I really wanted to avoid writing this post.  I figured calling Rickie Weeks overrated was too easy.  Like your Moms.  Snap!  Oh, no Grey didn’t!  I did.  But then I started thinking about my 25-for-26 record being right calling guys overrated.  Then I started to think if I don’t do some of these broadside of the barn ones, my record might look worse than it is at the end of the year.  Yes, I’m basically saying that if it’s the last day of the season and I’m batting .3995, I’m sitting out the game.  Hey, Ty Cobb did it!  (Or at least he did it as portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones.)  So why is Rickie Weeks overrated for 2011 fantasy baseball?

Health risk.  End of post.  See if I can break this down to you a’la the SATs.  Which number doesn’t fit?  96, 95, 118, 129, 37 or 160.  I’ll wait for you to answer.  *taps finger, scratches head, yawns*  C’mon, it’s 160!  (If you answered C, you answer C for everything even if there are no corresponding letters.)  160 games is the number he had last year.  So he went from unable to get insurance from Geico to being Cal Ripken?  Um, okay.  If he clears 110 games again, I’d be impressed.  That would reduce his stats to that of, say, Gordon Beckham, who’s being drafted about 150 picks later.  Right now, Weeks is being drafted on average at pick number forty.  Forty, indeed.  As in these people are drinking one.  Seriously, that’s Milton Bradley crazy.  Speaking of which, I’m dating this one girl that is Milton Bradley crazy.  She has cat eyes and whiskers tattooed just above her nether regions.  Yes, I’m dating The Girl with the Catgina Tattoo.   Any the hoo!  Don’t draft Weeks.  He’s far too risky for where he’s being drafted.

  1. Tony says:

    I’ve never trusted weeks, never ever…. 26 for 27 grey, good job.

  2. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Grey sorry about that. It would be a 12 team league.

    I did my first mock last night using the war room spreadsheet. Overall I’m fairly happy with my team, though my pitching is too upsidey. What does razzball think.

    1. Ryan Braun (Mil – OF)
    2. Prince Fielder (Mil – 1B)
    3. Ian Kinsler (Tex – 2B)
    4. Jason Heyward (Atl – OF)
    5. Hunter Pence (Hou – OF)
    6. Pedro Alvarez (Pit – 3B)
    7. Max Scherzer (Det – SP)
    8. Elvis Andrus (Tex – SS)
    9. Colby Rasmus (StL – OF)
    10. Chad Billingsley (LAD – SP)
    11. Brett Anderson (Oak – SP)
    12. Geovany Soto (ChC – C)
    13. Adam Lind (Tor – 1B,OF)
    14. Jose Tabata (Pit – OF)
    15. Travis Snider (Tor – OF)
    16. Craig Kimbrel (Atl – RP)
    17. Edinson Vólquez (Cin – SP)
    18. Jhoulys Chacin (Col – SP,RP)
    19. Frank Francisco (Tor – RP)
    20. Ian Kennedy (Ari – SP)
    21. Johnny Cueto (Cin – SP)
    22. Kyle Farnsworth (TB – RP)
    23. Manny Ramírez (TB – OF)

  3. KeeblerMN says:

    Can I get 1/2 credit for answering “37”?

  4. Steve says:

    You mean you were.

  5. AdamH says:

    I like that offense Nuke

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: Yup

    @Nuke LaDouche: I don’t understand your pitching. Why are you taking Scherzer so early? I like him, but that’s kinda crazy. Then you don’t really have a staff after that, just a bunch of upside picks. All could work out, but more than likely they won’t.

    @KeeblerMN: You do!

    @Steve: Hmmm… Maybe.

  7. Steve says:

    Depends if she’s a Razzball reader I guess (emoticon)

  8. Eddy says:

    Catgina- Ha!!

    And I can’t help but ask: which player was the one that got away?

  9. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Yeah, I know its upsidey. I took Scherzer then because the draft was going really pitcher heavy and he was really the only pitcher left I felt I could possibly hang my hat on. He is going in the 9th round on average in Yahoo, so in a draft where lots of pitchers get taken early the 7th really isn’t reaching.

  10. RemDog Whisperer says:

    Grey, I was excited about Alvarez after last season. Coming into this year he looks over weight and out of shape. What do you think? Does this effect his stats this year?

  11. mr baseball says:

    Do you feel Grey that you have disavantages in the fantasy drafts you do because pretty much everyone knows the players you want to draft

    In an auction draft – there is a budget of $260

    just in case they are doing a draft with you :)
    which 3 hitters you would target and spend most of your budget in an auction draft –

  12. mr baseball says:

    Grey – you love power – late into a draft name a few players we can get some hidden power from that will come cheap

  13. Wally says:

    @Nuke: Who was available at SP in the 5th round? Pence may have been overkill for your OF.

  14. jongenes says:

    Grey, who was that illusive #26?

  15. Sean A says:

    Grey, in a 12-team keeper league, 5×5, auction draft. Must keep at least 5, but no more than 8. Price increases are 25% (rounded up for any fraction) or you can sign any player to a 2-year deal for a $5 increase. e.g. someone at $13 would cost $17 to keep on a 1-year deal or $18 on a 2-year deal.

    My list is as follows (with CURRENT salary in parentheses):

    Stephen Drew ($5)
    Ryan Zimmerman ($13)
    Ryan Braun ($18)

  16. Exactly says:

    Sup, Grey, used the War Room last night in an Espn 12-team mock (5 OF, 5 SP, 3 RP, 3 Bench), how’s this looking? Also, I know it’s tough to gauge .avg (i.e. Uggla last year)…how worried are you if you project a low avg?

    Thanks for the guidance.

    1. Braun – OF
    2. Howard – 1B
    3. Reyes – SS
    4. Kershaw – SP
    5. Phillips – 2B
    6. Bruce – OF
    7. Hamels – SP
    8. Gallardo – SP
    9. Quentin – OF
    10. Broxton – RP
    11. Putz – RP
    12. Reynolds – 3B
    13. Colby Lewis – P
    14. Pena – CI
    15. Torres – OF
    16. Fowler – OF
    17. Lidge – RP
    18. Volquez – SP
    19. Smoak – DH
    20. Posada – C
    21. Edwin Jackson – SP
    22. Brignac – MI
    23. Madson – RP
    24. Stauffer – SP
    25. Ka’aihue – 1B

  17. RemDog Whisperer says:

    I’m on board with Weeks. Not going to be close to last year’s stats. But, on the whole, I think injury risks are overrated. Or underrated really. To use your example, if Weeks misses a bunch of games and he ends up with the same stats as Beckham, you get to replace Weeks when he is not playing. So, it is really Weeks + (replacement MI). Same goes for a J Johnson type. While he’s pitching, his stats are going to be great. The unknown is, will he miss significant time? If he goes on the DL, you pick up the flavor of the week and get J Johnson + (flavor of the week). Am I way off base here?

  18. Cotton says:

    I can’t believe the minimal catgina talk here. You guys are reeeeealllly focused. Good on ya.

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: She’s not. To my knowledge.

    @Eddy: I called Cliff Lee overrated after his breakout season (2008) and he didn’t flop the next year (2009).

    @Nuke LaDouche: Gotcha

    @RemDog Whisperer: I like him a lot, but it seems like everyone does which makes him no bargain.

    @mr baseball: Hey, Mr. B. Long time no see. Every draft’s different. In my rankings, it’s pretty clear the guys I really like. Lind’s going around 185 right now. That’s great value.

    @jongenes: See above.

    @Exactly: I wouldn’t be too concerned about a low average since it’s fluky. I really don’t even need to look at your hitting to know it’s not as good as it should be because you have too many front line starters.

    @RemDog Whisperer: You’re not way off base in a ten team league, but in deeper leagues you can’t count on a replacement. Not to mention, what about the days he’s hurt but not DL’d.

    @Cotton: I was thinking the same thing.

    @Sean A: Is there a question?

  20. Dingo says:

    @Nuke LaDouche: I think you could’ve fixed your staff a lot if you’d taken a Top-20 pitcher with pick #5 instead of Hunter Pence. With Braun and Heyward in your top 4 picks, you’ve already got a stacked outfield, and you managed to add Rasmus, Lind, Tabata, and Snider as well. Putting a Lester/Greinke type at the top of your pitching staff would outweigh the loss of Pence.

  21. CT Old School says:

    Right after reading this post I reread the Bautista post. Mock Draft Central has Weeks at 40 ADP and Bautista at 47, so I can’t see either of these guys on any of my teams. Bautista will regress. Weeks will get hurt. But isn’t an injury easier to deal with than plain suckitude? And 2B is shallower than 3B or OF.

    I know it’s like asking would you rather have gonorrhea or syphilis, but of the two, which one has the best chance of meeting their high ADP, Weeks or Bautista?

  22. Sean A says:

    Grey, in a 12-team keeper league, 5×5, auction draft. Must keep at least 5, but no more than 8. Price increases are 25% (rounded up for any fraction) or you can sign any player to a 2-year deal for a $5 increase. e.g. someone at $13 would cost $17 to keep on a 1-year deal or $18 on a 2-year deal.
    Positions are C 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3xOF, Util, 2xSP, 2xRP, 3xP
    Total salary is $180 (not standard, I know)

    My list is as follows (with CURRENT salary in parentheses):

    Stephen Drew ($5)
    Ryan Zimmerman ($13)
    Victor Martinez ($15)
    Jay Bruce ($4)
    Colby Rasmus ($8)
    Adam Jones ($3)
    Pedro Alvarez ($10)
    Kelly Johnson ($10)
    Adam LaRoche ($1)
    Ryan Braun ($18)
    Geovany Soto ($2)
    Logan Morrison ($10)

    Madison Bumgarner ($10)
    Javier Vazquez ($10)
    Craig Breslow ($10)
    Chris Capuano ($10)
    Jonathan Sanchez ($4)
    Brian Matusz ($10)
    Daniel Hudson ($10)
    Carlos Zambrano ($10)
    Johan Santana ($10)
    Jorge De la Rosa ($10)

    Who would you keep?
    Obviously Zimmerman, Braun and Bruce.
    Do you keep Rasmus? Jones? Neither? Both and lock up Utility pre-draft?
    Soto at $3?
    Sanchez at $5?
    Santana at $13?
    Any others (Johnson, Hudson, Vazquez)?


  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @CT Old School: Bautista simply because he’s more unknown. Weeks’ history of injury is too vast to mess with at 40.

  24. ScottyM says:

    Rickie thinks Kinsler is a wuss.
    Can you justify having Kinsler in the 20’s and Weeks in the 60’s?

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Sean A: Braun, Zimmerman, Bruce, Rasmus, Soto, Sanchez, LaRoche, Drew…

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ScottyM: Kinsler’s been under 120 games once in his career. Weeks has been above it twice in 6 years.

  27. NewBVick says:

    I wanted to say something about Catgina, but it speaks for itself. So I’ll say don’t you think Weeks has extra excentive to play hurt in the final year of his contract? Maybe he was just mailing every bump and bruise before.

  28. PepeSilvia says:

    trying to figure out my sixth and final keeper (12 team league). who would you keep out of this list (draft round I’d sacrifice to keep each player in parenthesis):

    Wieters (13)
    Dan Hudson (15)
    Tabata (15)
    Marcum (19)
    Morrow (24)

  29. Sean A says:

    @Grey: Surprised about your opinion on LaRoche, even more on Drew.
    That being said, your picks only leave me with 2B and Util/OF on offense. Who do you target? Or, at least, what stats?

  30. Nuke LaDouche says:

    @Wally: I’m not sure who was available in the 5th anymore honestly, but I think you are absolutely right. Someone like Gallardo was probably available then and I should have taken him. It was in that mid 5th to mid 6th that people really went pitching nuts and by the time I got a chance to see that it was sort of too late. I really don’t like taking a pitcher before the 6th, but here I should have.

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @NewBVick: Don’t think his contract will matter.

    @PepeSilvia: In a bubble, Morrow…

    @Sean A: I have no idea what’s available. Target Utley if you can.

  32. BookieBob says:

    Catgina?!? Mmmmmmmmeeeoooowww!

    Pictures, or it never happened…….

  33. Sean A says:

    @Grey: Utley is available, but tends to go for way more than he’s worth.
    What about for Util and/or OF? You thinking i need steals? Or go for more power?

  34. BookieBob says:


    Best super villain name evah!!

  35. BookieBob says:


    Not in the first, but maybe on the wraparound.

  36. RemDog Whisperer says:

    @CT Old School: and @All This is kind of the point I was trying to make. I would rather have a player, that when he’s playing he’s great, but you know he’s gonna get hurt. Then have a player that is gonna be bleh and stay healthy and bleh all year.
    However, I am not trying to make a case for ethier Weeks or Bautista. Nethier will be on my roster(you ethier Andre).
    @Grey: I have never played in a 10 teamer Sir. Surely you jest! (Does that mean that when you eat…..it’s a Fancy Feast?)

  37. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Grey: Cat’s whickers hmmm. I saw a girl once at Hott 22 that had that. Maybe we run in the same “make it rain” circles. I wish that cat had my tongue.

  38. Steve says:

    @Smokey: “I wish that cat had my tongue”. That might be the best non-ffb remark ever made at this site.

  39. Steve says:

    @Steve: Oops. Non-fbb, is what I meant. Doh.

  40. Cole says:

    @Smokey: Damn it! I was all ready to type that exact same thing. Well played Smokey.

  41. Wilsonian says:

    In a league with Ks/9 and you already have Kimbrel and Hanrahan on your team, who would you rather have:

    League or Frank Frank?

  42. Al Swedgin says:

    In an auction, is it bad form for me to say things like, “Oh my god! I can’t believe Grey is gonna get Longoria for $20!” Or, “Man, if we let Grey get Lester at that price, no one will ever catch him in pitching!”

    Or is all fair in love and war rooms?

  43. cincinnasty says:

    Need some help here February Grey.

    I can keep two of the following:

    Longoria, Cano, Crawford, and Agonz

    Before Crawford and Agonz went to Boston I had Longo and Cano locked in. Now it seems Agonz has a legitmate case to be picked before Cano.

    I like the idea of having 2nd and 3rd locked up for the next few years and there a several legit first basemen reentering the draft that can be had.

    Do I pass on a potential Al mvp in Agonz? Does Crawford enter the discussion?

    Its great to be talking baseball again!

  44. Chunk says:


    12 team league. Here’s the team again in draft order. 1st position.

    1. Miguel Cabrera (Det – 1B)
    2. Matt Holliday (StL – OF)
    3. Kevin Youkilis (Bos – 1B)
    4. Jason Heyward (Atl – OF)
    5. Brandon Phillips (Cin – 2B)
    6. Francisco Liriano (Min – SP)
    7. Jered Weaver (LAA – SP)
    8. Colby Rasmus (StL – OF)
    9. Roy Oswalt (Phi – SP)
    10. J.J. Putz (Ari – RP)
    11. Aubrey Huff (SF – 1B,OF)
    12. Jose Tabata (Pit – OF)
    13. Josh Beckett (Bos – SP)
    14. Craig Kimbrel (Atl – RP)
    15. Leo Núñez (Fla – RP)
    16. Edinson Vólquez (Cin – SP)
    17. Joel Hanrahan (Pit – RP)
    18. Alcides Escobar (KC – SS)
    19. Adam Lind (Tor – 1B,OF)
    20. Kurt Suzuki (Oak – C)
    21. Peter Bourjos (LAA – OF)
    22. Stephen Strasburg (Was – SP) (oops. pretend this is Homer Bailey)
    23. David Freese (StL – 3B)

    Anything you would have done differently?

  45. NewBVick says:

    I just noticed the part: I’m dating the “one” girl. Obvious brag post ha.

  46. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    Chuch Tanner Rip great underappreciated manager.

  47. chata says:


    so , do you avoid taking her for sushi ,
    fearing that she may get uncontrollably squiggly ,
    and people would stare ?

  48. westly says:

    Hey Grey love the website. I am in a 5×5 h2h dynasty league and have Adam Lind (who i’m hoping plays 1B) and Justin Smoak. Do you think that with a starting lineup of…

    C Wieters
    1B Lind
    2B Roberts/Beckham
    3B Reynolds
    OF Hamilton
    OF McCutchen
    OF Heyward

    …that i need to pursue more power at first or do you think Lind will bounce back enough to be viable?

  49. westly says:

    Shoot i forgot Andrus at SS

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Francisco

    @Al Swedgin: It’s fair, but it would help if I were in your leagues, no?

    @cincinnasty: It’s A-Gon and Longoria.

    @Chunk: I’m gonna have to do a post about drafting pitchers. If you have Liriano, you don’t need to take another pitcher immediately, let alone two within the next few picks. It hurts your hitting.

    @NewBVick: Ha

    @chata: Ha!

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    @westly: Power won’t be the issue with Lind.

  52. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: ok, now would you rather have Chris Johnson as your second UTIL bat or Frank Frank as your third closer?

    Basically, if I take Johnson, I’ll be guaranteed League, but most likely not Frank, and if I take Frank, I’ll lose out on Johnson.

    That sounds dirty…

  53. anon says:

    Hey Grey, nice work on the ranks again, quality and hilarity as usual. So I just pulled the #3 pick in in a 12 team 5X5. Do I have to go Hanley if Miggy and Pujoles are gone? Would I be frackin crazy to take Votto so I don’t have to reach for Yooooooouk in the 2nd to fill my gape at 1B? I’m so confused! I just don’t want to end up with Adam LaRoche at first. What do you think?

  54. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Wilsonian: I would take Johnson. No guarantees Frank is going to close anymore games than League will.

  55. Wilsonian says:

    @Smokey: thanks man. I worry about Frank closing, too. Especially with Dotel there.

  56. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey & Razzball Nation:

    I’ve joined a 12 team roto keeper money league where 4 teams were abandoned. The restructure draft is coming up, 4 new owners selecting our 13 “keepers” from the rosters of the abandoned teams. The 13 keepers are restricted by player type: 6 hitters, 4 SP, & 3 RP.

    As shown below, top available talent is heavy on the hitters and light on pitching:

    HITTERS: (1B) Miggy, Votto, A-Gon, Howard, & Dunn; (SS) Reyes; (C) V-Mart & Posey; (3B) Beltre & Young; (OF) CarGo, Crawford, Holliday, McCutchen, Heyward, J-Upton, Bruce, Rasmus, & BJ Upton

    SP: Josh Johnson, Hamels, Greinke, Price, B. Anderson, Carpenter, Nolasco, Volquez, Lilly, Kuroda, Dempster, Chacin, Cueto, Edwin Jackson, Colby Lewis, Danks, & Shields

    RP: Marmol, Bell, Rivera, Papelbon, Perez, Gregg, Nunez, & Bailey

    Normally I would wait on pitching, but given the league’s roster restrictions and limited availability of top pitching (just 4 of your top 20 and 11 of your top 40 on the board), should I deviate from that strategy? Once those first few SP are taken the drop-off is much more significant than the drop-off after a few hitters, so should I target the top SPs early and take the best available hitting late or go for the elite hitters (since this is a keeper) and hope that a staff full of #3 and #4 starters, plus late round upside starters can carry me through the year?

    How would you approach this kind of draft? Rosters do include CI, MI, DH, & 4 OF slots and I’m drafting from the 3rd position.

    Any and all insight is greatly appreciated!

  57. The Dude says:

    I wonder at what point in the relationship it is that Grey comes clean and admits is Razzbaldness to his ladies…

    I’m kind of thinking after sex but before meeting the parents…

  58. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: Do the picks snake? League settings?

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @anon: Thanks for the kind words! I think you take Hanley and Morneau, Dunn or Kendry.

    @chata: Palm tree guy punched out the cameraman right after the pic was taken.

    @The Dude: You have the timing about right.

  60. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Smokey: Snake draft. 4,500 min ABs and 1,000-1,350 IP. 9×9 w/categories below

    Batting Categories
    3B – Triples
    AST – Assists
    BA – Batting Average
    DPT – Double Plays Turned
    FPCT – Fielding Pct
    HR – Home Runs
    OPS – On Base plus Slugging Pct
    R – Runs
    RBI – Runs Batted In
    SB-CS – Stolen Bases – Caught Stealing

    Pitching Categories
    BAA – Batting Average Against
    BSL – Blown Save Losses
    ERA – Earned Run Average
    HD – Holds
    K – Strikeouts (Pitcher)
    QS – Quality Starts
    RW – Relief Wins
    S – Saves
    W – Wins
    WHIP – Walks + Hits / Inning

  61. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: Awesome thanks for making it easy.LOL. Lots of categories and with 8 teams having keepers that are not listed means that the keepers from those teams are going to lack that punch in hitting i would load up on top hitting guys and plan to get one of the top 4 SP listed. After that fill in with upside SP like Shields and Chacin way later. So if by all means you have 2 of the top 4 1b and 2 of the top 4 OF all consecutive i wouldnt complain at all.

  62. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Smokey: Thanks Smokey! You just made me emoticon!!!

  63. Cole says:

    I love Yovani Gallardo as much as any straight man should. That being said, is his 1.37 WHIP from last year worth worring about?

  64. byrone says:

    lulz, grey, ur awesome. Funny shit today! have a good weekend

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cole: It’s something to be aware of, for sure.

    @byrone: Thanks, you too!

  66. Eddy says:


    In an OBP league, do you prefer The Dread Pirate in the 3rd or J.Reyes in the 3rd?

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Dread P.

  68. Captain Yesterday says:

    I’m in a 14-team h2h points league where the scoring has been adjusted to make top pitchers roughly on par with top hitters, scoring wise. Also things like losses, earned runs and home runs against for pitchers count negatively against your cumulative score. In a format like this do you condone drafting two top pitchers in the first 6 rounds? Or still draft all hitters early and go with high-upside (but high-risk) pitching later? Ks for hitters are -1, HRs are 4 (plus 2 for every RBI and 1 for R). SBs are also 2 making them on par with RBIs. Any specific players you feel would increase/decrease in value to you?

  69. Jonesy says:

    @Grey: 6×6 H2H 10 team daily league with OPS and QS. Fairly deep with C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, 5 OF, UTIL, and 13 additional spots for any allocation of pitchers and bench hitters without restrictions. I’m planning on punting SB and SV to try to go 10-2 every week. Also plan on having an OF as my DH and 1 bench OF to maximize ABs and all SPs. Thoughts on this strategy?

  70. Bobby Nice says:


    I’m with your strategy to stock up on pitching for bench spots. I guess as I was writing this I answered my own question, but here it is. When you’re a couple weeks in and Luke Scott has hit 3 home runs in 2 games and is obviously on a streak, do you recommend dropping a fringe starter for him, plugging him into your lineup, and then drop him for another pitcher when he cools out? I always get drafter’s lock when a offensive guy starts out slow. I don’t want to drop them. But if you don’t have a filled up bench with offensive guys you can be flexible with pitching instead. Is that the idea? Sometimes it’s hard for me to pass up on big upside offensive guys at the end of the draft and just stock up on pitching. This issue gets me every year because you write blurbs about picking up certain hot players for the week and I don’t have any room because I’ve spent a middle to end draft pick on Julio Bourbon and I can’t bring myself to drop him because I know he’s going to heat up at some point and I don’t want it to be on someone else’s team.
    I’m gonna try going with 0 – 2 offensive bench spots and then the rest pitching. This way you can be more flexible as the season wares on. Does that sound about right?

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Captain Yesterday: That sounds like a circumstance where I’d take two top pitchers and bump up steals guys.

    @Jonesy: I’d believe in punting any categories. One closer could win you saves, no reason to punt it.

    @Bobby Nice: It’s part of the reason why I don’t take bench bats. You end up waiting for Borbon for a month and meanwhile a guy like Bautista’s hitting 30 homers in April.

  72. Yep, I said it! says:

    @Grey, in a dynasty league vacuum in which just about every imaginable category counts, which three of these guys would you most like to have on your roster moving forward? LCain, Nishioka, Bourjos, Moreland, and I’ll throw Motte, Stauffer, and Frasor in there just to consider some pitching. I’m guessing you’ll say the order I have them listed. Close? Cheers!

  73. yo-yo says:

    Need to decide on my 5th keeper; Weeks, Victorino, or Bruce.

    Any insight? (12 man league; 5×5 stats)

  74. chata says:

    @Bobby Nice:

    i know what you’re saying , and i’ve fallen into that same “trap” , myself ,
    but , theoretically , it should be just as easy to drop a sitting borbon
    (for a hot bautista) as it is to drop an extra pitcher .

    i reconcile it by rationalizing that , at the time of the draft , i don’t
    know which extra pitcher will get off to a fast start and which will not ,
    and focusing on the added “flexibility” of this future decision … besides ,
    who wouldn’t want more pitching ? (trade-ability) .

    but , i think i’m just kidding myself .
    better to let an unproductive borbon sit on someone else’s bench .

    “a bench spot is a bench spot is a bench spot .”
    that’s what i’m going to say to myself this year .

  75. Calogero says:

    Final Roster
    Pos Name Team Pick
    C Carlos Santana CLE R7 P8
    1B Adrian Gonzalez BOS R1 P8
    2B Aaron Hill TOR R12 P5
    SS Stephen Drew ARI R11 P8
    3B Aramis Ramirez CHC R8 P5
    OF Carl Crawford BOS R2 P5
    OF Jose Bautista TOR R5 P8
    OF Jay Bruce CIN R6 P5
    OF Jose Tabata PIT R15 P8
    OF Andres Torres SF R17 P8
    OF Travis Snider TOR R20 P5
    OF Ryan Raburn DET R22 P5
    DH Luke Scott BAL R23 P8
    SP Felix Hernandez SEA R3 P8
    SP Zack Greinke MIL R4 P5
    SP Max Scherzer DET R9 P8
    SP Brett Anderson OAK R14 P5
    SP Brian Matusz BAL R16 P5
    SP Ian Kennedy ARI R19 P8
    SP Derek Holland TEX R21 P8
    RP Neftali Feliz TEX R10 P5
    RP Huston Street COL R13 P8
    RP Joel Hanrahan PIT R18 P5

    How did I maul this draft so easily. I think I’d end up with 105 points in an 12-team roto league with this. My weakest hitter is Drew or Hill, but they’re above average for their positions and my pitching staff would easily average around 1 K/IP.

  76. Grey

    Grey says:

    @yo-yo: Bruce

    @chata: It is a bench spot. But I’d grab closer handcuffs for bench spots. Might get some trade saves/trade bait.

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Calogero: Were there all autodrafters? Did you mock at ESPN? Is this an 8 team league?

  78. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Out of curiosity, what do you think about this 12 team ROTO Auction league results AL Only?

    C- John Jaso
    1B – Billy Butler
    2B- Aaron Hill
    3B- Alberto Callaspo
    SS- Derek Jeter
    OF- Shin Choo Soo
    OF- Coco Crisp
    OF- Johnny Damon
    Util- David Dejesus
    SP- Jon Lester
    SP- Dan Haren
    RP- Joakim Soria
    RP- Fernando Rodney

  79. GopherDay says:

    Add in….
    SP: Porcello
    SP: , Marc Rzepczynski
    RP: Balfour
    RP: Takahashi
    SP: Derek Holland

    BN:Juan Rivera
    BN: Mike Aviles
    BN: Felipe Lopez
    BN: Jason Kendall

  80. Cole says:

    @Grey: So if Yo is your SP1 is it worth it to sacrifice k’s with a dude like Cain as your SP2 over Schezerererer so as not to ghostride your WHIP?

  81. Wilsonian says:

    Anyone know anything about Chris Coghlan? Is he going to be ready for the start of the regular season?

  82. Kid 'n Play says:

    Catgina! Ahaha! You always keep me laughing grey and that’s what makes your site so much better than anyone elses.

    in my league you can keep a guy in the round they were drafted inthe prior year. so the owner of weeks thinks its a no brainer to keep weeks in the 7 th rd. im of the opinion that’s still too high.please tell me you back me on that shizz.

    Injury risk should get its own post.people don’t respect it!

  83. Kazmere says:

    Hey Grey, last off season you came out with a post about combinations of players to draft. Like if you got Pujols at #1, jump on Zimmerman next since 3rd was really shallow. Are you going to do a similar post for 2011? It was super helpful. If not, can you direct me to last years? Thx!

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: Pretty shallow team for an AL-Only but looks like a solid team. Oh, just saw the 2nd half of the team. Yeah, they look awful. Blech.

    @Cole: Yeah, it’s hard to team Gallardo with Scherzer.

    @Kid ‘n Play: Thanks! Yeah, I’d be hesitant about going with Weeks even in the 7th round, unless it’s a 15 team league and the 7th round is further back.

    @Kazmere: I just wrote the post today, will put it up on the site sometime in the next week or so.

  85. mr baseball says:

    Hey Grey I am always close by man – been dealing with football and basketball and now am slowly getting ready for baseball – I see I have alot of reading to catch up with – My first draft is in 28 days – I just finished giving chet a beating in one of the football leagues

  86. Jackie says:

    Grey, I hear you on Weeks in terms of his ADP being 40.

    Thing for me is that I am in a $260 5×5 Mixed League auction where we are allowed to keep three players.

    I have Votto for $1 and Stanton for $1.

    My last keeper is a $4 Weeks or a $1 Carlos Santana. My thinking is that Weeks will command $20 and Santana $12. For that reason, I feel like I need to keep Weeks. Additionally, Santana is coming off a nasty injury.

    I’ve asked before, but I am curious. Do you agree that I should keep Weeks for $4 instead of Santana for $1?

    Note: If Santana absolutely crushes in Spring Training, all bets are off.

  87. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    If anyone is interested in a test of drafting ability only, I set up a league with no bench or transactions.

    Just an added contest which won’t take up any of your time during the season.

    It is open to the public.

    Roto 12-team, 13 hitters, 9 pitchers, 180 GS max, 750 IP min

    Title: Draft Challenge
    Wednesday, Feb 23 7:30 PM ET.

  88. mr baseball says:

    there is nothing to do all season that sounds like fun

  89. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    @mr baseball: Ha. It’s just another practice draft but it keeps track of how your drafted players do.

    If you plan on having 10 teams on ESPN already, you won’t want to do it for sure.

  90. Ray says:

    Grey-the first line in the Weeks post was hilarious. Good stuff. It seems alot of people are down on Weeks though. I think the new manager has him running more, could steal 20.

  91. papasmurf says:

    I am a hater. I had this dude every year and he kept going down. First year I didn’t have him, he finally has a big year. But if you believe that Papa Smurf is Lady Luck’s nemesis, it probably means a 155 game season is on the way.

  92. iKon

    Sam says:

    Grey called my two choices between #5 keepers shmohawks! Who would you keep between Ethier and Weeks?

  93. robbie says:

    LMAO weeks is over rated? so the best 2nd baseman in baseball is overrated? and you would think his stats of 83 rbis 112 r and 29 homers are a longshot again why? injury? remember it wasnt like his wrist just decided to break itself he was hit by a 94 mph fastball, now he wheres protection….he will probably have even better numbers as he continues to get better the things he did this year is what he was on pace to do every season after his 2nd…. 3 homers, what 5-7 rbi already?…..his numbers under the more aggresive manager will probalby include 20-25 stolen bases….i look for him to drive in 90 sroce 120 hit 35 long balls with 25 stolen bases, ave of .283 obp of 350 …

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