Do you worship at the alter of never paying for saves? Are you looking for a save that has little to no face? Then you’re in the right place padre. Format refresher: Gucci shirt=getting tricked by a business; velour jumpsuit=doesn’t matter if it smells like R. Kelly’s sheets, it’s only 99¢.


Gucci shirt: Craig Kimbrel

Has no one learned their lesson on Kimbrel yet? His mechanics are more Jacked up than Harry Beltik’s teeth. Sure, the Cubs have no choice but to keep trying to get him right with his contract but at some point a change will be made. Does that come in May or August?

Velour jumpsuit: Greg Holland

Former top flight closer who gave us a reason to believe in 2020? Get some tulips and clogs ’cause Holland is for you. He won’t match any of what he did last season except saves maybe. You don’t need anything else at the price. KC resigned him for a reason. Namely suppressing arbitration values.


Gucci shirt: Will Smith

I was a huge fan of Big Willy Style when he rebounded from TJS. The Giants just wore his arm out, though. Since 2019 he’s had stretches where you can just see the soft tissue doesn’t spring back in that arm. It’s not a huge sunk cost if he busts but there’s plenty of cheaper options in a possible timeshare.

Velour jumpsuit: Gregory Soto

Our cheaper LHP in a possible rotation is the only reliever in Detroit with much of a shot at taking over the gig. It doesn’t help that he’s a lefty and the walks need to come down. There’s no other options in that pen that can miss bats and not constantly implode.


Gucci shirt: Matt Barnes

Drafters I truly respect are falling for the Barnicle. RP2 needs will make you do crazy things. Nothing has changed here, though. Plenty of Ks with plenty of walks, and a tendency to come unglued with the win on the line. The lack of better options is driving his price but that’s never a good reason to be in on an priced up RP by itself.

Velour jumpsuit: Jake McGee

When do you take that risk? Not on the freeway around pick 200. You go to an abandoned parking lot in the 300s to see if you can sit on the hood with your car in drive. Mcgee’s 2020 rebound could all be a mirage. Leaving the thin Colorado air did him good, however. It wouldn’t be crazy for a solid chunk of saves in a captainless Giants pen.