We’re on the precipice of September call ups so don’t go wild this week. There are a few usable options that are likely available to you, however. Squeeze what you can out of them during this calm before the September storm.

  • The Mariners offer a pair of potential stolen base sources in Tim Lopes and Jake Fraley. Lopes had a decent week and would be the priority for me but that could depend on whether you need middle infield (he plays SS) or outfield with Fraley.
  • Tommy Edman can also help you fill a middle infield spot. He’s getting regular playing time and can contribute in every category to some degree. Speed is the most likely with nine
  • J.T. Realmuto keeps showing up on our list of most steals yielded despite an excellent caught stealing percentage. What could be at play there is a pitching staff that doesn’t hold runners as well. I’d trust quality runners against the Phils but consider benching less efficient base sealers.
  • Delino Deshields has been getting regular time in the Texas outfield. The team has weathered poor injury luck so that should continue. Deshields is a one trick pony but a fast horse at that.
  • Victor Robles has revived his fantasy value lately, mainly on the back of some stolen bases. His inconsistency is not surprising for a rookie. He should be fine with year end stat totals, though.
Name Team SB CS CS% Inn SB/Inn
Wilson Ramos NYM 76 13 14.6% 831.1 0.09
Yasmani Grandal MIL 53 20 27.4% 872.2 0.06
Jonathan Lucroy – – – 50 17 25.4% 613.1 0.08
Omar Narvaez SEA 50 11 18.0% 707.2 0.07
Jeff Mathis TEX 48 8 14.3% 596.1 0.08
Buster Posey SFG 45 19 29.7% 698 0.06
Josh Phegley OAK 45 20 30.8% 682 0.07
J.T. Realmuto PHI 42 36 46.2% 944.2 0.04
Robinson Chirinos HOU 41 10 19.6% 822 0.05
Kurt Suzuki WSN 37 5 11.9% 561.1 0.07