It’s a pretty fruitful week for plucking some speedsters from the wire. Injuries continue to open avenues for blocked players and languishing prospects. An analyst could get excited just thinking about it.

  • If you want a speed specialist Myles Straw is your man. He did one thing well in the minors: swipe bags. If he hangs around in Houston and manages to get on base he’s an instant category boost. He isn’t likely to play every day. Though that could change if he performs or injuries linger.
  • Keon Broxton is getting yet another fresh start. I actually loved him as a late stash in a Mets outfield that had very low hurdles to playing time. The Mets gonna Mets and they chose Carlos Gomez over Broxton. It will be interesting to see if a move to Baltimore can untap some speed like it has for Jonathan Villar.
  • Mallex Smith gave us a Billy-Hamilton-Homer last week. He walked and proceed to steal second, third, and home. Smith added a fourth steal in that game as well to give you six in one week from him. There are certainly regrets over dropping him previously.
  • With Seattle hosting the Astros for four games buckle up. Bob Cheerios is bottom ten in catchers to run on. Almost every Mariner runs at least a bit.
  • The Cubs are hosting the Rockies and Yu Darvish projects to start Wednesday. Could the stars align and give us the recently recalled Garrett Hampson in the starting lineup to face him? A Hampson truther can only hope. Plenty of other Rockies can give you a stolen base that day.
  • With Jose Alvarado on family leave, there could be a chance for Emilio Pagan to snag a save or two. Tampa has been a difficult bullpen to pin down, though.

Let’s pivot to pitcher’s being run on this week. Of course a couple Mets are near the top. Darvish has shown he gives zero Fukudome’s about holding runners. It’s also surprising to see a couple of relievers on the list.

Name Team SB Inn SB/Inn
Yu Darvish CHC 13 61 0.21
Jacob deGrom NYM 11 69.2 0.16
Trevor Cahill LAA 9 53.1 0.17
Noah Syndergaard NYM 9 75.1 0.12
Shelby Miller TEX 8 33.2 0.24
Jose Berrios MIN 8 77 0.10
Jake Arrieta PHI 7 75 0.09
Brett Anderson OAK 7 66 0.11
Chris Devenski HOU 7 20.2 0.35
Gerrit Cole HOU 7 71.2 0.10
Tyler Glasnow TBR 7 48.1 0.15
Reyes Moronta SFG 7 26.1 0.27
Lou Trivino OAK 7 28.1 0.25
Spencer Turnbull DET 7 66.2 0.11
  1. Zeus says:

    Thanks for the article. Alway s good to use this as part of the daily process when trying to get those SB points.

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      Thanks for reading!

  2. i got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

    NL only, my only real weakness is my bullpen (4 slots). drafted k-rob as my only closer during draft (for NL only this isn’t awful, but it became awful later). holds and saves sold separately. have
    urias (good and could move back to SP later)
    baez (great 8th inning man on good team)
    estevez (was running quite well but overworked when i obtained him, now 3rd or so in line, that’ll get worse when wade is back, plus he’s done much worse since)
    bearclaw (is being supplanted by suero and SHOULD be t.rainey in the 8th inning)
    DL: k-rob

    options are limited, thinking of the drops being estevez + bearclaw if any: rainey, suero, sire of sandwiches (edwards, but he’s also moving backwards with strop back and kimbrel maybe going there), grace, gallegos (he’s been sick all year, but role isn’t great just yet), moronta (started year great but now behind a lot of others, including dyson), dyson, wingenter, j.alvarez (with all the PHI injuries he’s getting better work), t.guerrero (MIA finally winning more games, this guy has been K rate sicko all year), alexander, j.diaz, dunn, d.hernandez, winkler (has crazy blowups though),

    • i got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

      grey’s saying estevez drop for rainey, i’m wondering if anybody else in that list should be obtained over bearclaw (his FIP has become complete trash)

      • Roto-Wan

        Roto-Wan says:

        I’d agree. Rainey’s been bringing the noise and the funk. Estevez might be in the minors when Davis returns.

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