It’s been a few moons since I caught a Trenton Thunder game. Is Katmandu still a thing? “The Kat” was one of those clubs you’d hit after the ball game. It literally shared a parking lot with the stadium along the Trenton waterfront. But god almighty, you’d better leave before the house lights came on. You did not want a good look at the 45-year-old divorcee you’d been grinding on. Karen!? What brings you here? Aren’t you my son’s teacher? Anyhoo, big news out of Trenton last night. Yankees pitching prospect Deivi Garcia struck out fifteen Flying Squirrels. Yes, that’s the name of a minor league baseball team. I have the greatest job on the planet. Garcia is now rocking an even 3.00 ERA with 67 punch outs in 42 innings pitched since being promoted to Double-A. Let’s see, where did I rank this guy in my preseason Yankees Top 10? Nowhere! Excellent. Wonderful. He wasn’t on my radar. If your league mates are like me (god I hope not) and slept on Garcia, he might be available for a scoop in dynasty formats. Redrafts? Sorry, but I don’t think he’ll be up this year. Here’s what else is happening around the minor leagues…fade Usher’s Yeah! and cue the house lights…

Luis Robert, OF | CWS – 2-for-3 with a double, triple, and two ribbies in the Southern League All-Star Game. This time it counts! Is that something we are still supposed to say? What does count is Robert’s performance this season, which will probably plant him in my midseason top ten after ranking him 25th overall in the preseason. Redraft friends take note – he may be an August call up (or earlier) at this rate.

Casey Mize, RHP | DET – Shelved with shoulder inflammation. And things were going so well. Like really well. Mize had a 1.21 ERA for Double-A Erie before getting hurt. It doesn’t look like anything serious, but the Tigers have no reason to push him. He’s their gem. Bad news for Mize owners hoping for a second half call to the majors. Possibly good news for Matt Manning owners, who (at least for now) have one less rival for a rotation slot.

Taylor Trammell, OF | CIN – Placed on the injured list with a bad hammy. It’s been a rough year for Trammell, who came into the season as a top prospect. He’s hitting .245 with four homers and thirteen steals for Double-A Chattanooga. And, like last year, he’s got a weird reverse platoon split. This year it’s particularly bad, hitting just .235 against right-handed pitching. For him to max out his fantasy value as a table setter with some pop, that’ll have to improve.

Chris Betts, C | TBR – Won the Midwest League All-Star Game Extra-Inning-Deciding Home Run Derby. Fun! Don’t get any ideas MLB. I’m an old fart who hates pitch clocks, the DH, the wild card game, instant replay, and craft beer. If I had my way: (a) we’d just have an NLCS and ALCS; (b) Pete Rose would not only be in the Hall of Fame but would also be running our country; and (c) yes there’s a (c) people would stop telling me how many IBUs are in their beer and just drink the damn thing.