Our fearless leader has been crippled by some Kryptonic supermarket macaroni salad so I will be your tour guide through the daily baseball comings and goings.

So J.P. Ricciardi waved goodbye to Alex Rios and freed up some money so he can buy some tickets to Moneyball The Movie and to get one of them new-fangled Adam Dunn verification machines for his phone.  Rios hasn’t been great outside of Toronto this year, but The Cell isn’t exactly Petco Central.  He actually has picked it up a bit going 6-14 with 2 home runs in his last 4 games. As long as Rios gets playing time he should continue his 20/20 pace.  But knowing Ozzie he could bat Rios behind Wise and Getz in the 12th hole or Kenny Williams could pick Ryan Braun off waivers and Rios will go to the bench.

Chris Coghlan — As soon as I drop this guy he goes all mini-mini-dwarf donkey on me.  He just set a record for most multi hit games in a row by a Marlin with eight.  He’s not going to win you a championship, but he’ll replace some schmohawk who hasn’t had a multi hit game in about two months.

Leo Nunez — Matt Lindstrom should eventually take over Nunez’s SAGNOF slot, but yesterday he got into trouble and had to be saved by Nunez and his SAGNOF slot.

Jordan Zimmermann — After my heart stopped when I read the headline “Zimmerman To Get Tommy John Surgery” I realized that it wasn’t Ryan and if you have JZ on your DL it’s time to replace him with a Hudson/Peavy type.

Mark Ellis — 5-5 with 4 RBI’s and is 21-50 in his last 14 games.  If you are hurting for some MI help take a look because there are some real schmohawks playing 2b and you probably have one on your team and you might as well switch him out for another.

Travis Snider — With Rios moving to the south side it seems like Snider should get called up.  That of course is yet to be seen, but he hit a homer yesterday and  is hitting well with a .320 AVG, 12 hr, 36 RBIs, 150 ab, .653 slg.  Grab him if he is available and then drop him when he isn’t called up.

Troy Tulowitzki — He hit for the cycle, and went 5-5 with 7 RBI’s vs. the Cubs while Aaron Miles was dragged to the top of Mt. Elbert and thrown off.

Johnny Cueto — Left the game after 2 innings with a hip flexor.  This gives anyone still holding onto him an easy out.  Drop him like a hot Cueto.

Chris B. Young — Demoted to the three A’s.  Krispie just never could show us his warm chewy goodness this year.  It’s hard to believe he won’t get his swing back in the minors and then be a sleeper once again.

Dexter Fowler — While writing this Fowler just made a tremendous over the shoulder catch in the ninth while slamming into the wall with the Rockies up by eight.  Watching him this series I can see what Grey sees in him.  He’s more than just another SAGNOF slot for all you Razzballers to abuse!

Trent Oeltjen — Well, he’s been getting plenty of notice here on the daily round up, but anybody who has a magical “M” floating around their last name needs a little press, plus with The Krispie One demoted he should get some more playing time, that, and he out-homered Mark Reynolds last night during the “Summer of Mini-Donkey.”

Russell Branyan — He hit a solo home run.  That is all.

Kendry Morales — The dude, (he is a dude right? I mean I never see this person play because I’m usually on my 4th appletini and it’s about 2 am), this dude just keeps hitting.  Two home runs last night (or this morning) which moves him up to 25 donks and 75 RDI’s (runs donked in) and it’s only in the 6th and I am going to bed!

  1. Jay says:

    Magglio Ordóñez, starting to hit the ball. Worth starting for the rest of the year? I picked him up from waivers.

  2. john says:

    Nice tag-in Doc..


    Span, Dukes, or Coghlan this week?

  3. big o says:

    @ Grey :
    i prolly should have told you this 2 hours ago , but ,
    jhouly gets the start tomorrow .

    i’m paying my dollar .
    and i’m taking my chance .

  4. TheGreatVeto says:

    @john: Dukes for power, Span for avg/runs, Coghlan if you’re feeling lucky

  5. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    Doc, you ARE my huckleberry. Nice fill-in “dump”! You made me want to dig deeper on Snider. .410 with 6 homers in his last ten. Youzza!

  6. JR says:

    Excellent stand-in, Doc. Really well done.

  7. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @john: SPAN!
    Span has 6 at home where he sports .872 OPS.
    Dukes 6 away, .675 OPS.
    Coghlan 6 home, .647 OPS.
    Last 10:
    Span, .297 AVG, 1 SB
    Dukes, .251, 1 HR
    Coghlan, .286, 1 HR
    Span has 15 of 17 SBs at home, with an 88% SB%.
    You should get plenty of production from Span with AVG and SBs.
    Don’t expect much power from Dukes or Coghlan this week given their respective OPS to date home/away.

  8. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @john: Throw in Span facing a combined 5.05 ERA on the road.

  9. and1mcgee says:

    Grey, do a “Player A/Player B” comparison between Morales, Longoria, Tex… pleeeeeeeeeeze??!? (a la Roger Rabbit)

  10. Nick0rz says:

    As a Jays fan I hope the Jays keep Snider down till the end of August to keep him away from Super Two. As a Fantasy Baseballer I hope he comes up now ‘cus I’m drinking the koolaid!

    Randy Ruiz who basically dominates every stat known to man down in AAA could also get the call for the Jays. Too bad he’s 31.

    Thanks for giving me permission to drop Cueto. I’ve just been hoping to milk one more decent start out of him.

    Great fill in Doc!

  11. inertiatic says:

    Great run down, Doc. You handled the ‘pert doodies quite nicely for the evening.

    Get well soon, Grey. And stay the hell away from the supermarket deli’s macaroni “surprise” salad. The “surprise” is vomiting from the #2 hole uncontrollably a few short hours after consumption. They really should put a warning on the label or something.

  12. Steve says:

    Great job, Doc. Easy to see why you’re killing us in the RCL Original Recipe Division.

    My H2H opponent this week has Vlad. And Cano. And Kendry. Although he benched Kendry yesterday. Phew.

    That said, counting Kendry’s donks from the bench, I’ve been out-donked 20-4 over in this league the last 8 days.


  13. BSA says:

    “…. replace him with a Hudson/Peavy type.” says the proud owner of Peavy.

    @Steve: “Redonkulous.” is right!

  14. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @and1mcgee: not grey but i’ll do it since i am a teixeria and morales owner:

    player A: .298/55 R/25 HR/74 RBI/1 SB/.927 OPS

    player B: .286/68 R/29 HR/83 RBI/2 SB/.942 OPS

    player C: .274/64 R/24 HR/84 RBI/4 SB/.896 OPS

    i am in a 5 man, 12 team h2h keeper league and i am wondering where i should value morales in relation to my other potential keepers. teixeira and braun are definite keepers. then i have morales, bj upton, rollins, hamilton, cruz, and brian roberts to decide between the other 3 spots. i get torn every day on how to rank them. roberts is probably at the bottom given his age. i am going to shop around some 2-for-1 deals to try to upgrade a keeper, like maybe try to grab an utley.

    just for curiosity’s sake, how would yall rank them? no draft round issues or contract issues, just straight keep your 5 guys.

  15. black love says:

    GREY feel better!!
    i guess it looks as if Beltran isnt gonna come back this season, especially since his new Guru Brian Giles has advised against it, what a loser.
    I just grabbed Snider, he really has been tearing it up in AAA, i have no idea why they would move someone else up over him. How soon until Rios is outta there? today? does anyone know?

  16. black love says:

    Rios IS moving to Sox today. Come on Snider!!

  17. Hardcore Midget says:

    Didn’t start JDLR last night, for fear of the blow-up. Sonovabench!

  18. I’m about 1/8? away from dropping ARAMIS and Beltran….

    My team has been fairly good without them, sad if I sub in any two other picks in their slots my team is MONEY.

    Thoughts on booting them?

  19. Eric says:


    I recently picked up Ordonez in a 10-team mixed league to replace Aramis Ramirez who is hurt. Ordonez is back to playing everyday and playing well. He’s got below average pop, no speed, but a high batting average. I’d rank him somewhere between #30 – #40 among outfielders overall. Nice find off the waiver wire.

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    Thanks guys. No one can replace the Grey of course! I’m sure he’ll be around today to help you guys out.

    Have a good one and visit the Football side if you get a chance!

  21. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    In a foul mood this morning, but when I got down to the “Runs Donked In” line I honestly laughed out loud in my office.

  22. Billy says:

    Should i trade Hamilton for Bay? thanks!!

  23. mrbaseball says:

    Chris Coghlan — He’s not going to win you a championship – I am going to pick him up on my first place team and when I win the championship I will give Chris Coghlan the full credit

    the marlins are either smart or just don’t really care but they stuck with him and gave him playing time instead of sitting him down or sending him down – Playing time is always the key – ask the Mick

  24. mrbaseball says:

    Chris Coghlan – way ahead of you for once on Coghlan I started picking him up two days ago and he was avaliable in 90% of the leagues and he is all mind

  25. mrbaseball says:

    I have Russell Branyan on one of my teams – he never ever gets into my starting lineup but then again he will never ever get into anyone’s else’s lineup

  26. mrbaseball says:

    Kendry Morales – I will have to wait to next season on him – The only way I was going to pick himup earlier in the season if someone set up electirical shocks to my balls and forced me to pick him up and I still might have not picked him up – can’t always get what you want

  27. mrbaseball says:

    Jordan Zimmermann – looks like he is going to spend the next year and haft on the DL list in my keeper league

  28. NH mike says:

    @Doc: what’s the football site?

  29. Charlie says:

    Start Harden today against the Phils?

  30. NH mike says:

    @Charlie: Harden owns the Phils

  31. stumanji says:

    Texeira/Carpenter for Utley/Adrian Gonzo/Ibanez.

    Which side?

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay: Guess, no idea who he’s playing over though.

    @and1mcgee: Huh? Whatcha talkin’ ’bout?

    @inertiatic: Ha! Thanks.

    @Tony Y: I’d lose Beltran, not Aramis. Yet.

    @Billy: I’d want Bay.

    @NH mike: football.razzball.com

    @stumanji: Utley side.

  33. royce! says:

    Drop Poreda for Chacin?

  34. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: nice one doc,better prescibe grey something for hotdogitis,been busy with flood repaires but im about ready for our football

  35. Razzin says:

    Current OF: Melky, Hamilton, Pence, Hawpe, McCutchen.
    The Big Fragu is on the wire. Which one (or TWO?) would you drop to pick him up? I might need to pick up a SP too.

  36. royce! says:

    @royce!: Eff it, I’m doing it… he’s got a decent schedule if he stays in the rotation, and Poreda has done poorly in the Padres minors so he might not be up for a bit. (2 appearances, 7.1 IP, 10 ER.)

  37. black love says:

    1: whos a better spot start?
    Chacin Vs Pit.
    Nippert Vs Cle
    would you hold onto either of these guys going forward?
    Nippert looks pretty good, who knows with Chacin?
    2: ill probably drop Masterson or Stauffer for one of them, or should i pass on both?

  38. black love says:

    i read that Carlos Zambrano was given an epidural on sunday.
    Yikes!!!! i think hes having twins

  39. Jackie says:

    I’m in a keeper league (12-team mixed) and can only keep one of these two (both are $1):

    Tommy Hanson or John Lester

    Who do you like for next year?

  40. Mr. Q says:

    Hope you’re feeling a lot better soon, Grey; effing Mac salad will ef you in the ef hole every time, as a noted ‘pert might say.
    I picked up Hudson for my DL slot (thanks for the tip), but now Duchscherer is available, too – you still think Hudson’s the better play? (Our league counts QS not W, btw).

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr. Q: Thanks! Duchscherer’s a decent grab, though neither is likely to get you many QSs.

  42. black love says:

    hanram & halladay for YouK, Peralta, and randy wells.
    which side do you like?

  43. Ceasar says:

    Starting Clayton Richard at Mil? How about Price at LAA?

  44. Grey

    Grey says:

    @black love: Hanley side.

    @Ceasar: I’d start Richard in a 12 team league and deeper. Price I’d start.

  45. @Grey: Hi, was offered Danks for Lidge…I dont need saves but would like a sp that can get W’s with good ratios too… thoughts pls….

    Also, trade went down last night: Braun for michael young and beckett, which side do you like?


  46. GordonBombay says:

    Grey, start Price against the Halos tonight? Has pitched well last 2, but this one is an away.

  47. GordonBombay says:

    oops nm, I guess you already answered the question only 2 posts up.

  48. Nick says:

    @Grey: Is Coghlan or Maggs worth a pickup in my 10team league? I have been struggling with my current OF… Ibanez, BJ, Pence with Bourn benched and Hunter DL’d. Once Hunter comes back next week I really will have no room for more outfielders but Coghlan and Maggs are hitting while my lineup is struggling. I feel like I cant bench Ibanez or Upton but there killing me the last few weeks

  49. and1mcgee says:

    ThePoonTycoon got it right….. crazy. Morales is right there with them both! thanks, Poon.

  50. Prince says:

    @Grey: Did I make a mistake dropping S. Drew for Alexei? The latter has what, 1 hr / 3 SB in June and August combined.

    Also, would you mind throwing out the names of a few good MRs? I know you’ve done this before, but I couldn’t find it in previous comments. Thanks!

  51. NH mike says:

    Snider got the call. what do you guys think? pick up, 12 team, mixed? what can we expect out of this guy?

  52. john says:

    @Simply Fred: @TheGreatVeto: Thanks for the replies..I picked up Span in case Ozzie decides to make like a beaver and dam up The River…(aka sit or platoon Rios)

  53. brett says:

    @ NH mike: Source? I guess i could wait a couple hours until it’s fully disseminated, but i’m giddy.

  54. @NH mike: i’m grabbing him. Dropping alex gordon who i never play…. snider was touted just like LIND preseason, didn’t pan out, but he’s been mashing in AAA, if you can fit him i’d snatch him now, i know in my league i can’t wait a game or two or he’s gone…

    Now will the cubs let me know if i can drop aramis or not…. POS, what a waste of a pick, him and beltran….

  55. I can drop snider as fast as i picked him up if they do bring up this “ruiz” guy…..

  56. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Braun trade is fair, depends on needs. I think you can do a bit better than Danks, but it’s okay.

    @Nick: They’re worth a pickup, depending on who you’re dropping.

    @Prince: I don’t know who’s available… Thornton? Marmol? Adams?

    @NH mike: I’d grab him if you need an OF.

  57. DrEasy says:

    @NH mike: Where did you see this? It would be surprising, as I thought the Jays didn’t want to burn his service time.

  58. Nick says:

    @Grey: any recommendations on who to drop based on my team?

    OF-Pence, BJ, Ibanez
    BN-Aramis Ramirez & Bourn

    SP-Beckett & Happ
    RP-Jenks, Franklin & Hoffman
    P-Wolf & Wainwright
    BN-Bills, Jurrjens, Kazmir

    Coghlan or Maggs? My biggest problem is I have multiple OF’s…

  59. Chase says:

    Nice post Doc that’s some good writing

  60. black love says:

    yeah i read that Snider ISNT going to get called up, i still think hes worth grabbing if you can affored to for a couple days.
    i did on 2 of my teams.

  61. Jobu's rum says:

    I rarely submit commentary, but feel inclined to share this story regarding Tulo’s performance last night (my apologies in advance to the GLBT community):

    In desperate need of wins, I gambled on De La Rosa vs Cubs. During Tulo’s first AB, I really wanted a score to put the Rox ahead and set Jorge up for the W so I willed some offense with the words “C’mon, faggot. Hit a dong!” Very next pitch, HR!!!

    I bit later in the game, Tulo needs a triple for the cycle. At this point, I decide it would be a cool feat to witness so I willed him so encouragement with “C’mon, faggot. Hit for the cycle!” Shit you not, very next pitch = triple.

    So I go to 7/11 and buy a scratch off … “C’mon, faggot. Retire!” Didn’t work … guess the mojo was good for Tulo only.

    NOTE: I did NOT will Tulo to hit a grand slam b/c I had just rejected a trade which involved me recieving him and I didn’t want to kick myself. Foul ball! Too bad my magic is probably done for the year.

  62. DrEasy says:

    I don’t think Snider will get called up before the end of August. Another Jays player to keep an eye on is Brian Dopirak. He might be given a chance to play DH full time in September.

  63. black love says:

    @Nick: if you have more then 1 DL spot Aramis Ramirez might be headed there in a couple hours

  64. black love says:

    Randy Ruiz gets the call up for the Jays, hes gonna DH.
    LAME!!! I guess everyone can drop Snider.

  65. Slappy McSlap says:

    “Beltran took batting practice and shagged fly balls in the outield last week and had talked about coming back by late August. However, the team scrapped plans for him to travel to Port St. Lucie while the Mets were on the West Coast. Instead, Beltran remained in New York, where his physical therapy could be closely monitored by the medical staff. Beltran is looking more and more like a candidate for microfracture surgery, and the earlier he has it, the better shot he has to be ready for the start of the 2010 season.” – Rotowire

    Is it time to drop him?

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Slappy McSlap: There’s no reason to have him return this year, but, on the other hand, is he taking up more than your DL spot? If so, drop him.

  67. DrEasy says:

    @black love: Ruiz is a placeholder for Dopirak. Snider and Dopirak will probably be called up Sept 1st. I wouldn’t get too excited by Ruiz’ AAA numbers, Vegas is extremely hitter-friendly.

  68. Prince says:

    @Grey: Of the names you listed, Thornton was available. I have Nunez. Add Thornton, or Lindstrom? Thanks

  69. Corey says:

    In a dynasty league- Blanks for Medlen. Who wins?

  70. john says:

    Rios probably won’t play until Wednesday, according to the Whitesox website/GM Williams

  71. Doug Ault says:

    I guess the Mike Sirotka fiasco wasn’t enough punishment from Kenny Williams.Why trade with the Jays,if you wait them out you’ll get the guy for nothing

  72. DrEasy says:

    @Doug Ault: They did get Rios for nothing!

  73. Doug Ault says:

    @DrEasy: That was my point

  74. peter says:

    Also seen last night… Chad Qualls – Kazaam!

  75. DrEasy says:

    @Doug Ault: Sorry, didn’t read that last sentence with the right intonation! ;)

  76. stumanji says:

    @peter: I hate Qualls with every inch of my soul.

  77. Doug Ault says:

    @DrEasy: I would love to watch JP manage a fantasy team. he’d be the guy who dropped Holliday in May

  78. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    I might be able to get ibanez, what do you think he does for the rest of the season?

  79. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: in that lineup,should still be top player even if hr drop a bit

  80. Doug Ault says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I’ve been trying to unload Ibanez with no takers.I wonder what I should be aiming for

  81. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Doug Ault: I think someone is trying to dump him as well, was wondering if he is slumping and could bounce back

  82. peter says:

    @stumanji: Yeah, that hurt… but at least you got three strike-outs! (<– I feel like one of those kids in those Boys & Girls Club commercials trying to make Fielder/Haren feel better.)

  83. Doug Ault says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I keep waiting for him and Manny to explode,and lead me to the promised land,but I’ve got a feeling Ibanez has shot his load,and clearly my potential trading partners agree.

  84. DrEasy says:

    Yeah, he hasn’t been the same since returning from his groin injury. He’s been hurting my midseason league team.

  85. Mr. Q says:

    Grey, I’ve got someone in my league who’s no longer in the hunt this year, and looking to make a keeper-upgrade; he’s offering me Bay and Javier Vazquez for A-Rod. I could definitely use the pitching help, and I’m leaning towards doing it. What do you think?

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr. Q: Sounds decent for you.

  87. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: What’s up with Manny?
    postpartum depression?

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: Hehe… Maybe Big Papi doesn’t want to handle half of his duties.

  89. Razzin says:

    Trade deadline in a few days and lost Aramis. Again. I have Pedroia & Utley and was offered Zimmerman for Utley. Manny’s been killing my HR cat. Pull the trigger?

  90. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Razzin: You should be able to get Zimmerman for Pedroia.

  91. Razzin says:

    @Grey: I tried. No deal.

  92. Steve says:

    @Grey: Just when I thought I was out, he pulled me back in…

    I’ve gone back to Da Big Fra Gu.

    I missed the big palooka.

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Razzin: The homers you’re losing with Utley aren’t going to be made up with Zimmerman.

  94. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Steve: “@Steve: Re-consider Da Big Fra-gu
    ? He will slump this weekend but should be good for the next two weeks. He is facing a combined ERA of 3.35 this weekend Atex plus his OPS is -.126 on the road. But, the next two weeks he has 9 out of 12 at home (advantage the higher OPS) with opponent ERA around 4.2. Cust kayin’.”

    Friend, what, no respect?

    He should be good this week, but expect considerably less next week at Det/at Cle.

  95. Mendoza says:

    Mauer for BJ Upton & Grady Sizemore .

    Who’s the sucker?

  96. @Grey: Potential deal on the table has me sending McClouth (kinda been a dissapointment) for Markakis

    I dont SBs….do you see it as a significant enough of an upgrade for me or am i just hating on mcclouth?


  97. Dexter says:

    Miggy Cabrera got hit in the hand last inning and just left the game in pain, unable to complete his second at bat

  98. mrbaseball says:

    Chris Coghlan still on fire

  99. timSTi says:

    Youk just charged the mound. Got drilled by Porcello who was booted as well. Nothing major happened in the melee. Eckersley doesn’t seem to think it was intentional though. He had valid points: a) he’s 20 years old and not that “cool” yet b) the pitcher looked completely surprised when youk charged the mound c) youk actually got to the mound with a few seconds before the infielders or catcher got there which usually doesn’t happen when shits intentional cause they’re usually in the know or aware it might happen.

  100. Corey says:

    Longoria for Haren, Damon, Bartlett,Villalona.
    Which side wins?

  101. BSA says:

    @Grey: @timSTi: See what getting swept in two straight series to division rivals will do to you – everyone is wound a little toooo tight.

  102. Corey says:

    Longoria for Haren, Chipper, Damon and Villalona.
    Who wins?

  103. SamYo says:

    @timSTi: Youk looked really intense.
    Feel better Grey !

  104. mrbaseball says:

    One way or another Rick Porcello was going to take a beating tonight either by the red soxs or by Youk

  105. Black love says:

    Nice on that youK update, I’m away from my computer, just check the score on my phone and saw that Lowell was a pinch runner, thought another one if my players went down.
    I fucking love this site!!!

  106. martin says:

    who won the porcello-youk fight?

  107. big o says:

    silencio .
    harden … 5 innings …. 6 k’s …. 55 pitches … 15 batters faced

  108. Pops says:

    Harden is looking awfully dominant tonight if you get my drift.

  109. @mrbaseball:

    I’d expect Youk to get at least 3 days suspension for that. Id say it was a tie, Porcello did a nice job tossing him to the ground using his momentum against him.

  110. big o says:

    sorry , rich .

  111. I can’t believe Im getting by with my crappy pitching:

    SP: Hamels, Scherzer, Jurjens, Hansen, Wells, Happ.
    RP: Soriano, CJ Wilson, J Johnson, Qualls, Frasor

    All but 3 of them are FA pickups, hah.

  112. Steve says:

    @Elijah: Well done – but I’d have waited until after Mad Max’s start to post ;-)

  113. ScoutAbout says:

    Welcome back to the land of the living, Grey! You doin’ okay now?

  114. BSA says:

    @martin: Lowell – 2 HRs Now lets play predict the Red Sox lineup based on tonights festivities.
    Pre-Youk Suspension – Martinez, Youk, Lowell, Tek (catch 3/5 rotation)
    Youk Suspension – Martinez, Lowell, Ortiz, Tek
    Post-Suspension – Ortiz picking splinters

  115. @Steve:

    I’m crossing my fingers he gets healthy at home. Nice job stranding the runner at 3rd at least.

  116. I actually like this Oetljens kid. He reminds me a bit of a young Brett Butler. As I recall Butler took awhile to hit his stride in the majors as well.

  117. Bah Chipper, Sonavabench.

  118. royce! says:

    Well, I thought my Chacin experiment would work out like pet rocks but it sank like a zeppelin… I’m thinking of hanging on to him to see if he can work through what seemed to be nerves, but I’m also intrigued by this David Hernandez guy. His k/9 hovered around 10 in the minors, and was over 12 in over 50 IP in AAA this year. Solid start tonight as well. On July 21, this site read, “6 IP, 1 ER, 6 baserunners. Don’t pick him up. But he’s thrown three decent– Don’t pick him up.” Still feel the same?

  119. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Corey: Depends if you need depth, if so then take the Chipper side. If not, then take Longoria.

    @SamYo: Thanks!

    @ScoutAbout: Eh, I think I have salmonella.

  120. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Depends how bad you need a starter that can explode in your face. High risk, high reward.

  121. royce! says:

    Ugh, also saw that his two starts prior to today were abysmal. 7.1 IP, 7 ER, 6 BB, 5 K. Perhaps due to a Razzball curse?

  122. SamYo says:

    Grey, what do you think of Tazawa ? Worth a look ? He gets Texas next though.

  123. royce! says:

    @Grey: Wow, quick response there. I think I’ll let Chacin try again… I’m really looking forward to the headlines when he starts to pitch well. Chaching!

    Hmm, not as satisfying as I thought.

  124. mrbaseball says:

    Tazmanian- Brad Penny want a be – you just got to hate those 5 inning rookie pitchers that at any moment can get lit up for 6 or 7 runs

  125. @Grey:

    Sucks on the Salmonella. I got that once from eating Potato Salad and haven’t been able to eat it since.

  126. BSA says:

    @Elijah: @Grey: Stay away from the mayo at picnics – bacteria starts growing after an hour out of the fridge.

    Youk is looking a five day suspension – at least 3 for charging and another couple for throwing his helmet.

  127. knighttown says:

    The guy with McCann has offered him up for my Harden who has been very good lately. I’m rocking Doumit and HR’s are far less important than all other stats. Make the move?

    Also, please rank my SPs the rest of the way…as in…who would you trade/dump last:

    Vazquez, Oswalt, Harden, Scherzer, Hanson, Weaver, E-Jax, Kuroda, Sanchez

  128. Now a triple for Oeltjen.

  129. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SamYo: Eh, it’s risky. Depends if you need to take that risk.

    @royce!: Hehe

    @Elijah: Mayo and I were good friends, too. Very disappointing.

    @BSA: Where were you on Saturday?

    @knighttown: I’d keep Harden there. Vazquez, Harden, Weaver, Jackson, Oswalt, Sanchez, Kuroda, Scherzer… Last four are pretty close depending on matchups.

  130. Ham says:

    Damn I meant to check here earlier about your thoughts on Price start tonight and totally forgot. DAMN YOU BENCH

  131. Steve says:

    Why the eff can’t the Dodgers EVER give the Wolfman ANY run support?

  132. @Grey: Thanks again for your advice thru trade week…

    Was offered Scherzer and rodney for shields…. it appears to me that shields is a home only starter and I could trade rodney for a danks/quentin type too

    I like Scherzers K potential, but hes been getting beaten up lately, are you wary of his arm tiring/being shutdown?


  133. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Yeah, I am wary of Scherzer.

  134. Whats with this Oeltjen kid?!

  135. @Grey:

    Solid Outing tonite tho. They have been working on his inside location.

  136. Steve says:

    @Steve: Thank you.

  137. 4 hit nite for Oeltjen.

  138. Art Vandelay says:

    Any idea when Hanson might get shut down? Thinking of offering C. Pena/Hanson for Jeter. I’m good in HRs, hurting at SS. Too much to give up?

  139. Robert says:

    @Grey: Am I really better off with Price as opposed to Danks? Price is only good at home. I am in 8th and I am holding onto a guy that can’t be trusted on the road.

  140. there’s wolf’s run support

  141. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: Danks has looked decent in the last five starts, not sure what you’re seeing in him.

    @danimal35: Nice!

  142. Robert says:

    @Grey: I guess I am reaching. I have had Price this whole time and he doesn’t do well on the road. Just wasn’t sure if I have the luxury of keeping him when I need every possible category to stay alive. I need to win era, whip, and innings. If I bench Price I lose out on innings. If I use him on the road and he does what he did tonight(I did) I risk era and whip. Danks gets OAK and BAL in his next two starts. Just frustrated I guess.

  143. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Art Vandelay: It’s a bit much, but if you need a SS, go for it. Hanson might be shutdown sometime in September.

  144. Steve says:

    @Grey: Any point in looking at either Hunter, Villanueva or Fausto tomorrow?

  145. john says:

    I hate Scioscia..he has obviously been paid off by my leaguemates to bench Napoli as much as possible

  146. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I wouldn’t.

    @john: It’s possible.

  147. brad says:

    I love how Porcello’s like, “seriously? you’re charging the mound? oh, shit! you’re charging the mound! the helmet, wtf? guess i better tackle you now.”

    pretty embarrassing for youk to get judoed like that by a backpedaling beanpole of a pitcher. youk has 20 lbs on porcello easy.

  148. brad says:

    i mean, porcello’s full name is Frederick Alfred Porcello.

  149. Mike says:

    Which side would you want? Edwin Jackson for John Danks?

  150. papasmurf says:

    RE: Coghlan. Look up his name in the Smurf dictionary, and the definition is: “Hate.” 2 for 25 while I carried his lame ass in my lineup. Dropped him and he gets 2 hits everyday

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