Alex Gordon revealed yesterday that he would require hip surgery and would miss a few months.  Willie Bloomquist owners rejoice!  Obviously this isn’t great news for Gordon.  That’s 99 red balloons for your fearless leader, Grey.  I loved me some Alex Gordon.  Though, as fate would have it, I didn’t actually get him on any team.  Not by design.  I luckily backed up into that one.  You can DL him, but I’d cut bait if you have anyone else in the DL slot.  Gordon’s not coming back for a while and even when he was around, he was tentative at best.  It’s going to be real hard for me to sell anyone on drafting him next year.  But I will try!  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

LaTroy Hawkins – Notched a save as Jose Valverde was held out of the game because of a sore back.  The Astros are making it sound like Valverde’s back isn’t much of an issue.  Yeah, and the Orioles wanted Wieters to work on his D.  And the Mariners brought Griffey back so they can win games not as a PR stunt.  And the Rockies were happy with the value they received for Holliday.  These clubs lie through their teeth.  Valverde may be fine and Hawkins is a cuddle boy, but all that means nothing if Hawkins is getting the saves.  If you have room, own him.

Alex Rodriguez – Took BP and hit the ball out of the park a few times.  Afterwards he said he hadn’t felt that good since his cousin was sticking him in the ass with steriods.

Cliff Lee – 6 IP, 1 ER.  Had a lot of baserunners to only give up one run.  Am I always glass is half empty with Lee?  Yes, yes I am.

Kosuke Fukudome – 3rd homer.  Looks like a pattern is emerging.  Someone likes to hit in the beginning of the year.  Last year, Fukudome hit the ball well through June.  So far, so same.

Ryan Franklin – Another save.  I think he gets 20-25 saves this year as LaRussa occasionally works in other guys.

Sean Marshall – 5 IP, 3 ER and 4 Ks.  Pretty much exactly what I would hope for from Marshall.  He was in line for the Win when he left, but Aaron Heilman, obviously still upset about losing the 5th starter job to him, took care of that.

Kenji Johjima – Joe Geema to the DL.  Keep an eye out if the Mariners are going to call up Jeff Clement, though Rob Johnson looks like he might take the majority of the PT.  Johnson is actually more intriguing than Joe Geema. (<–not really a compliment)

Yunel Escobar – Out for a few days with a strained ab.  Chipper says the left side of the bench is really comfy.

Emilio Bonifacio – 0-for-5 and three more Ks.  Dallas McPherson says, “Muahahahahaha.”

Vladimir Guerrero – In my daily roundups, I usually don’t mention guys that are owned everywhere unless there’s some kind of value change.  So was it weird it was just two days ago that I decided to mention Vladdy for just randomly going 0-for-4?  Or prescient?  You make the call!  All I know is the other day I saw a guy that looked really old and broken down.  It was revealed he has a strained pectoral muscle.  Glass half full?  He’s not really as bad as he’s looked so far this year; he’s injured and will return healthy pounding the ball.  But I think the glass is half empty.  Even if he’s healthy, he’s old and getting older by the day.  Unlike Benjamin Button.

John Danks – 6 IP, 1 ER, 8 Ks.  Mentioned in the preseason he’s one of the few AL starters I’m targeting.  I kinda wish I would’ve highlighted him more.  *SPOILER ALERT*  He’ll be in the Buy/Sell coming later today.  Stay tuned…

Barry Zito – 5 IP, 6 ER. At least one thing is constant.  The greatest trick Billy Beane ever pulled was convincing the world Zito was good.

Emmanuel Burriss – 3-for-5 with a steal.  If Webster gets hot, he can swipe 7 bags in a week.  Might be the Nuevofacio.

Chase Headley – 4-for-4, 3 RBIs.  I’d add him for this weekend in Philly.

Howie Kendrick – .205 on the year and his speed and power are weak too.  Awesome!  Was on the all-overrated team too.

Mark Teixeira – Received a cortisone shot for his wrist.  Maybe patty cake with Shelley Duncan wasn’t such a good idea.

Joe Saunders – 7 IP, 1 ER, 4 baserunners.  Great mysteries of the world… The origins of Stonehenge?  Did CT and Shauvon have sex?  And how is no one hitting Saunders?  At some point, this ace in wolf’s clothes is going to rub its butt on your Domino’s pizza.

  1. and1mcgee says:

    and the Domino’s pizza reference. I’ll eat pizza covered in dirt I love it so much. But after that video, I don’t think I can for a WHIIIILE…

  2. Drev says:


    I have both Wainwright and Josh Johnson in a h2h points league. Do you have any concern that, given their injury-shortened seasons last year, they’ll fade by the time the fantasy playoffs come along? Thanks.

  3. Steve says:

    Welcome, Webster! Kubel? Maybe see you down the line…

    Where you could do with steals and have a choice, Webster or Taveras for the Util spot?

  4. Nick says:

    @ Grey & the gang: I hate LaRussa & the Cards….do I drop Motte for Franklin? Or move on to some other closer? I rather not pickup Villanueva or Hawkins…in my 10 team league all backup closers are available & Hoffman was just dropped.

    Current Closers: Jenks, Hanrahan, Motte & Devine (DL)
    * I could drop Motte & Devine, pickup Hoffman for my DL spot and then another closer? Just an option…

  5. Mike says:

    A guy has offered me Capps for Danks in a league where I’m OK for starters (Shields, Nolasco, Josh Johnson, Wainwright, Wandy and Danks) and need closer (Nathan and Villanueva) help.

    Make the move?

    I had countered an original offer of Rodney with Broxton for Danks. This is the middle ground.

    Or do I hold out for Broxton?

  6. Steve says:

    @Steve: Can add some names to that list of choices for steals out of the Util spot:

    OBP and Ks the extra counting stats.

    Also – start Guthrie against the Sox?

  7. deepee says:

    I’m also wondering about Guthrie against the Sawx. I sat him down for his first 2 starts and now thinking I should start him…sounds like the perfect setup for a 72.00ERA screw job (Murphy and his stupid law are lurking in the bushes…I just know it!)

    Also, what about Wolf against the Rox tonight?

  8. knighttown says:

    Just a nightmare start to my season (11 team). I’ve gotten 3 wins from my staff of Beckett, Oswalt, Vazquez, Cain, Je. Weaver, Scherzer and more Kazaams than the 3 saves from Qualls, Morrow and R. Soriano.

    My top 6 hitters are all ranked worse than 550th (Braun, Teix, Fielder, Chipper, BJ Upton, Alexei Ramirez). I have exactly 1 batter with a Top 100 numbers that I drafted, Raul Ibanez at 91, lead by J. Upton at 0HR/.105BA and Beltre with 0HR/.186BA.

    I assume I’ve got no choice to hold on since I don’t have a single
    “Sell High” candidate to trick people with.

  9. Tony says:

    Kemp with a nice triple and 2 SB’s, love it love it, too bad the guy i’m playing has 5 triples in my H2H league.

    Anyone that owns Jay Bruce start him today. I am benching him so he will OBVIOSULY hit his 2nd homerun of the year (since the ONLY other time I bench the dude he goes yard).

    I’ve got Haren, Shields, Jurjjens, Beckett, and Wang throwing today and tomorrow. I’ve got 13 innings of 32 in. I think the obvious plan is to throw Haren, shields and Beckett?

    Braves aren’t doing so hot and I’m not starting WANG til he shows me something that doesn’t make me want to drop him!

  10. johnson21 says:

    Drop Chris Perez for Latroy Hawkins?

  11. p0rk burn says:

    @knighttown: You have plenty of players people will take from you in trades, but you are better off breathing into a paper bag for a while and letting them come around. Those guys will hit. Its early. Repeat after me, “its only mid-April, my bats will wake up.”

  12. stynyr says:

    With RP’s of Nathan, Hanrahan, Street, and Frank Francisco would Franklin be worth a look? Who would be dropped for him?

  13. Nuevofacio! Bravo! Bravo!

    I dropped Bonifacio the other day for Dukes. Now I’m benching Bruce for Dukes, at least today.

    @knighttown: That’s rough, but it is not even two weeks in yet. That crew will start hitting — remember, cold Aprils mean hot Julys. At least usually.

  14. Yak says:

    The guy I’m trying to deal with countered my Bonifacio and Morneau for CaLee, with BPhillips and Morneau for CaLee and Kendrick. Thoughts? I have Teix at first and Chone/Boni at 2nd.

  15. Tony says:

    @Yak: You’re giving up TOO MUCH in all those deals IMO, whats the HUGE difference between Carlos Lee and Morneua? If anything I’d value Morneua more because he plays first and Lee is in the OF. And you’re giving up Morneau and something? Phillips/Morneua for CLEE/Kendrick is just absurd…. way overvaluing Kendrick who has yet to put a full season together, and way undervaluing Morneua and phillips who is a 30/30 threat every year. Teams haven’t even played 10 games yet, don’t devalue due to a slow start. The guy is trying to bend you over….

  16. Basketnarb says:

    I have Kelly Shoppach and Brandon Inge. Is there any reason to keep both? Who should I drop? Should I be ok with either as my catcher or should I look for someone else?

  17. Tony says:

    @Basketnarb: I had Pablo and Shop and I ended up dropping SHOP before the season started, can’t roll with both…. shops still sitting on waivers in my league. Until Cleveland makes a point to get him AB’s its tough to keep although after last year he is a 20+ HR threat for sure….

  18. Euroalien says:

    12 Team 5 x 5 Keeper League…… I’m thinking of dumping Kendrick for Orlando Hudson. Kelly Johnson is my other 2B……. I have Kendrick active mainly because I was hoping to get a decent BAvg out of him. About my only other option is to activate Gardner and bench Hudson till his bat heats up some……… Over the course of the season do you think I can get decent/comprable stats from Hudson?

  19. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Dude, Grey… Why do you gotta go ruin my Mr. B party? I’m not picking up LaTroy Hawkins out of general principle. My Mr. B corps has consisted of (in no particular order): Motte, Manny Corpas, Downs, Chad Cordero, Miguel Batista, Chris Perez, Jeremy Affeldt, Corpas again, Downs again, Perez again.

    I’m not showing up to the Mr. B club today. Screw you guys.

  20. sean says:

    re: Guthrie: I sat him in his first matchup against the Yanks and then promised myself that I wouldn’t play the matchups ever again. If a SP is good enough to own, he’s good enough to start. Otherwise, cut cord and pick up someone that you feel safer starting… He’ll be in my lineup.

  21. NoonTime says:

    Wieters update: Hit his first HR yesterday. After going 1 for 11 in his first 3 games, he is 5 for 12 in his last 3. With the Orioles actually being competitive and Zaun batting .136 does that do anything to Wieters call up timeframe or is it all about delaying his clock? I am punting catcher by slotting Wieters in as my starter and using the extra roster spot to play the waiver hack carousel.

  22. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @IowaCubs: me to,downs,shields,perez twice,motte,hoffman,hawkins,coffey,thornton,nunez,villenuava and cruz to name most of them,

  23. NoonTime says:

    Price update: 5 IP, 4 Hits, 1 BB, 0 ER, 6K yesterday

  24. Rob says:

    Chase Headley or Russell Branyan to add to my bench to fill in for Chipper while he deals with his thumb?

  25. Rob says:

    relief pitcher slot putz or downs?

  26. Travis says:

    @ Grey: Obviously CT and Chauvon had sex. Real question is did the other guys not stop him from killing Adam because they couldn’t or because they wanted him kicked out of the game. .. And if they wanted him kicked out of the game, was it because they thought they’d have a shot at Diem or a shot at winning the game.

  27. NoonTime says:

    @Rob: I think “slot putz” could refer to any number of the RPs I have run through my roster.

  28. It’s still early, but I’m thinking I’ll need steals. Is it worth trading Votto and Vernon Wells for BJ Upton?

    @NoonTime: Me too. I hope Weiters is more Longoria and less Gordon.

    @Yak: Don’t do any of these trades. Lee and Morneau are too close in value to even make this trade worthwhile, let alone “throwing in” Phillips. It’s still early enough that, if you want to evaluate a trade, just look at draft rounds. I’m guessing Lee went in the 2/3, Morneau in the 3rd, Phillips in the 3rd, and Kendrick in the… 10th? 12th?

    One of these things is not like the others.

  29. Tony says:

    @Travis: chauvon was always a “thicker” girl, now she’s just FAT, not PHAT, “FATTTTTTTT” with huge boobs….. LOL

  30. Zebo says:

    need steels, drop Burrell for Burriss or get some dirty saves with hawkins?

  31. .(). says:

    “The greatest trick Billy Beane ever pulled was convincing the world Zito was good.”

    Good stuff.

  32. Yak says:

    Morneau/Phillips for Lee/Aramis any better? I am really trying hard to not rely on Chone/Bonifacio/Encarnacion. I can ride with 1, but all 3 are dangerous to my health.

  33. Dingo says:

    Does anybody have a good read on Kawakami yet? I was under the impression that he was a control freak in Japan, but so far his peripherals are looking much more Jonathan Sanchez than Brad Radke. That K rate is bound to come down, but hopefully the walk rate comes with it.

  34. @Dingo: I’m watching him too — picked him up for yesterday’s start against the Marlins, hoping for Ks — pretty much got what I wanted/deserved.

    So far he looks like Dice-K Lite — i.e. enough funk in his delivery/pitch selection to rack up Ks against befuddled players (at least the first time around) but also prone to mistakes that keep his lines from being too pretty.

    Here’s Keith Law from ESPN with one of the more lengthy, cogent takes on Kawakami:

    “Kawakami posted solid strikeout rates in Japan, but without a clear out pitch he doesn’t project to miss as many bats in MLB. His fastball is fringe-average, and he’ll likely have to change his approach and pitch more with his offspeed stuff. Like all pitchers coming from Japan, he’ll also have to adjust to the larger baseball used here.”

    All of which says to me he’ll be similar to Hiroki Kuroda — decent 5th starter, but won’t carry your staff.

  35. Griff says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: It depends on who your backup for Votto is, but I think that trade could work. (Full disclosure: I have little faith in Vernon. I see him missing time and ending up 20/80/80/5/.280)

    I like Votto this year, but 30/100 is kind of his ceiling at this point. Upton is a guy who could explode for a 20/40 season, and I think he’s a lock to get 100R, 30 SB at leadoff.

  36. @Griff: I’ve got Fielder in Util, so he slides nicely over to 1B.

    If anyone who’s 300 lbs can be said to “slide nicely.”

    That Vernon line looks about right to me — I got him after he fell like a stone to the 12th round, and I still needed an OF.

    I might just offer Votto for Upton straight up, for shizz and giggles.

  37. Bob says:

    12 Team 5 x 5 Mixed Non-Keeper League 1 Catcher League —

    Do I trade Geovany Soto for Nate McClouth considering I have Russell Martin at catcher. McClouth would be competing for time with Andre Ethier and Brad Hawpe at Util. Could really use a SP more. Who currently has similar value to Soto or Russell Martin?

  38. albertalbert says:

    I think it’s time to move on from Motte. I just dropped him, but I picked up Perez instead of Franklin.

    @Baron – I kind of think that’s too high a price. I don’t like trading guys like Votto because I think they’re usually undervalued because they don’t have the name recognition yet. But Votto will put up some great numbers all year in every stat (even a few SBs).

    Is it possible that guys like Upton are overvalued anyway? I remember when Carl Crawford was going first round a few years ago in drafts. Maybe Upton is different, but I’m not trading a good OF and a great 1b for an unproven OF who’s ‘gonna be’ a star.

  39. Dingo says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Thanks for the analysis and the Law quote. I’d been trying to find scouting reports on him, but there doesn’t seem to be too much out there. For what it’s worth, I’d rather have Votto & Wells than Upton, but like Griff said — it depends on who your replacement options are… and whether you’ve got more faith in B.J.’s breakout potential than Votto’s, I suppose.

  40. Ash says:

    I drafted Danks and he was someone I was kinda 50/50 on.. I didn’t know if he’d take a step forward or a step back this year. But so far, so good.

    Josh Johnson

    … Nolasco (he better do well tonight against the Nats)

    overall though, I like my pitching a lot.

    Taveras has 7 runs and 3 SB’s so far.. Who saw that coming??

  41. Probable Party Starter says:

    Is anybody taking the leap with Zimmermann in his first start (v. Lowe @ WAS) on Monday?

  42. 12 team Mixed Roto…should I trade Ziegler and Conor Jackson for Max Scherzer?

    I have Guillen and Blalock to play 1b. My rotation consists of Cain, Bedard, Greinke, Josh Johnson, with Carpenter and Escobar on the DL, closers are street, frank francisco, gregg, villanueva.

  43. mike says:

    would also love to hear about Zimmermann? do you have a write-up on him already?

  44. Someone just dropped Thome. Worth dropping Villaneuva for Thome?

    @Bob: Def. trade Soto if you have both those catchers and only one slot. McLouth seems like a fair swap — pitching-wise, anyone other than the Holy Trinity (Santana, Lincecum, Sabathia) seems acquirable. Maybe even Sabathia if you can convince his owner that he’ll struggle in the AL, blah blah blah.

    I’d avoid Webb and Hamels, though, until their health picture becomes more clear.

    @Dingo: Agreed, and thanks.

    @albertalbert: Agreed, and thanks as well. I’m just getting itchy to do some horse-swapping. I need to fight that instinct.

    Plus, I suffered through BJ all last year… not sure why I’d want to take on the headache again.

  45. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Wow, I just had the exact same situation happen to me in one league and I missed out on Thome. Whoops. It still sucks to own him, but if he gets hot, you can include him in a deal for a better closer in a few weeks.

  46. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: yeah great stuff on zimm,he`s kept up the good work in minors,so im going with him monday,im in need of sp so i could use a boost from him even if the wins are low, 3.75-1.3-8k per 9 id take of course

  47. Tony says:

    Does anyone else put pitchers in their starting line up then yank them out like 5 mins before the start of the game just to EFFF with the guy you’re playing H2H?????

    God I love doing this. Say you’ve got the worst of the nationals pitchers, so pretty much any of them, and they’re in Texas facing the rangers nasty line up. You put him in a starting pitcher slot, let your opponent lick his chops and think you’re throwing a guy who’s gonna get shelled, then YOINKS, you bench him!!!! LOL

    (not that anyone owns any Nats pitchers!)

  48. Dingo says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I hear you on not wanting to ride the Upton train again. I felt the same thing when I refused to believe in Fukudome’s hot start this year. Is there a glossary term for having an irrational love or hatred for a player based on how he performed for your team in prior years? If not, there should be.

    @Tony: That may not have any strategic value, but it’s still hilarious. I think it’d be worth picking up a Nats pitcher just to do that once or twice.

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @and1mcgee: Awesome videos!

    @Drev: I’d own them for at least another three months before worrying about that.

    @Steve: Taveras, and you gotta start Guthrie.

    @Nick: Pickup Hoffman and Franklin.

    @Mike: I’d never trade for saves. I’d just be more aggressive on the waiver wire, but that trade is fine for you. For Capps.

    @deepee: I’d start Guthrie and Wolf.

    @knighttown: That sucks, but you need to hold.

    @johnson21: I wouldn’t do that.

    @stynyr: He would be worth a look, but I wouldn’t drop any of those guys.

    @Yak: I don’t like it.

    @Basketnarb: Drop Inge.

    @Euroalien: I think they’re pretty close. I wouldn’t drop Kendrick for Hudson, because at least Kendrick has upside.

    @IowaCubs: Suit yourself.

    @sean: Hear ye, hear ye.

    @NoonTime: Don’t punt catcher completely like that. Loss him before you cost yourself anymore points.

    @Rob: Headley and Downs

    @Travis: I think instincts jumped in and they held him back. But imagine if they all just sat there cheering him on. Adam would be dead right now. Also, I liked how Adam kept pretending like he wanted to fight then would run behind Evan or Big Easy for them to stop the fight. Brilliant! Welcome back, Challenge! (BTW, haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, so don’t ruin it.)

    @Tony: Agreed, she gained some poundage. She kinda looked like Miss Piggy.

    @.().: Thanks!

    @Yak: I want the Phillips side.

    @Ash: You should be really happy with your pitching. Good core group. re: Taveras — Well, he could always run, I don’t think he’s going to hit .400 forever though.

    @bpasinko: I wouldn’t make that trade.

    @Tony: Hehe, yeah, all the time.

  50. Zebo says:

    @Grey: you dont think Perez wrestles the job from Franklin? It’s not like Franklin has lights out stuff.

  51. Tony says:

    @Dingo: Oh there’s no strategic value, its all about psyching them out. And it could just be something like I’m doing tonight. I have Haren and Shields going and I’m defl’y throwing them. I have Jurjjens which I “could” throw but I dont need the innings or the risk so i’ll bench him right around game time. Playing my best bud from college in H2H. I know he’ll check it, think “oh budddddddy tony’s throwing 3 guys and Jurjjens isn’t the safest bet” and then YOINKS…. I throw Haren/Shields, yank Jurjjens, and then see if I need to throw Beckett Sat vs. BAL!


  52. Tony says:

    @Zebo: PEREZ is chillin on waivers in my league, i’m interested in him too, i just dont have a place to stash him if he’s not THE closer….

  53. cubbies299 says:

    You guys starting Hamels vs the Nats?

  54. NoonTime says:

    Price update: 5 IP, 4 Hits, 1 BB, 0 ER, 6K [email protected]Grey: And here I thought you’d be proud of me after your “(Now that’s how you punt catcher. Starting a guy who’s not even playing.)”… and that’s me quoting you being parenthetical!! I am 12 12 12 in Runs, HR, RBI so I can take the hit.. or I can just pretend I have Iannetta instead.

  55. Ashley says:

    @Grey: Yeah I know, but I kinda like him better than Ellsbury… In terms of ADP atleast.

    That was just a response to one of your funnier preseason assesments when you said something like he could steal 80 bases and score 60 runs this year.

  56. jp says:

    should i drop hawpe for stewart? stewart getting time in the outfield is encouraging.

    also, who would you recommend me picking up as a free agent: denard span or randy winn?

  57. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: I hope you know I was just kidding. That said, would you rather own LaTroy over Perez?

  58. Tony says:

    @IowaCubs: I dropped LYON for LaTroy last night. Perez is still sitting there. LaTroy is the man for the moment until Valverdenuts sore back isn’t sore….

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: Eventually

    @NoonTime: True, but that’s a deep AL-Only league. I wouldn’t start a guy that is in the minors and who may not get called up until June. Stash him if you have room, otherwise get someone in there who is getting some stats.

    @Ashley: Oh… I’m so witty I don’t even remember it! Yeah, I could see your point with him being better in terms of value than Ellsbury.

    @jp: Span — Don’t drop Hawpe for Ian.

    @IowaCubs: Yeah, I know. I was just trying to breeze through 50 comments and didn’t have anything pithy to say to you. Hawkins for right now, then probably Perez in a week (or less). Unless you think Perez would be snatched by someone else in your league.

  60. cubbies299 says:

    Hamels v Wash. Is that a start? He looked wretched last go-round.

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: I thought you were joking since he faces the Padres next time out and you have to start Hamels every time out.

  62. cubbies299 says:

    @Grey: Oh. Normally I agree, but I was wondering if, in light of his elbow/velocity issues, if you advised benching him a start to make sure all that’s in the past. W/e my team era’s like 5.00 anyways thanks to lyon, weaver, and vazquez.

  63. knighttown says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:

    Aren’t you Canadian? If you offered Votto in my Canuck-only league you’d get Prince and CC if you could fit them both in your shopping basket.

  64. Tony says:

    @knighttown: you’re not my friend pal, you’re not my pal budday, you’re not my budday FRIEND!!!!

    anyone anyone???

  65. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: It’s a very competetive money league. Perez will be snatched for sure if I add Hawkins. I also have Crapanueva to drop if necessary.

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Yeah, I hear ya. But you gotta run your horses out there. But I probably shouldn’t say I’d never bench him, but not against the Padres.

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: Hmm… That’s tough then. Sadie B. is not a good closer by any means. I’d probably hold tight.

  68. Colin says:

    Great you think PJ Walters is worth a flier in NL-Only today? Or worth the pick up but bench today?

  69. Colin says:

    lol Great? I mean Grey…freudian slip.

  70. knighttown says:

    Drop Rafa Soriano for Hawkins?

  71. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: Mr. B’s UNITE! Sadie B?? Shoot, you miss the comment threads one day, and you’re completely out of the loop.

  72. Colin says:

    Start Walters today or wait and see?

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Colin: Start him.

  74. Colin says:


    Of these 3 OF whom would you start today? Rasmus, Fowler or Upton.

    Fowler offers possible steals which would be nice for my team.

    Rasmus is hitting in front of Pujols today which is always good.

    Upton seems to have turned the corner and is a career 3 for 8 with a homer, 5 RBI and 3 walks against Sanchez.

  75. @knighttown: That’s true — I got to stay with my T-Dot homeboy.

    Someday we should start an All-Canadian Fantasy League. First round: Morneau, Bay, Harden, Votto, Russell Martin…. er, Jesse Crain…

    You could put together a pretty good All Canuck team, actually. Stubby Clapps!

  76. Colin says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Baron you really think so? You’re not high on Fowler tonight against Wolf?

  77. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: still lost here. Sophie B?

  78. Billy says:

    Are people here worried about Jon Lester? I’ve heard that the Verrucci effect wouldn’t hamper him as much because he pitched a lot of linnings in 07 if you include minor leagues (Baseball Cube says 150, Baseball Reference says 170…weird) and the fact that he’s a big dude.

    In the same vein i got an offer in a 6 man keeper league…I trade Kamzir for Abreu and Lester. I am looking for an OF and my pitching (Peavy, J. Johnson, Lackey, Maholm, Wandy, Smoltz) has been performing well.

    Alternatively, what about Abreu for Lackey? Abreu/Bedard for Kazmir?

    Thanks everyone.

  79. mike says:

    who gets more saves this year, Corpas or Franklin?

  80. @Colin: Fowler hits righties better than lefties and (theoretically) is less likely to steal on a lefty like Wolf. Meanwhile, Upton’s had success against Sanchez in the past.

    That said, if you’re feeling Dexter, go with him — it’s impossible to guess what will happen on a game-to-game basis.

    @Billy: If you like Abreu, either of those Kaz for Abreu + trades work for you. I wouldn’t say Kaz is any safer a choice than Lester or Bedard. It’s like swap of the Fragile Southpaws.

  81. The Dude says:

    I’ve got a deal brewing for Mark Reynolds and can either get Corpas or Franklin. This is a Holds league, so getting Saves isn’t crucial (though not undesirable). Overall, which one is less likely to bloat my ERA/WHIP and give me a better K/9 ratio?

  82. mike says:

    @Grey: even if Corpas is named closer today?

  83. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @mike: I think I agree with Baron’s assessment that the Rockies wouldn’t have traded Holliday for Street/others if they thought he wouldn’t be the closer of choice.

    I think the only real way to get consistent saves from Franklin/Perez or Street/Corpas is to own them all and start them all whenever possible.

  84. big o says:

    how did you end up with bums like that in a 10-teamer (note#5) ?

    @IowaCubs: @AL KOHOLIC: wow . you guys are really playing the game (notes #20 & 23) .
    billy (#84) might have your next guy ==> grab smoltz ! … just in case papelbon and saito go down at the same time , after the all star break .

    at least this “chase” will keep you guys pre-occupied and off the streets this summer .
    really ought to be some sort of prize for who makes the most moves this season in pursuit of the almighty save .
    keep an eye on the tribe … that pen offers lots of possibilities !

    keep writing …… enjoyable stuff .

  85. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @big o: i tried perez in one of his blowups,but ive been watching the tribe close,,who gets next chance if woods goes down?

  86. Nick says:

    @big o: the rest of my lineup is pretty solid, thats how. I punted closers because I have confidence that I can stream them throughout the season and be fine…

    1b-a gonzalez
    3b-a ramirez
    of-pence, abreu, bj upton
    ut: pena
    bn-ibanez & t hunter

    SP-peavy & beckett
    rp-jenks, hanrahan, downs & soon to be franklin & hoffmann (DL)
    bn-bedard, wainwright & slowey

    through one round of h2h im 6-4-1 and really tight race this week.

  87. agarthered says:

    Is anyone watching the Yankees game, why did espn and stat tracker just freeze after a wild pitch to VMART?

  88. NoonTime says:

    @big o: Here is the run down of the RCLs and the most moves leader in each:

    RCL Original Recipe / Apoplectic Rotator Cufffs / 18
    RCL Coitus Division / A Man Named Brady / 8
    RCL Gorditas Supreme / R.I.P. Steriods / 13
    RCL TFP Co-Op / Trader Dave’s Brew Crew / 16
    RCL Neologasm Division / Halie Selassie Lions of Judah / 16
    RCL Alex PEDriguez Division / Veeck Yo’self / 19
    RCL – Honey Nut Ichiros / A-Rod’s Cousin Judy / 13
    RCL Big Blue Marble / Bushwood Varmint Cong / 42
    RCL A Latin 9 Team Division / AL KOHOLIC / 21

    On the other end of the specturm… special shout out to Captain Teamname of the RCL Alex PEDriguez Division for currently being in 1st place with 0 moves!

  89. Denys says:

    i’m going to go ahead and dump Aviles on one of my teams. the guy is terrible.

    maybe see if anyone still thinks he’s good first.

  90. Josh says:

    @agarthered: Martinez chased strike 3 in the dirt, but it hit his foot. First he ran to first and reached since the ball got to the backstop, but the umpires got together and figured out that it hit him, so its just a strike out.

  91. AL KOHOLIC says:

    jaba the hut 4 walks,is he scared

  92. Josh says:

    I’m thinking of trying to put together a package around Quentin for Braun… Anyone think its possible/ its worth it?

    Also I have nothing at catcher, should I aim to buy extremely low on Ianetta, or just keep searching the wire for Varitek-like production?

  93. royce! says:

    @NoonTime: At least I’m winning something! (I’m Veeck Yo’self). Turns out Dice-K was not the dude to zag when y’all zigged… At this point I think I’m struggling against the quicksand. Too dramatic for less than two weeks in?

    Amazingly, Captain Teamname is also in first place with 89 points AND still hasn’t put Kuroda on the DL.

  94. Colin says:

    Benched Rasmus, going with either Fowler or Ups tonight. Thanks for the help guys.

  95. sean says:

    ma’am and george: don’t seriously make me think about having to pick up burriss.

  96. NoonTime says:

    @royce!: I am not sure if that speaks to his greatness or the rest of the leagues ineptitude! Dude also has Glaus active!

  97. Tony says:

    @sean: i’m eyeing Burriss, the sb potential is something my team really really needs…. Cano actually hitting in april (not today so far) is one main reason i haven’t figured a way to snag him, plus he hasn’t done anything except for last night….

  98. royce! says:

    @NoonTime: Wow, thanks for that vote of confidence! Now I feel really great about my 40 something points!

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Denys: Yeah, Aviles looks lame.

    @Josh: I like Iannetta. Also like Braun for Quentin.

    @NoonTime: @royce!: That’s awesome! Did he also autodraft?

  100. NoonTime says:

    @royce!: No prob! Now just tell me his team was auto-picked and that would be the icing on the cake.

  101. Dingo says:

    Ugh. Joba is laying a gigantic pile of crap all over Yankee stadium, not to mention my ERA and WHIP.

  102. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Iannetta cleared waivers in my league, I have sandoval right now, should I hold pat?

  103. mike says:

    Werth or Dukes? HTH, non-keeper…

  104. agarthered says:

    @Dingo My ERA so far this year is through the roof, in the four years I’ve been doing fantasy, I’ve never started off with a +6 era to start the year.

    Fricking Joba today, Randy Johnson, Motte, Wang (dropped now), Gallardo


  105. Basketnarb says:

    Wow! Drop Inge? I thought you would say drop Shoppach. How come drop Inge?

  106. royce! says:

    @NoonTime: @Grey: Not sure how you tell if someone autodrafted, but he did draft 7 OF with his first 13 picks. Not sure if that means he wasn’t paying attention or he’s absolutely genius. According to the rules of the game, it means the latter, I guess.

  107. mike says:

    @Grey: love the dedication to this stuff…great site.

  108. Colin says:

    Walters 7 k’s in 4 innings. Has settled down nicely after a rough start, has a nasty slider. Worth dropping Anibal for him in NL only?

  109. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mike: Thanks!

    @Colin: No, I’d hold Anibal over him.

  110. Colin says:

    Someone please tell me why every pitcher I have gets rocked. I pick up Perez last night and the fat legged dumbass blows the game for the Cards today. I swear if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.

  111. p0rk burn says:

    Marmol comes in for the 9th. Perez blows the lead in the 8th. As the knuckleball turns . . .

  112. paulzone says:

    my current closers are qualls and gonzo. swap either for franklin?

    swap choo for fukudome, cameron or duncan?

  113. JavaBeanHead says:

    Thanks Grey for all your previous advice.
    A new question for you.
    -Would you pick up Masterson for his 2+ starts and drop porcello?
    There’s other SP options available for me to pickup after Masterson goes back to the pen like Pettitte,Wolf,A.Sanchez,B.Anderson,Cahill,Hanson (minors) , hopefully anyway.

    -Another question, S.Baker clears waivers tomorrow. I could try to claim him, would you drop J.Sanchez,Parra,or Kawakami for him?
    I also have Motte and C.Perez and Soriano (ATL). I was planning on holding the STL RP until they establish some sort of consistency.

    phew, that’s all for now . <3

  114. Colin says:

    Why is Gonzalez coming in down 1-0 on the road? Isn’t he the fkn closer on the Braves? Goddammit. I swear to god this is the worst start my team has ever had. I am so pissed I don’t know where to start.

  115. big o says:

    hanrahanahan in line for the win now

  116. big o says:

    are maholm and meche the only decent SPs today ?

  117. deepee says:

    What do you guys think about my Uggla & Guthrie for Billingsley? Is that enough for Bills? I own, Hamels, J.Shields, Harang, Guthrie, and Davies.

    12 team H2H.

  118. Grey

    Grey says:

    @deepee: I like the trade for you and I think it’s plenty for Bills.

    ***If it’s not about this post, take your questions to my newest post. Thanks!

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