While ESPN gets 11 Hall of Fame ballots, Razzball doesn’t even get one.  Perhaps our invitation was forgotten by the same voter who forgot to add Rickey Henderson to the ballot (but remembered Matt Williams)?

Anyway, here is my ballot.  Click on the player names for my analysis:

Yes:  Rickey Henderson, Tim Raines, Mark McGwire, Bert Blyleven, Tommy John

Yes if they were actually on the ballot:  Dick Allen, Reggie Smith

No:  Obviously anyone not mentioned above.  But here are links to players that I reviewed in some depth…Jim Rice, Andre Dawson, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Harold Baines, Jack Morris

Apologies to Alan Trammell and Lee Smith as I didn’t get around to doing middle infielder and reliever posts.  My guess is that I’d have ended up voting ‘No’ on both.

And assuming that a lot more voters don’t forget Rickey, here is a little way to enjoy Rickey’s inevitably entertaining acceptance speech as well as our faux interview with him.

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Nearly 30 people left Rickey off the ballot. Incredible.

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