Hello, Joe all the way from Ireland here, yes believe it or not there are fantasy baseball addicts in this part of the world too, well there’s one anyway!

I just came across your site the other day and find it to be excellent. So i thought i’d share my 14-team mixed league team with you and get your thoughts, on possible moves i should make and so on.

C: Chris Snyder
1B: Adrian Gonzalez, 6th round
2B: Brian Roberts, 3rd round (thinking of trading him)
3B: Miguel Cabrera, 1st
SS: Peralta, 14th
OF: Carlos Lee, 2nd
OF: Hart, 5th
OF: Swisher, 7th
Util: Kemp, 8th
Bnch: Kent, 17th
Bnch: Votto, 20th
Bnch: Carlos Gomez, FA
Bnch: Eugenio Velez, FA
DL: Wily Mo Pena, FA
SP: CC Sabathia, 4th
SP: Rich Hill, 9th
SP: Francisco Liriano, 10th
SP: Chien-Ming Wang, 12th
SP: Manny Parra, FA
SP: Hiroki Kuroda, 21st round
CL: Matt Capps, 11th
CL: BJ Ryan (took a risk and dealt Tim Hudson for him)
RP: Heath Bell, 16th

Hey Joe –
Thanks for writing in. Nice to know fantasy baseball has found its way across the pond. It’s got to be better than fantasy cricket, right?

It’s always tough to judge a roster without seeing the rest of the field. Assuming a 5×5 league, I’d say you’ve got a slightly above average team with potential for very good. I like your offense – particularly for HR/RBI. You get solid SBs out of your team without sacrificing power. While I don’t like Roberts as a 3rd round pick, I think you have to hold onto him given Hart/Kemp can’t carry your team and you don’t have enough offensive slots to carry the crappy peripheral stats of Gomez and Velez.

I’m more concerned on your pitching. Sabathia and Hill should provide solid 4 category stats. Hudson would’ve been an ok 3rd starter as Wang and Kuroda project very low on Ks (maybe 200K b/w the two) so it’s tough carrying both. Liriano/Parra are both high reward/high risk. You’re obviously weak in saves but, in a 14 team league, 2 closers should get you average points. I’d hope for the best with BJ and jump on any potential closer that’s on the FA/waiver wire. Really like Heath Bell to help provide ERA/WHIP/K help and a Save darkhorse.

I’d consider trading for another starter. Someone who projects as safer than Liriano/Parra and better on Ks than Wang or Kuroda. This tier would include AJ Burnett, Adam Wainwright, Dustin McGowan, Pedro Martinez, Ian Snell, John Maine, James Shields, Matt Cain, Oliver Perez, and Derek Lowe. Trouble is, there’s not much you can offer. Perhaps someone who is poor in speed will bite on Wang/Kuroda and Gomez/Velez? Maybe someone low on Ks will bite on the upside of Liriano? Assuming no, I’d look to drop 1-2 hitters (definitely Kent, Gomez or Velez) on your bench for middle relievers who you can rotate in to bulk up on Ks. Guys like Betancourt, Accardo, Rauch, Moylan, Broxton, Fuentes, Marmol, Benoit, Turnbow, Tony Pena and Heilman. No point betting on another risky starter.

Hope this helps and that Irish luck carries over to fantasy baseball…


  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    I agree with Rudy on the trade, but I think there is someone you can offer — B. Roberts, and I would do it quickfast. I don’t think you’re going to get a third rounder or better for him (but that doesn’t matter). You just need someone who can help your team. See if you can get a starter in the top tier — Hamels, Harang, Harens (hey, alphabetical order!). If you can’t get top tier, go Maine, Shields or Cain (in that order).

    Good luck!

  2. Hey there…..love the site and took Rios, BJ Upton, Haffner, Abreau, Kinsler, Pehralta, Victorino, Bourne, Maine, Harang….also got A-Rod, Weeks, JUpton, Fcordero, CCordero, Cain…a few others based on your recommendations.

    Questions: I waited until 17th round out of 18 to take Ruiz at catcher, but took Varitek instead….out of those 2 plus Townes…who should I keep?

    Also – Do you like a trade….Lance Berkman for BJ Upton with my squad? Thanks – JRollie

  3. Steve says:

    Ireland? That’s practically next door to you guys! Fantasy baseball is alive and well in New Zealand – at least in my house! And it’s definitely better than fantasy rugby… (very impressed that you referenced cricket, though).
    Off topic a bit, but after his spot start tomorrow, I will dump Elijah Dukes and will have a free spot on my roster. Since I can’t find anopther MR worth a damn, who do you guys like out of the following hitters: Keppinger, McLouth, Aaron Hill, Felix Pie and Andre Ethier. Also, Grey – are you still high on the idea of taking Spilborghs to plug in when Hawpe sits (I have Hawpe)? I can post the rest of my roster if it helps. My pitching is relivers-only and pretty sorted so I’m keeping an eye out for hitting upside…

  4. Steve says:

    According to Rotoworld, Pierre is going to start the season on the bench – does that make Ethier the man to grab now?

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    Yeah, grab Ethier.

  6. Carl says:


    Had my draft today, thanks for all your help before. Here is how it worked out…the first 5 were my keepers. It was a 9 team NL-only draft and I drafted in the last position.

    1. (41) Ryan Howard 1B
    2. (42) Matt Kemp OF
    3. (43) James Loney 1B
    4. (44) Prince Fielder 1B
    5. (45) Rich Hill SP
    6. (54) Corey Hart OF
    7. (55) Rafael Furcal SS
    8. (72) Edwin Encarnación 3B
    9. (73) Rickie Weeks 2B
    10. (90) Justin Upton OF
    11. (91) Jason Isringhausen RP
    12. (108) Ted Lilly SP
    13. (109) Trevor Hoffman RP
    14. (126) Bronson Arroyo SP
    15. (127) Carlos Villanueva SP,RP
    16. (144) Matt Diaz OF
    17. (145) Edison Vólquez SP
    18. (162) Eugenio Velez 2B
    19. (163) Jay Bruce OF
    20. (180) Freddy Sánchez 2B
    21. (181) David Riske RP
    22. (198) Yadier Molina C
    23. (199) Johnny Estrada C
    24. (216) Aaron Heilman RP
    25. (217) Ray Durham 2B
    26. (234) Dave Bush SP
    27. (235) Ryan Dempster RP
    28. (252) Ryan Franklin RP
    29. (253) Russ Springer RP
    30. (270) Paul McAnulty OF

    I was pissed Heath Bell was taken from me 1 round earlier, cuz I’m scared Hoffman will implode this year. But I went after offense and he was the only closer left at the time (everyone acted like he was covered in shit and wouldn’t go near him…so I put on the biosuit and hosed him off). Let me know what you think, players you like/don’t like. I think steals for me were Villanueva, Sanchez, Volquez and Velez. I also drafted my catchers late and wanted ones that wouldn’t hurt me and I think I did pretty well there considering I drafted them last before the bench players went. If there is a weakness, I think I may have too many players with upside. I need them to breakout this year, other that than it seems pretty balanced. Thanks.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    Your team’s solid, for sure. Not a huge fan of some of your starters — Arroyo and Lilly, in particular. Lilly can be decent and Arroyo might come out with an album this year, so I guess that’s something. The MR will definitely help your team. Your offense was so strong for a NL-Only, you had a chance to dominate your league with some pitching. I think you left it open for some of your competitors. But I have no idea what was out there pitching-wise after the keepers so I’d have to say your team looks top three with a chance for 1st. You’ll definitely should finish at the top offensively.

  8. Joe says:

    Thanks very much for the response and the comments.

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