You know how cutters cut themselves to take their mind off some pain in their life? (RIP, Frankie from The Real World… San Diego!) Well, I have an idea that major league teams can employ.  They should hire absolutely terrible ex-major leaguers to make slumping hitters feel better about themselves.  “Pena, you’re in a real bad slump, but imagine how I felt when I hit .195 for the better part of the 1990’s?”  Wait, they already do this.  They’re called major league managers.  So, Carlos Pena is capable of 10+ homer months and 40 homers on the year.  His average isn’t going to be good.  He’s not a .170-something hitter though.  Even if he hits only .210 this year.  That’s a forty-something point increase from where he is.  Right now, fantasy baseballers (<–my Mom’s term) aren’t just trading Pena on the low, they’re flat out dropping him.  So you don’t have to buy him for a lot, you barely have to buy him for anything.  You could throw a Pena owner a bag of empty pistachio shells that you already licked and they’d probably be happy to get Pena off their team.  In fact, I just saw a guy walk through heavy traffic wearing a Carlos Pena jersey.  Hmm… Maybe that was Carlos Pena.  Come back, Pena, you’ll be better!  (Note:  I wrote this before I was told that Pena was a Buy Low guy at ESPN.  Though I still haven’t read what they said, it makes sense when a 40 homer guy is struggling.  Note from Hater Bell:  Hey, Grey, you and Karabell should get a room and have sex.)  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


John Axford – Hoffman will either suddenly hang ’em up and retire or he’ll be the closer again by the end of the month.  At least that’s what my Magic Eight Ball that I purchased at Spencer’s Gifts says.  In the meantime, grab Axford.  He could get sloppy with his walks at some point, but he’s getting saves now.  And, yes, I am an Axfordian scholar.

Bobby Jenks – Why’s he getting dropped everywhere?  He’s still the closer.  SAGNOF, people, SAGNOF!

Brad Lidge – Of course if you own him you’re going to wake up with night terrors, screaming Lidge’s name.  Sure, there’s a good chance if he gets called into a game in Citizens Flank, a Philly fan may attack him with a blunt object, but Manuel wants Lidge to be the closer and what Manuel wants he gets, which usually just means a nice piece of straw to chew on.

Brandon Lyon – Just went over him.  Scroll or click.  It’s your choice now.  Good luck!

Buster Posey – Here’s what I said the other day, “Capable of a .300 average and 10+ homers.  He’s playing 1st base so that makes him more desirable than some other catchers because he’ll get more counting stats.  Plus, he has potential for a breakout.  When in doubt, go for upside.  I’d grab him (in the non-perverse way) in all leagues.”  And that’s me cutting and pasting me!

Kevin Kouzmanoff – Holy crap, am I really telling people to buy Kouzmanoff?  See, this is the kind of thing that is going to have people digging through my transcripts from the College of Fantasy Baseball at Charleston.  Okay, I want Rolen, Glaus and about 17 other guys before Kouzmanoff, but if you’re hard up, Kouz is going off, for now that’s e’noff.

Seth Smith – Might be the least exciting name in the history of names.  At least John Doe has some mystery to it.  As a baseball player, Seth Smith isn’t much more exciting.  He’ll sit vs. lefties, but there’s more righties, so there’s that.  If you can platoon him, he has 20 homer power and a decent average.

Angel Pagan – I fully expect Pagan to be unownable soon enough, but I actually grabbed this guy last week in a few leagues and damned if this Pagan ain’t doing the devil’s work.

Mike Stanton – I’ve spoken about how wild this turkey can be at length.  You click now.  You’re welcome.

John Ely – He’s only owned in 58% of ESPN leagues, but 40% of ESPN are abandoned, which means he’s available in 2% of leagues.  That’s still too high.

Max Scherzer – People seem slow to re-add him.  Aw, you’ve been wounded.  Your psyche is hurt.  Is it your ego?  I got crocodile tears and they’re running down the side of my jowls.  Just grab Scherzer again.

Brett Cecil – Yeah, I don’t like AL East matchups either.  Yeah, I wouldn’t start him against the Yankees tonight eye-there.  Cecil still has 40 Ks and 12 BBs in 49 2/3 IP.  His BABIP is a little low, but I’d still own him and sit him for certain aforementioned matchups.

Carlos Monasterios – His last name is Spanish for “spot starter with a chance for morios.”  It doesn’t translate that well.


Grady Sizemore – Yeah, sucks you’re losing your 2nd round pick, but I wouldn’t hold him unless I had a DL spot, and, even then, there’s probably a better DL grab off waivers.

Kendry Morales – See 1/8th an inch above.  Or read backwards until you read “LLES” then go forward again.

Austin Jackson – He’s top ten for Ks in the major leagues and his BABIP is Simple Jack-ish.

Matt Cain – Another year, another Matt Cain-is-getting-too-lucky-to-sustain-his-numbers post.  His Ks have actually gone down this year and he’s getting insanely lucky, even compared to last year.  Cain’s able, but not this much.

Aaron HillWhoa, Grey, you are out of line!  Hill’s actually hitting right now. I know, Random Italicized Voice, but that’s why you should start exploring trade offers.  I GOTTA SIDE WITH THE R.I.V. HERE.  MY FANTASY BASEBALL ‘PERT DONE GONE CRAZY!  Okay, Mr. Caps, let me at least speak.  SAY YOUR PIECE.  People are starting to think Hill is coming around and he might be, but everyone is starting to think Hill’s coming around.  So his value has actually gone up after floating around in the john for two months.  He still dealt with a hamstring injury that has recurred once already.  That injury could return at any time.  He will hit better than his current .188, but he’s not having a career year again.  He had that last year.  People might actually think he can do it again now that he is hitting.  You know you done messed up when you drafted him and now’s the time when you might actually get some value back.  Don’t trade Hill for a melted Coolatta, but explore offers.

  1. Mets fan says:

    Grey what about smoak do you think he’ll turn it around?

  2. Terrence Mann says:

    No razzball standings update today?

    As a time wasting jackass (<— my mom's term), I'm hyper about a possible move up the standings.

  3. tHe ShiT says:

    Seth Smith is also available. Like him better than Boesch or Frenchy?

  4. Jenkies says:

    John Ely or Mike Leake?

  5. KarlJ. says:

    I expect I jumped quite a bit in the RCL standings. I picked up close to 30 pts in the Town Ball RCL the last few weeks. Was buried in dead last up until mid-May and now I am within striking distance of first place

  6. William says:

    @Grey – I thought you were going to have Wieters in there somewhere.

  7. Worth it just for the “Cain’s able” blurb. Old Testament humor!

  8. uncdrew says:

    I fully expected Nate McLooser to be on the sell list, mainly because I just sold him and something I think I’m writing this stuff. Anyway, I dropped Nate, just so y’all know and can feel good doing the same.

  9. Terrence Mann says:


    I wish I could quit you.

  10. DonCoburleone says:

    Grey do you drop Kevin Gregg for either Axford or Lidge?

  11. MattW says:

    @Grey: Which side in a bubble?




  12. Professor Chaos says:

    @Grey: In a H2H 8X8 league would you still employ the SAGNOF? Saves are one out of 16 total cats and having guys like Gregg on my team (especially after this latest debacle) absolutely destroys my ratios. I’m thinking of just punting saves and going with strong MR who have a chance to vulture wins and keep my ratios in check. Your thoughts?

  13. Grey

    Grey says:


  14. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Lookin at Professor Chaos’ situation made me look at my league and i realized closers arent as important as i thought they were. Or r they?
    Here are the scoring cats:
    AB, R, H, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, TB, AVG
    IP, W, L, CG, SO, SV, ER, HR, BB, K, ERA, WIN%, BSV 26 in total, 16 tm h2h mixed

    With shallow benches and 2 RP slots, should I drop Wagner and Soria 4 pitching or hitting depth?

  15. Nick B. says:

    You mentioned DL grab in the Sizemore post…I have a DL spot open and was trolling the waivers to see if anyone useful was out there…no one really caught my eye. Anyone out there on the DL who could be useful going forward? I’m just looking for the best available player, regardless of position. Keeper league…

  16. Real Tom says:

    Hey Grey, is it a bad idea to trade Cain for Lincecum? Those 5 BBs per game for the past MONTH (!) tell me that he’s effed up bad. If he’s just an adjustment away from being a badass though, it would be a nice buy.

  17. Wilsonian says:

    I hate doing this, but with so many random guys hitting the shizz out of the ball, I’m now questioning my decision on who to play. 8 Team H2H:

    Ortiz v. Tillman
    Glaus v. Kershaw
    Swisher v. Cecil
    CarGo v. Kennedy
    Hart v. Wainwright

    I can play 3 of the 5. Right now I’ve got Ortiz, Glaus and Swish in. Pretty sure Hart is a bencher against Wain, but he’s been clubbing the ball lately. And CarGo has been only average lately overall, and below average against righties.

  18. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Also, of the 16 teams, 9 of the teams hv either 1 or no closers in their RP slot. Yes, I know this is a weird league…

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: Drop Wagner. No use for closers in that league.

    @Nick B.: Absolutely impossible for me to know who is on your DL waivers. Myabe Jair? Maybe Bedard?

    @Real Tom: I’d want Lincecum by a lot.

    @Wilsonian: I’d go with CarGo over Swisher, but they’re close.

  20. Joe B says:

    Mr. Alex Rios hit another donger yesterday Grey… he must want to be in one of those ESPN Deportes commercials —–> ADIOS SENOR PELOTA!!! I will keep over-advocating Rios until you join me in the adoration. Praise Rios in all his 25/40 glory!

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe B: Ha… Why I oughta pelota you!

  22. royce! says:

    In a 14-team h2h counting 5×5 plus OBP and XBH, would you deal Adam LaRoche for Posey? I’d have Posey as C, Votto as 1B, and Smoak or Headley as IF, and would hope to find someone to take my leftover C, Doumit.

    So I guess the Q is would you rather start Posey, Votto and Smoak (or Headley) or Doumit, Votto and Adam LaRoche?

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: This: “So I guess the Q is would you rather start Posey, Votto and Smoak (or Headley) or Doumit, Votto and Adam LaRoche?” Confused me. But I’d take LaRoche for Posey.

  24. The Cow says:

    Lind or Kubel the rest of the way?

  25. DSimms says:

    Grey would you drop boesch for quentin?

  26. FANTHEAD says:

    I have climbed a tall, snow-peaked mountain and there is Grey, cross-legged, puffing on his peace pipe, the cosmos whispering in his ears.

    My outfield, Master:


    In thinking about the rest of the season.

    I worry about Hunter’s health (I like him! but is he kinda injury-prone?) and Soriano’s sustainability/consistency…and even Werth’s health. You know, trying to…ANTICIPATE…potential problems.

    At 3rd, I have D. Wright and A-Rod.

    Should I trade D. Wright for Vernon Wells? Corey Hart was also mentioned. Should I consider either of these?

    I’m in second place. Looking for more pop. Looking, maybe, to shake things up. Worried that Wright may have head issues. The strikeouts are out of “character” and last year his lack of power was out of “character.” What happens, next, he stops stealing? Loses his ability to throw to first?

    I know, I know, he deserves more faith and support. But still…I’m only human.

    Thank you.

  27. royce! says:

    @Grey: Sorry, I think I should have thought it out before typing. I was trying to ask should I trade my Adam LaRoche for his Posey. If I made the trade, my C/1B/IF situation would look like this:

    C- Posey
    1B- Votto
    IF- Smoak

    If I did not make the trade, it would look like this:

    C- Doumit
    1B- Votto
    IF- LaRoche

    But none of this is really relevant, if by “I’d take LaRoche for Posey” you mean I should not give LaRoche to receive Posey. Just to be sure- that’s what you meant, right?

  28. front butt says:

    i have napoli and posey in 13 team 5×5. Would you trade posey and j. garcia for billy butler?

  29. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: So u prefer me 2 keep Soria over Wagner then, correct?

  30. front butt says:

    would you drop Javier Vazquez or Wandy Rodriguez for e. jackson?

  31. hoju says:

    Got me thinking with the “absolutely impossible to know who is on your DL waivers” comment. Ever think of doing a DL ranking, taking into account how long they’ll be out for, type of injury, etc.?? Most people stash the best possible player regardless of position, right? It would make an interesting list of what kind of value is out there for hurt players to buy or sell. Maybe link each player with a healthy man to see what the right kind of value is.

    Maybe you already do one. I don’t know. I’ve never seen one on any site.

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @hoju: I mention players when they’re about to come back, but I’ve never listed DL players.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:


  34. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Awesome, ur the man Grey! I dont care what the other Razzballers say behind ur back when ur not around…jkjk. So with the extra spot, do i pick up Smoak, Ike, Boesch, Frenchy, Ian Kennedy, Scherzer?

  35. honestly, i’m not sure how much more of this alexis rios hr/sb i can take.

    traded away rios for qualls just over a year ago in a 10-team dynasty league, after believing in him since 2005.

    now i know how these girls feel when they see you with your new, hotter gf.

    can someone please stop this rios craziness?! not to mention the horrific debacle that is qualls?!

    here’s to hoping for an encore of 1h/2h splits of 06 and 07 for rios.

  36. Grey

    Grey says:


  37. Professor Chaos says:

    @Arthur O: Seeing Rios perform like this on other teams is like breaking up with a girl who was waiting for marriage, only to find out a couple months later that she’s now sleeping with every member of the football team.

  38. Grey: What do you look for in lineup situations like the one with the red-hot Glaus against Kershaw? Glaus is on a well-documented nine-game hitting streak that includes 4 HR, and all the rest, while Kershaw has been murder against righties since he turned the season around a month ago, plus Glaus is 0-for-5 against him overall, and nearly as bad against the Dodger bullpen. Which track record trumps the other?

    I’m asking for your specific feelings in starting Glaus tonight, but also for your advice about how to evaluate these lineup decisions that sometimes seem like the irresistible force/immoveable object cliche’.

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Enrique: Go with the hot hitter when in doubt. The scenario I think happens is Glaus is 1-for-3 vs. Kershaw then someone relieves him in the 7th and Glaus hits the ball hard in his 4th AB.

  40. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Dropped both Wagner and Anderson, picked up Seth Smith and Ian Kennedy. Thx Grey…

  41. @Grey: Thanks … I’ll take that any day of the week. Grazie!

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: No problem.

    @Enrique: Actually, there will probably be a walk in there too.

  43. Steve says:

    @Grey: Eat my dust!

    Problem is, I’m about a zillion IP ahead of where I should be, so I’ll be eating yours again soon enough.

  44. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Kennedy over Cecil?

  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, a lot of the top teams are way over. Guy in my league above me is 180+ IP.

    @tHe ShiT: Yeah, but could depend on matchups.

  46. Steve says:

    @Grey: I’m 167 over. Doh.

  47. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Gotcha, but ill go Kennedy (NL West) over Cecil (AL East). Does Smoak turn it around or stays a marginal play the rest of the way? I know his babip is really low…

  48. DrEasy says:

    @Grey: This is bang on advice, and I wish I’d thought of this when I sat Adrian Gonzalez against Santana the other day. Granted, Adrian, unlike Glaus, was struggling going into that game, but still… Adrian ended up having a couple of hits against Santana, and when the latter left the game, Adrian proceeded with a grand slam HR against a reliever.

  49. MattW says:

    @Grey: What’s your take on Reynolds for the rest of the season? Is he a major injury risk, or just flirting with the occasional need for a day off?

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: The good news is the end of the season has stars sitting so possibly lower scoring games. The bad news is lots of bad pitchers get a shot in September.

    @tHe ShiT: He should be better.

    @DrEasy: Cool…

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MattW: Just flirting with the occasional day off.

  52. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    @tHe ShiT:

    Same some bandwidth for the rest of us dude…Jesus Christ…


    Grey, I need to add another starter in my 12 team, H2H league. I’m thinking about dropping Contreras (also have Broxton, Feliz and now Axford).

    Zambrano, Floyd, Matusz, Tillman, LeBlanc, and Gorz are the only names that really stand out in the FA pool. Any thoughts? Am I fine to drop Contreras?

  53. @Grey Don’t be so down on Pagan. Beltran will be in a brace even when he returns. I doubt he plays CF again.. maybe RF. Pagan will get steady ABs thru 2010. On pace for 12HR/27SBs with a 292 BA.

  54. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    *Save, not same.

  55. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    I was hoping to see Greinke in the Buy/Sell, if only just to read someone else’s thoughts on him. I’m assuming his absence means you’ve got him as a “hold”? He recently said:

    “The last month, I haven’t really been myself I guess,” … “Everything looks tougher. Like the hitters look better and the strike zone looks smaller and it just seems tougher out there at the moment.”

    Do you think the hell that is being a Royal is finally getting to him? You think this is just a stumbling block and he’ll get back to putting up good numbers? Even if he does, how many Ws can we realistically expect the rest of the way… 8?

  56. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I’d wait to see Lidge record a save before dropping him.

    @NLFantasyBB: I hope so.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Just hope he doesn’t end up in a sanitarium. 8 wins seems about right. Probably a 3.25-3.50 ERA, he should be fine.

  57. DonCoburleone says:

    Brett Anderson, NOOOOOO!!!

    Grey I just traded Lance Berkman and Juan Uribe for Pablo Sandoval, good trade?

  58. brad says:

    Garcia or Ely?

    The Grouch or Eligh?

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @brad: Garcia…But depends on matchups.

  60. Ryan says:

    Have Votto at UTIL and Beltre/J. Lopez/Ian Stewart carousel at 2B, 3B. With that being said, trade Teixiera and Romero for Zimmerman and King Felix?

  61. Adam Jones’ season is starting to resemble his new manager’s career. Decent, but not enough speed to leading off, struck out a lot, so-so avg, and not quite enough power to be a legit slugger. If PacMan isn’t inspired this weekend by Samuel’s mediocrity as a player and doesn’t swipe a handful of bags and get on a homer binge, could you please rank replacements from Quentin, Stanton, and Coughlan? Thanks, & happy weekend all!

  62. mauledbypandas says:

    genius stuff today, Grey. *applauds*

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @zombie: I’d rank them like you have them. Unless you just need Runs and average, then Coghlan.

    @mauledbypandas: Thanks!

  64. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Grey, any chance Pat Burrell could take away at bats from Posey?

  65. Joe B says:

    Grey… while I harass you about Alex Rios, you were dead on about Brett “Tommy John” Anderson. Too many innings will lead to an injury you said… and so it is true. Grabbed him in only one league, that one being my razzball league, but I can take the hit i believe. You wisdom precedes yourself. Kudos.

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Buddo Chezuski: Not if I have my druthers! Not sure what that means. Nah, Pat’s not playing 1st or catching. Though I’d love to see him catch.

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe B: Cool, yeah, every once in a while I get one.

  68. GTS says:

    Which side? Starlin Castro\Cain for Andrus\Jaime Garcia?

  69. Buddo Chezuski says:

    haha yeah i know…thought Pat the Bat might see time at 1B or if he played OF someone else would get moved around (Huff?) and take away ABs from Posey. But if Posey’s up with the big club, he’s not going to sit I guess

  70. tourinct says:

    Pena or Glaus the rest of the way?

  71. Martin says:

    @grey- what do you think of trying to trade my Baker and Wandy for Garza and Pena? I have a surplus of pitching and am considering dropping DLR since I already have Beckett on the DL. With that roster spot I will pick up brignac. What do you think?

  72. crews says:

    @Grey: Gotta second Joe B about Alex Rios since you’ve been raggin’ on him so much homes. I know I gotta wake up sooner or later, but I’m lovin’ life right now…he’s currently the sixth highest-rated hitter in my H2H points leagues. My 16th and 17th round pick in those leagues…further proof that the blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.
    Of course, Rickie Weeks is ahead of Dustin Pedroia and someone said there were three perfect games pitched in MLB (no matter what the ump and Bud say) since Mother’s Day.

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: I like it for you. DLR is due back in a week or two, I wouldn’t drop him.

  74. Grey

    Grey says:

    @crews: Don’t want to begrudge you Rios, but I’d like some semblance of normalcy.

  75. d2bnz says:

    Grey , have just vacated my catcher spot , due to a trade with a drooling Yankee fan …..God love ‘im
    So who to go forward with ?? Napoli and Ruiz both available on waivers.
    Barajas , IRod and Hundley the top rated available by CBS

  76. Kazmere says:

    What are your thoughts on Big Papi the rest of the way? Is he “back” or is this just a hot streak and he’s going to turn into Luke Scott at

  77. crews says:

    Begrudge away…I’m the same guy who’s living on .370-hitting Justin Morneau. If normalcy comes, I’m toast. Good thing I have pitching.
    I’m also the guy who traded Jose’ Reyes for Wandy and Assdribble Cabrera in a keeper league because I was blinded by 2009. My new SS made 3E (not to be confused with 3D which can actually be useful)…you spoke of him this morning.

  78. tourinct says:

    I dropped my streamer Sp this morning to pick up Stanton. 9 team roto, unlimited innings. Am thinking about dropping a closer, I’m in first in saves 8 ahead of second and 15 ahead of third. Drop Wilson, Valverde, Cordero or Capps. Or hold all for a bigger lead and throw Baker, Bucholz, Santana or Romero into the pool. Decisions, decisions. Hope Stanton works out, need some pop.

  79. Other Dean says:

    Got an interesting offer in my keeper league today. This year is pretty much locked up so I’m interested in 2011 and beyond. I give up Jimenez ($11 next year) and get Strasburg ($9) and Desmond Jennings ($6). I assume Jennings has LF locked up in 2011 but since Alex Rios went for $4 this year I’m not sure if I’ll be getting that great a deal for him. I’m leaning no so please give me that extra push

  80. tourinct says:

    Wish you had an edit function… Ervin Santana that is.

  81. tourinct says:

    So….Baker, Bucholz, Santana or Romero into the pool? I’m leaning towards Baker, though that AL Central is easier than the East.

  82. Donnie Baseball says:

    Sizemore needed micro-fracture surgery. Done for season.

    Pick up Brantley? Not doing that well in minors though. 4 for 6 sbs.

  83. Eddie says:

    I’d like to wish Grady Sizemore a hearty “fuck you” for his 2010 campaign.

  84. crews says:

    @Grey: And now I’ll ask your advice in my H2H points leagues (12 teams, non-keeper):
    1. Better Brain Freeze – Jenks or Gregg?
    2. Do you think Peavy turns it around this year?

  85. JackInTheBox says:

    Rasmus vs. Randy Wolf or
    Headley at Halladay?

  86. tourinct says:

    @Grey Thanks, got Baker and Bucholz going tonight, we’ll see

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddie: Ha!

    @crews: Gregg… To a degree, yeah.

  88. JackInTheBox says:

    @Grey: Thanks..I just wasn’t sure if Headley against the much better pitcher is better than Rasmus against a lefty

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JackInTheBox: Neither are great, but if you can avoid Halladay, that’s good.

  90. Ozzie says:

    Check Seth Smiths Home Road Splits…Just start him at home and all next week enjoy….

  91. AnotherFalstaff says:

    Grey: Two quickies. Gotta drop Anderson in 12 team H2H. Remaining staff led by Hamels, Kershaw, Nolasco, Price and Marcum. Homer, Correia, Chapman, MadBum, Matusz, Tillman & Storen available on WW. Which one? Also, I’m beginning to feel like KJ is running out of production although he has seven at home next week. Drop him for JLo? Thanks!

  92. Eddie says:

    Whither Travis Snider? I thought he was supposed to be back already.

  93. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Seriously. Someone offered me Zobrist for Greinke and I considered it for a minute… then I came to my senses.

    BTW, we all knew that Frankie was “too punk rock” for this world. Side note: if you’re gonna’ claim to be “too punk rock” for a Real World house where rape is allegedly going down and even the demure, cute Asian girl is bringing home DUIs, your bag of tricks should contain a bit more than self-mutilation, tattoos and a jar of Manic Panic hair dye. R.I.P., nonetheless.

  94. Dingo says:

    @Eddie: Amen, hear hear, and Hallelujah!

  95. Dingo says:

    @Nick B.: My league’s fairly shallow, but I was just able to pick up Brad Penny after dropping Sizemore. He’s supposed to be back before too long. Other possibilities (they’re available in my league so they might be in yours too): Asdrubal Cabrera, Brandon Wood (probably not available in a keeper league, on second thought), Nick Johnson, Justin Duchscherer, Homer Bailey, and… that’s it.

  96. Dingo says:

    @d2bnz: Also – stop using CBS’ ratings. They will make your team worse.

  97. genghis chone says:

    Of Slowey, Wells and Medlen, which two-start guy do you like for next week?

  98. Bill Bob says:

    For the rest of the year: Niemann (AL East) or Silva-Wells (NL Central)?

  99. ViagraFalls says:

    My normal rotation at the moment has McGehee at 3B, but with him up against Wainwright today (and hitting .111 against him) I am thinking of benching him for this game. The replacement I have for him would be Freese going up against Randy Wolf, off whom he is hitting .333. It looks like the obvious move to avoid a hit to my team BA, but I was wondering what you thought, Grey? Advice from anyone.

    If I moved Freese up to 3B and McGehee to the bench, my options on the bench for going up into the Utility spot are J. Damon, M. Byrd and Carlos Pena. Damon is hitting .563 off Bruce Chen, Byrd is .333 off Paulino and Pena…sigh. I’m inclined to move Damon into the Utility spot if Freese is slotted into 3B for today. Sound like the right moves?

    Thanks for any advice…

  100. barker says:

    12 team trade

    i give garcia and kubel for pena and buccholz

  101. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @barker: I like that trade for you… for what it’s worth.

  102. black love says:

    would you take alex rios for billingsley?

  103. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: If J. Lo’s available, I find it hard to believe those are the best SPs, but grab Correia for home starts only. Sure, go with J. Lo.

    @Eddie: Think he’s coming back next week.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Yeah, nonetheless.

    @genghis chone: Medlen, but I don’t know everyone’s schedule off the top of my head.

    @Bill Bob: Wells, no Silva.

    @ViagraFalls: I’d go with Freese. Sure, try Damon.

    @barker: I’d take Pena/Buchholz there.

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @black love: It depends on needs. I’d take Bills.

  105. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @ViagraFalls: Sounds like an insane level of micromanagement to me… no offense. Go with what makes you feel good, ’cause ‘perts can’t agree on how a player is going to perform over an entire season, let alone in a single game.

  106. Dingo says:

    @ViagraFalls: Those moves sound reasonable, but when you’re dealing with such tiny sample sizes there’s really no way to know whether a player’s track record against a pitcher is going to predict how he’ll do on any given day. Best you can do is make reasonable guesses and hope for the best.

  107. Dingo says:

    Another Bautista Bomb! Has he earned his own clever nickname yet, or is he still outside the Razzball Circle of Trust?

  108. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dingo: Outside… I hope he gets run over by a parade.

  109. Transformer says:

    Hammel have any promise for the rest of the year? Low walks look good?

  110. ViagraFalls says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I’m in an 8 team league right now that is full of overly detail oriented guys with teams loaded with talent. Most days I just let it go and let my roster do its thing as I am not the type to get tied in knots over things like this; it’s a long season. But every now and then it’s just trying to find an edge when I can with some of the ridiculous stats these guys are putting up.

  111. Eddy says:



  112. Donnie Baseball says:

    Adam Jones now has a K/BB of 5/47 putting him on pace for 15/143.

    What is the worst k/bb of all-time?

    Sorry, my last whiny post about Ad. Jones.

  113. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Donnie Baseball: I don’t know, but I’m gonna guess Olivo’s top 10. Be interested in knowing if anyone wants to do the research.

  114. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @ViagraFalls: Wow… this is my first year doing 10-Team (I’ve always done 12 in the past) and it’s driving me nuts with all the talent in the FA pool and droppability of “borderline” players. I can’t imagine the frustration of an 8-Teamer.

  115. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Make that two dingers for Bautista on the night. A parade may be coming… but it’ll be in his honor, not to run him over.

  116. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Ah, yeah. Frank Bates of the Cleveland Spiders. Good salt of the earth guy, him and his wife owned a motel.

  117. ViagraFalls says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Don’t get me wrong, I fared really well with my roster in the 8-team league. It’s just that I was hastily talked into doing it by one of my friends, not knowing the other guys involved and that they had devised a drafting strategy for the auction draft to get as much of the talent before me. I pulled off some lucky, good moves for myself, though. Watching so far this season, these guys have been ridiculously detailed every single day. And aside from making moves now and then, I have always been a laid back, let my roster do its thing over time without getting crazy over it. The numbers they are putting up, though, are forcing me into these strategic chess games I don’t want to be in just to not get reamed each week. My roster is:

    Carlos Pena
    Matt Holliday
    Jason Heyward
    Torii Hunter

    David Price
    J. Sanchez
    C. Lewis
    De La Rosa (DL)

    My pitching, aside from Halladay and Price, has been a little shaky. And the guy I am up against this week sacrificed his bench on offense to load up on pitching. Another chess match. No one can match him on K’s, wins, saves and he usually wins the averages war. His pitching is Lee, Gallardo, Jimenez, Burnett, A. Bailey, Capps, Hanson, Verlander, Romero and now Strasberg. I honestly regret letting my friend talk me into this 8 man league when they had a strategy together to win without letting me in. But I won’t ruin it by pulling out, I’ll just have to make more moves than I am comfy with now and then…and seek some advice at times.

  118. Fletch says:

    @ Grey – Please rank in order for the remainder of the season: Cecil, C. Lewis, Latos, Kennedy, Scherzer & Baker

  119. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: They’re all matchup dependent… Latos (at home), Kennedy, Cecil, Lewis, Baker…

  120. Donnie Baseball says:

    Nice call on the buy for Cecil. (not the part about not starting him tonight though)

    I was hoping he would get rocked tonight, and then try a low-ball offer for him.

    You take out that 1 bad start and he’s been great.

  121. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: @ Any of youse………..

    What you make of this offer?

    A- Ram


    It’s a lot of hyphenated guys I know, but you guys can decipher it…….

  122. Donnie Baseball says:

    Who the hell is the Blue Jays hitting coach. 1st revamping Bautista swing, and now they said he made a change to Overbay’s and that’s why he went on a hot streak.

    The Dave Duncan of hitting?

  123. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Yeah, he has been great, but you can’t start a young guy vs. the Yankees.

    @BigFatHippo: Way too much for Pujols.

    @Donnie Baseball: Too bad it’s not Sosa then it could be like the summer of ’98 with McGwire and Sosa going at it again.

  124. Donnie Baseball says:

    Oh yeah, I wouldn’t have started him either. Look what happened to Tillman.

  125. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Hah! Bet I know who’s on the other side of that one…
    @Grey: Which of Nolasco, Burnett or Wainwright for Pedroia? Ricky?

  126. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: @Steve: I don’t think I can pass it up do you? Think Al was drinking?

  127. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Sorry…….I have Albert. It was offered to me.

  128. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Hope it works out for you guys.

    @Grey: Hippo and Al have got a fair bit of ground to make up (emoticon).

  129. Curse of the Goat says:

    @Grey or anyone else:

    How about this trade involving one of your buy candidates and one of your sell candidates? Who gets the better end of the proverbial stick in a 14-team keeper league?

    Aaron Hill for Carlos Pena.

  130. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @ViagraFalls: What I’m finding in going to a shallower league is that you’re penalized, more or less, for putting together a solid team and letting them go to work. If I could redo my draft, I would have virtually ignored two of my roster spots (one batting, one pitching) and just used those spots to rotate in a hot bat/arm every few days. With the FA talent available in 10-Team and lower leagues, it’s silly not to do this… plus it means more money to spend on your early and mid-round picks during the draft.

    If I can’t find two more owners next year to make it a 12-Team league, I’m going to add four more roster spots to drain the FA pool a bit.

  131. Eddy says:

    Stanton a double shy of the cycle tonight. They need to stop being silly and bring him up already

  132. Curse of the Goat says:

    Thanks Grey.

  133. Donnie Baseball says:

    time to drop Reimold, who’s rocking a .148/.224/.262 line in the minors. And pick up either Nady or Brantley in hopes of a trade, call-up? 20 teamer.

  134. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Done

  135. Tom Emanski says:

    Thank you Wade Davis. You were a late start because I still had SOME faith left in you. Not anymore.

  136. Donnie Baseball says:

    @Tom Emanski:
    Yeah, I think there is W. Davis/ Hellickson switch pretty soon.

  137. Donnie Baseball says:

    It is a 5 run game, but Frasor brought in to close.

  138. Tom Emanski says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Good point, I think I’ll just preemptively make the switch.

  139. Infamy707 says:

    Drop Wandy for any; Scherzer, Ely, edwin jack, cecil, or medlen?

  140. Donnie Baseball says:

    Yeah just sayin. I read somewhere Frasor said he got his lost velocity back. And Gregg sucks.

  141. Tom Emanski says:

    Do I have Grey-ahead on pulling the plug on Davis?

  142. Wilsonian says:

    Someone please tell me that this is the Smoak coming out party…I need this guy to start producing. I’ve stuck with him through thick and thin…and he’s looking like the stud he was supposed to be.

  143. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: @Grey: @Steve: i have glaus,konerko and smoak also,im in 2nd place with a 1 in ave,obp and k,s,behind in steals but added davis(have crawford)and low in saves but have street coming back soon and just picked up corpas,i needed this to have a chance,all said and done i need cruz to stay healthy

  144. Donnie Baseball says:

    @Tom Emanski:
    After looking at Davis’s numbers, he hasn’t really been that bad. I don’t know, don’t listen to me I’m wishy washy.

    I don’t know how Grey does it, I give one piece of advice and I’m a nervous reck ( not really I’m a 6 pack in and don’t give a sh!t about anything right now).

  145. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: n walker or huff

  146. Martin says:

    @grey- cecil or ely?

  147. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Martin: n.l ely,cecil has a few tough matchups coming up

  148. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I want to re-pick up Smoak now that he is hitting. But I can’t decide who to drop. I am considering Kubel, Yunel, or Javy Vasquez (all are equally expendable at their positions). What would Senor Grey do?

  149. anon says:

    I tried to trade Rios for Greinke, arguing that it benefited the other team because he had Mike Napoli at UTIL. It woulda been super awesome because I also had Krispie sitting on my offensive bench and could’ve slid him right into my OF and not lost that much.

    He countered with Greinke for Phillips. Available 2Bs are Beckham, Theriot, Barmes, Assdroobal, Kendrick, Desmond, Orlando Hudson, Callaspo, and Uribe.

    Worth getting the Greinkster at that price or nah? thanks

  150. rk says:


    If you have a chance, check this out… I helped make this documentary about stadium funding… We go in on the new Yankee Stadium and Citifield. There’s some funny in here as well:

  151. Tom Emanski says:

    When you google Justin Smoak, it asks if you meant “Justing Smoak”. That’s gotta be a joke right?

  152. Grey

    Grey says:

    @rk: Cool, I’ll try to watch it tomorrow.

    @Tom Emanski: Ha!

  153. BKK says:

    If you had the choice: Clippard or Lyon

  154. Tom Emanski says:

    I have this awful feeling my trade for Brian Roberts will flop miserably. He’s had another “minor setback” with “unrelated back pain”. How the hell is back pain unrelated if he’s out with a herniated disc to begin with!? He’s going to play a few games then will go down and have surgery and I’ll have lost Jaime Duncan for nothing.

  155. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: Lyon

    @Tom Emanski: Jaime Duncan – Ha! Yeah, wasn’t crazy about that trade when you did it. Not even sure why you did it.

  156. Steve says:

    @Grey: Kouz showing his appreciation for being rated a Buy.

  157. Howie says:

    Cain/Willingham/Ibanez for K-Rod/Bay/Bourn?

    An advantage for either side?

  158. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Don’t hassle the -noff.

    @Howie: That’s a bit of a mess on both sides. I’d take the Cain side, reluctantly.

  159. Howie says:

    @Grey: Agreed with the mess comment. :-) I need steals and saves so would it work better for me if I substituted Chapman instead of Cain?

  160. Tom Emanski says:

    @Grey: At least once a year I get trade-happy and make a mind-bogglingly irrational trade. Here I saw Gordon Blackhole and thought my team would look awesome if I put Roberts in there: Napoli, Howard, Roberts, Reyes, Zimmerman, Werth, CarGo, Boesch, Quentin, Santana. In an 18 teamer, that team looks amazing on paper. Turns out it’s toilet paper.

  161. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Howie: Yeah, give Chapman if you can. It’s not totally lopsided, so if you need saves and steals, it’s okay for you.

  162. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Emanski: Yeah, these things happen. Maybe Roberts comes back at the ASB and does well.

  163. Slam says:

    I had Cecil benched until I read your post saying to bench him against the yankees. Made the switch as soon as I saw that. Huge win. Thank G!

  164. Martin says:

    @grey- DLR expected to be out for another month as the rockies will take it “slow”. Is it ok to drop him now if I already have my DL spot used?

  165. BKK says:

    @Grey: UUGHHH, serious, I don’t know if I can stomach picking Lyon up. I guess Lindstrom is a bigger mess than Capps, huh.

  166. BKK says:

    What type of player to get Posey, Carlos Lee, Nick Swisher, Brad Hawpe, any of these or higher.

  167. mr baseball says:

    was brett anderson one of the pitchers that you predicted arm problems with

  168. Kazmere says:

    11 team 5×5 roto. Peavy, Nolasco and a couple of unlucky streamers stunk up my ERA/WHIP. Current staff of

    Scott Baker

    FA pool has Cecil, Ely, Slowey, Wells, Cahill, Medlen, Richard… Drop Baker or Cueto (or a bench bat) to pick up any of these guys?

  169. genghis chone says:

    medlen or cecil from here on out

  170. Infamy707 says:

    Lidge and Dotel for Greinke?

  171. ThePensive says:

    Pence/Blake vs. Krispie/Fukudome/Francis in a 6×6 (OPS and Holds) Roto dynasty league? How much better/more dependable is Pence than Krispie?

  172. Shack says:

    I’m getting Carl Crawford.
    I’m giving Lester and Price.

  173. Shack says:

    I’m getting Carl Crawford.
    I’m giving Lester and Price.
    Si or no
    (Sorry for repost)

  174. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Sure

    @BKK: What do you mean get him? Trade for him? Those types should do it.

    @mr baseball: Yeah, he was.

    @Kazmere: I wouldn’t drop those two right now.

    @genghis chone: Medlen for right now, but he won’t start all year, Cecil for good matchups.

    @Infamy707: I’d want Greinke.

    @ThePensive: More dependable, not necessarily better. I’d take the Pence side there.

    @Shack: I’d take Lester and Price. If you really need steals, go with someone cheaper. Say a #3 fantasy starter for Bourn.

  175. ViagraFalls says:

    Drop Colby Lewis for someone like Buchholz? The shine on Lewis seems to be coming off…

  176. @Grey: You broke my brain on Aaron Hill. Double reverse psychology. It’s like double-secret probation! Word. I’m all about trying to put together a Hill package for Haren now that he’s doing something. Besides, I already have Hill ’10 in McGehee.

    After a night of heavy drinking and a 5 for 42 line I’m about ready to do some ugly things with this team. Who are a few pitchers that you think would be a fair deal for Nelly Cruz? Baker? Cain? Dempster? Shields?

    I hate to sell low but a guy like him is death in h2h.

  177. DrEasy says:

    – Jonathan Sanchez: Ticker Shock!
    – Matsui heating up again?
    @Terrence: the Jays’ hitting coach is Dwayne Murphy. He apparently throws batting practice very nicely and can use it to fine-tune some of the issues with his hitters. That’s apparently what’s happened with some of the Jays players.

    There’s generally a hit-happy philosophy with the Jays right now, and, as long as the opponents don’t adjust, expect more of this HR craziness. But keep in mind that for whatever reason they don’t do well against LHP. Pettitte owners shouldn’t worry about his next start.

  178. Howard says:

    Hi Grey, In this 12 team 5X5 roto I’m near last in AVG, ERA, WHIP. Any possiblle improvements?
    C V-mart .294
    1B Reynolds .223
    2B Utley .267
    3B Mcgehee .293
    SS Reyes .250
    OF Quentin .206
    OF C Young .270
    OF R. Davis .270
    UTIL C. Lee .216
    UTIL A. Lind .218
    BN Manny .274
    BN Ethier .363

    Bucholz 2.39 1.28
    Kershaw 3.06 1.34
    K-Rod 2.15 1.19
    B. Jenks 5.68 1.95
    Liriano 3.29 1.29
    Cueto 4.09 1.23
    Leake 2.45 1.26
    Silva 3.12 1.10
    Greinke 3.60 1.25
    Kennedy 3.46 1.17

    DL Beckett 7.29 1.66

    Obviously the ones that stand out are Reynolds, Quentin and Lind. Reynolds is Reynolds and Q & L seem to be coming on a bit. I’ve changed the pitching some to get rid of guys who were dragging my ERA like Hoffman. Should I package Lind or Quentin and Reynolds for a 1B who can hit for average like Votto or Youk? Sorry for the long post! Thanks!

  179. teddyballgame says:

    I’d send Baker for C.Pena and Scherzer. I’d probably drop GioGonzo to make room. 10 team point based H2H league. Most notable stat is K’s for hitters, so I’m a little concerned about Pena, but I have the ability to bench him, and Scherzer for that matter, til things turn around. I know that Baker will probably turn things around too, so it basically comes down to… Will I be dropping both of the guys I’m getting next month and just be giving Baker away OR are the other two’s chances of a rebound greater?

  180. ThePoonTycoon says:

    just a heads up, but the last few games smoak appears to be having his luck reverse and the average has climbed about 40 points in the last week and he has 2 HRs over that time.

    if you were debating dropping him or watching him on the WW you might wanna take a look.

  181. akk says:

    soto & price for cordero & dan haren
    (left side player then move napoli from util to catcher after that)
    which side do you prefer?
    15 players roto

  182. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @akk: i’d take the haren side

  183. Wilsonian says:

    Remainder of the year, better numbers: Berkman, Ortiz, Glaus? Swisher, Hart, Krispie, Rasmus?

    Muchos gracias, amigos…

  184. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ViagraFalls: I’d prefer Buchholz.

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, I’m hungover now. Ugh. Those are selling really low. Wait until he’s hit his first homer back and aim higher. Start around Wainwright and work down.

    @DrEasy: Ha, I had ticker shock too. After looking at the box score, I’m not even sure how they scored that many unearned runs. Matsui – blech.

    @Howard: You have Manny and Ethier on your bench? Trade some hitters, for sure. Package whatever you can to upgrade. If you can get Votto there, go for it. I wouldn’t take Youk over Reynolds and Quentin or Lind. Ichiro, who I’m not crazy about, would make sense on your team. Go get him!

    @teddyballgame: I’d take the Pena side.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yup

    @akk: I’d want Haren.

    @Wilsonian: Glaus and Hart.

  185. @Grey: *head pounding* Good point. It’d hurt to sell so low on a player as good as Cruz (when he plays of course). I’ll give him a couple of days of mashing before selling.

  186. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Lind and Boesch for Ludwick and Willingham in a H2H 8×8 (BB, SLG, H)

  187. Rico says:

    Scutaro or Tejada for SS going forward? Leaning towards Scutaro since at least he plays in a good offense.

  188. Wilsonian says:

    8 Team H2H Keeper. Here’s my team:

    V-Mart, Ortiz, Utley, Longo, Andrus, Kemp, B-Up, Cargo, Swish, Hart, Glaus, Wright, Cruz-DL

    Halladay, Ubaldo, JJ, Ervin, Shields, Verlander, Weaver, Capps, Aardsma, K-Rod, Axford, DL-R

    What would be a decent offer for someone, say, of Votto’s caliber?

  189. Infamy707 says:

    Who would you rather trade for Greinke, Cliff Lee, or Johan?

  190. Byrd says:

    Well, a friend of mine has been pushing me to drop McCann and grab Posey. I’ve been looking at options, but I’m not sure if it would be worth it. McCann has been killing my team lately and I need to do something.


  191. xopchipili says:

    Was just offered Pena straight up for Papi. 12 team H2H (only 3OF). Do I jump on it or try and squeeze him for a little more?

  192. Byrd says:

    @ xopchipili:

    If I was in your shoes, I would pull the trigger and take that. I honestly feel like Pena is going to come around, especially in the Rays lineup. It just depends on your team needs though.

  193. Kazmere says:

    Markakis, Papi, Posada for Lincecum?

  194. Howard says:

    @Grey Thanks! I had Manny and Ethier on my bench cause the Dodgers had scored 1 run in two days! Ethier has looked terrible since he came but I’m sure he’ll regain his stroke!

  195. danimal35 says:

    12-team H2H

    Axford, Ohman and Hoffman (waivers) are available but I have 5 closers…ignore the SAGNOF credo or drop Ibanez for one of those guys? Which one? I never lose saves but does a coke addict ever think they have too much coke?

  196. Byrd says:

    Should I drop McCann for Posey? Or just hang in there with McCann and hope he comes around? McCann has been killing me a lot lately.

  197. Hammerhead says:

    What do you think if I proposed Kinsler/Greinke for Josh Johnson/Carlos Gonzales?

  198. Mr2Bits says:

    what the hell has happened to Denard Span? Dude hasn’t seen the top of a base in a week.

  199. Byrd says:

    @ Mr2Bits:

    Span is simply having an off week. He’ll be back doing was he does in no time. It’s hard to complain, especially when he contributes 90% of the time, IMHO.

  200. Byrd says:

    Would anyone in their right mind drop McCann and pickup Buster Posey? That’s the question I need answered? I’m in desperate need of a more consistent catcher and McCann is simply not cutting it.

    I’m thinking that McCann might be able to turn it around, but with the new “glasses” and everything, I’m just wondering if this year is going to be an off year for him.

    If so, I would like to make the move and grab Posey while I still have a chance. What do you think?

  201. yanks4life says:

    Lacking in steal, but also sorta of low in average. Should I add Pagan,Pierre, or Morgan?

  202. BKK says:

    Which side: Ervin Santana or Posey

  203. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheese: Lind side.

    @Rico: Scutaro’s fine. Pretty much a coin flip.

    @Wilsonian: Ortiz and Shields? Ervin and Ortiz? JJ and Ortiz? In that order…

    @Infamy707: Lee

    @Byrd: Any chance this friend is in your league? I’d want McCann. Not close.

    @xopchipili: Agree with Byrd. I’d want Pena.

    @Kazmere: I’d want Timmy.

    @Howard: Gotcha…

    @danimal35: Eh, I’d hold.

    @Mr2Bits: Had a tough stretch recently.

    @Byrd: Sorry, was out getting coffee. No need to repost same question.

    EDIT: Word.

  204. Grey

    Grey says:

    @yanks4life: Pierre

    @BKK: Ervin…

    @Hammerhead: I’d want Kinsler’s side, but it’s fair, depends on needs.

  205. BKK says:

    @Byrd: Why don’t you pick up Posey with some other piece that you can lose and try and trade McCann. Surely someone believes he can turn it around and try to buy low.

  206. Byrd says:

    @ Grey

    My apologies for posting twice. You really must have faith in McCann to turn everything around. No, it’s just a friend of mine, not part of my fantasy league. You give sound advice. Appreciate it.

    @ BKK

    I really don’t have anyone else on my team I’m willing to drop, but I can see if I could trade McCann and see what I could get. Although, other people in my league aren’t fond of McCann either.

  207. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Byrd: No worries…

  208. Eddy says:

    I think Kershaw is going to be one of those players I’m going to stubbornly draft year after year until he has THAT YEAR. It’s only a matter of time until he stops walking people.

    So what’s your player that you’ve drafted in most (if not all) of your leagues, has been drastically underperforming, but you’re still riding him out? Does such a player even exist in your world?

  209. @all: Any word on Jeremy Hellickson getting the call to TB any time soon? He looks like an upgrade over Wade Davis right now.

  210. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: I have plenty. In no particular order: I want more steals from Reyes, McCann’s been disappointing, Bay’s got no power, EverCab and Ian Desmond have been yawnstipating at best and unownable at worst, Figgy’s a disgrace, Qualls is scrazy bad, Jeter gives me the yawns… Luckily for you, other than Reyes, EverCab and Desmond I’ve told everyone on the site to avoid these guys.

    @3FingersBrown: Over Wade, sure. But I wouldn’t mess with him in non-keepers. Not worth the headaches.

  211. @Grey: I hear you. Even in my keeper league (5 keeps allowed) I won’t touch him until I see more signs of his call-up, I don’t have the space and I’m not playing for next year yet…

    How low would you go to sell Hill? Shields, Romero, A.J., Cueto

    The one guy who’s showed interest in Hill has the above SP’s who he might be willing to deal.

  212. FYI: Felipe Lopez is not in the starting lineup today

  213. @Grey: Wow, Really? Even Shields or Romero? Are you getting a soft spot for Hill?

    I agree with you, however my pitching is so bad that I’m starting to get desperate. Trades are hard to make in this league until we get closer to the deadline and we see who the buyers/sellers are. I kept Hill last year, so I’m afraid I might be over-valuing him.

    I’ll look around some more for potential buyers.

  214. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Romero over Shields, if you can’t do better. But I’d avoid AL East pitchers if I could.

  215. Steve says:

    @Grey: Big trade in the RCL Originals. Greinke and Dunn for Hamels, Bills and Chipper. It’s me and Hippo but I won’t say who’s on what side.
    This has been offered and accepted so I’m not violating our No-Grey rule by putting it here!
    Whaddaya think?

  216. @Grey: I’m going to offer another guy Hill for Grienke. The guy’s light on power and thin at MI. Don’t think he’ll go for it, but who knows. I’m sure he’s sick of getting Grienked.

    Question is, do I want to get Grienked in 2 leagues?

  217. mauledbypandas says:

    @Eddy: I’ve had Kershaw every year since he came up. Even with the walks, he is still a great pitcher, but one day he will put it all together and win some hardware.

    my biggest disappointment has to be Ian Kinsler. I have a man-crush on him, so I draft him every year probably a round too early. He just tends to get hurt way too much to validate a 2nd round pick year in and year out.

  218. mauledbypandas says:

    @mauledbypandas: forgot to mention I feel about Kershaw the same way I felt about Ubaldo last year.

  219. mauledbypandas says:

    “Cruz (hamstring) participated in pregame drills on Friday and feels confident that he’ll be activated from the DL when first eligible on June 13, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.”

    In a related story, Cruz will return to the DL somewhere between June 13th and June 30th with some sort of nagging injury.

  220. @mauledbypandas: He’ll end up going 30-20 in 60 games. I don’t mind having him in Roto, but in H2H he’s murder.

    For better or worse, I traded him in Roto (for Youk) and still have him in H2H.

  221. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Hamels vs. Dunn is about needs, so a push. Greinke vs. Bills is for Greinke and Chipper is actually a negative, so the Greinke side.

    @3FingersBrown: Over Hill, sure.

    @mauledbypandas: Ha!

  222. @Grey: I don’t think he’ll deal Grienke, but I threw it out there.

    Funny you mentioned Bills. He was next down my list for another Hill offer. His owner has a ton of pitching but lacks pop after losing Kendry.

    Damn Yahoo F’d Lopez owners. He wasn’t in the lineup posted but apparently he’s playing. SONOFABENCHED!

  223. john says:

    What is going on?…Rasmus is actually hitting lefties. All he needed was the patented McCann Fix for shitty hitting.

  224. BKK says:

    @Steve: @3FingersBrown: In a 10 team league, I picked Grienke up off waivers (this owner can’t help himself, he is always dropping and picking up…) Last night I got an offer, which I accepted, I receive Grienke and give up Valverde. Oh, how the Cy Young shine has worn off.

  225. BKK says:

    @BKK: The Grienke trade was in the RCL which I forgot to mention.

  226. @BKK: Even in 10 team, he’s not droppable. People looked at me like I was nuts when I dropped Zambrano and Floyd, who now sit on opponents rosters to murder their ratios.

    Guys aren’t that fickle in this league unfortunately. If anything most of the guys I play with have a tendency to hold a guy way too long as opposed to trading him and looking like a schmuck if he gets it together.

  227. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @BKK: Some guy in my league dealt Greinke and Derrek Lee for Joe Mauer… It is a 2 catcher league, but still…

    @Grey: Am I selling short on A-Gonz here? I would deal him for Jose Lopez, Michael Young and Cliff Lee

  228. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: What, did he get himself some goggles?

    @Cheese: It’s not a great trade, but it could work depending on your needs.

  229. john says:

    @Grey: Ha! If only. He’d probably be hitting for the cycle every at bat if that were the case. Sadly, he only got his contacts adjusted or some shizz.

  230. Steve says:

    I thought Fred Lewis was hitting? At least he was right up until the day I picked him up.

  231. Doot Doot says:

    well, he played a part(lewis) in the Jays winning the Game :) He bunted and moved Encarnacion to second, then Hill brought him home with the winning run.
    Stick with him for sure though, lots of 0-6 lines today.

    I’m never drafting Martin again, should I drop him for barajas or hundley, Jaso, Buck? lol. It sucks I picked up the wrong Catcher prospect (Santana).
    Though Sabean also said he wasn’t calling him up cause he wasn’t ready…hopefully the Indians GM does same thing, and soon.

  232. James says:

    Need to pickup a SP. Please rank: Lewis, Niemann, Correia, Wells, Hammel. Thanks a lot.

  233. Mr2Bits says:

    Please Cano, tell me you aren’t going back to your April ways. I need you in my life.

  234. BSA says:

    Dumb question, or maybe irrelevant but I checked in on the Angels game to see Izturis pinch hit for? Any news off the tv?

  235. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: Oh, ha.

    @Steve: Ha

    @Doot Doot: I’d go with Barajas. Martin’s a bad person.

    @James: Wells, Correia (only at home), Lewis…

    @BSA: No idea.

  236. BSA says:

    @Grey: I’ll multitask later butin the meantime – 2 thoughts – 1. I went right there because it is not like you to throw something like this out there and 2. The graphics are pretty amazing.

  237. BSA says:

    Shhhh-I think Peavey just cruised through the first inning with less than 12 pitches.

  238. BSA says:

    Just searched Jimmy Buffett and think Pandora on the phone and computer just got the boot.

  239. Tony says:


    A) Tex/Grandy

    B) Hughes, Hamels, Hammy

    I’d be RECEIVING tex and grandy. Its H2H 10×10 with a 32 innings min for pitching, right now HUGHES is my ace… i’d be left with Haren, nolasco, sanchez, cueto, leake, and cecil? I dont know if I have enough left pitching wise to make a run…. But with TEX? I could/should be able to redeal him or others for some pitching? My Offense would be stacked to the high heavens.

    help, thanks!

  240. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: I have some obscure taste in music and everything is here and you don’t have to listen to songs you don’t like as Pandora makes you.

    @Tony: I’d want Tex’s side.

  241. BKK says:

    @3FingersBrown: No definitely no droppable, but this guy is nutty that way. He is currently rocking Livan Hernandez. It is our office pool and he makes for lots of, errrrrr, razzing throughout the season.

    @Cheese: I guess if consider Mauer was drafted in the 1st round in a bunch of leagues, I guess.

    @Grey: I hadn’t heard about. Kinda cool.

  242. @Grey: Grooveshark is sweet. Thanks! What’s been on your virtual turntable lately?

    I’ve been rediscovering Graham Parsons. The Flying Burrito Bros “Gilded Palace of Sin” is fantastic.

  243. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: I love Sin City and, of course, Return of the Grievous Angel. If you like him, check out Old 97’s. They’re probably my favorite group. Listen to Satellite Rides. Rollerskate Skinny and Buick City Complex… If you don’t like them, you’re in next week’s Sell.

  244. Tony says:

    @Grey: would you rather have Carlos Gonzalez OR Hammy in H2H.?

  245. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: One’s 30/10, one’s 20/20, so depends on need.

  246. Tony says:

    @Grey: well i can deal either and it doesnt hurt me… are you worried about hammy staying healthy or cargo hitting the wall more?

    A guy in my league shot down His Wainy for Tex straight up….. so i’m seeing what i can do…..

  247. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: Hamilton’s riskier, but bigger upside. CarGo could hit a wall but he also plays his home games in Coors, so there’s that.

  248. @Grey: Hahaha nice. I’m listening to Satellite Rides right now… Great stuff! Love Rollerskate Skinny… They have a very familiar, yet original sound.

    Drive By Truckers are another current favorite. Always listening to The Hold Steady.

  249. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: You and Rudy can be best friends. Those are like his favorite groups. I’m less into Drive By Truckers than Rudy but we did see them in concert one time and they were all right.

  250. Tony says:

    @Grey: hahah way to play the devils advocate grey! dammit.

    I’m offering Cargo/hughes for TEX.

    I gave it my best sell in the message. He needs pitching, i hate dealing hughes, but if i can pull tex? i’ll take it.

  251. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: Yeah, ya gotta. That’s a fair trade though, I could see taking either side.

  252. btw: Props to Bochey for putting Panda in the 8 hole. No better way to get a guy who swings at everything going than by batting him in front of the pitcher.

    We keep going like this, the ‘for sale’ sign may be coming out early

  253. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Wow, didn’t even realize he batted him there. Man, is that terrible. Yikes. Glad I avoided him in all of my drafts.

  254. @Grey: Nice. Was fortunate enough to see the two of them play night after 08 election. Really good time. Both are even better live.

    Any movie guy’s gotta like “Steve McQueen,” from The Truckers. Bad ass.

    If you’re interested, I’m writing about music for a friend’s site called It’s just getting rebuilt, so it’s a work in progress.

    We do a daily music email with selections from the writers. I’m going to have to drop one about the Old ’97s.

  255. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Cool, let me know when you do one on Old 97’s. Yeah, Steve McQueen is my favorite song by them. Designs on You is another great Old 97’s song.

  256. xopchipili says:

    @Grey: Wow, didn’t know you were a 97’s fan Grey, one more reason to love this place. According to Rhett, new double album, “The Grand Theater”, coming in October, I’m already gettin twitchy!

  257. Howard says:

    @Grey Thanks for the tip on the Old 97’s. I don’t know how they slipped by but I’ll definitely check em out!

    Regarding a previous post, I offered Lind for Ichiro which didn’t go over too well. I might have to offer Ethier in my quest for AVG. Still have plenty of clout left!

  258. Howard says:

    Colvin just shot Oswalt!

  259. Grey

    Grey says:

    @xopchipili: Sweet! I hope it’s more old Old 97’s and less Blame it on Gravity, though I still enjoyed that album.

    @Howard: Cool… You what you gotta do. But you can go for average in a cheaper place. Say Jeter, Michael Young or Polanco.

  260. TastelessGarbage says:

    Braun since elbow injury on May 10: 23/91 .253, 9 R, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 3 SB, 4 BB, 15 K. At this point, I’m sorta hoping for a DL trip for a hangnail or something to get him some rest.

  261. royce! says:

    1) Saw the Gram Parsons et al talk- to all who dig him, I recommend Phosphorescent- both his Willie Nelson covers album, To Willie, and his new record, Here’s To Taking It Easy.

    2) I think that Cliff Lee should cede the nickname “The Adverb” to John Ely. Searching for comments regarding Ely is completely frustrating. (Just as I was typing that I realized that if I put a space before “Ely” only the John Ely shizz would come up. Oh well.)

    3) Speaking of Ely, he and Cecil are available in my 10 team roto. I’d like to pick up one or both, but can’t figure out if I have anyone to drop. I currently have a crowded outfield of Holliday, Hart, Krispie, Upton, Adam Jones, and Granderson (5 OF spots)(also have Vlad as my UTIL, who should get OF eligibility in the next week or two). I also have Adam LaRoche sitting in favor of Billy Butler and Votto. Javier Vazquez and Ervin Santana are my only pitchers that are close to expendable. Should I lose any of the above for either Cecil or Ely?

  262. MeanMachine says:

    Just got offered Cargo for Krispy Young and Arroyo in my 16team points league. Cargo and Krispy have nearly the same points but obviously i like Cargo much better. I hate Arroyo and will be glad to be rid of him plus i get the extra roster spot. Deal or no deal?

  263. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TastelessGarbage: Yeah, hopefully he picks it up.

    @royce!: Will check out those albums. Yeah, The Adverb seems more appropriate for him. I’d lose LaRoche for Ely. Don’t see an OF to drop.

  264. dsimon says:

    Hey Grey…

    I was in a conversation with a league mate and he told me he’d considered offering me Adrian Gonzalez for Justin Smoak and Felix.

    I’ve got Teixeira already, so Adrian would be an IF or Util play. I’ve also got Greinke, Verlander, Sabathia, Gio, Fister, and Colby Lewis.

    Its a head to head league and we keep 20 guys each year (no salaries, no limits on how long you keep a guy). I’m doing fine in the power categories as it is, but I feel like that’d really set up my offense to be kind of nuts.

    C: Yadier Molina
    1B: Tex
    2B: Phillips
    3B: Zimmerman
    SS: Josh Wilson (Bartlett is on the DL)
    IF: Michael Young
    OF: Cargo
    OF: Pence
    OF: Span
    OF: Ludwick
    Util: Hart
    Util: Willingham
    Bench: Kelly Johnson, Nate McLouth, Desmond Jennings, and of course Smoak.

    Right now I’m 3rd in runs, 2nd in doubles, last in triples, 1st in homers, 2nd in RBI, 1st in SB, 6th in AVG, 7th in OBP, 5th in SLG.


  265. BKK says:

    @Grey: Never figured you for a country fan, alternative or otherwise. I had not heard of the Old 97’s. I am listening to them now. Definitely a style of music I enjoy. Do you like Great Big Sea. They are more Celtic-rock but, Old 97’s remind me of them a bit – the story telling nature of there music.

  266. BKK says:

    edit: their

  267. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dsimon: It’s not bad in theory, but I’m not crazy about it for you. I do think you can trade Smoak and F-Her, but get someone like Tulo or Hanley or Braun or Werth or another top SS or OF if you can and fix a spot you need fixed.

    @BKK: I’m more a ALT-country person than a alt-COUNTRY person, but yeah. I’ll check that group out.

  268. Robert says:

    @Grey: I am being offered Holliday & Harden for my Haren & Bruce. I have Haren, Lester, Price, Hamels, Scherzer, Richard, De La Rosa. Don’t want Harden at all. My OF is Cargo, Werth, Rios, R. Davis, Bruce. Haren always bombs in the 2nd half. I am basically trading Haren & Bruce for M. Holliday. Am I getting the better part of this deal?

  269. knighttown says:

    Fred Lewis or Seth Smith?

  270. @royce!: @BKK: I’ll give those a listen. Thanks for the heads up!

    @Grey: Hate to even ask because I think I know the answer: Boesch over Quentin? For some weird reason Boesch got waived a few days ago.

  271. Steve says:

    @Grey: OK, since you insist, I’m on the Grienke side.

    I need some power and even with Bills, Hamels and Verlander I’m a 2 in wins, so I figure it can’t get much worse with Greinke (I’ll have pick and choose from the wire a bit more now) and my ratios (which are also pretty crappy) should get some help.

    Oh – and hopefully Oswalt gets traded to a team that can hit.

    At least Bills is saying goodbye nicely – so far anyway.

  272. Steve says:

    @Steve: The Greinke side, that is.

  273. @Grey: grooveshark is awesome. if you upgrade to VIP you get an adobe air desktop platform and a cell phone application (assuming you have a BB, Android, or palm (its been dubbed an “itunes killer” so yeah the apple fascists wont allow it )). it’s a whole $3 a month for the VIP access but worth it in my opinion. only negatives are no shuffle or full library play on the mobile version, just have to jump around in playlists.

  274. @Grey: It’d be awful to drop Q and then watch him go on a tear.

    Cahill looked good tonight, nice call. Ended up with a Rausch S, so it worked out. Tied in W, down 6 K, 1QS

    Piniero, Correia and Garcia going against his Arroyo tomorrow.

    Think it’s worth dropping Cahill for Blanton to hedge my bets on a W?
    Or should I not even bother? We’ve got an 80 transaction limit and I’m already at 37. I’d dump Blanton, so that’d be another move. Piniero and Cahill both of decent match ups next week.

  275. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I figured since you complain about Chipper every day. Emoticon.

    @eltoo: Yeah, I’m not ready to make that commitment, but it does kinda rock.

  276. BKK says:

    @Steve: i before e, except after c and sometimes r? Nice trade BTW. You won’t miss Chipper. I predict Hippo drops him in the not-to-distant future or rather Chipper breaks a nail and drops himself.

  277. Steve says:

    @Grey: Oh, believe me, Chipper’s not the only one.
    @BKK: And that nail will be on a different finger to the one that’s currently inflamed.

  278. Wilsonian says:

    Would you drop Axford in an 8 Team H2H Keeper for Cecil? Have Aardsma, K-Rod and Capps as closers as well.

  279. Steve says:

    @Steve: Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, Billingsley.

    FFS, he was up near 100 pitches after 6, why not let one of the best ‘pens in the game take over?

  280. Martin says:

    @grey- in a non fantasy note, i just came back from watching get him to the greek for the second time. Grey you have to watch it, its hilarious!

  281. Steve says:

    @Steve: You’re right, Steve. That bullpen is real beauty.

  282. @Grey: Yeah. I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel there.

  283. Donnie Baseball says:

    Can’t see they Rays sticking with Pena much longer. They have to do something with him.

    And how about Jaso leading off today.

  284. Donnie Baseball says:

    Pena’s 0 for today puts him at .169. Wow!

  285. xopchipili says:

    quick sit/start for tomorrow

    Ortiz vs lefty Matusz or Reynolds vs Ubaldo
    hate to play Papi against a lefty if I can avoid it, but man…

  286. DrEasy says:

    @Grey: Thanks for pointing me to grooveshark, it’s truly excellent! I immediately tried it to listen to Old 97’s, and that turned out to be a great discovery also. You must also like the Jayhawks’ “Tomorrow the Green Grass” album, I suppose? In the same vein, I’m not into Wilco as much as most, but I find “Sky Blue Sky” to be a great album.

  287. sean says:

    @Grey: I’m Old Glory Robot Insurance. 13/252 ain’t bad, but it ain’t putting any taco bells burns in my intestines either…

  288. Euroalien says:

    In my 12 team keeper (max 8) 5 x 5 (4 Util, no CI/MI) – What do you think of picking up one of these three – Torres, Coghlan or Pagan. I have Headley and Scott riding the pine, Simon clogging up space, along with Damon clogging my OF. I’m currently in 5th and I need help mainly in HR/RBI. (Also need help with Ks, but that’s another problem, for another post – lol). Maybe drop Simon or Scott for one of the three and bench Damon for the upcoming week? Does that get me much……. ?

  289. sean says:

    How many times is Torre going to leave Billingsley out there to languish in an extra inning of work??? The guy is a fucking miserable manager of arms; I don’t care if he shit gold for the Yanks.

  290. rk says:

    Rate these AL outfielders for the rest of the season, por favor:

    Mike Cameron, Jason Kubel, Delmon Young


  291. @DrEasy: Wilco put on a great show when I saw them in Central Park years ago…

    @Grey: Piniero, Hammel or Francis going forward?

  292. royce! says:

    For those in the Southern California area, I just checked stubhub for 2010 all star game tickets, and discovered that there are a ton of tickets available for the Sunday, July 11 events (Futures game and Legends and Celebrities Softball game) for under $20. I suppose people who bought the full package plan to only attend the ASG and probably the home run derby.

  293. JackInTheBox says:

    @Grey: I’m in that position again with Rasmus, Headley and Quentin. I’m not sure who to sit.

    Rasmus is going against Parra, a lefty, but he’s been on fire lately.
    Headley is going against Blanton in hitter friendly Citizen’s.
    Quentin is going against Westbrook at home.

    It doesn’t really matter because I’m dominating offensively this week but I really want to rub it in his face.

  294. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: Do you see any chance for a Wieters turnaround this season?

  295. BKK says:

    @3FingersBrown: Try “End of the World” by Great Big Sea.

  296. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Thanks for the heads up… I actually went to the last ASG in Anaheim.

    @JackInTheBox: I would’ve said Quentin, though it might be too late.

    @Rick Dempsey: Yup

  297. Eddy says:

    I’ve decided to jump on Morrow’s train for now. Drop Wandy or Randy Wells (who’s getting blown up)?

  298. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Lose Wells…

  299. Bring Back Pluto says:


    Please choose two to play next week in a 5×5 roto league, no particular needs:

    Adam Jones: 3 v NYY 3 v NYM (6 games)
    Jason Bay: 3 v SD, 3 @ BAL (6)
    Krispie Young: 4 v ATL, 3 v STL (7)
    Scott Rolen: 4 v SF, 3 v KC (7)

  300. Steve says:

    Wow – saw Milledge’s game-winning catch on Sportscenter last night. Dotel’s kazaam could have been REAL ugly.

  301. Steve says:

    @sean: @Grey: I thought the same about Leyland and Verlander yesterday. 4-0 up, over 100 pitches. Time to say “thanks for your efforts” and turn it over to the guy who throws 100mph.

  302. JackInTheBox says:

    @Grey: Yea, it was too late. I started Headley and Quentin..but like I said, I’m in no danger offensively this week so it didn’t really matter.

  303. Martin says:

    @grey- Nick Hundley is actually looking pretty decent as a C option. What do you think about him?

  304. Steve says:

    Capps sucks dog balls. Just grabbed Clippard.

  305. Tom Emanski says:

    There goes Capps’ job and another of my closers

  306. Martin says:

    @grey- also if I am trying to trade Wandy, who do you think I can get/try to get in return? I am looking for probably a hitter.

  307. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bring Back Pluto: Young and Rolen…

    @Steve: I’ll have to check it out, missed it.

    @Martin: Very little pop/upside that isn’t helped with his park.

    @Steve: Ha!

    @Martin: A 3rd outfielder maybe… If you’re lucky maybe someone bored with Bruce.

  308. nick m. says:

    10-team H2H. drop scherzer for stanton? i’m weak a bit at pitching already, but he seems to be a spot starter at best and i would feel silly if i had the opportunity to grab stanton and didn’t if he is awesome…

  309. @Grey: Kind of a toss up, but I like how Piniero seems to gobble innings and get an opportunity to win. I suppose Hammel has more upside. He’s had awful luck with BABIP and LOB%, so there’s that.

    So I guess I shoulda gone the high K route and taken Paulino & Myers. Good calls on those. Who could guess that they’d get W’s too?

    Cahill was good though and got the QS and Piniero’s in line for a W. It was Correia who killed me. I was afraid of this. The dude’s brother just died. How’s he supposed to keep to his routines and be at the top of his game? I’ll give him one more start, against Seattle next week.

    Paulino’s really intriguing, but the Stros are so bad. He’s going to have to K everyone to be productive. You realize they have a .329 Team BABIP against? Only the Brews have it worse.


  310. Eddy says:

    Stanton is being called up. Tuesday in philly, it’s going down. June 8th is going to be one hell of a day.

  311. @BKK: classic REM song. End of days my friends. Can food and shotty shells… I just drove back from a memorial listening to Cash, “When The Man Comes Around.”

    The use of that song in the beginning of the Dawn Of The Dead remake was brilliant.

  312. beetley says:

    @grey Rank these OFs for rest of season in H2H with OPS
    Willingham, JD Drew, Kubel, Adam Jones, Matsui, Stanton

  313. sal says:

    @Grey: pick one for this week H2H: Slowey vs KC & ATL; Wandy @ COL & @NYY (no); or Medlen @ ARI & @ MIN.

  314. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, I have Paulino in an NL-Only league and he’s been a’ight. Hasn’t really broken out or down, so there’s that.

    @Eddy: Can’t wait!

    @beetley: Willingham, Stanton, Jones…

    @sal: Medlen…

  315. royce! says:

    Did Wakamatsu read the score backwards? He just pitched his set up guy in the 8th, and brought his closer in in the 9th, to maintain a 2 (now 3) run DEFICIT. Or is this just what it’s come to in Seattle- 2 run deficits require a closer?

    Aardsma kazaam- 4 run deficit now. My team with Capps, Aardsma and Dotel is looking awesome.

  316. diy says:

    Hey Grey, 10 team h2h, non keeper league. I’m interested in picking up Stanton, but I’m unsure if I can or should drop anyone on my team as of now. My team:

    Napoli, Fielder, Kinsler, Stewart, O. Cabrera, Bay, Granderson, Ethier, Pence, Gardner, Kelly Johnson, Derrek Lee

    Garza, Nolasco, Josh Johnson, Johan Santana, Price, Oswalt, Jonathan Sanchez, Marmol, Aardsma, Dotel

    DL: Rollins

    Anyone worth cutting for Stanton? Thanks!

  317. @Grey: I read Mike Lincoln’s getting the call. My opponent grabbed him because he likes kids. Should I be skured?

    Thanks D.A. He Kazaam’s me in one league and takes away my Fuentes Save Op in another. Can’t catch a break in my h2h league.

  318. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: I think Kazaams might be the most frustrating thing in fantasy baseball.

    @diy: Really hard to tell if there’s any bench hitters when you list it like that. Maybe over Johnson, though not sure.

  319. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Brad Lincoln? Eh, don’t worry about it. What’s he gonna get a 6 inning loss?

  320. @Grey: That move was a head scratcher to me too. I’m going to take Hammels to show him who he should have grabbed. One favorable start and one not so much.

    The way I’ve been going, I won’t have to worry about ratios anyway.

  321. diy says:

    Oops, sorry about that Grey. As of today:

    C: Napoli
    1B: Fielder
    2B: Kinsler
    3B: Stewart
    SS: Cabrera
    OF: Bay, Granderson, Ethier
    Util: Pence, Gardner
    BN: Johnson, Lee
    DL: Rollins

    SP: Garza
    SP: Nolasco
    RP: Marmol
    RP: Aardsma
    P: Dotel
    P: Santana
    P: Sanchez
    P: Johnson
    BN: Oswalt
    BN: Price

  322. Grey

    Grey says:

    @diy: No worries… You’re not dropping Fielder, Kinsler, etc. So in the future you can just give 3 or 4 names at the bottom of your team. I’d lose Johnson. Worth the upside in a shallow league like yours.

  323. ThePensive says:

    MMD vs. Krispie? Essentially the same player?

  324. Steve says:

    @royce!: Staggering.

  325. royce! says:

    With Stanton’s impending arrival, I have way too many players for 4 OF and 1 UTIL spot. League is h2h, 5×5 plus OBP and XBH. Which 5 would you go with?:

    Abreu (7 games)
    Headley (7 games)
    Gardner (6 games)
    Quentin (6 games)
    Stanton (6 games)
    Bruce (7 games)
    Markakis (6 games)
    Adam LaRoche (7 games)

  326. Eddy says:


    Who wins?

    Kershaw and Wandy


    Hughes and Prado

  327. royce! says:

    Sorry, another Q, same league. After Smoak’s great week, I think I might be able to move him for Posey, whom I would replace Doumit with. If I can interest Posey’s owner, should I trade Smoak for Posey?

  328. William says:

    @Grey – Which 2B would you have for H2H 5×5 standard roto?

    Rickie Weeks or Jose Lopez?

  329. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Bench Markakis, LaRoche and Stanton. And trade Stanton. Or someone.

    @Eddy: Kershaw side, but it’s fair.

    @royce!: Non-keeper? Doumit’s been okay, hasn’t he?

    @William: Weeks…

  330. Kazmere says:

    Grey, a couple questions–

    Nyger or Pierre for steals?

    Better “hot streak” guy for the next couple weeks: Matsui, Coghlan, Smoak, Frenchy? No specific needs.

  331. Sal says:

    @Grey: I think dotel kazaam’s are the coolest thing going. From here on out, everytime one happens I am going to take a shot of 151 to pat myself on the back for having him in my lineup. How many more day games do the Pirates have?

  332. GopherDay says:

    Just FYI for everyone, Vladdy will be most likely starting in the OF for TEX coming up as they play away games at MIL. Key, as he needs one more start to have 5, which gives him eligibility in Yahoo leagues.

  333. @Grey: Nobody wants Hill *sniff – one tear like the indiant*

    What do you think of Swish for Marcum or E. Santana? Swish is going go fall off hard. His BABIP is retarded and his BB rate is actually at a career low.

  334. that’s indian. Not the hideous race of indian/ant hybrids known as indiants.

  335. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    10 Team, H2H, 5×5. I have too many Orioles and too few RBI. Would you lose either/both of Markakis/Adam Jones for Carlos Lee, Delmon Young and/or Jason Kubel, or give them a little more rope (I’m still winning matchups, just not the RBI cat)?

  336. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Kazmere: Pierre… Smoak…

    @Chris: I’d start all of those SPs… Kershaw and Price… Hill and Hart… And you should trade hitters if your benching guys like that.

    @Sal: Ha

    @GopherDay: About time.

    @3FingersBrown: Ha… Marcum…

    @Awesomus Maximus: Eh, I’d hold for now.

  337. @Grey: Yeah, Marcum projects better going forward. That was the offer I made.

  338. royce! says:

    @Grey: Yeah, Doumit’s been good, but I was hoping that Posey would get more ABs, bc I read that he was going to get starts at 1b as well as catching. So he’d be more valuable esp. in a weekly h2h.

    It might just be that I’m anxious to make a move after losing 4 weeks running now (still in 1st, though!).

  339. Chris says:


    Thanks Grey, I know. I’m desperately trying to make a few trades. I’m starting Strasburg, Hamels, and Greinke as well for their 2 starts.

  340. Eddy says:

    I am so frustarted at how unwanted Adam Jones and Wandy are. I have shopped them both to more than 5 teams. I even went as low as to offer them both for Austin Jackson and even THEN I got shot down. Oh yea, and that was after a I got shot down for a 2 for 1 with D’Ellsburied.

    I still refuse to drop Jones, but Wandy’s time is quickly running out…

  341. @Eddy: Wow that’s low. I thought my league was tough to trade in. I can’t get rid of anyone, but it’s a keeper so everyone waits until the deadline to buy or sell.

    I’d take Wandy and Pac-man for AJax.

  342. danimal35 says:

    Ike Davis just became available on waivers…have Smoak at 1B…drop Ibanez for Davis?

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