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Since everyone loves a good schadenfreude session, I figured I’d let you look at our teams, point and laugh.  Hey, at least you have your ‘stache! Thanks, Random Italicized Voice.  Anyway, here’s our fantasy baseball teams and how they’re currently doing:

Yahoo Friends & Family (host: Brandon Funston of Yahoo!) — 14 team, mixed, 5×5, 1250 IP cap, roto — Currently tied for 10th.

  • They Hate Me:  This was one of the leagues where we doubled up on Morneau and Alvarez.  A recurring theme in our teams across all leagues is our trust in Alvarez and Morneau.  They took our trust, brought it into a public restroom, placed it on top of the toilet paper dispenser, left it there, someone else came in and knocked it onto the floor and the janitor never swept it into the garbage so now it’s getting kicked back and forth through puddles of unknown liquids.
  • Key Pickups:  Honestly, this team was in last place for the first two months, so to say there were key pickups would be an insult to pickups in all leagues. Bernadina’s helped, Trumbo hasn’t hurt and Hardy’s been beefy.  They’re not getting us to first any time soon, but if we can get to 5th place in this league, I’d be happy.
  • Key Trade:  We made one trade.  Sent Seth Smith to Pianowski for Brett Gardner.  Pianowski had Smith for one game then traded him.  Guess I was involved in a three-way and didn’t know it.  Gardner’s stats on our team:  30/3/11/.331/12.

Hero Sandwich (host: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo!) 12 team, mixed, 5×5, 1425 IP cap, roto — Currently, 2nd place

  • They Love Me:  This team was saddled with Morneau too, but because it’s much shallower than Friends & Family, we were able to maneuver around that anchor.  In this league, Stanton, Fielder, Espinosa, Stubbs, Pence and Holliday have carried the offense.  Pitching’s been Cueto, Wandy, Kuroda, Danks, C.J. Wilson and Ian Kennedy.  Not a number one in the bunch, but more than enough, except for Wins — Danks, John! — but we’re gaining there.
  • Key Pickups:  Matt Joyce.  Oh, and Matt Joyce.  And, um, yeah, same guy.
  • Key Trade:  Only one trade here too.  We sent Brandon League and Aardsma for Ian Kennedy.  Kennedy’s numbers on our team:  5 Wins, 2.26/1.07/52 in 63 2/3 IP.  League has 8 saves and a 5-something ERA for the other team.  Thank you, come again!

The Roto Arcade Pro-Am (host: Andy Behrens of Yahoo!) 14 team, mixed, H2H — Currently 6th place but only five games back, i.e. everyone’s still in the running for the playoffs.

  • Morneau Really Screwed Us:  Again.
  • Key Pickups:  A Fister here, a Maholm there.  We currently have Xavier Paul.  So, yeah, pickups have been all over the map depending on our weekly matchups.
  • Key Trade:  There hasn’t been one trade since the start of the season in this league and we weren’t involved in any preseason dealings.  But if anyone wants Morneau, hit me up! Analysts League (host: Scott White)  12 team, NL-Only, 5×5, roto — Currently in 1st place.

  • There Was No Way To Draft Morneau In NL-Only League:  Without that Minnesota albatross around our necks, we’ve managed to coast all season in 1st place.  Matt Kemp hasn’t hurt either.  There are teams that are doomed with bad luck, this team has been the opposite.  Our current average is .282, that would be beating our mixed league teams.  We also have more home runs, runs, RBIs, Wins, saves and a better ERA and WHIP in this league than some of our mixed league teams.  We could put Jamey Carroll in our lineup and he’d knock in 12 runs with a three homer game.
  • Key Pickups:  We picked up Dee Gordon, Alex Presley, Rubby de la Rosa, Dustin Moseley, Charlie Morton and Juan Nicasio.  Aside from Gordon, we haven’t even had to play them because our drafted team is doing so well.  (I am totally jinxing us right now.)  Drafted Kemp, Pence, McCann, Beachy, Chacin, Madson, Venters, Storen and Tim Hudson.  Doesn’t sound incredible, but in a 12 team NL-Only league, it’s pretty good.

NL LABR (host: USA Today) — 13 team, NL-Only, 5×5, roto — Currently in 9th place

  • No Morneau, So Why Not In First?: Our pitching has been our downfall.  The team in first has Dillon Gee, Karstens, Kennedy, Lyles, Niese and Norris as starters.  We have Capuano, Gallardo, Clayton Richard, Gorzelanny and Randy Wolf.  Their ERA is 3.33; ours is 4.27.  Their WHIP is 1.22; ours is 1.42.  They have a 10 and 12, respectively.  We have a 2 and 1, disrespectively.  Leaving the draft, I asked the team owner in first how he think he did, he hated his pitching.  I didn’t mind ours.  If we had a number #2, like Kuroda, we’d be in contention.  Oh, and did I mention we had Javier Vazquez give us 39 1/3 IP and a 7.55 ERA and 1.91 WHIP?  As for hitting, we don’t have less than 9 points in any category, but we just lost Pujols so that could change soon too.
  • Reservations Over Our Reserves:  In a league this deep, you need to strike gold with a couple of reserves.  Any prospect of note has already been drafted by this point (e.g., Beachy, Lyles, Mesoraco, etc.) as well as any speculative closer (Melancon went for $2) so it’s a matter of rummaging through projected bench players, subpar SPs, and second-tier prospects and hoping they 1) get playing time and 2) do well.  Examples include Dillon Gee, Kyle Lohse, Ryan Roberts, and Jason Bourgeois.  Our two SP fliers (Aneury Rodriguez and Yuniesky Maya) got playing time and sucked.  Mat Gamel is just getting called up now for a cup of coffee while Eric Patterson stole a couple bases and then had sex with Bud Black’s wife (unsubstantiated theory).

FantasyPros911 Expert League (host: — 12 team, AL-Only, 5×5, roto — Currently in 4th place

  • Big Bets = Big Busts:  These are the highest salaries on the team:  Shin-Soo Choo ($36), Alex Rios ($26), Aaron Hill ($18), Matt Thornton ($16), Mitch Moreland ($15), Philip Hughes ($15).  Hughes and Thornton had the dignity to suck so bad in the first couple weeks so their damage was contained (other than losing about 6 points in Saves).  The awful seasons by Choo and Rios lingered up until Choo’s thumb fractured like his homeland 50 years ago.  Their combined .234 – an inexplicable 50 points below a reasonable projection – is the #1 reason that we’re at a 2 for AVG.
  • Depth Trumps Everything in AL-Only:  The reason we’re in 4th is because of great depth.  Moreland and Smoak have been a solid 1B/CI combo for a combined price ($28) that’s $2 more expensive than Billy ‘Moobs’ Butler, $4 cheaper than Dunn, and the same price as Morneau.  The $9 catcher tandem of Russ Martin and Miguel Olivo have contributed 21 HRs (!!!!) so far.  Reserve picks Corey Patterson has arguably out-performed Choo and Rios.  The ragtag pitching unit of Hellickson, Baker, Garcia, Coke, Fister, and Britton – combined with reserve pick Tyson Ross + FA pickups Alex Cobb, Guillermo Moscoso, and Vinnie Pestano – have managed to reach a 10 in ERA and climb up to average (and rising) in K’s/WHIP/Wins.  The biggest mistake – while reserve pick Jesse Crain has been very good, we could’ve had Sergio Santos.  Ay Dios Mio!
  • Are You F***in’ Kidding Me:  We finally reached first place a couple days ago only to have Willingham and Choo go down within a week of each other.  And the team we tied for 1st place – KFFL’s Nick Mannis – has Choo’s backup (Travis Buck).
  1. michael bourne says:

    How is rudy v grey doing?

  2. Purewater says:

    Any good fantasy sites for real time updates on injuries, players going on the DL, etc? Dude picked up Bastardo in my league about 2 seconds after Madson was placed on the DL. How’d he know so fast?

  3. nyydj2 says:

    ESPN, you bastardos! How the hell can I pick up Antonio on my team if I can’t access the damn thing. I’m gonna mastercard your ass in a minute.

  4. Chillmodious says:


    About to drop Blackmon… replacement options are Derrek Lee, Chisenhall, Soto, Jason Marquis (random selection, I know). Can you please rank those four ROTW?

    Thank you kindly.

  5. The Burghler says:

    12 team head to head 7×7 with ops/ks

    Pedrioa or Kinsler rest of season?

  6. Shin-Soo Choo Choo says:

    @Grey: Are you planning on dropping Dee Gordon when Furcal comes back? If Furcal were on the wire, would you drop Gordon for him? Thanks in advance.

  7. SwaggerJackers says:

    I have Choo and Rios in the RCL. It sucks. It doesn’t help that I traded for the disappointing Heyward either.

  8. Calogero says:

    In a 12 team 6×6 H2H league, I have Utley, Kelly Johnson, and Daniel Murphy all eligible at 2B. One or 2 of them usually end up on the bench on any given day.

    Obviously Utley is the best, but I think Johnson and Murphy can cover adequately. I’m thinking about dealing Utley straight up for an SP. My current staff is Greinke, Shields, Scherzer, Buchholz, Nolasco, Edwin Jackson, Vogelsong and Fister (plus Javy Vazquez while Buchholz is on the DL). Since it’s H2H, I usually start all my guys every week.

    What kind of SP do you think I should aim for?

    Here’s a list I’m offering on – Let me know what you think, or if I should consider anyone else or take anyone off the list: Gio Gonzalez, Jhoulys Chacin, Dan Hudson, Chad Billingsley, Ricky Romero, Hiroki Kuroda, Mat Latos…

  9. Ceasar says:

    14-team 5×5 roto keeper, which side do you like?

    R. Zimmerman & Alexei for Weaver

  10. Wilsonian says:

    Thinking of trying to deal Heyward in my 8 Team H2H. It’s a keeper, but he wouldn’t be kept. What kind of target would you be shooting for? I’m not going to sell him at 10 cents on the dollar, but I’d deal him for a helpful piece. I would probably look for a decent bat that would just help out for this season. I don’t need pitching, barring any serious injury.

  11. Carlos Pena…another dong…that kid is on fire…

  12. nyydj2 says:

    Now ESPN is claiming “scheduled maintenance” that they try to keep to the wee hours of the morning, lol. Klarabell has a scheduled 3PM chat and I asked him WTF is going on but his chat seems to not be happening as well. Scheduled maintenance my ass, just before a game starts with lineup changes at risk, and a hot SATGNOF pickup sitting there? Ready to commit hari kari on someone. Where is a Masshole when you need one?

  13. Long Bawls says:

    Apropos of not all that much, I’ve been #1 in our 14-team mixed-league roto 6×6 for all but 2 weeks of the season (thanks, probably, to getting rid of Wright and Oswalt for Kemp and McCutchen). Just to jinx it totally, I’m 28 points ahead of the #2 guy.

    But I still feel incredibly anxious because I didn’t manage to pick up Beachy this week (the other guy beat me by about 40 seconds), or Pena about two weeks back (I dithered, waxed my imaginary mustache, and dreamed of Moustakas instead). Now I’m convinced it’s all over. Fantasy Baseball: second only to your childhood in making you feel bad.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Shea Sera Sera: He gets hot.

    @nyydj2: Stupid time to do it. Let me know when it comes back.

    @Long Bawls: That’s hilarious! Our NL-Only team that’s in first has 80+ RBIs than the next closest team and like 20 homers. Pretty crazy leads for such a deep league.

  15. nyydj2 says:

    ESPN now claiming ‘BIG” technical issues today. All chats are canceled. Seems like they are slowly crashing. They should not have messed with

  16. Jobanian says:

    Start Britton tonight against the Cardinals?

  17. coco krispie says:

    moustakas or freese the rest of the way and when in the world is desmond jennings getting called up? should i drop him in 12 team mixer 5×5?

  18. Siren Vogelsong says:

    Bailey or Niese the rest of the way?

  19. Schmohawks Bob says:

    Should I pick up Luebke to replace either James McDonald or Derek Lowe in an NL only league?

  20. Schmohawks Bob says:

    @Grey: Thanks.

    Didn’t realize you were so deeply into Mourneau this year. Too bad. There always seem to be a couple of guys who drop who can make your team or break it.

  21. DHill Dragons says:

    @Purewater: & are good resources for updates, injuries, lineups, etc.

  22. WDE05 says:

    Hey Grey, sorry for the long question here, but I’m at a bit of an impasse. After a nice stretch in May where I moved up to 4th place (I lost 11-1 in week 1 so I started off in a big hole), my H2H team (14 team, 7×7) has been in a rut the last 3 weeks and dropped to 9th.

    Here’s my current roster (FYI, I didn’t start reading your site until after I drafted)…

    C- Mauer
    1b- Butler
    2b Johnson
    3b- Freese/Ryan Roberts
    SS- The Drubal/HanRam
    OF- Holliday
    Util- Hosmer

    SPs- Verlander, Beachy, Bumgarner, Tim Hudson, Baker, Dempster, Peavy, Colon
    RPs – Kimbrell, Walden.

    Recent waiver wire pickups were: Pagan, Bernadina, Freese, Dempster, and Peavy.

    My offense has been atrocious and my pitching has been pretty solid the last few weeks. (I lost every offensive category last week and all but 1 the week before) I’m trying to decide if I should sit tight or make a big move to try and shore up my offense. Verlander is obviously really valuable, but would you consider moving him if I could get an elite bat in return? Walden has been horrible lately, so I’ve also thought about shopping Kimbrell and punting saves. Do you see anything else I could try to shake things up?

    Thanks for your help.

  23. Siren Vogelsong says:

    Homer Bailey or Niese the rest of the way?

  24. phillenthropic says:

    Anyone else excited for rich harden back in oakland? Any chance he’s mixed league useful this season?

  25. Salty Balty says:

    Whaddya see for Espinosa looking forward . . . does he grow into the next I. Kinsler, is he a flash in the pan, or somwhere in between? Just curious, a bit of a Nats fan (gotta supplement the O’s somehow) and I love Espinosa on my fantasy team, but even more so in real life. Clutch, good fielder, power, speed, nice body, sensitive, doesn’t judge, treats me nice aft . . . nevermind

  26. AdamH says:

    *** ESPN BACK UP ***

  27. Fletch says:

    Man-crush Kershaw is on Rome is Burning today…

  28. OaktownSteve says:

    @Grey and/or Rudy: what did you learn so far this year other than “don’t draft lousy player and do draft awesome ones?” Strategically speaking.

  29. TomtheBod says:

    Hey Grey. Which player would you drop to pick up Jemile Weeks? The asian 2B dude from Minnesota or Moustakas?

    I’m too lazy to go and look up how to spell the asian dude’s name. (Nishioka I think? What ever happened to Lu or Lee?)

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Schmohawks Bob: Yeah, he hurt us bad.

    @WDE05: I wouldn’t move my top pitcher. Don’t punt saves. Your offense is on the weak side though. Maybe trade Hanley to someone expecting a rebound…Or trade Asdrubal and hold Hanley hoping for a rebound. Try and get two players others may not trust. Say Reynolds or Aramis or Pena or Kinsler…In that realm.

    @Siren Vogelsong: Niese

    @phillenthropic: Nope

    @Salty Balty: I like him for fantasy, nice power and modest speed. Could go 22/10 this year. Doesn’t seem fluky either.

    @AdamH: Thanks!

    @Fletch: Nice

    @OaktownSteve: Avoid concussed players.

    @TomtheBod: Nishioka

  31. Benny says:

    What are the odds of Morse becoming the new Bautista? The guy hasn’t slowed down over the last 8-12 weeks.

  32. chata says:

    heyward vs pineda .
    will seattle fans witness a tape-measure home run ?

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Benny: And getting 3rd base eligibility? No chance. Hitting 50 homers? 1000 to 1. Hitting 30 homers? 4 to 1.

  34. WDE05 says:


    Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t really want to deal Verlander, but I’m afraid I’m going to drop out of contention if I don’t figure out a way to resuscitate my offense. I’ve been trying to move either Asdrubal or Hanley for a month or more, but the offers I’ve had were all pretty weak. (Ethier, Alexie Ogando etc.)

    I guess I’ll make a few offers and see if anyone will bite. If Mauer and Hanley would start playing the way they have the past few years, my offense would be pretty competitive. Also doesn’t help that I drafted Mike Morse and wasn’t quick enough to pick him back up when he caught fire. Would you consider dealing Beachy? I’m not sure what I could get in return, but there’s one guy in our league who’s obsessed with the braves so maybe I could get him to overpay.

  35. DHill Dragons says:

    @Grey: And walking as much as or more than he strikes out? No chance. And playing in a homer friendly home park? No chance. And chipping in double digit steals? No chance.

  36. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: yeah,in those deaper leagues your in(N,L/A,L ONLY)you need a couple of picks to overachieve and guys like hill to atleast hit for power,looks like you still have a shot to win a couple of the leagues,good luck in the 2nd half,

  37. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Wiggy or Jemile for Uggly? Thanks!

  38. aj says:

    who do i drop?
    Corey Patterson, Jason Bourgeois, David Freese,

  39. John says:

    @Grey thoughts on CM Punks Worked shoot? I thoroughly enjoyed it and havent seen anyone of meaning do one in a long time

  40. yankees2011 says:

    Hey Grey.
    I asked this morning about dropping Gomes for Chisenhall and you asked if I needed a corner man. I have Reynols at 3B which I think I am finally fine with (for now), so I guess the answer is no. I was thinking Chisenhall for Utility guy and dropping Gomes once they head back to NL Parks.

    How about this one. I currently have Colon on the DL and Tabata on my bench who was just placed on the DL. Do I drop Colon, place Tabata on DL and pick up Chisenhall (or someone else for that matter)? I could use some pop (although Morse keeps me feeling good in my nether region).

    On that frightening note, I thank you much Grey.

  41. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Broxton shut down for three weeks: Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said Tuesday that RP Jonathan Broxton will be shut down for three weeks after experiencing stiffness in his injured elbow. Mattingly added if Broxton pitches again this year, then he would consider it a bonus.
    (Updated 06/28/2011)
    Injury Report
    Elbow – 15-day DL. Out until at least late July
    (Updated – 6/28/11)
    Fantasy Analysis
    At this rate Broxton might not be back until August at the earliest, but clearly his manager is preparing for the worst. This is another disappointing development in what is turning out to be a nightmare year for the Dodgers’ closer. Continue to stash him in deeper Fantasy formats, but prepare to perhaps go another long stretch without Broxton. The Dodgers will continue to use a committee approach to closing games with Broxton sidelined, with Javy Guerra, Hong-Chih Kuo and Kenley Jansen as the leading candidates for saves.

  42. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – No, suffering with Uggla. Can pick up either Jemile or Wiggy off the WW and still keep him until/if/when he heats up.

  43. I was offered Brett Gardner and Aramis Ramirez for my Lind OR Teixeira (my choice).

    My current 3B is Rolen/Moustakas, and current LF is Willingham (DL) and Bernadina. I obviously have the depth at 1B, however, I’m currently just using Lind as my DH.

    Advice appreciated.

  44. stynyr says:

    10 team, H2H, 5×5

    Pitchers are:

    sp-Kershaw, Bills, Liriano, Volquez, Cueto, Niese, Stauffer, D. Hudson
    rp-soria, league, melancon

    Who do I drop for Lohse if anyone?

    Also, what do you make of giving up Rollins for either Hamels or Cain?

    of-Braun, CarGo, Holliday
    util-Hamilton, Lind

  45. B. Inge Drinking says:

    Nivea ‘Goodbye cellulite, Hello bikini season’ is by far my favorite ad on the site. I can now feel sexy when strutting around in my bananna-hammock. *A Mentos turn around with a thumbs up* “Thanks, Grey!”

  46. Daniel says:

    which 2 sp’s do you want for ROS? 20 teamer

    luebke, volquez, e. jackson

  47. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: According to Dodgers beat writer for LA Times , Mattingly would consider it ‘a bonus’ if Broxton pitches again this year.

  48. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: yeah,we,ll see if jansen can finnally grab some saves

  49. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i think i will lower my expectations of greinke and that we will see him slide way down the draft board,of course i hope he reads this and attempts to prove me wrong

  50. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: In case you’re getting your hopes up, I sat Greinke today in the keeper ;-)

  51. AL KOHOLIC says:

    atleast i sat greike tonight

  52. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: yeah i seen that,i did to in the rcl,kinda stinks having to sit an ace

  53. hankp says:

    So…safe to cut loose of Broxton now?

  54. and1mcgee says:

    Ryan Madsen to DL

  55. herschel says:

    Marlins GM Larry Beinfest said Josh Johnson will be examined Wednesday by Dr. James Andrews because his shoulder is “not feeling 100 percent.”

  56. stynyr says:

    So, keep Volquez over Lohse?

  57. Steve says:

    Stupid Beltran. Why can’t he be shit this week?

  58. Steve says:

    @Steve: Bastard got hurt a couple of seasons back when *I* needed him

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Wait, Bastard is the new Phils closer.

  60. Steve says:

    @Grey: Ba-doom, tish!

  61. Mr2Bits says:

    Oh sweet. Of course the rains come and wipe out any chance for a QS with Lohse tonight, who needs that bullshit. Add to that, I get to play against the guy whose pitcher gives up 6 bur only 3 count(Vogelson). Really sick and tired of playing a guy every week who is saved by the errors.

    Fucking nothing can go my way, UF CWS included!

  62. herschel says:

    @Grey: how do you rank the following, ros, in a roto league? bay, chisenhall and presley.


  63. Steve says:

    Why the eff did Dusty leave Cueto out there. Wouldn’t you just think, “phew, we might get away with this after all”, and hand it over to a bullpen that’s been real good, of late?


  64. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yup. Bray made an ass of himself.

  65. Mr2Bits says:


    Yea, now add to the fact that Farns and my Rays just blew their save and lead……….no luck here

  66. Steve says:

    Oh Jesus. I have Farnsworth on another team, AND on the same team that I have Cueto.

  67. Steve says:

    @Steve: And now Farnsworth gets a win thanks to a donk from my Longo.

    Funny old game.

  68. Exactly says:

    which side: morse/aybar for greinke/beckham?

  69. Hank Man says:

    Hello everyone. I’ve been reading for a while and this is my first question. I’m in a ten team, head to head league with traditional 5×5 scoring. I need pitching. I have Jimmy Rollins on my bench and Adam Lind at utility. Is either one worth a straight up deal for either Dan Haren or Gio Gonzalez. I’d prefer an NL pitcher but I don’t think there are any available outside of Gallardo. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  70. ruah says:

    Dump Choo for Bay, Hafner, Joyce, Huff…yeh, that’s about as good as it gets…and this is a keeper. It’s just that I have a bench full of DL guys already that will play again this year(Pujols, Prado, Kubel). On the other hand, a healthy Choo next year would be nice to hold on to. Hold out or make a move?

  71. Voidoid says:

    Trying to trade Hardy for a SS who steals. Who should I go after?

  72. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Stanton, Beltran or Abreu?

  73. Terrence Mann says:

    Thinking of trying to get Greinke. If he’d take Nolasco, I’d trade him first. How do you rank Kuroda, Wandy, Latos, and Gio? Any of those guys you wouldn’t give straight up?

  74. Black Beard says:

    Rest of the way (league counts OPS): Uggla or Kendrick?

  75. Steve says:

    Yes, Diamondbacks! Yes!

  76. Steve says:

    @Steve: Don’t puck this up, Futz.

  77. Wilsonian says:

    I know you told me to grab Pena yesterday, which I did, and I enjoyed his homer today, but it’s looking like Andrus might miss this week. Would you drop Pena for Hardy to fill in for Andrus? If he was going to miss that long, I’d like to have him hit the DL, dammit…

  78. Steve says:

    @Steve: For the love of god.

  79. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: ok, so Yahoo says he will be out at least through the weekend. Rotoinfo says he hit in the cages today and could play today if he was needed. Crisis averted…always go with Rotoinfo over Yahoo. Yahoo says you have to play Pena because he has a 50 HR season under his belt (which he doesn’t) and you should stay away from Arencibia because he has a shizz average. Do people actually earn a living writing for them? Wow…

  80. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: that makes me manic/depressive. The team that has Hudson also has Santana. Should I be happy or sad?

  81. Steve says:

    @Wilsonian: Kinda happy. You lose a win, but you can always get another tomorrow. And you get a two-run jack.

    Almost as crazy as my RCL team, where I own Cueto, Farnsworth AND Longoria.

  82. cubbies299 says:

    Would you trade Miggy and Cruz for Felix and Konerko in a league where you own Teix and Fielder? Cruz and Konerko are keepable, so I think I lose the keeper end of things. Lemme know

  83. Steve says:

    Jesus, Takahashi – get someone out!

  84. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too. I don’t lose Hudson’s good outing, just his win. Plus I get the homerun.

  85. Terrence Mann says:

    @Steve: Steve, you are one of my favorite posters here. But Jeebus, dude. Sometimes you’re Moosh from A Bronx Tale. All you had to do was refer to Putz and HR. I’m thinking of moving to Vegas so I can bet against what you need in roto on a daily basis.

  86. Steve says:

    @Terrence Mann: Sorry man.

    It’s probably because I pass comment on every little thing – law of probability means I’m bound to ‘influence’ something sooner or later ;-)

  87. Terrence Mann says:

    @Steve: Hehe

  88. Steve says:

    @Steve: And just like that, he’s in line for the win.

    Would have preferred a Hold, though.

  89. Dominic says:

    What do you think about me getting Drew Storen for Jhoulys Chacin. I am currently 6th in W, 10th in SV, 8th in K’s ERA and WHIP. My other starters are J. Zimmerman, C. Carrasco, D. Hudson, B. Norris, M. Latos and T. Hudson and for relievers I have Valverde, League, A. Bailey and J. Broxton on the DL.

  90. Terrence Mann says:

    So, if Gio keeps it up tonight, straight up?

  91. Terrence Mann says:

    @Dominic: Why in the world do you need another closer? Get something that you need if you’re trading Chacin.

  92. Dominic says:

    @Terrence Mann: I feel that due to an innings limit it might be good to have a closer that can give me good innings

  93. Terrence Mann says:

    @Dominic: Trying to improve your bullpen ratios makes sense. But giving up Chacin won’t help you in strikeouts. Mark Geoffreau pointed out to me last fall NL West starters are gold down the stretch. I’m saying ask for more.

  94. DHill Dragons says:

    Gio a 1-hit shutout thru 8 innings…

    Cueto got robbed tonight, he was one out away from an 8 inning 1-run
    performance (and probable win). Bray gave up a ridiculously ugly bloop 2-run hit that looked ugly off the bat and just dropped in between the shortstop and left fielder which resulted in 2 of the 3 runs charged to Cueto. Luckily Bruce kept him from taking a loss by tying the score with a bomb. Still, an incredible run of great starts from Cueto (not as great as Lee lately), Cueto has yet to have a “bad” outing all season.

  95. Dominic says:

    @Steve: thanks man that’s all I was wondering

  96. Dominic says:

    @Steve: thanks man that’s all I was wondering

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