Before we get to Khalil and Renteria, we’ll cover the deal between the South Siders and the Turner Southerners.  I already went over the trade and how it affect Javier Vazquez for 2009. That shizz is old.  Almost three days ago. Where you been? Topeka? Wait a second, what the hell am I talking about?  Oh, yeah, the Javier Vazquez trade for the other schmohawks. Wow, for a second I felt like Larry King talking gibberish.  Did you ever wonder if Larry King remembers what he said right after he just said something? I do. All the time. Anyway, here’s the other schmohawks that the White Sox received in the trade for Javier Vazquez and some other fantasy baseball implications:

Brent Lillibridge – Doesn’t his name sound like a Native American name for a person of small stature? Papa, I want to go on the Superman Tower of Power Rollercoaster! I’m sorry, Brent Lillibridge. You don’t reach Daffy Duck’s hand. Okay, so you’re showing Lillibridge and the dealer pulls Marcus Giles post-steroids. That’s a push.

Tyler Flowers – Flowers needs time to bloom — oofa! He’s a decent prospect, but he could still end up the way of, “What’s that guy’s name again?”  It’s still too early for him for fantasy, except in some deep 2009 keeper leagues.

Now back in for the two other schmohawks that changed hands, Khalil Greene and Renteria or as I like to call them — Ugly and Yawnstipating. Silent H went over to the Cards and Renteria to the Giants. So how does this affect their fantasy value and guys around them for 2009? Well, let’s see:

Khalil Greene – The Cards found their new nine hole hitter. Nah, I’m only half joking. LaRussa will prolly bat Khalil sixth and watch him hit 25/75/.240. Khalil is not going to suddenly take walks and have an OBP of .400. He’s in for a small boost in value leaving Petco, but doode could hit .235 in Coors. He’ll end up on some mixed league team towards the end of a draft, you should hope it’s not yours.

Edgar Renteria – Obviously the AL Central was too small for Renteria and Orlando Cabrera. You will die like the rebels in the parrot jungle! Renteria moves to the Giants where he will further disappear from fantasy radars.  In NL-Only leagues, Renteria is a good endgame target. Just don’t expect too much. He might quietly put up another .300 season and a handful of steals.

Luis Rodriguez/Sean Kazmar – Potential 2009 Padres Shortstops for $200, Alex. The answer is Luis Rodriguez and Sean Kazmar. Guys Who You Don’t Want On Your Fantasy Team in 2009?

Jack Wilson – Supposedly the Tigers are looking to grab him for ER’s cancellation. I have one rhetorical question for them — and you thought Renteria was bad?

Emmanuel Burriss/Kevin Frandsen/Eugenio Velez – Two are SAGNOFers (Velez and Burriss) and one is useless. With Renteria now in the Bay Area, these three schmohawks will battle for 2nd. (The thought of them battling made me think of a 3 on 1 wrestling match like Andre the Giant used to have, but in this case Andre’s played by Pablo Sandoval. And that made me giggle. Hehe.) If one of the SAGNOFers grabs the spot, I will be excited and pushing you to grab him for cheap speed.

  1. Jimmy ray says:

    None of these guys are guys i want my team next year. what are the giants thinking signing renteria? The guy is over the hill! he might be able to hit but has lost 3 steps and cant play SS anymore. Even teams like the yankees are taking their time waiting for prices to drop on FA’s and here are the giants paying top dollar for a over the hill SS. I guess they have blocked the barry zito failure out. this is a short term zito cluster flop!!! they must really be down on burris, I thought he would get his shot…to bad so sad

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jimmy ray: As the Hulkster would say — Amen, brother.

    Renteria has lost a step, the Giant’s shortsightedness on Zito is still myopic and Burriss could have gave some steals. It’s always sad to lose a SAGNOFer.

    EDIT: Typo, cuz.

  3. Shogun says:

    @Grey: How much will Delmon Young’s value increase if he gets traded to the Rockies? Apparently the Twins might trade him for Huston Street, which would be like trading Garza for Street. Yes, I just barfed in my mouth. Okay, I cleaned myself up. Back to my question: I would expect a spike in Young’s value, both because of the thin air and Delmon adding another year of experience (he’s only 23). Maybe this is the subject of a future post (if and when a trade happens), so don’t go into detail if you’re waiting to do a full write-up when a trade happens.

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Shogun: It’ll definitely be a post if it happens, but I can say briefly that his value will go up and I already liked him.

  5. Brian Sabean loves old players like Tony LaRussa loves no-hit utility players. It’s dumb to spend $9MM a year on a middling infielder. Might as well play the youth….

    Delmon Young would skyrocket if went to Colorado. The Twins should just give the guy another year imho….

  6. Shogun says:

    @Grey: @Rudy Gamble: Yeah, in my opinion there’s no reason to give up on Delmon right now. His value would probably be just as high a year from now – at least I’d hope he could still bring back a pos like Huston Freakin’ Street a year from now if they still wanted to trade him. Apparently Delmon doesn’t really fit into the MN Nice that pervades the Twins’ clubhouse, so now they want to rush to undo the mistake they made trading for him.

  7. I was really hoping that Renteria went to an NL team because he always plays better there. Now he’s in AAA San Francisco. Oh well. I’ll look for a new face as a possible sleeper next year.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Schruender: He does play better in the NL, and might hit for a decent average, but he seems to have lost a step and might not be able to offer much speed.

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