Los Angeles Angels 2010 Minor League Review
Overall farm ranking via Baseball America:
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Major League Record and Minor League Affiliates Records
MLB: [80 – 82] AL West
AAA: [73 – 71] Pacific Coast League – Salt Lake
AA: [55 – 85] Texas League – Arkansas
A+: [78 – 62] California League – Rancho Cucamonga
A: [82 – 56] Midwest League – Cedar Rapids
R: [39 – 36] Pioneer League – Orem
R: [24 – 31] Arizona League

The Run Down
How many times have experts picked Brandon Wood to finally “figure out” major league hitting? Enough times for me to say sorry for his .146/.174/.208 slash line and making the same recommendation to draft him. The Angels didn’t produce a standout season from any of their prospects in the majors, this includes graduating prospects Trevor Bell and Peter Bourjos, especially with Bourjos slashing .204/.237/.381 with a surprising six home runs and the expected 10 steals in 193 plate appearances. This isn’t to dismiss next year’s SAGNOF value for Bourjos, just a reflection on the Angels disappointing season. However, the excitement and hype surrounding Mike Trout has every scout waiting in anticipation for his major league debut – think of the hype with Cameron Maybin, this is the talent that Trout has. Then there are lesser prospects like first basemen Mark Trumbo, who has some potential power from first base if Kendry Morales heals like Nick Johnson, catcher Hank Conger, who has the plate discipline of Joe Mauer, right handed pitcher Michael Kohn should get a chance out of Spring Training, especially if Scott Kazmir is injured yet again, and right handed pitcher Jordan Walden could provide some great relief outings in 2011. Beyond these names, Trevor Reckling remains a sleeper as well as a few other prospects further down the ladder. It will be an interesting 2011 season for their young prospects that could rise fast, especially Grichuk and Segura.

Graduating Prospects
#2 (CF) Peter Bourjos; #10 (RHP) Trevor Bell

Players in Arizona Fall League
Hitters: #27 (SS) Andrew Romine, (3B) Brandon Wood, (CF) Jeremy Moore
Pitchers: (RHP) Ryan Brasier, (LHP) Robert Fish, (RHP) Stephen Geltz, (RHP) Eddie McKiernan

Players of Interest
#3 Mike Trout | CF | D.o.B: 8-7-91 | Stats (A/A+): .341/.428/.490 | 508 AB | 47 XBH | 9 Hr | .149 ISO | 56/16 SB/CS | 85:73 K:BB | BABIP (see below)
Trout had an astronomical .420 BABIP at Single-A and a more manageable .346 BABIP at High-A. The talent is legit, the stats are bolstered from unsustainable rates. Nevertheless, he is still a top 10 prospect in all of the majors. See Scouting the Unknown article for more information.

#11 Mark Trumbo | 1B | D.o.B: 1-16-86 | Stats (AAA): .301/.368/.577 | 70 XBH | 36 Hr | .276 ISO | 3/4 SB/CS | 126:56 K:BB | .329 BABIP
See Scouting the Unknown article for full details.

#1 Hank Conger | C | D.o.B: 1-29-88 | Stats (AAA): .300/.385/.463 | 387 AB | 39 XBH | 11 Hr | .163 ISO | 0/2 SB/CS | 58:55 K:BB | .326 BABIP
The power still isn’t anywhere near what everyone was hoping for. He still has above average bat speed and contact. His plate-discipline is stellar but his defense is still marginal at best. I don’t see the Angels giving him much of a chance catching. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays at Triple-A to start the 2011 season.

Jeremy Moore | OF/CF | D.o.B: 6-29-87 | Stats (AA): .303/.358/.463 | 456 AB | 37 XBH | 13 Hr | .153 ISO | 24/10 SB/CS | 122:39 K:BB | .385 BABIP
Information is scant on Moore.  In short, I see a potential outfielder with 12 to 15 home run potential, with 20 steals and a .275 average.

#30 Michael Kohn | RHP | D.o.B: 6-26-86 | Stats (AA/AAA): 11.2 K/9 | 4.9 BB/9 | 46 IP | 2.15 ERA | FIP (see below) 1.15 WHIP | .6 Hr/9 | 5.5 H/9 | BABIP (see below)
Throws a straight fastball between 90 and 96 mph with some deception during his delivery, a fringe slider, and possibly a developing splitter. Although he has had success in the low and mid-minors, his fastball, if it continues to stay straight, won’t fool major league hitters. His sample size is small, and was bolstered by some low BABIPs (.310 BABIP at Double-A; .220 BABIP at Triple-A). Look for him possibly attempting to earn a bullpen spot during the 2011 Spring Training or getting a call up if the bullpen struggles in the early going.

#9 Jordan Walden | RHP | D.o.B: 11-16-87 | Stats (AA/AAA): 8.0 K/9 | 4.6 BB/9 | 43 IP | 3.44 ERA | 3.57 FIP | 1.54 WHIP | .4 Hr/9 | 9.2 H/9 | .335 BABIP
2009 quote, “I mention Walden because he throws a … 91 to 94 mph [fastball] and a 87 mph slider. His fastball is considered one of the best fastballs in the entire Angels farm system. His change-up (prior to the 2009 season) was nearly non-existent. He may end up becoming a reliever with only two plus pitches.” Much is the same. Control is his main issue, if he could harness that, he’d be a starter. Nevertheless, he looks more like a power reliever. He did have 13.5 K/9 in the majors during September along with 6.5 BB/9. Keep an eye on his progress early next season.

#4 Trevor Reckling | LHP | D.o.B: 5-22-89 | Stats (AA/AAA): 6.5 K/9 | 5.1 BB/9 | 6.42 ERA | FIP (see below) | 1.74 WHIP | .9 Hr/9 | 10.5 H/9 | BABIP (see below)
Easily the most disappointing season among all Angels’ prospects. After performing well in 2010, Reckling struggled during his promotion to Triple-A. Essentially, he had the quintessential “Tale of Two Seasons.” If you don’t believe me, just take a gander:

AA: 7.1 K/9 | 4.0 BB/9 | 4.56 ERA | 3.85 FIP | 1.38 WHIP | .303 BABIP
AAA: 5.9 K/9 | 6.1 BB/9 | 8.53 ERA | 6.39 FIP | 2.14 WHIP | .369 BABIP

He’ll need to rebound in 2011 while pitching at Triple-A. Earliest ETA, June; more likely late August.

Honorable Mentions
Gabriel Jacobo | 1B | D.o.B: 4-14-87 | Stats (A+): .296/.333/.492 | 541 AB | 55 XBH | 22 Hr | .196 ISO | 6/9 SB/CS | 94:24 K:BB | .320 BABIP
He was definitely helped by the California High-A League. Nevertheless, production is production. If he is capable of churning out these type of numbers again in 2011 at Double-A, Jacobo, who also plays third base, may finally put an end to the Brandon Wood talk.

#7 Randal Grichuk | RF | D.o.B: 8-13-91 | Stats (A): .292/.327/.530 | 202 AB | 30 XBH | 7 Hr | .238 ISO | 4/0 SB/CS | 50:9 K:BB | .356 BABIP
Possesses a quick swing, above-average power, strong work ethic, fringe defense and arm, and weak plate-discipline and pitch recognition. This all means Grichuk, the Angels 2009 first round draft pick, has a long way to go before thriving in the upper levels of the minor leagues, yet alone the Major Leagues.  Should be in High-A this upcoming season.

#13 Jean Segura | 2B | D.o.B: 3-17-90 | Stats (A): .313/.365/.464 | 515 AB | 46 XBH | 10 Hr | 50/10 SB/CS | 72:40 K:BB | .342 BABIP
Has battled injuries in the past, but this season he was completely healthy. He has plus-plus speed and could be a top of the lineup type of second baseman. According to Baseball America, he has “exceptional bat speed … [a] compact slashing swing that produces line drives.” Sounds like Jacoby Ellsbury at second base. Has several more ladders in the minors to climb, but looks to be rising fast. He should be ticketed to High-A for 2011.

#5 Garrett Richards | RHP | D.o.B: 5-27-88 | Stats (A/A+): 9.4 K/9 | 2.7 BB/9 | 143 IP | 3.52 ERA | FIP (see below) | 1.21 WHIP | .6 Hr/9 | 8.2 H/9 | BABIP (see below)
Fastball sits between 90 to 97 mph, typically sitting at 93 to 94 mph with some average sink and life (or movement). His curveball is rated as average to potentially a plus pitch. He also throws a changeup with some good fade and sinking action. Although he struggled in college, his first full season of professional baseball went splendid. Statistically, he wasn’t helped by luck (.303 BABIP at Single-A and .375 BABIP at High-A). His FIP at Single-A was 2.95 and at High-A it was 3.20; meaning, he could ascend rapidly. Look for him to get a 2011 September call up.

  1. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Thanks for the update/reminder. Mesmerized by Trumbo’s 36 HR in the minors last year, I scrambled to get him late August for Sept callup. Needless to say, it was an effort for naught. Won’t be lying in wait for him this year.

  2. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @simply fred: He still has to receive the playing time. At first base, Kendry Morales should be coming back.

  3. Chris says:

    Really hoping Walden gets the closer job in ANA. Rodney stinks, as does much of their bullpen. Could give ’09 Feliz type value, I think…obviously a little on the lower end though.

  4. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Chris: I would concur, just not sparkling ratios.

  5. Kyle says:

    where would you rank the Angles system?

  6. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    I haven’t reviewed each team yet, however, I would venture to say they will remain in the low 20’s, even with Trout and Conger.

  7. Bob says:

    @Stephen: Angels are my favorite team, so I appreciate your appraisal of their farm system. Since they are my favorite team, I have a firm practice to never draft any of them on my Fantasy teams. And from your report, it does not look like the prospects have any value for a Fantasy team that expects to win its league.

  8. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Bob: I wouldn’t say that none of them could help win at Fantasy, Bourjos, Reckling, Trumbo, and especially Trout have the ability to help in 2011, but not single-handed win your league. There just has to be a lot to break just right for it to happen. In two years though, there is definitely going to be a few more prospects to help your favorite team out.

  9. Scotty says:

    Whoever this guys is, he’s not exactly a genius.

    – Mike Trout’s numbers aren’t sustainable? Tell that to team USA, or the rest of the world at the PanAm GAmes or any scout who’s seen him play.

    – Marginal defense for Hank Conger? ZERO passed balls in over 80 games catching in AAA and a good caught stealing percentage is better than any other Angel.

    – Michael Kohn trying to earn a spot in the bullpen in 2011? As if his 2.11 ERA in his rookie season wasn’t enough.

    – Jordan Walden’s fastball sits at 91-94 MPH? Did you even watch an Angels game this year? Walden was routinely topping 100 MPH.

    – Gabe Jacobo plays 3B? That’s news to the Angels. He plays 1B, RF and LF.

    – Jean Segura is a 2B, however he’s making his transition to SS next season. If you paid any attention to the Angels Minor League system, you’d know that.

    What’s the deal here, are you even an Angels fan?

  10. Monie House says:

    Auer deserves much more attention than he’s getting….he’s
    just quietly waiting in the wings…..Jacobo has played 3rd and was
    actually drafted as a 3rd baseman…..they’ve just yet to use him
    there…..Kohn is proven, he’s money…..

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