I don’t want to believe a word I read by anyone in the New York Mets organization.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, I’m in minayal.  As the definition states, “Denial of the truth by a GM – either disingenuously to the press or, even sadder, they believe the lie.  Includes denial of player injuries, trade rumors, manager firings, etc.  Example, “If it weren’t for the Mets being in such minayal, Reyes would be on the DL and I could have an empty bench spot on my team!”  Related adjective is Riccardulous.”  So with that said, Jose Reyes was cleared to return to action.  I haven’t been as interested by something I’ve read in the New York Post since they so delicately handled a recent crisis with the headline, “Holy Shiite!”  Could Reyes really be good to go?  I sure as heckfire hope so since I’ve drafted him already on a few teams.  As I’ve maintained since he went down, this wasn’t another leg injury.  It was his thyroid.  It might phonetically sound like it’s located in the leg, but it’s not.  Omar says Reyes could be ready for Opening Day.  My best guess is he’ll miss the first week and a half and by May you won’t even remember he missed any time.  I say grab him, hopefully I’m not in minayal.  Anyway, here’s some more fantasy baseball news:

Albert Pujols – Went for an MRI with a sore back.  The New York Post said, “Pujols is full of Shiite!”  Actually, they didn’t.  But could one day.  Pujols played last season with one working elbow.  I’m not too concerned about a sore back.

Brian Roberts – Speaking of sore backs, Roberts is set to return this week.  I’m less confident about Roberts’s ability to run, but I’m not ready to move him down my rankings yet either.  There’s still plenty of time left to have a good season.  Guys (and two girls), it’s only March.

Tyler Flowers – Headed to the minors to start the season.  To announce the move, Ozzie tweeted, “Flowers is a punta name. #KennyWilliamsSux”

Aroldis Chapman – Has muscle spasms.  For most teams, this might be all they need to send him to the Minors.  With Dusty, it’s hard to say.

Wade Davis – Should win the fifth starter job over Sonnanstine.  As is the norm with the Rays, they make the right decision.  Davis is in my top 80 starters post.  Go ahead, click it.  You know you wanna.

Madison Bumgarner – Heads to the minors to start the season as someone you don’t need to know about wins the 5th starter job.

Daniel McCutchen – Selected to be the Pirates fifth starter.  In related news, the Pirates equipment man quit after learning his perfectly centered McCutchen had to be shifted for a first initial.

  1. stanley says:

    Would you pick any of these playes off waivers and who would you drop?

    Y. Molina, Barmes, Morales, Posey, Jaime Garcia

    Droppable Players
    Johnson, Kelly
    Barajas, Rod
    Bush, Dave
    Martinez, Pedro
    Padilla, Vicente
    Richard, Clayton
    Young, Chris R.

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    12 team keeper H2H. This is the 5th year. FA to add include the following(few deep sleepers excluded, any ideas would be helpful)



  3. Beau says:

    Also, regarding the keeper league Im drafting in tomorrow — we all share who are keepers are and it seems an inordinate amount of top SPs are being kept. I am keeping lester, but thats the only P im keeping. Its a 10 team 6 keeper league and 20 SPs are being kept. Do I need to reach for a SP or two a bit earlier in the draft or what strategy should I employ to adapt to this? Thank you!

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @stanley: I’d lose Padilla for Morales. And Barajas for Yadier, assuming this is a starter spot. If you have two catchers, I’d lose Barajas for Barmes.

    @Mr2Bits: Some of those guys should be owned, but I have no idea who you’re dropping for them.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Beau: No idea who you’re reaching for. So maybe.

  6. Tom Reale says:

    @Mr2Bits: Damon should be rostered in a 12 teamer.

  7. Tony says:

    @Beau: 60 players kept and they’re keeping 20? Sounds a bit wild. I think pitching might be overvalued, I dont think that means you need to jump on pitching too, if its SOLID value for the draft slot OK, but not just to take pitching bc everyone else already did. There has to be some solid Offensive value if that much pitching is kept.

  8. Frank Rizzo says:

    Do you think ESPN will bother to move Reyes up from 81st overall now? I hope not. Draft is on Friday.

  9. [quote]Aroldis Chapman – Has muscle spasms. For most teams, this might be all they need to send him to the Minors. With Dusty, it’s hard to say.[/quote]

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that Dusty recommends a 160-pitch start so the pitcher can get things nice and stretched out.

  10. stanley says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey, love your stuff

  11. weas says:

    The Reyes news is wonderful! Carefully optimistic….

  12. It seems that my [quote] tags are no good here.

  13. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    LMAO at the McCutchen comment. I didn’t craft a joke around it, but I had the same thoughts when I read the news. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

  14. Tony says:

    @Frank Rizzo: mines tomm, they moved him down to 81? what the Eff?

  15. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    For Dusty Baker, back spasms in a pitcher are God’s way of saying “Don’t send him back out to start the 15th inning.”

    Also: I imagine if you name your son “Madison Bumgarner,” you don’t expect him to grow up to play baseball. You expect him to grow up to be the white neighbor on ‘The Jeffersons.’

  16. bignasty says:

    In a 14 team h2h league, which 3 of these people should I keep?

    Chris Davis
    Adrian Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez
    Aaron Hill
    Aubrey Huff
    Garrett Jones
    Nick Markakis
    Carlos Quentin
    Alexai Ramirez
    Jimmy Rollins
    Mark Tiexera
    Matt Weiters

    Chad Billingsly
    Chris Carpenter
    Ryan Franklin
    Zack Greinke
    Tommy Hanson
    Edwin Jackson
    Ricky Nolasco
    Fernando Rodney

  17. Terrence Mann says:

    @Grey: Sorry, Grey. Posted again in the overrated blog re: Sizemore.

    The Reds giving Dusty a 22 year old Chapman is akin to Elin giving Tiger the green light to spend a week at the Palms. How can anything good come of this?

  18. Bob says:

    @Grey: Just read about your Yahoo Friends and Family draft. How do you feel about it?

    Looks like you got good value all the way through. I thought it was interesting you drafted Carlos Lee ahead of Josh Hamilton (didn’t matter because you ended up with Josh anyway).

  19. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Tony: Now I’m not sure. After reading your response I looked at pre-draft default rankings and saw him at 40th. But I did a mock just this morning and he was 81st. I took him in the 6th round of the 10 team mock.

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bignasty: Tex, Greinke and Rollins…

  21. Mr2Bits says:


    Thats what I was hoping you could help me with. Anyone listed a better pick than what I’m sporting now? Was thinking about dropping Dice-K or at least waiting to DL him then adding one of those

  22. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Tony: I just got into a mock in the draft lobby and there he was, sitting at 81st. I’m not sure what to think now for ESPN.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: I’ll have a post on it.

  24. bignasty says:

    thank you grey

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr2Bits: What are you sporting now? Do I have this information… I’m sorry, I might be confused.

    @bignasty: No problem.

  26. Beau says:

    @Tony: Yeah, a lot of pitchers are being kept, but a lot of good offensive players left unprotected (rollins, reyes, wright, adgon, votto, morneau, phillips, roberts, grandy, etc.). Its a league where keepers take the draft pick of where they were drafted the year before so things are all over the place, like the above players not being kept but adrubal, fowler, porcello, etc. all being kept in the last round. I dont have a pick until the 5th, so im hoping i can score a top ss/3b at that point and grab a couple pitchers somewhere betweel 6-9. Of course the upside of not having a pick until the 4th is that im keeping utley, prince, miggy, and holliday in those rounds :)

  27. preptime says:


    Are you going to make a post about your draft at Yahoo?

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @preptime: It’s already written. Just needs time to post.

  29. sean says:

    Heyman is reporting that Hughes has all but locked up the 5th starter spot for the Yanks with Joba returning to the bullpen. While I don’t agree with the Yankees pushing and pulling Chamberlain, let’s talk fantasy implications. At one point, Hughes was the top pitching prospect alive. Projections for Hughes as a starter? Also, is Joba draftable in a non-holds league as an eighth inning guy? Obviously he isn’t going to snipe many saves from Mo and he’s likely to tie you to the WHIPping post. I guess I answered my own question on Joba, ha! Help on Hughes? Over/Under on 12/4.00/1.30?

  30. Mr2Bits says:


    Yea previous story, looking for your input on what I need to drop and for who out of the list I gave you.

    Im in a 12 team keeper league that is H2H 5X5 that uses OBP and QS instead of Wins and AVG. Please rate my team or tell me where I need to improve off the WW. It was a tough draft as some of my mid-draft target players went EXTREMELY early (Pence 4th round, Uggla 4th round, Carlos Gonzalez 5th round).

    C Víctor Martínez (7th Round Keeper)
    1B Derrek Lee (5th Round Draft )
    2B Robinson Canó (2nd Round Draft)
    3B Pablo Sandoval (12th Round Keeper)
    SS Asdrubal Cabrera (8th Round Draft)
    OF Michael Cuddyer ( 9th Round Draft)
    OF Denard Span (11th Round Draft)
    OF Kyle Blanks (19th Round Draft)
    Util Garrett Jones (23rd Round Keeper)
    Bench : Matt LaPorta (24th Round Keeper)

    SP Roy Halladay (1st Round Draft)
    SP Jon Lester (3rd Round Draft)
    RP Rafael Soriano (6th Round Draft)
    RP Joakim Soria (10th Round Keeper)
    P Matt Garza (13th Round Keeper)
    P Brad Lidge (15th Round Draft)
    P Octavio Dotel (14th Round Draft)
    P Hiroki Kuroda (16th Round Draft)
    BN Franklin Morales (FA in anticipation of Lidge starting on the DL)
    BN Jorge De La Rosa (17th Round Draft)
    BN Daisuke Matsuzaka (18th ROund Draft)
    BN Justin Duchscherer (20th Round Draft)
    BN Wandy Rodríguez (21st Round Keeper)
    BN Rick Porcello (22nd Round Keeper)

    FA Batters
    Fowler, Morgan, Damon, Rivera, Hart, Wells, Stubbs

    Wells, Marcum, Maholm, Lohse, Blackburn, McCarthy, Kawakami

    Your input is appreciated

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr2Bits: Your outfield is a bit of a mess for a 12 team league and it’s not like you have a ton of infield support to fix that. Your hitting is much weaker than it needs to be or than your pitching, that’s not a great thing. Looks to me like you just didn’t have the strongest keepers. I’d own Fowler over Porcello. Morgan over Kuroda. Hart over Blanks. Morgan and Fowler aren’t good fits for your team, but you need to make trades. Well… Start there and see where that puts you.

  32. Buge Hoobs says:

    Grey. so let’s say I’m in the 10 spot of a 10 man 5×5. 1 & 2 I happen to get some combo of 1st & 3rd, as per your advice. On the second swing, would you go 2 OF’s, as you’ve supported before, or OF / Reyes. Being from NY, I’m a little gun shy on any Met Minayaganda. Reyes definately won’t make it back to me for the third swing, so would you bite or pass.

  33. Probable Party Starter says:

    I have to keep 1 more pitcher (I’m a LIMA plan man to the core) and my options are what’s known as not good. I’m going for “reliable” in Oswalt, but my other options are: Scherzer, Burnett and Price. Or should I fully commit to the LIMA and keep Soria in hopes that other owners bite on the premium salad shortage?

  34. Mr2Bits says:


    Agree. I really had no choice as all top tier outfielders were kept from years past and gone by round 4.

  35. charlie batch says:

    Just saw your draft at yahoo. Maybe outwardly you dont think all of Behrens picks were garbage (on his site) but inwardly I know its a different story. Good work by the way, although you took a closer earlier than I expected you to!

    Im usually waiting until the last possible time to take reyes, which is the 5th round in a 12-team league. Would you now take him earlier, say, round 3?

  36. Racehorse says:

    @ Grey:

    4th year into a 16 team H2H dynasty league.

    I’m trying to choose my last SP.

    Charlie Morton or Ian Kennedy?

  37. Tony says:

    @Frank Rizzo: wild….

    @Beau: wow my view, TAKE THE BEST AVAILABLE and DONT WORRY ABOUT PITCHING… these guys are keeping asdrubal and fowler? I mean i can SEE it if eventually that guy is going to be a 1st rounder, say you got kemp in the 15th round 2 years ago, then sure he’s money in the bank, but asdrubal is NEVER going to produce that high or get close to the top 50 even…. man take advantage of that, sounds like some of these guys are going about it all wrong OR i’m confused….

  38. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I got offered Robot Jones for Geovany Soto. I like Soto this year, but I also like Robot and I could always pick up Ianetta or Martin of waivers. Deal or no deal?

  39. and1mcgee says:

    do I win this?

    I give

    Longoria/Reynolds/Mad Max



  40. Beau says:

    @Tony: Yeah, thats why im thinking. Nice to keep upside really late in the draft, for instance fowler is kept in the 25th round, but there are so many players with upside id rather keep my studs and just draft some upside. Of course heyward, strasburg are the excpetions, but certainly not fowler and the like. Sometimes its great though, like me keeping Lester in the 18th round this year because he was kept really late the year before and so on…

  41. Beau says:

    @and1mcgee: Depends on who you drop to make roster space, who else you have in OF, who you’d end up with at 3b, etc etc.

  42. and1mcgee says:

    or would you rather have pence over hunter?

  43. Wampa says:

    10 team, 5×5 mixed roto. Keep 4.

    Wright – 2nd round
    Braun – 3rd round

    seem obvious.

    Need help with the other two:
    Votto (7th)
    Kershaw (18th)
    CarGo, Stewart, Hanson, Sanchez (22-25th)

    My thought is Votto and Hanson. What do you think?

  44. and1mcgee says:

    my OF is Lind, Quentin, CarGo, Pierre, Garrett Jones. (I would pursue a trade for another SP after this trade)

    my 3B would be manned by Zimmerman.

  45. and1mcgee says:

    i also have Chris Davis

  46. GopherDay says:

    Grey, how many starters do you generally try to get in a 12 team 1250 inning limit? 6X6 ROTO (K’s and Hlds added)

    My team:
    C: Mike Napoli
    1B: Albert Pujols
    2B: Robinson Cano
    SS: Jose Reyes
    3B: Ryan Zimmerman
    MI: Ian Desmond
    CI: Ian Stewart
    IF: Nick Swisher
    LF: Carlos Quentin
    CF: Curtis Granderson
    RF: Josh Hamilton
    OF: Vernon Wells
    Util: Vlad Guerrero

    SP: Johan Santana
    SP: Cole Hamels
    RP: Brian Fuentes
    RP: Chris Perez
    P: Mike Adams
    P: Franklin Morales
    P: Clayton Kershaw
    P: Chad Billingsley
    BN: Kevin Slowey
    BN: Ervin Santana
    BN: Roy Oswalt

    I have two open bench slots due to trading Nick Johnson, Jay Bruce, and Edwin Jackson for Curtis Granderson.

    I already have 7 starters, so do you think I should grab another one off FA?

    Notable FA’s:
    Matt Latos
    Randy Wells
    Aaron Haraang
    Justin Duchersher
    Bronson Arrayo
    Nick Blackburn
    Clay Bucholze
    Chris Tillman
    Chris Young
    Homer Bailey
    Joe Saunders
    Robinson Tejada

    Should I grab another starter, or sit tight and grab a couple of middle relievers to help me on holds?


  47. Probable Party Starter says:

    Sorry, it reads a bit confusing. Oswalt is for sure. Still need one of the following: Scherzer, Burnett or Price? Or ditch those medicore choices and go Soria?

  48. GopherDay says:

    @GopherDay: Okay….Jose Reyes was on my mind…not on my team. I have Jimmy Rollins at SS, not Reyes.

  49. Frank Rizzo says:

    Holy crapper! Has anyone/everyone seen this?

    While Liriano has been told he’s still competing for a spot in the rotation, there are indications the Twins may ultimately move Liriano to closer, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. “There’s one guy we all know that probably can be a closer,” manager Ron Gardenhire said. “He’s got all the closing stuff, punch-out pitches, the whole package. Whether it’s the right thing, and whether he wants to do it or not, we’ll have to see.”

    He immediately moves up in my ranks since he has a chace to close. A closer with SP eligibility. That’s gold Jerry. Gold!

  50. Lava says:

    @Bob: Where did you read about it? I’ve been keeping an eye on the various sites involved, and haven’t seen a full run down yet.

  51. Eddy says:

    In one of my leagues I have Marmol, Aardsma, Franklin, Dotel, and Rauch as my RP.

    Guys that were just dropped include Jenks and Mike Gonzalez. Do I make a move or sit tight?

  52. and1mcgee says:

    @Gopher Day grab Clay Buchholz for sure!

  53. Eddy says:

    Oh and Chris Perez is in the FA pool too.

  54. Beau says:

    @Eddy: Id for sure drop Rauch for one them since we dont even know if he is closing. Id say they are both better than dotel as well. Man youve got a lot of closers!

  55. charlie batch says:

    What I should have asked is, are you taking Reyes over Rollins with this news?

  56. Beau says:

    @and1mcgee: Close call. You could use the upgrade at OF but at what cost. Is Reynolds currently manning 1B with longo/zimmerman at 3b/ci?

  57. Eddy says:

    To be fair, this is a public league at Yahoo. I felt that taking part in 2 leagues (RCL and my main private league) wasn’t going to be enough. So I joined a public one. Unfortunately, two guys didn’t show up and one was throwing the draft. If I post my team here you’d swear it was an 8 team league, not a 12 team.

    And I was thinking of possibly picking up Jenks b/c I have a feeling he may end up on the DL, use the DL spot, and go back and take another closer such as Perez. I know Grey favors Perez over Rauch. Not sure on his Gonzalez/Jenks take.
    “If he gets traded to the Red Sox because they can’t compete with only four first basemen, then that’s just gravy. And, for what it’s Wuertz, I like gravy.”

    Even when I’m not on Razzball you still manage to crack me up.

  58. Denys says:

    @ Grey: Saw you’re doing the Y! Friends and Family league this year. Congrats, kick some butt over there! :)

  59. and1mcgee says:

    @ Eddy i would drop Rauch, who may not close and i would pick up Jenks for sure. He is still the closer and has been for years.

  60. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    “It appears that Jaime Garcia has won the Cardinals’ No. 5 spot in the rotation and Kyle McClellan is headed back to a setup role, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Joe Strauss.”

    Am I the only person excited to see what this guy can do in a full time role?

  61. and1mcgee says:

    @Beau, thanks for the help :] ya I’m not sure the upgrade is worth it. I got Reynolds at 1B, Longoria at 3B, Derrek Lee at Util and Zimmerman at Util. I have Jose Lopez at 2B, so… I wanted to upgrade my OF and 2B, but I need sp

  62. and1mcgee says:

    @Eddy I sent him over Lee and Chapman for Pence and Wandy to see if he bites

  63. and1mcgee says:

    @Eddy he autodrafted, so his team is shit and he’s trying to clean it up. He has Lowell at 3B :] and Youk (1B, 3B) at 1B, so… ya. I want to pry Andrus away from him!!!

  64. Lava says:

    @Denys: I’ll ask you maybe. Where did you read about it?

    I love reading about the F&F league each year, as it has such a diverse bunch, many of which I read regularly.

  65. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Ha! So, if he’s an orphan, then I might be the only one?

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: As orphans age, they tend to keep close friends that they might consider family.

  67. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: True, I should set my sights a little lower. I’ll aim for being the only Razzball Commenter that’s excited… or do you want to tell me his “brother-from-another-mother” Luis posts regularly and ruin that for me, as well?

  68. Probable Party Starter says:

    That’s what I was afraid you were going to say. 3 years running w/AJ

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I think you’re the only commenter, but, if he has RP eligibility, I imagine you won’t be alone for long.

  70. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: @Awesomus Maximus: Do you think he’s worth a FA flyer in a deep 14 team dynasty league?

  71. Eddy says:

    haha wow that’d be such a huge steal!

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: Depends who you’re losing for him.

    @Steve: Ah… Hiding leagues from me. I see.

  73. Ian says:

    @ Grey: Keepers just released in a 12 team roto league with 3 OFs, CI and MI. I have the fourth pick and I am keeping Howard, Kemp, Tulo, Sandoval and Greinke. Best available players according to your rankings are Holliday, Sizemore, Rollins, Zimmerman, Sabathia, Votto, Granderson, Reyes, B.J. Upton, B. Phillips. Who should I target with the fourth pick? My thoughts are to fill my infield and take Phillips, especially because the only other decent 2b not being kept are Roberts and Hill and I don’t think they will make it to my next pick. However it will be hard to pass on Holliday, Sizemore, Zimmerman or Votto. What do you think?

  74. Steve says:

    @Grey: Not at all. (Don’t make me post relevant links!)

    Think me as the Kwai Chang Caine to your Master Po…

  75. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @GopherDay: I think he’s only worth putting on your “Watch List” for now, unless you have an open slot (metaphorically or in actuality). If he continues to toss a K per inning in April like he’s doing now, I’d grab him.

  76. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ian: Holliday

    @Steve: Never a big fan of that show.

  77. mrbaseball says:

    Carmona has looked good this spring – I will keep an eye on him

  78. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Say…..Jeremy Hermida???

  79. Steve says:

    @Grey: Neither. But the analogy seemed kinda apt.

    Fear not. You’re with me in spirit – The 300 is at my side as I wander along.

  80. mrbaseball says:

    Madison Bumgarner what is your read on him – over rated – struggled to top 89 mph this spring – I have him in a dynasty league and am not sure I really need to keep him for the future –

  81. Critter Nagurski says:

    @Grey: I am 98% sure my season depends on your answer to this question: in an ops league do I go with Ruiz or Iannetta. I can only afford to carry one right now but this whole Olivo mess scares me silly. Why is Jim Tracy such a knucklehead?

  82. Critter Nagurski says:

    @Grey: I am 98% sure my season depends on your answer to this question: in an ops league do I go with Ruiz or Iannetta? I can only afford to carry one right now but this whole Olivo mess scares me silly. Why is Jim Tracy such a knucklehead?

  83. Steve says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: Brief flurry of activity there. Now a 5-hour wait by the look of it. As you were.

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Isn’t Doc on vacation?

  85. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah. But there’s wi-fi in New Mexico, apparently.

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Who goes to New Mexico? What’s he flea marketing for Southwestern tapestries?

  87. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: I just read the last blurb in the article….pure brilliance!!

  88. Erock says:

    Is Holliday/Madson too much to ask for Ethier/Kendry. Dude currently has Cuddyer at 1B, so I’m trying to work with that.

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: Hehe

    @Erock: That’s not too much. In fact, it could easily be in his favor.

  90. Tom Emanski says:

    @bignasty: How did you get all those guys on one team?

  91. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: When was the Yahoo friends and family draft? Pretty interesting that you took F-Her in round three.

  92. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Would you rather have picks 6, 27, and 59 or 16, 17, and 49?

  93. Ham says:

    Any idea when the AL only point shares are going to be posted?

  94. chris says:

    what are your thoughts on Mat Latos this year and from here on out? I am in a keeper league and I am not sure if he is an actual ace or just a better version of a hodgepadre?

  95. barker says:

    someone dropped J borbon in a 12 teamer should i drop J pierre for him
    they also dropped slowey should i drop liriano or konerko for him

  96. Voidoid says:

    Who is this someone I don’t need to know about fifth starter for the Giants? Is he Razzball league worthy?

  97. Grey

    Grey says:

    @barker: I’d want Borbon and Slowey. Lose Pierre and Konerko.

    @Voidoid: Yeah, he’s garbage.

  98. tourinct says:

    Yahoo! F&F? Damn, going mainstream. Couldn’t you at least give the a picture of the stash? Good luck against all the other “perts” I folow.

  99. DSimms says:

    @grey- so i drafted evercab to fill in for reyes but do you think i should drop him for pitching now? on waivers – e. santana, bedard, harden, gregerson, m. adams its a holds leaque and my pitching now is johan-hamels-nolasco-garza-sanchez-liriano-marmol-bailey-thorton-bard

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tourinct: The stash is for Razzball only.

    @DSimms: I wouldn’t drop him yet.

  101. DSimms says:

    @grey– thanks which of those pitchers should i look at the most? im feeling e.santana and gregerson for some reason–cant explain it

  102. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DSimms: In the order you listed them.

  103. DSimms says:

    @grey- mahalo im new to razzball and i love it. you guys are f’ing funny

  104. Andre says:

    In what order would you draft these guys in a 6×6 H2H league that counts OBP and QS:

    Nelson Cruz

    I have Pujols, Hill, Sandoval, Weiters and Wainwright kept from last season.
    I’m thinking of going either Pedroia or Jeter then a starter – Beckett I like best from that list. One thing that I think about when considering V-mart though is addition by subtraction. I think position scarcity plays an even bigger role in H2H since having V-Mart means one more opponent has a fairly weak catcher playing every day – and I expect The Sox to have V-Mart play some 1B and DH in order to keep his bat in the lineup as much as possible. Last year having two catchers (Weiters-Napoli and later Weiters-Sandoval) did me right since I won my league. What say you’s?

  105. Dim says:

    10 team standard league, prefer picks (5 and 16) or (7 and 14)?

  106. Dude says:

    Hater Bell, we miss you!

  107. Bob says:

    @Lava: Sorry it took me so long to respond. It’s on Yahoo.

  108. willclarkismyhero says:

    Grey, my offense is as follows:

    C Doumit
    1B Howard
    2B Phillips
    3B Stewart
    SS Tulo
    OF Lind
    OF N. Cruz
    OF Dunn
    U Quentin
    U C Gonzalez
    B Hart
    B Blanks

    The league is 5×5 plus doubles, triples and OBP. I want to pick up Fowler and drop Blanks because I can’t picture a scenario where Blanks plays on this squad. Is that too many Rockies?

    Also, do you buy the talk about Hafner finally being healthy, or is it just talk? Thanks, as always.

  109. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DSimms: Mahalo!

    @Andre: CC is over Beckett, so are few over names on that list. My rankings are at the top of the page. QSs won’t change that. Jeter seems fine there, but your team is shaping up to be light on power.

    @Dim: 5 and 16.

    @Dude: Hehe

    @willclarkismyhero: Forget Hafner. Sure, go with Fowler. He’ll look better on your team.

  110. mc serch says:

    @Grey: I must say I felt immense pride seeing you in the F & F league….hope you kick some Yahoo ass! Your “for what it’s Wuertz” line made me snarf my drink. Represent!

  111. Robert says:

    @Grey: My team is projected to be the 9th best team in a 10 team 5×5 league. Did I mess up that badly or are the website projections off?

    B.J. Upton
    Adam Jones

    King Felix

    Also read the F&F league article. Good stuff.

  112. DrEasy says:

    In a vacuum: Stubbs or Pierre?

  113. BEASTDOG says:

    @Grey… Washington says on the CBS site that Borbon will only play 130 games. Murphy will take time from him and Cruz. With that in mind and with draft night coming tomorrow, who do you like? Borbon or Stubbs?

  114. Eddy says:

    Is there even a point to drafting (or picking up for that matter) guys that are only for SB in a weekly H2H league?

  115. Eddy says:

    Btw: “Angels right-hander Ervin Santana(notes) was scratched from his spring start with elbow inflammation.

    A team spokesman said Santana is expected to be sidelined for an exhibition start or two, but the club believes he will be ready for the start of the season.”


    “Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia(notes) left Tuesday nights game against the Minnesota Twins with a strained left wrist.

    “When he went after that ball, it was the back of his wrist,” Boston manager Terry Francona said. “He had limited swelling. We’re going to get him X-rayed in the morning, just because we should. Their doctor came over. I don’t think there’s a problem. He might be a little sore tomorrow. Hopefully that’s all it is.”

    The Red Sox said Pedroia’s status was day-to-day.”

    That Santana one kills me.

  116. Robert says:

    @Simply Fred: I will try to work with the spread sheet. Thanks for the input. I was just a little confused by my team being ranked so low. I thought I had done ok.

  117. Robert says:

    @Eddy: I thought I had read that Santana’s injury was not to the elbow he had problems with last year and that it was a not a big concern.

  118. TheQuestforMerlin says:

    @Eddy: I wouldn’t worry too much. He only knocked his elbow on a chair (!?), and the Angels are being cautious. Neither him nor team expect him to miss his next spring training start from what I gather. He starts on Sunday.

  119. GopherDay says:

    @Eddy: I read into Ervin Santana, and apparently he just banged his elbow on some furniture the other day…not related to his injury last year….then again, its the classic: “Blame the injury on the furniture” trick….the Angels learned from the Mets I bet!! Don’t believe it…its all a lie!! Now I’m starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist…or maybe I’m not…who will you believe?

  120. GopherDay says:

    Grey, with this team do you drop Vernon Wells for Austin Jackson?

    My team:
    C: Mike Napoli
    1B: Albert Pujols
    2B: Robinson Cano
    SS: Jose Reyes
    3B: Ryan Zimmerman
    MI: Ian Desmond
    CI: Ian Stewart
    IF: Nick Swisher
    LF: Carlos Quentin
    CF: Curtis Granderson
    RF: Josh Hamilton
    OF: Vernon Wells
    Util: Vlad Guerrero

    SP: Johan Santana
    SP: Cole Hamels
    RP: Brian Fuentes
    RP: Chris Perez
    P: Mike Adams
    P: Franklin Morales
    P: Clayton Kershaw
    P: Chad Billingsley
    BN: Kevin Slowey
    BN: Ervin Santana
    BN: Roy Oswalt

  121. manfromearth says:

    Dang! I spit my iced tea all over my keyboard when I read your McCutchen crack. Thanks!

  122. chet steadman says:

    What do you all think? 12-team, H2H Y!, standard rules & rosters.

    I hate taking OF early, because there are so many late values, but really liked where Braun and Upton fell. Because of that, I kind of lost my composure and took Reynolds/Haren way early because it seemed that only OF were falling to me. I hope I recovered to a degree by picking up some players with pos flexibility (Davis, Stewart, Beckham), which will give me a slight edge on off-days.

    IMO, my biggest mess-ups were Rios over Quentin, Wagner over anyone, and taking two OF in the first two rounds.

    1. Ryan Braun (Mil – OF)
    2. Justin Upton (Ari – OF)
    3. Mark Reynolds (Ari – 1B,3B)
    4. Dan Haren (Ari – SP)
    5. Nelson Cruz (Tex – OF)
    6. Carlos Peña (TB – 1B)
    7. Cole Hamels (Phi – SP)
    8. Joakim Soria (KC – RP)
    9. Elvis Andrus (Tex – SS)
    10. Ian Stewart (Col – 2B,3B)
    11. Brett Anderson (Oak – SP)
    12. Gordon Beckham (CWS – 3B)
    13. Mike Napoli (LAA – C)
    14. Álex Ríos (CWS – OF)
    15. Billy Wagner (Atl – RP)
    16. Jonathan Sánchez (SF – SP)
    17. Colby Rasmus (StL – OF)
    18. Francisco Liriano (Min – SP,RP)
    19. Chris Pérez (Cle – RP)
    20. Aroldis Chapman (Cin – SP)
    21. Chris Davis (Tex – 1B,3B)
    22. Ted Lilly (ChC – SP)
    23. Brad Bergesen (Bal – SP)

  123. chet steadman says:

    @chet steadman:

    BTW, my roster re-arranged:

    C – M. Napoli
    1B – C. Pena
    2B – I. Stewart
    SS – Elvis A.
    3B – Burrito
    OF – H. Hammer
    OF – J. Upside
    OF – N. Cruz
    UTIL – G. Beckham
    UTIL – A. Rios
    BN – C. Rasmus
    BN – C. Davis

    SP – D. Haren
    SP – C. Hamels
    RP – J. Soria
    RP – C. Perez
    P – B. Anderson
    P – T. Lilly
    P – J. Sanchez
    P (BN) – B Wagner
    P (BN) – F. Liriano
    P (BN) – Chapman
    P (BN) – Bergeson

  124. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mc serch: Thanks!

    @Robert: Projected by who? Your team looks solid. Some of your endgame picks are questionable, but those things can be fixed.

    @DrEasy: Pierre

    @BEASTDOG: Borbon

    @Eddy: Not really, no.

    @Eddy: Thanks for the heads up on Ervin. Hopefully it’s not serious as others are saying.

    @GopherDay: Yeah, go with Jackson.

    @manfromearth: No problem.

    @chet steadman: Your hitting’s not bad, might struggle a bit on Runs and average. Your pitching a bit of a mess though. That’s not as a big an issue in H2H, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

  125. I’m not sure I want to know the current Dbacks #4 starter is Rodrigo Lopez.

  126. anon says:


    One thing that I noticed with the war room the last time I used it was that it ranked ERA and WHIP incorrectly. It gave the HIGHEST team ERA and WHIP the most points instead of the lowest ERA and WHIP. You may want to check and see if this is still happening, it could be why your standing looks wonky

  127. anon says:


    nope, just tested it and it looks like its working as intended

  128. Andre says:

    @Grey: I’m hoping CC falls to me but I don’t think he will. I’d think Haren would be the next SP to go, who I think I’ll pass on this season. I love the guy until July and that’s when I need him most in H2H (I had the anti-CC last season and his pedestrian 2nd half almost tanked me and my otherwise overachieving pitching staff).

    So if I can’t get CC, I’m thinking go MI with Pedroia or Jeter and then get either (in order of preference) Beckett, Cain or Hamels since I don’t have a 4th round pick. Next I’m thinking power OF with Quentin or C-Lee or Dunn if he falls to me.

    @Chet I like your team dude. Nice snag on Davis late if he pans out. With such an excess of power you shouldn’t have a problem trading for a run producing speed guy at some point. The back end of your rotation is a little dicey. I like where you got those guys but I’d have drafted another 2nd or 3rd tier starter somewhere in the middle rounds. Also I think Andrus was a reach. Where did Al Escobar or E. Cabrera? I would imagine Andrus went a round or two before Yunny Escobar or A. Cabrera at that price. I don’t think he’s quite that valuable in a non-keeper league.

  129. Andre says:

    @Gopherday As a Mets fan, I say it’s a conspiracy. I was looking to snag Ervin late but I’m not so sure now. Might take a more dependable if limited upside Buehrle or Pettite instead.

  130. Robert says:

    @Grey: The projections came from the website that I drafted on. I am glad that it seems their stats are off. My end picks were Soto(afraid Wieters might not be ready), Rauch,Frasor(closers went real early), Chapman, and Morrow. They can always be let go for a sleeper who emerges. Thanks for the help.

    @Anon: My team projections came from the website after the draft concluded. Not sure how to work the war room, but I will try it soon. Thanks.

  131. @Grey:

    Local feeling is Webb has no shot of being back before May. Big surprise of course.

  132. WarHammer says:

    Hey Grey, just drafted standard Yahoo roto (2 Util this year). Would appreciate your comments. I went power-hungry for too long and had to compensate with SAGNOFs Morgan & Pierre. Should I be worried?

    Why no love for Rich Harden this year? I hated seeing him on my league-mates team last year.

    1. (1) Albert Pujols (1B)
    2. (24) Jimmy Rollins (SS)
    3. (25) Ryan Zimmerman (3B)
    4. (48) Justin Morneau (1B)
    5. (49) Curtis Granderson (OF)
    6. (72) Cole Hamels (SP)
    7. (73) Ricky Nolasco (SP)
    8. (96) Gordon Beckham (2B to be)
    9. (97) Chad Billingsley (SP)
    10. (120) Carlos Quentin (OF)
    11. (121) Vladimir Guerrero (Util)
    12. (144) Nyjer Morgan (OF)
    13. (145) Rich Harden (SP)
    14. (168) Ryan Doumit (C)
    15. (169) Hiroki Kuroda (SP)
    16. (192) Juan Pierre (OF)
    17. (193) Ted Lilly (SP)
    18. (216) Mike González (RP)
    19. (217) Octavio Dotel (RP)
    20. (240) Chris Pérez (RP)
    21. (241) Matt Capps (RP)
    22. (264) Everth Cabrera (SS)
    23. (265) Ryan Madson (RP)

  133. Grey

    Grey says:

    @WarHammer: I don’t think any team can compete that has Morgan and Pierre. It’s too much of the same thing. I’d trade one, or lose one. Also, you have Everth. That’s steals too. Lilly’s out a month and Harden will be out for at least that long at some point, so I think you might have issues there, as well. I do like your team, but I think you have a few holes.

  134. Terrence Mann says:

    @WarHammer: My draft tomorrow is going to look a lot like this one (except I’ll have Hanley and Gonzo/Votto instead of Pujols and Rollins).

    I have to autodraft since I’ll be at work, but I’ll go with two pitchers from the Hamels tier at 71/74, will target Beckham at 95, and I’m targeting Rajai at 167. Not going to go as power heavy as you did. I plan on taking two OF at 47/50. Morneau kind of tied your hands behind your back in round 4. On it’s own, I think it’s fine. But then you grabbed Quentin AND Vlad. Offensively, your team is really stacked.

    I don’t really have much criticism. I’ll be targeting Harden and Lilly, too. Taking Oswalt where you grabbed Morgan or Price where you took Pierre would make this a little more solid, IMO. I’ll post my team tomorrow. But it’s going to look A LOT like this one. Good to know I’m not the only one that has this drafting train of thought….

  135. WarHammer says:

    @Terrence Mann: Awesome! Thank goodness you are not in my league LOL!

    I can tell that we both planned a lot for the draft – planning on getting value at every round and still fill all the position-needs. I was very lucky to have executed it as I did. Yeah, I was planning 2 power-speed OF in Grandy, Werth or Cruz for Round 4,5 but I couldn’t pass up Morneau when he fell that far.

    I still don’t get the lack of love for Harden. I don’t rely on him for more than 140, if he can get me 10 K-per with good whip. The upside is huge though if he gets lucky (contract year). And for Lilly, he’ll be back mid April so what’s the problem?

    As for Price, my advise is: Why risk it? Go safe with an NL West pitcher…

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