The fantasy world is buzzing with a guy with a tilde in his name, a name that not need speaking.  Because all the prospects analysts have been walking around like freak cases of Cialis gone wrong.  I hear that if you point your juggs gun at it for 30 seconds, it will subside.  Sticking with the Bravos though, I am intrigued by the possibilities around the ever in the lineup presence of Ender Inciarte.  (Him of the 8 steals in his last 14 games.)  When thinking about that total in the past fortnight, it’s more than six whole teams have all season.  I wish that was made up, but there are some slow of foot teams who like the one bag at a time approach.  Batting a crisp .339, getting on-base with an even crispier .369, and has only not hit in the leadoff spot one entire time all year.  Coincidentally, it was yesterday. Uncoincidentally, he still produced.  He is a fixture (at the peak of that blossoming before our eyes) in the lineup, and the best thing about it is that his defense will keep him on the manager’s card to play every single day.  Defensive ability may be the sleepy fantasy stat that has no measuring stick.  Although his counting stats maybe a tad slight on the runs/RBI’s, you want him for his SAGNOF appeal, that and he plays next whats his face.  Stay cozy, my friends as we round the first month out of fantasy in style, and by style I mean with no pants and a tub of ice cream.

Weekly planners from streaming steals is always a good thing.  The table below is one of the frequented SAGNOF virtues that I employ on a rotating basis. It looks at steals against, and the teams that the teams that are being robbed the most are playing this week. (Say that three times fast!) Better for streaming, but helpful for all.  For comparisons sake, the Nationals have 30 steals to lead baseball, the A’s have 6 to tow the end of the tape… Enjoy!

Team  SB’s Against Week’s opponents (Team Steals)
Mets 27 vs. ATL (21), vs. COL (18)
A’s 20 @ SEA (17), vs. BAL (10)
Phillies 20 @MIA (7), @WAS (30)
Giants 19 vs. SD (13), @ATL (21)
Braves 18 @NYM (8), vs. SF (13)
White Sox 18 @STL (13), vs. MIN (9)
Padres 18 @SF (13), vs. LAD (8)
Orioles 16 @LAA (13), @OAK (6)
Reds 16 vs. MIL (17), vs. MIA (7)
Rockies 16 vs.. CHC (6), @NYM (8)


Trevor Story – Always a power guy, he has three swipes in the last 10 games played.  Might not be talked about enough by the universe of fantasy-dom that we reside. Counting stats are decent, and if Dansby Swanson got a ton of love three weeks ago, he should be getting it now.  Walk down the street and tell six strangers “Trevor Story”, just his name, and see what happens.  Guarantee a 16% chance that you may get into a fight.

Whit Merrifield – Back in the leadoff spot and hitting.  Well hitting better in his last five, three of which are from the summit.  Last 10 look better than last 5, but have you ever said I would take a five over a ten?  It’s like H.L. Greens fighting the Woolworths.

Isiah Kiner-Falefa – Read that he is the first hyphenated SAGNOF victim to cross my path.  Congrats kid. Is the true definition of a Middle-Infidel. But getting at-bats, so part-time players soon become hazardous-waste. Sorry, I ran out of hyphenated words.

Marcus Semien – Hungry for some extra SB protein?  Go see if a trade for the really underrated SS is in the works.  People may not realize the pace he is on, and may not know how to count either.  On pace for 120 runs scored and 20 steals…

Jose Iglesias – SS/2B dudes always litter the SAGNOF digests.  He is one and he does litter from what I hear.  The Tigers are running a bit more than expected this year.  Three steals in last 7 games played is cool

Kyle Barraclough – Got the first non-Ziegler save chance.  When he gets  two in a row, or three in five, I will be more interested. The Marlins are still on pace for 60 wins.  That translates to under 30 saves, but the chase for saves is real.

Tyler Olson – Off day save chance for the Indians guy, is now his oficial new twitter handle for the next 10 days.

Greg Holland – It is almost a weekly reminder that he got 12 million dollars to close games and still hasn’t done his job.  Pitched four straight scoreless, got a chance to do his job… failed.  Holland is the save the date card with a blank in the save the date spot.



  1. mike says:

    Does Ender Inciarte for Manaea sound like a fair trade? I’m giving up Manaea, need steals.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @mike: very fair

  2. Nick says:

    Hey Smokey Buddy,

    was waiting for a SAGNOF post ,,,

    Now that the summer is coming ,,, i was thinking to myself :
    Let’s go get some vegetables and run on an healthy diet for some months…
    By vegetables i mean GREENS !

    Shane GREENe ,,, dude feels like a broccoli for a tiger in a zoo!!!
    got it in dynasty cause i needed saves,,, in the final i’m getting blow saves !
    That’s what happen when you it too much broccoli

    Chad GREEN,,, drafted him in lmy keeper team cause he was in your top 3 HO-HANOF early on.
    more than a cesar salad , he’s looking like a full-combo salad with crispy onions with 2Wins, 19Ks, ERA 2.0 ,,, but only 2 HOLDS behind Chapman in NYY
    wins and Ks are comig along with my spicy PEPPERoni starters … let’s “hold” !!

    Josh “LETTUCE head” HADER : now we’re talking!! gimme some mozzarella along with my tomatoes and put some basalmic vinegar ON ! feel the summer time
    badly wanted and missed him in dynasty, and got him in keepers

    AJ Mint is not winding cool air with his arm yet,,, only 11K / 10walks in 12ip !!
    dropped him in dynasty , still having faith in keeper so i can put some pepperMint in a vegetable chinese roll somedays !!!

    as Greene is not trade-able at this point , would you consider dropping him for a HOHONOF ?
    don’t know who , yet , i need holds and my only closers are “the Ks” : Keone Kela & Keynan!
    Young plants : Shane Carle ATL is enjoying life closer to sea level, with Vizcaino and AJ,
    rookie Justin Anderson as Middeleton backup for LAA is looking good lately, and maybe he can bloom into a nice califlower !?

    other of consideration: Kintzler
    Who would be your choice in your Sagnof garden ?


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Nick: my head is spinning from the pins and I live in NJ and we have a lettuce scare with disease and stuff on it. Lol

  3. KMDA007 says:


    12 team 6×6 (walks & holds). My drafted closers didn’t pan out (B Parker, Treinen, Bradley, Holland), looking to move a starter for a closer. What should I get for:
    A) C Anderson
    B) T Williams
    C) should I move McCullers or Corbin for a closer?
    D) if so, what should I get for them?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @KMDA007: don’t think a or b get you anything special maybe a set up guy with intrigue. The other two should get you about anyone in the top 6-12 closers think consistency and a winning team. Cody Allen?

  4. hal_incandenza says:

    Any idea what is up with Swarzak’s health and prospective return? I’ve been holding him in a DL spot of a Holds league but now I have plenty of guys for that spot, so I’m get antsy.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @hal_incandenza: still a few days away. Oblique injuries suck and the Mets cities are oblique with diagnosis.

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