13 Kuroda
    SP $07 Dempster
    SP $05 Matusz
    SP $04 Zimmermann
    SP $04 Gio Gonzales
    SP $03 Volquez
    RP $03 League
    RP $03 Aardsma
    RP $03 Venters
    RP $08 Hanrahan
    RP $02 Soriano
    BN $01 Burnett
    BN $01 Downs
    BN $01 Clippard

  28. trick dad says:

    hey grey – holds are 5 points and saves are 6 points. who has more value while lidge is out, contreras or madson?

  29. Nuke LaLoosh says:

    Who are the best 2 RP pickups in a league that counts WHIP, K, HLD, W, SV, ERA, and who couldn’t use a chance at 15+ SV?:

    O’Day (TX)
    Uehara (BAL)
    Meek (PIT)
    Motte (STL)

  30. Chuckles Tiddlesworth says:

    Hey Grey, like everyone else on here, I drafted a lot of players you’ve been recommending. Now, I want you to comment on my team. You think it’s solid, right? Thanks!

  31. boltok says:

    Grey: Why the constant hate on Happ. When hasn’t he put up reasonable numbers in deeper leagues. He’s outperformed some highly rated pitchers over the last couple years if used correctly.

  32. Ian says:

    I love this time of year. I’m so confident in my teams and that’s a good feeling. For example, I’m fully convinced that Kila Ka’aihue will lead the AL in HRs this year.

  33. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – In search of . . . elusive, cheap WW power. Two days ago it was Trumbo, yesterday it was Morse, today it is Belt and tomorrow, who knows? I saw where Larry King loved Belt in his post. What’s your take if he makes the team? Thanks!

  34. Jeff says:

    2B is ugly – Who do I go with? Choices are- F. Sanchez, B. Hall, O Hud, Emaus (after 5 games at 2B), or Theriot.

  35. donnie baseball says:

    Longoria and Thole or M. Reynolds and M. Montero?

  36. papasmurf says:

    I would prefer WAS to use a closer by committee approach actually, so Burnett can gimme saves and holds. Him becoming a fulltimer actually hurts my team as I have too many closers (two of them fill ins) and too few setup guys… LOL.

  37. dsimon says:

    In a commenter league, is it even worth holding on to Lidge for greener pastures?

  38. BigBabyJesus says:

    Grey, what is your take on my team.
    10 team 5×5 H2H Cats

    C – Wieters
    1B – Pujols
    2B – Nishioka
    SS – Reyes
    3B – Reynolds
    IF – Fielder
    OF – Holliday, McCutchen, Pence, Rasmus
    UT – Tabata, Beltran

    SP – Gallardo, Liriano, D. Hudson, Bumgarner, Dempster, Volquez, Kennedy, J. Zimmerman, E. Santana, DLR
    RP – Papelbon, Valverde, Gregg, Madson (soon to be Contreras or Burnett)

    Seems I am a little light on power and heavy on Ks. All of my 6 bench spots taken up by pitchers. Decent hitters and pitchers are still available (Trumbo, Gordon, Espinosa, Bourjos, Beachy, Pineda etc.


  39. could you put these pitchers in order as of today

    Johnny Cueto

    Tim Stauffer

    Edwin Jackson

  40. MVP Night says:

    Moreland or Belt


  41. Dickie Thon's Hairy Forearms says:

    Looking for help with final roster decisions, who would you prefer (player listed first is who I currently have – other options are available on the wire):

    Daric Barton or Brandon Belt or Mark Trumbo
    Chris Johnson or Jose Lopez
    Jed Lowrie or Brandon Belt or Mark Trumbo
    Johnny Cueto or Javier Vazquez/Jorge De La Rosa/Erik Bedard/Tim Stauffer/Kyle McClellan/Michael Pineda/James McDonald

    The last pitcher spot (Cueto) is a DL spot – once a scoring period starts they must remain out of action for the two week period. So I would basically be holding and observing any of the pitchers above for 2 weeks.

    My starting pitchers are:
    F. Liriano
    Gio Gonzalez

    I think all of my current starting pitchers are stronger than the free agent ones I listed above. Let me know if you disagree.

  42. Grey,

    Just drafted for 12 team H2H Keeper League. Thoughts?

    C Napoli
    1B Howard
    2B Hill
    SS Furcal
    3B Wright
    OF Kemp
    OF Upton-keeper
    OF Bruce
    U Pena

    Bench: Raburn, Manny, A. Escobar

    SP Greinke
    SP Price-keeper
    SP Anderson-keeper
    SP G. Gonzalez
    SP de la Rosa
    SP Cueto
    SP McDonald-keeper
    SP Stauffer

    RP Feliz-keeper
    RP C. Perez
    RP Storen
    RP Hanrahan

    So I was thinking of trading Price and Furcal for D. Hudson and Alexei Ramirez? Worried about Price on the Rays this year… Anyways, I appreciate your thoughts and thank you!

  43. Jackson says:

    Anyone want to judge my team. 12 teams 5×5 (we have some keepers):

    C – Napoli
    1b – Cabrera
    2b – Pedroia
    SS – Hanley
    3b – Aramis Ramirez
    OF – Mccutchen
    OF – Heyward
    OF – Travis Snider
    OF – Tabata
    CI – Kendrys Morales
    MI – Cliff Pennington
    U – Adam Laroche
    SP – Liriano
    SP – Gallardo
    SP – Marcum
    SP – Jhoulys Chacin
    SP – Volquez
    SP – Cueto
    RP – Broxton
    RP – Nathan
    RP – (Mcgee, Kuo, Francisco) picked up a bunch of guys late

  44. elwood blues says:

    If Belt makes the team out of the gate, what’s his new projection? and is he worth taking over Pena or Loney at 1B in NL-Only 4×4.

  45. Adam says:

    Who would you rather roster – colvin, moreland or venable?

  46. The Vaporizers says:

    Grey, this first week for head to head leagues is extra long, 11 days. Knowing this, what do you do tomorrow with Justin Verlander? Start or Sit at Yankee Stadium?

  47. Mr. Rickey says:

    Grey – 10 Team 5X5 Roto:

    This is my bench:

    Ryan Raburn
    Carlos Pena
    Kevin Gregg

    Would you drop any of them for:


    If so, which one (or more) to drop. I also have Valverde and Lyon on my roster.


  48. Hypno Toadstool says:

    Another Belt question: Belt, Gordon, the Hammerin Hawiian (Ka’aihue), Moreland, or Smoak?

  49. @The Vaporizers – Justin Verlander through the years has not been a good April Pitcher – maybe you should sit him down to May

  50. @ Hypno Toadstool Who would Don Ho take ?

  51. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Verlander could pitch a no hitter at any time. I would pitch him.

  52. @JoeC – who are you picking tonight ?

  53. Your thoughts on Belt. Will he break with the team? Does he have a legit shot at N.L. ROY? Is he more of a Gaby Sanchez type, or would you forcast more with 500+ ABs?

  54. GTS says:

    I like me some Brandon Allen. Is he worth stashing in one of my ML spots? What can we expect from him this year stat wise?

  55. Joel says:

    Grey — would you trade jay Bruce and Carlos Santana to get Justin Upton and Kurt Suzuki?

  56. Ian says:

    Grey and Everyone:

    So 6 of us at the office are going to be starting a league and I’m looking for input because these guys are new to this format (they’ve only played budge baseball on CDM).

    I’m thinking we should do a Roto style, NL only league since its only 6 teams. I’d also like to try an auction. Any reason that’s a bad idea for such a small league? What should the budget be? Should anything change for roster size? Is 9 pitcher slots too many? Any other suggestions? Thanks guys and sorry for all the questions

  57. elwood blues says:

    Brandon Belt- a trending topic on razzball!

  58. @55 Ian – Auction works great for a small league but for first timers the old standard draft would work best – Roto is alot less moves but you really have to know your stuff and a bad draft means the season is over so I think Head to Head would be best for new players – NL only would work – 9 Pitchers in not too much – figure it out if you do NL only it would be like draft 4 1/2 pitchers since its 1/2 the size of a 12 team league

  59. @ elwood blues – Have you ever heard of a wish sandwich? You get two slices of bread and put Bradon Belt in between the two slices and make a wish he hits – Bow bow bow…

  60. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Which 2 of these 3 two-start pitchers do you like:

    D. Hudson – Cin, @Col
    S. Marcum – Atl, @Cin
    E. Jackson – TB, @Cle

    Also, 2 of these 3 closers: Nathan, Nunez & Contreras


  61. @Fletch Says: I was drafting S Marcum on all my teams – I figured he would come cheap in the early drafts but shoulder stiffness freaks me out and I backed off – I am sure all will be well but I draft hitters first so what every pitching I pick has to stay off the DL but if its a choice between E Jackson and S Marcum – I would take the shoulder stiffness

  62. Swass says:

    Wade Davis or Stauffer’s Animal Crackers? I’m a big fan of Davis’s 2h splits. I think he could improve alot. Upside is certainly greater than Stauffer.

  63. byrone says:

    mornin’ grey. plz make smokey do pushups, for that post yesterday. at least 50. then make him take a lap and think about what he did.

  64. Exactly says:

    Hey Grey, who knew S. Drew was such a pansy? (I should’ve) How concerned are you about him? Leave him in my starting lineup for week 1 or p/u either Jhonny Peralta, Lowrie, Bartlett, Emaus or Pennington?

    Also, 12-team H2H points…my SPs are Oswalt, Marcum, Gio, Volquez, Ed-Jax and Niese…my OFs are Holliday Kemp J-Up and Tabata…would you try to move one of them for some SP depth?

  65. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Grey,

    I have Madson right now but since it sounds like he isn’t going to be the man, at least initially, should i dump him for S. Burnett or Maniac Mcgee?

  66. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    If anyone is in the vicinity of Cincinnati or Toronto, please stop by team HQ and get Cueto and Fracisco on the DL. Thanks.

  67. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Does anyone have Yahoo 2011 rankings in an excel file? Please let me know, thanks.

  68. Exactly says:

    @Buddo Chezuski: yeah, email me, [email protected]

    @Grey: in reference to my last question, theriot, alcides, hardy and erick aybar are available too if that makes a difference.

  69. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Would you lose Farnsworth for Burnette?

  70. bravo says:

    Probably not a good idea to start:

    Verlander @ NYY
    Gallardo @ Cin


  71. Wet Cigarette says:

    Wigginton or Rayburn moving forward?

    My bats are Miggy, Youk, McGehee, Dread Pirate, Krispie, 9-5 plus 4 Pence, and Wieters if it makes a difference. 14 Team, H2H.

    Or keep both and drop the schwag Chris Young or Pineda?

    Big ups Grey.

  72. Chuckles Tiddlesworth says:

    Grey, I’m glad that you’re famous AND wealthy now, what with the (e)book and the seemingly thousands of display, pop-up and video ads that are served up on Razzball. Seriously, you deserve all the fame and money. Your “product” is excellent. As with any great American success story, though, the dark cloud moving toward yours is the noticeable slowing of your site. Time to call in the Goldman Sachs boys to put together the Razzball International Corporation IPO to raise the dough for a new server?

  73. Long Bawls says:

    Wow, everybody wants a customized Burnett response. Reminds me of when I worked at Morton’s and we did the T-bones to order. Well, no it doesn’t.

    Anyway, I have a fanball philosophy question (cognitive disjunction engage!). I have Posada and Martin in a 14-team1-C league; I got them because they’re cheap and the former because he won’t have to make his living on his knees any more (no more Hosada or, for the more literal, Whorge) and so might stay healthier. My thinking was that I could flip one at season’s start (probably Jorge) and get more value than what’s on the waiver wire b/c C is so thin. Or is this kinda dumb as a strategy?

  74. benny says:

    Grey- what are your thoughts on Freeman vs Moreland? Who’s better in a keeper league and who will be better this year? Both have been given the full time job and play in good lineups. I’ve heard the most about Freeman but no one really talks about Moreland.

  75. Jeff says:

    Who to slot as my last pitcher for week 1?

    Hellickson – vs ANA

    Arroyo – vs Mil, @ ARI

    Lackey – vs NYY, @TEX

  76. Alex says:

    Hey Grey,

    would love ur quick input / quip on my team…5×5 11 team mixed, started with 5 keepers. we use 3 Minor league slots that any player with less than 200 ab or 60 ip can go into.

    C – Napoli
    1b – Fielder (Keeper)
    2b – Kinsler (Keeper)
    ss – Desmond
    3b – Longoria (keeper)
    CI – Reynolds
    MI – Kendrick
    OF – Holliday (keeper)
    OF – Kemp (keeper)
    OF – Hunter
    OF – Stubbs
    OF – Pagan
    U – Rajai

    P – Hamels
    P – Liriano
    P – Billingsley
    P – Marcum
    P – Nolasco
    P – Gregg
    P – Kimbrel
    P – Thornton

    Bench – Edwin Jackson
    Bench – Kuroda
    Bench – Crisp
    Bench – Chris Young (SP)

    Minors – Montero
    Minors – Moreland
    Minors – Beachy

    thanks dude

  77. Art Vandelay says:

    Drafted another team. 12 team keeper mixed league, standard 5×5 scoring. How’d I do? I’m a little light on saves, so I’ll have to vulture the hell out of them. Thanks!

    C: Napoli
    1B: Pujols
    2B: Phillips
    SS: Desmond
    3B: Wright
    IF: Espinosa
    OF: Kemp
    OF: Heyward
    OF: Stubbs
    OF: Swisher
    UTIL: Raburn

    SP: Gallardo
    SP: Oswalt
    SP: Lilly
    SP: Kuroda
    SP: Volquez
    SP: Zimmerman
    RP: Marmol
    RP: Hanrahan
    RP: Venters
    BE: Stauffer
    BE: T. Wood
    BE: Rauch

  78. JTM says:

    I haven’t seen anything yet about Lidge being out till June, nor have I seen anything about him having a partially torn rotator cuff. You got some inside info on that?

  79. What do you think of this haul for my sixteen team keeper league which entered its 5th year last night? I joined in the third year and started out with two horrific trades (mauer for furcal straight up being one) but have since recovered somewhat.

    C: Montero, Olivo
    1B: Votto
    2B: Phillips
    3B: Reynolds, Valencia
    SS: Pennington (I am looking to slot Theriot here for April)
    LF: Kubel
    CF: Werth
    RF: Justin Upton
    Util: Grady Sizemore

    SP: Josh Johnson
    SP: RIcky Nolasco
    SP: Ted Lilly
    SP: Wandy Rodriguez
    SP: Ervin Santana
    SP: Brett Cecil
    SP: James Mcdonald
    SP: bronson Arroyo
    RP: Bell
    RP: Valverde
    RP: Farnsworth

  80. I have Phillips on a 4 year guaranteed contract. Do you think I should look to move him if I can or just sit back and not worry about 2B for a while?

  81. GTS says:

    I just traded Latos and got Greinke! Who’s the man now, dog?

  82. Ethan Stein says:

    I kept my keepers earlier in the month so I have Prince, Kemp, A-Rod, R Zimmerman, and Utely. The draft is in a few hours and some of the available players you like include B Phillips, Heyward, BJ Upton, Pence, Morneau, Cruz, Gallardo, Liriano, Uggla. I draft 7 in round 6 so I will land with one of these guys and maybe another in the following round. Do I first go with OF (Heyward, Cruz, Pence), 2B (Phillips, then Uggla), P (Gallardo, Liriano), or Morneau based on availability? Who do I go after in round 7? THANKS!

  83. FlyinHawiianPizza says:

    Alright Grey, I call this team the All Razzball All-Stars. Every pick I made was based on your rankings or tiers. Notable Razzball mancrush draftees include Andrus and Marcum. 10 team roto.

    C- Montero
    1B – Howard
    2B – Kinsler
    3B – Wright
    SS – Andrus
    CI – Morneau
    MI – K. Johnson
    OF – J. Upton
    OF – Pence
    OF – B.J. Upton
    OF – T. Hunter
    OF – Span
    Util – Torres
    BN – Gaby Sancez, Sizemore

    SP – Sabathia
    SP – Liriano
    RP – Valverde
    RP – Kimbrel
    P – Marcum
    P – Wandy
    P – Bumgardner
    P – De La Rosa
    BN – Rauch, Zimmerman, Vasquez

  84. wire says:

    colvin or l.morrison?

  85. William says:

    @Grey: Sean Burnett or Jonny Venters

  86. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    In a 16 team league I drafted Encarnacion last night in the 13th round He has lost 13 to 14 pounds, and has had a decent spring. Stud third baseman were gone early in the second round.

  87. Gambler says:

    Hey, I was wandering if you think Peter Bourjos’s value is comparable to Tabata’s. He should have 40+ steals (as long as he gets on base more which I feel is very likely), 10+ HR’s, and more RBI’s than Tabata no matter where he plays in the Angels lineup.. The only question mark is BA, but he always has had a decent one in the minors.. I know you have him higher than most do, but I would probably put him even higher, maybe in the top 120.. Do you think he might be one of the best values in the draft with numbers equal or better than Tabata’s or am I off base here?

  88. Dickie Thon's Hairy Forearms says:

    My drafted team in a 10 team head to head points league.

    1B = +1, 2B = +2, 3B = +3, HR = +4, RBI = +1
    BB are +1, K are -1, runs don’t count, SB +1, caught stealing -1,

    W = +7, L = -5, K = +1, ER = -1, IP = .5, S = +5, BS = -5

    C – Santana
    1B – Youkilis
    2B – K. Johnson (also drafted Utley – 8th round)
    3B – Longoria
    SS – A. Ramirez
    OF – Braun
    OF – Kemp
    OF – McCutchen
    U – Bruce

    BN – Utley
    BN – M. Ramirez
    BN – B. Abreu
    BN – Posada
    BN – Castro
    BN – Kendrick
    BN – Loney
    BN – Belt
    BN – Morse
    BN – C. Johnson
    BN – Lowrie

    SP – Liriano
    SP – Scherzer
    SP – Dempster
    SP – Lilly
    SP – G. Gonzalez
    SP – Lackey
    RP – Bell

    DL – Cueto

    Lots of high upside pitchers are available on the waiver wire, I’d like to upgrade the Cueto spot but I can’t use the DL player for the first two weeks anyway so I’ll probably just wait and see how Cueto is shaping up by the end of the 2nd week, if he’s not ready I’ll flip him for a hot pickup.

    I definitely have the deepest bench in our league (which will also make for some tough lineup decisions)

    A couple of draft steals:
    Andrew McCutchen (51), Jay Bruce (110), Heath Bell (130), Jorge Posada (211)

    Let me know if you see any weaknesses or any bench guys you’d flip.

  89. papadawg says:

    H2H league – Week 1 covers 1st 11 days
    I need to decide on one more SP (locked in for the entire week)

    Pelfrey, Stauffer or Masterson?

  90. Donnie Baseball says:

    Hey Grey would you do Ad. Gonzalez for Ellsbury and B. Wilson?

  91. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey Grey/all:
    Current 10 team keeper, 5×5 that uses OBP

    Current squad
    Víctor Martínez
    Kevin Youkilis
    Robinson Canó
    Aramis Ramírez
    Stephen Drew
    Josh Hamilton
    Chris Young
    Adam Lind
    José Bautista

    Just moved Sizemore and Hart to the DL and am stuck on who I should grab for the time being. Who do you like as a 2 good fillers?

    Ian Desmond
    Mark Trumbo
    Rajai Davis
    Andrés Torres
    Dexter Fowler
    Peter Bourjos
    Julio Borbón
    Logan Morrison

  92. KarlJ. says:

    I apologize if you have answered this before. Where does Gardner fit in your OF rankings now that it is confirmed he’ll hit leadoff against righties? Or was that already contemplated in your #22 ranking among all OF?

  93. byrone says:

    grey, could you please rank the characters in storage wars, from your favorite to least favorite? and can i get a “yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeep!”?

  94. Ethan Stein says:

    Hey Grey, Think you forgot about my post when you got caught up replying to the FlyinHawiianPizza’s “All-Razzball” team. I know you know that I know your know-how on how to proceed with my draft because I know how to read the knowledge you provide on this knowledge-filled blog, but it would be helpful to now have your know-how once again. Thank you!

  95. SDPete says:

    Any thoughts on which of the following SPs I should start with my final spot for Week 1?
    Max Scherzer (@NYY, Hughes)
    Joe Blanton (NYM, Pelfrey)
    Scott Baker (@NYY, Nova)


  96. donnie baseball says:

    Thanks al and grey, what about Adrian for Youk and B. Wilson?

  97. brad says:

    The other day you advised that the team I drafted was light on power b/c my pitching was too good. I ran some numbers and checked the league’s history, turns out you were right I was low. So I took advantage of the SAWX fan in the league and traded Lester for Teixeira, essentially. The new team is listed below, am I balanced now or do you think I should try to trade some middling batting for middling pitching to try to balance moving my best pitcher for elite batting?


    C Mike Napoli
    1B Albert Pujols
    2B Kelly Johnson
    3B Ryan Zimmerman
    SS Elvis Andrus
    CI Justin Morneau
    MI Ian Desmond
    OF Matt Kemp
    OF Jason Heyward
    OF Shane Victorino
    OF Brett Gardner
    Util Mark Teixeira
    BN Ryan Raburn
    BN Austin Jackson
    BN Carlos Beltran

    SP Jered Weaver
    SP CC Sabathia
    RP J.J. Putz
    RP Chris Pérez
    P Matt Thornton
    P Joel Hanrahan
    P Brandon League
    BN Madison Bumgarner
    BN Jonathan Sánchez
    BN Jhoulys Chacin

  98. zzzzzz says:

    Rank these pitchers: Latos, Scherzer, Greinke

  99. Tony says:

    grey- i have russell martin at C, bleh! should i drop his DTD bum ace for:

    Ianetta, Buck, Salty, or Doumit?

  100. Tony says:

    also: would you rather have Jose Lopez or jake fox and drop Ogando? or are we waiting to see whats up with ogando, how he’ll be as a starter, and if MAYBE there’s a chance he might still get moved to the closer role if he fails at starting?

    or is he just get rid of him now, find someone else (ogando that is)

  101. Eddy says:

    Belt has officially made the team.

  102. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Ahem. Drafted Contreras in Round 22 and Romo in Round 25, in my Monday draft. Just saying.

    @Eddy, just put in my claim for Mr. Belt (it’s the Beltway or the highway!). I have both Ian Stewart and Adam Laroche (ouch).

  103. Wilsonian says:

    I have an additional question about the Hill deal. I told the guy I couldn’t pull the trigger on it (he has also offered Raburn for Snider) and he said he would possibly offer an upgrade in the Hill deal, so what do you think of any of these:

    Hill/Hanrahan for Stubbs/Valverde
    Hill/Cecil for Stubbs/J-Zimm
    Hill/E. Jackson for Stubbs/DLR

    Anything worthwhile, or just say screw it and do the Raburn for Snider deal?

    Categories: H, R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP, W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, Ks/9

  104. chata says:

    @ Grey :
    @ Rudy :

    am having trouble with my roster in Razzball 3 .
    sent an e-mail to Robot (Razzball Dummy #1) explaining my
    difficulties .

    my “position” is still frozen , and since sending that e-mail , a player that I tried to pick-up has since been added to the roster of another .

    are you in receipt of my original e-mail ?

  105. Schmohawks Bob says:

    Mike Morse or Luke Scott?

  106. Tony says:

    grey: miggy/mariano river or MY…..Howard/Liriano….. ?

    I know howards been downgraded with the utley debacle, and yes Mo-riv is ONLY a closer, but my league needs 32 innings minimum for pitching, i have lester, hanson, voltron, beachy, and brox, hanrahdhahahn, krimble and fuentes, and would be adding a better stick, better avg in a 10×10 league (miggys avg diff is pretty huge), and a closer who is money…. whatdya think?

  107. herschel says:

    @Grey: weekly league pitching decision, who do you like?

    kuroda (vs SF, @ SD)
    beachy (vs PHI, @ MIL)
    madbum (@ SD)

    thank you.

  108. SamYo says:

    In a league that doesn’t count HRs but OBP and OPS, does Billy Butler’s moobs suddenly becomes more attractive?

  109. byrone says:

    grey, when u put Brandi 1 and jarrod last- behind the dwarf, for emphasis- well that’s quite telling, isn’t it? ;)

    I don’t even know what to say about hester at 2… I’m just… stunned.
    read ur rankings out loud to my wife, she loved the dwarf pick at 5.

  110. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Grey: This is the team I’m going to war with in my big keeper league.
    12 team mixed H2H 6×6 with OBP and QS. Here are you two time defending champion 2011 Donkey Punch Experience

    C: Santana
    1B: Albert
    2B: Infante
    SS: Starlin
    3B: Panda
    CI: Donkey
    MI: Asdrubal
    OF: Rasmus
    OF: Gardner
    OF: Morrison
    OF: Span
    UTL: Bourjos
    BN: Rolen
    BN: McClouth

    SP: Ubaldo
    SP: Hamel
    SP: Liriano
    SP: Kuroda
    SP: Richard
    SP: Stauffer
    SP: Beachy
    SP: Peavy

    RP: Papelbon
    RP: Nunez
    RP: Rodney

    Would like an upgrade at 2B but I’m not going to trade for one of the top guys. Thinking about offering a guy Span (or Bourjos or McClouth) + Infante and a back end pitcher (Richard, Stauffer or Beachy) in exchange for Brian Roberts and Manny. Does that sound reasonable?

  111. Steve says:

    Brandon Allen sent to Reno.


  112. Jake says:


    I’m in a 16-team H2H league and we’re in the 23rd round of the draft. Do you have any suggestions for any really deep starting pitcher suggestions you think might be surprising or useful in 2011? Right now, I’m kind of looking at Charlie Morton, but I could use some other suggestions. Thanks!

  113. Wilsonian says:

    Damn…Tony Reali and Around the Horn representing Razzball on twitter. Check it out lady and gentleman.

  114. Steve says:

    Zoinks – just realised I have Gallardo and Volquez *against* each other in my H2H league tomorrow.

    Could be a WHIP-ing.

  115. Joel says:

    Grey, strategy Q:

    6×6 h2h league. pitchers dont get a minus for losses or anything else (except the 6th category is least homers allowed). The only restriction is that we have to have a minimum of 38 innings pitched for the week, and we have 9 pitchers including 3 relievers active. I loaded up on starters, CC, Hamels, Billingsley, Brett anderson, Dan Hudson, Tim Stauffer and Pineda. My question is: in this head to head format with no minus for losses, would it be too cute to bench Stauffer tomorrow on the road at STL? I’d lose the K’s, but worry about whip and era. Thanks!!!

  116. Busta says:


    Help me pick my one final SP to start this week:

    I.Kennedy: @Col (Jiminez), @ChC (Dempster)
    Vazquez: NYM (Dickey), @Hou (Happ)
    Stauffer: @Stl (Carpenter), SF (Lincecum)
    Beachy: @Mil (?), Phi (Hamels)

  117. Cole says:

    NL only 10 team 5×5 roto.

    C: Kottaras/Lucroy
    1B: P. Fielder
    2B: D. Espinosa
    3B: A. Ramirez
    SS: R. Theriot
    CI: G. Jones
    MI: J. Carroll
    OF: M. Kemp
    OF: H. Pence
    OF: D. Stubbs
    OF: L. Morrison
    OF: K. Fukodome

    SP: M. Cain
    SP: D. Hudson
    SP: E. Volquez
    SP: J. Zimmermann
    SP: T. Stauffer
    SP: M. Minor
    RP: J. Broxton
    RP: J. Putz
    RP: H. Kuo
    RP: L. Gregerson
    RP: J. Contraras

    Never played NL only before so I don’t know what a good team looks like.

  118. Wilsonian says:

    So we’re back to my 2B dealings. We killed the idea of Hill going anywhere (you told me to keep Hill and my man crush followed your advice). So I sent him my Raburn/Cecil for his Snider/J-Z.

    He turned it down and countered with my Raburn/Beachy for his Snider/J-Z.

    Gotta do it, right?

  119. Joey says:

    Just drafted my first head-to-head team (10 tm league, I had 4th pick in snake draft), what do you think?

    C – Miguel Montero
    1B – Miguel Cabrera
    2B – Aaron Hill
    SS – Elvis Andrus
    3B – A-Rod
    IF – Carlso Pena
    OF – Justin Upton
    OF – Krispie Young
    OF – Matt Holliday
    OF – Shane Victorino
    UT – Brett Gardner

    SP – CC Sabathia
    SP – Francisco Liriano
    RP – Neftali Feliz
    RP – John Axford
    P – Leo Nunez
    P – Brandon Lyon
    P – Brian Fuentes
    P – Brandon League

    BN – Gio Gonzalez
    BN – Edinson Volquez
    BN – Edwin Jackson
    BN – Jhoulys Chacin
    BN – Jake McGee
    BN – Grady Sizemore

  120. Joey says:

    @Wilsonian – for what it’s worth, I’d still make that trade. Jordan Zimmerman should be better than Beachy

  121. charlie batch says:

    Last draft… I promise to leave you alone after this! I left the draft feeling pretty good. What do I need to improve on?

    3rd pick, 12-team mixed, weekly h2h categories:

    C – buck (23)
    1B – miggy (1)
    2B – hill (10)
    3B – reynolds (8)
    SS – reyes (3)
    OF – kemp (2)
    OF – justin upton (4)
    OF – drew stubbs (6)
    UTIL – tabata (14)
    UTIL – torres (20)

    SP – hamels (5)
    SP – weaver (7)
    RP – perez (12)
    RP – j.j. putz (13)
    P – hanrahan (15)
    P – marcum (9)
    P – billingsley (11)
    P – chacin (16)
    bn – hellickson (17)
    bn – vasquez (18)
    bn – edwin jackson (19)
    bn – jon niese (22)
    bn – peavy (21)

  122. elwood blues says:

    minor league draft question…
    nl keeper league, who would you take?

    B.Allen, Minor, EY2??

  123. Viagra Falls says:

    One of the guys in my 10 team league has, amongst a few others, A-Gon on his trading block. Given my roster, who would be reasonable to give up for him? What is too much, in general? Morneau is golden, but he always gets himself taken out of action mid-season so I would like to acquire A-Gon for similar production and security. He also has Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips and Jeter on the block, too. I know I am weak at SS but Furcal was the best available by time my draft turn came around again. If there are other moves I should make with those players with who I have, please give any advice. I have no idea how much is too much or too little to acquire at least A-Gon and don’t want to give away everything. Thanks, Grey and anyone else with advice.

    My roster is:
    C Joe Mauer
    1B Justin Morneau
    2B Dan Uggla
    3B Adrian Beltre
    SS Rafael Furcal
    OF Nick Swisher
    OF Jason Heyward
    OF Andres Torres
    Util Brett Garnder
    BN Aubrey Huff
    BN Casey McGehee
    BN Freddie Freeman

    SP Chris Carpenter
    SP Cole Hamels
    SP Roy Oswalt
    RP Brian Wilson
    RP Andrew Bailey
    P C.J. Wilson
    P. Tim Hudson
    BN Jaime Garcia

  124. The Vaporizers says:

    @elwood blues I would go for Minor. Typically I prefer bats over pitchers for my minor leaguers, but I see Minor as having the highest ceiling of those 3 by quite a bit. It won’t be long before he is the Braves 2nd starter behind Hanson.

  125. Joey says:

    @ViagraFalls – Depends what he needs. If he needs pitching, offer Morneau and Hudson (or Garcia at first and upgrade to Hudson)

  126. Joey says:

    @elwood blues – I agree with the Minor suggestion. He should help you this season. Although EY2 makes a great cheap keeper for steals, but it’s unclear when he’ll get his shot.

    @Charlie Batch – I like your team, you had a similar strategy to me when drafting for H2H. You may want to try to get another closer or potential closer by DL-ing Peavy

    @JoeC – Twitter is a great place to get fantasy baseball info. Grey is at: @Razzball and another great source that I use is: @TheFantasyDick (he has a website too), thefantasydick.com

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