Joe Nathan reclaimed his closer job this year but was missing something, consistently putting his team behind the 8-ball, so the Twins shifted to CAPPS.  On March 25th, I said this about the Matt Capps and Taipei Slinko shituation, “Here’s what I see happening.  Nathan gets torched and Capps saves a few games while Nathan works things out.  Then Nathan returns, gets torched again and, finally, the Twins send him to the Disgraceful List.”  And that’s me quoting me!  Right now, we’re at the point where Nathan’s off to work things out.  I don’t think this ends well for Nathan.  Someone in the Twins organization should’ve stepped forward and said, “Hey, Taipei, you’re a gamer in the non-nerd way, we appreciate that.  No one likes nerds — the candy or otherwise.  But, listen to me, you’re rushing yourself back.  Chillax!  Go get a Jamba Juice, enjoy some me time and let’s take it slow with your recovery.”  But, well, that didn’t happen.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

Brian Duensing – 7 IP, 2 ER, 9 baserunners, 5 Ks.  He’s a Duensing machine!  Would I pick him up in certain deep leagues?  Yes, but I don’t trust him.

Chris Young – To the DL.  He’d be a Bennis Carpensheeter if he had better game or less gams.

Grady Sizemore – Member in 2009 when his injuries started?  Of course you don’t, that’s why I’m here.  He hit a home run the day before he went to the DL.  Then returned and hit a homer in his 2nd game back.  Then variations of bupkis for two years, so don’t overrate his homer in his first game back.  It’s nice and all but if you think he’s back for good, you’re only fooling yourself.  And when you’re fooling yourself, you make a fool out of ING, or whatever that cliche is.

Carlos Santana – 1-for-4 with his 2nd homer as he bats .196.  Might be a day late and a dollar short for this, but, even though I wasn’t a huge fan of Supernatural in the preseason, he’s only going to get better.  I.e., Buy low.  (BTW, Santana’s been crizzap, Choo is batting .214 and Sizemore just returned to the lineup, yet the Indians are 11-4.  Quick, someone wake up the Comatose Indians Fan.)

Travis Hafner – 2-for-3 and his 4th homer.  I don’t buy a resurgence here.  If you pick him up, you’re getting Pronk’d.

Fausto Carmona – 7 IP, 1 ER, 6 baserunners, 5 Ks.  Control-Alt-Ignore.

Jhoulys Chacin – Complete game shutout on Friday.  I kinda love Chacin and his 150-point-in-Scrabble first name.  To misquote the most overrated group of all-time, don’t hide your love of Chacin away.

Roy Oswalt – Good news from the Oswalt camp, which is group of twelve guys who look like Ralph from Survivor living in the Ozarks without running water, he should make his next start.

Charlie Morton – Sonavabench!  Complete game on Friday with the only blemish being Jay Bruce’s homer.  Double sonavabench!  It’s raining sonavabenches!  Someone make the sonavabenches stop.  Please!

Andrew McCutchen – 3-for-3 with his 3rd homer.  I said in the preseason that The Dread Pirate was Crawford two rounds later.  Luckily, he’s been nothing like Crawford.

Jose Tabata – I’ll take a coffee with three creamers, tomahto juice, but I don’t want just any tomahto juice, I want Mr and Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary mix and, finally, a slam and legs.  Thank you.

Edinson Volquez – 5 2/3 IP, 6 ER, 11 baserunners, 6 Ks with four first inning runs.  Seriously, have Cordero start Edinson’s games.

Jay Bruce – 4-for-5 yesterday and his 2nd homer since I told you on Friday to buy him.

Jonny Gomes – Yesterday, hit his 6th homer, third this weekend and a lot more homers than that other guy you have on your team.  Yeah, him.  And him too.

Phil Hughes – In what I believe is our first case of the Disgraceful List this year.  You gotta be pretty terrible to get put on the Disgraceful List this quickly.  Let’s see what I said in January about Hughes, “Know when I’m going to draft Phil Hughes?  After he’s traded away from the Yankees.  Nothing personal.  He just had the 2nd worst fly ball rate in the majors and he plays in The House They Built Next To The House That Ruth Built.  Just can’t draft that headache.”  And that’s me copying and pasting me!  So who you blaming for drafting Hughes?  You ain’t blaming me.  Blame that Best Buy salesman that knew nothing about the TV you wanted to purchase.  Blame the barista that left no room for milk.  Blame your 7th grade teacher for making you stay after and saying that you and him had chemistry.  Just don’t blame me.  Know who else you can’t blame?  Rudy.  He put him on his risky pitcher list.  If you drafted Hughes, to quote the airplane version of one of the best movies of all time, Menace II Society, “You done messed up. You know that, right?”  To quote the TV-edited version of yourself, “I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS MONKEY FIGHTIN’ HUGHES!”

Chad Billingsley – 8 IP, 0 ER, 4 baserunners, 11 Ks.  I really needed this start from Bills on so many teams.  I love you, Bills.  Write back soon!

Ryan Franklin – 4th blown save and has an ERA of 11.57.  Can’t spell Franklin without FAIL.  La Russa should replace Franklin with Motte or Mitchell Boggs, CPA.  Probably in reverse order.  Now whether La Russa does this is anyone’s guess.  On Saturday, La Russa said, Franklin is our closer and now excuse me while I go feed my scarf.

Andres Torres – To the DL.  In a day when I feel the need to bathe myself in my prescience, here’s what I said about Torres in January, “On one hand, you want to believe Torres’ 2010 was fluke.  On the other hand, you think he can repeat.  On a third hand that is actually just a foot wearing a mitten, you don’t know what to make of Torres’ last year.  I hear you, loyal Razzball reader.  It’s a pickle, I tell ya.  Here’s my take, Torres has 10+ homer power and 25+ steal speed but he’s also injury prone.  It’s one of the reasons why he’s so old and just now bursting on the scene.  I’d pay for Torres as a fourth outfielder, then pray he stays healthy.”  And that’s me stroking me!  Yeah, Torres didn’t stay healthy and there’s no guarantee he will when he returns.  That’s his problem…And yours if you drafted him.

Barry Zito – Headed to the DL.  That’s a baked Zito.

Brandon Belt – Andrew Baggarly, the San Jose Mercury reporter that sounds like a Charles Dickens character, thinks Belt has until April 26th to do something.  With Belt’s talent, I’m willing to hold him for another week plus to see if he can get comfortable in the majors.  Loosen up, Belt!

Alex Rodriguez – Scratched on Sunday due to back tightness.  See, I usually do that for back itchiness.

Jake Peavy – Will return in about a week and a half.  If he’s unowned in your league, pick him up and then pray to your deity of choice he stays healthy.

Michael Pineda – 6 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 5 Ks.  Now has a 2.33 ERA.  Guess I should’ve went with him instead of F-Her.  Sweet.

Dallas Braden – Has a shoulder issue and thinks he’ll miss his next start.  I look forward to not seeing that.

Frank Francisco – Will return on Tuesday, but it sounds like Frank2 won’t get the job back immediately.  We saw Frank2 not get the closer job back immediately last year and he never got it back.  I’d hold Rauch and Francisco for now.

Johnny Damon – His bruised finger is very sore.  Sounds like he might be throwing a *pinkie to mouth* splint finger.

Starlin Castro – 7 for his last 9.  I lurve him.

Jair Jurrjens – 7 IP, 0 ER, 3 baserunners, 4 Ks on Saturday.  Meesa tinks Jar-Jar pitched well.  Meesa does not anticipate that’s foreshadowing for future performance.

Tommy Hanson – 5 IP, 3 ER, 7 baserunners, 9 Ks.  I’m such a K whore I’d take one of these Hanson starts over two of his 7 IP, 2 ER, 3 K ones.

Jason Heyward – 2-for-4, his 4th homer and he batted 2nd while McLouth phoned 2008 to find out where his talent went.

Yovani Gallardo – 5 1/3 IP, 7 ER, 10 baserunners, 5 Ks.  I’m not gonna freak out unless his next start is poor, as well.  Now let me go cry into a pint of Clusterfluff ice cream.

Carl Crawford – 0-for-4, batting .127 with 3 runs and 1 RBI on the year.  After the game, he burned over your wedding video with a sex tape of your sister, just to make his season stats seem better by comparison.

  1. Virinder says:

    Should I still hold onto Volquez?? Will he ever figure out his first inning woes?? Or, is it time to start cautiously worrying??

  2. Ray says:

    …did you just call the Beatles overrated?

  3. Tony tone says:

    God damn I can’t believe someone dropped Pineda in my keeper and I was unable to grab him. Anyway, i just traded Oswalt/Weiters for Danks/Mauer, and for a keeper Mauer is worth more than Oswalt right? Is Danks worth hanging on to, or would I be better off with Narv or Colby Lewis?

  4. Scott says:

    Hellickson or Zimmermann?

  5. Casey Blake's Beard says:

    Hi Grey,

    10 team 6×6 with OBP and QS.

    I was able to trade for Bruce and Sale, only had to give up J Vazquez and Downs, but I also had to drop Trumbo in the process because Downs had come off the DL. I immediately dropped Sale for Capps, but I’m feeling queasy about no 1B backup for Fielder. I’ve got good SBs already in Dread Pirate, Tabata, Krispie, Aviles, Elvis.

    Do I drop Hafner/Hill/Gardner/D Espinosa/Farnsworth/Burnett for any of the following?

    Trumbo, Cuddyer, Adam LaRoche, Luke Scott, Moreland, Freeman, Dan Johnson, Robot, Wigginton, LaPorta, Wallace, DLee?

    Gomes also still available.

    Much obliged.

  6. WDE05 says:

    Peavy is on waivers in my league. Who would you guys drop in to pick him up? The back of my rotation is Beachy, Holland, Narveson, and Harang. I guess I’d feel the best about dropping Beachy given his 2 bad starts in a row, but he’s getting lots of Ks so I was planning to hold him through his next start @LAD on tuesday.

  7. Chinaski says:

    Hey Grey,

    Adam Jones is killing me. I am losing patience with this guy and his terrible plate discipline. Should i drop him for Boesch and pray for him to keep this up? I love Seth Smith (yes i am a Rockies homer), the kid has a smooth swing but he has injured his groin…what do you think? Smith or Boesch for Jones? Or just staying put?


  8. Yo Momma So Uggla says:

    I’d like to see Eduardo ‘ Obscenely Filthy’ Sanchez get a shot at closing duties.
    His line this past week: 3 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 8 K’s.
    Yes, 9 recorded outs….. 8 K’s. Or, to put it more obscenely, 24 K’s/9. I know, beware the small sample size

  9. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Grey –

    Start the inscrutable Bruce Chen today? Seems like nice matchup.

    Thanks for pushing Tabata as well as urging all to eschew Hughes.

    Clusterfluff! Responsible for about 10 extra pounds of pure fat.

    That’s all

  10. AL KOHOLIC says:

    casey blakes beard,grab gomes,

  11. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Well, Grey, I guess you’re smarter than me (oh wait, information already in the public domain.)

    The Cards had scored 8 or more in 6 straight games. Billingsley had given up 12 runs in 14 innings.


    Anyways, just a reminder: the 1st game today is 11 am ET/8 PT. (3 am in Auckland?)

  12. AL KOHOLIC says:

    GREY-i feel that Uehara will be the closer in balt. soon and that capps will be a messy closer that looses his job back to nathan by the all star break,do you see uehara as a better closer at years end

  13. Rico says:

    Billingsley @ Cubs or De la Rosa home SF?

  14. Malacoda says:

    Where is love for R Martin and the hate for P Alvarez? M Kemp with a walk off? Broxton flirting with disaster? This was like eating a rice cake.

  15. AL KOHOLIC says:

    tony,yeah,your probably right,as grey says,saves is saves,plus a guy with higher waiver just grabbed him,thanks

  16. Buge Hoobs says:

    With Grady coming off the DL, I only have room for one:
    Abreu, Ibanez, Damon, Boesch, Crls.Lee
    (a combo of my BN, WW and FA)

  17. Steve says:

    Grey, slowly I get Volquezphobia. Can you give me any medicament to lessen my problem? I’m thinking about the medicine called Zimmermann. McClellan isn’t an illness yet, but I could drop him too.

  18. chubby says:

    Jeminez comes of the DL tomorrow, who gets the axe:
    Colby Lewis, Ryan Franklin, League, Norris (not Chuck, ever)?

  19. Eddy says:

    I’m surprised Beckett hasn’t been mentioned.

    What should we make out of his last two starts?

  20. Tony says:

    is there anyone starting Liriano today? I’m benching him so you can almost pencil in a beautiful performance….

  21. Jack the Ripper says:

    Grey – I can’t do the set it and forget it thing with Napoli anymore…not after 7 AB’s last week. My options are: Wilson Ramos, Ramon Hernandez, Hanigan, Treanor, Pierzynski, Thole, Yadier and Yorvit….Who should I go with?


  22. Jack the Ripper says:

    jaso just got dropped, too…another option

  23. mwgris says:

    At what point is it worth it to accept a trade for Jeter? Someone has offered me Jeter for either Broxton or Chris Perez.. is it worth it to trade away a solid RP (I also have Kimbrel, Fuentes, Aardsma..) for what was (in my league) a 6th round pick? Thanks for the advice.

  24. Wilsonian says:

    2 Questions for the Razzball world today:

    1) Got offered Castro/Quentin for Andrus/Krispie. Al Koholic talked me out of it, but I want to know your thoughts. IF I did the deal, my OF/UTIL/Bench would look like this:

    OF – CarGo, Kemp, Bruce; UTIL – Tabata, Gordon; Bench – Berkman, Quentin

    2) Do you still think I should drop Napoli in my 8 Team league? Soto, Wieters, and the usual collection of random catchers that are hitting surprisingly well, are available. Still go with Wieters, or does Soto take the spot?

  25. Dusty says:

    Grey – can’t say I agree with your take on Hafner…as a Tribe fan and having watched Pronk his whole Cleveland career, his swing and mannerisms are back to the way they were in 2006. Now I’m not saying 40/120, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 30/100 happens. He is crushing the ball almost every time he hits it; he rarely pulled the ball well the last couple years. He finally looks healthy again and his bat speed is back up.

  26. Ned Shakeshaft says:

    A female friend and I were watching TV in the break room at work when an ad for “Frankie and Johnny” came on, describing it as a “tragicomedy.” She asked me what a tragicomedy was. I told her that it was funny and sad all rolled up into one. Like how Jarrod Dyson is 0 for 5 on the season yet is the 5th most valuable batter on my AL-only squad. She said she had to go brush her teeth or something.

  27. Jack the Ripper says:

    Just got offered Wandy for my Garza…Wandy was quite a bit higher in your rankings…still hold true? Garza is racking up the K’s (25 in 18 ip), but Wandy had a fantastic 2nd half last year..

  28. Howard says:

    @Grey Would you start Liriano at Tampa Bay?

  29. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : I know you’re not high on Sizemore right now but I need to get him off my DL. Would you lose D. Murphy or A. Lind for him or throw him back to FA?

  30. Knee Jerk says:

    Too soon to drop Lilly or Dempster for a young upside pitcher? If not, which one would you cut bait on?

  31. dirt says:

    Do you like me trading Miguel Cabrera for Dunn and Crawford …I don’t really like doing two for ones but this is hard to pass up..who wins this trade??

  32. dirt says:

    Do you like me trading Miguel Cabrera for Dunn and Crawford …I don’t really like doing two for ones but this is hard to pass up..who wins this trade?? Strikes outs don’t count for hitters in out league

  33. Looks like Dyson has released a new model, the “Jarrod”. It’s guaranteed to pick up every stolen base in its path while leaving .000 batting average behind! I know SAGNOF and all, but this thing is SAGNOForBA… it’s unheard of!

  34. IgnatiusJReilly says:

    Grey-10 team h2h 8×8 keeper league:someone just dropped Elvis Andrus.I have Rollins as my only SS.

    I have a solid team and the only player I can bring myself to drop is Carlos Pena.HR’s are especially valuable in this league-w/ TB’s and all-and I still expect Pena to put up strong power numbers this yr,but I already have prince and Sandoval for 1B,and at such a shallow position like SS I cant pass up Elvis….can I?

    anyway,is there anything about Elvis’ awful start that worries you going forward?

  35. Ol' Wes says:


    I’m starting to get impatient with Ian Desmond. Drop him for Starlin?

  36. Bryan says:

    @Grey (BTW, I was quick enough to get Capps, which was huge score after missing out on Walden last week)…anyways to my big question:
    This was offered to me in my 10-team total pts scored mixed league…should I do it?
    I give up Joe Mauer, K-Rod, and Matt Capps for Shin-Soo Choo, Clay Bucholtz and peter moylan
    So this is pretty much 3 for 2…I know…I would drop Moylan. My thoughts…Mauer is on DL now, and no one is really sure what is wrong w/ him…will this affect all season? Lots of ? marks with him (I have Montero to play catcher now, and he’s been pretty good). K-Rod is good, but hasn’t been getting the opportunities and capps just took over (looked goo today, but if he falters, will nathan get job back?). I have 3 other active closers in broxton and burnett (well 2.5 with franklin)…I also used waiver wire and got Aardsma last night, so I am very deep w/ closers. I feel like I could get more than what I am getting. 1) should I do this trade? 2) if not, then should I counter and give him Burnett or franklin instead of capps? 3) he also has Latos, would you do this initial offer with Latos instead of Bucholtz?


  37. hideousmutants says:

    Got a good problem of too many closers

    Boggs (potential closer)

    Since most of my closers are of the Brain Freeze variety, and I can’t sustain this number of RPs without getting killed in Ks and Ws, I want to trade a bunch to one guy for a solid SP. What tier of pitcher do you think I can aim for if I offer something like Perez, Contreras, Fuentes?

    is Lester too high to shoot for? (it is an RCL league)


  38. Bryan says:

    @ OL Wes….

    grab Castro ASAP…if he is available, get him now! He will be a top 5 SS this yr…

  39. SwaggerJackers says:

    Time to set the weekly lineups:

    Pick 3 (Wins count):
    Dempster: LAD
    Edwin Jackson: @TB, @DET
    Liriano: @BAL, CLE
    Beachy: @LAD, @SF
    D. Hudson @CIN

    Pick 2 (Quality Starts instead of Wins):
    Dempster LAD
    Edwin Jackson: @TB, @DET
    Zimm @StL

    Thanks G!

  40. Wire says:

    Start A-Rod this week or Bloomquist as a replacement?

  41. Bilbo 4 Baggers says:

    Start Kendrick (vs. C.J. Wilson) or Lowrie (vs. R. Romero) at 2B today?

  42. Bryan says:

    Tough call w/ who you got to pitch…I have Liriano, and I am giving him 1 more chance before he sits my bench for a while (or until he proves he can pitch well again).
    So, I would go with Jackson, Liriano and Beachy …. then Jackson & ZImmerman


  43. Eddie says:

    I predict that Crawford will be hitting .000 by May 1st.

  44. Knee Jerk says:

    Too early to drop Lilly or Dempster for a young upside pitcher? If not, which one would you cut bait on?

  45. Vince says:

    In my 12 team, H2H league with shallow lineups (3 OF and no MI and CI) I’ve got Raburn at 2B. Would you drop him and pick up Espinosa?

  46. Alex says:

    – Any help is appreciated —

    Basic 5×5 league. Got offered Phillips/Gallardo/J.Upton for Beckham/McCutchen/Teixeira:

    – Currently been playing Teixeira at UTIL and his replacement if I did this trade would be Pablo Sandoval (or Alex Gordon).
    – My SP isn’t too bad (Felix, Hanson, Morrow, Edwin Jackson, Travis Wood, Bumgarner) but past the top 3/4 there is a big drop

    Would you do this deal if you were me and start one of Sandoval/Gordon at UTIL?

  47. Bilbo 4 Baggers says:

    Start Kendrick (vs. C.J. Wilson) or Lowrie (vs. Romero) at 2B today?

  48. Big Nate says:

    Is there any concern that Crawford is NOT a fantastic buy-low right now?

  49. Mr. Rickey says:

    5X5 10 Team Roto – My starters:

    Jered Weaver
    Tim Hudson

    Would you drop Volquez or Beachy for either Narveson or Travis Wood – if so, which one to drop/take.

  50. Long Bawls says:

    Chris Young to the DL! Well, there’s a first time for everything. In this case, a first time to be sent to the DL for the 9th time.

  51. Charles says:

    Zambrano v SD or E Rogers v SF? I’m leaning Zambrano since Lincecum is starting for SF today.

    And would you drop either Thornton or Farnsworth for CAPPS?


  52. Myyyyyyy Kuroda says:

    Thanks for dropping the knowledge guys! Relishing in the Pineda and Tabata glow so far this season. What is you stance on C. Pena? He was autodrafted for me when I stepped away from the draft. I haven’t started him once in a 14-team H2H league. AVG and K’s count in this league-C/1b/ss/2b/3b/4 OF/2 UTIL I have a bunch of pitching-but want to add to UTIL spot. Do I hang on for the hopes of HR or grab Gomes/David Murphy/Willingham/Helton? Special thanks mustached one!

  53. ujoh says:

    I’m going to continue starting Volquez. As the weather gets nicer, he won’t be so cold starting games and his first inning woes will become a thing of the past.

    I’d trade for him if I didn’t have him. It’s APRIL. Some people can’t seem to understand just how long a baseball season is. He’s worth the number of Ks he gets at the very minimum.

  54. Drop Nathan for Boggs?

    Drop Nathan for Anybody? Is he worth holding on too?

  55. Bryan says:

    @Charles…get Capps…drop Thorton or farmsworth…probably drop thorton 1st

  56. ujoh says:

    The two most expensive players that went during our auction draft were Longoria and Hanley. Yes, both more than Pujols. Both of them were taken by me.

    How long until I can justify murder? Am I at grand theft yet?

  57. Markm says:

    Liriano gets one last chance for me. I mean two last chances. But I’m not diggin’ the whole “pitch to contact” thing with that defense behind him…..

  58. mindicohn says:

    Which 2 start SP do I go with this week :
    Liriasshole- @Bal, cle
    Zamfucko- sd and lad
    yes that’s something im actually debating and this is regular roto.

  59. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so what’s the inside word on dee gordon? any chance at all he gets the call? i picked him up when i lost furcal and he’s eating a bench spot up while i’m hoping orlando cabrera can maintain better than nothing production.

  60. AB says:

    Come on Grey, youre better than that. Frank^2 isnt the same as Frank x 2. You gotta FOIL that shiz!

    Whos starting Edwin Jackson tonight against Price?

  61. Wake Up says:

    Most overrated group of all time! Yes, you truly are a genius!

  62. Could use another starting pitcher. Here are a few SP on the waiver wire: Wandy, Edinson Volquez or Bumgarner.

  63. papasmurf says:

    I would have picked up Gomes (as no one else rosterable even in a 16 team other than him) when Torres got hurt, except stupid Giants have him day to day and I had no one to drop. By the time he finally got DL’ed and I had a spot, Gomes was long gone.

    Gomes is kind of like a right handed Luke Scott… For stretches he is dang good, for others… not so much.

  64. Myyyyyyy Kuroda says:

    thanks Al Ko. Have gomes on the short list – waiting for waivers to pass.

    AB- I am going with Edwin tonight in my $$ league. If he blows up I have Weaver/J. Johnson/Hamels/Cahill to bring the numbers back down.

  65. Fletch says:

    @Grey: I have Ogando and Walden as my 2 RP. Would you drop either one for Contreras, Capps or Farnsworth…which one?

  66. John says:

    Is it time to drop Vazquez? or would you hold him over guys like Mccarthy, norris, rogers, and lecure?

    Also Drop Snider for Gomes?

  67. Fletch says:

    “To misquote the most overrated group of all-time, don’t hide your love of Chacin away.”

    A band called the Grateful Dead already owns “the most overrated group of all-time” label.

    My new comp is called Exile on Grey Street.

  68. Wake Up says:

    F. Liriano Career Stats:

    April 5.23 / 1.47
    May 4.75 / 1.51
    June 3.27 / 1.10

  69. michael bourne says:

    Where was the Ellsbury love? Just counting numbers he is better than AGon. Love the stache.
    Ps I am not worried about Gallardo yet.

  70. Morning Grey.
    Gutsy call on the Beatles. Gotta love the White album no?

    Anyways, I know it’s early…but Sarlin Castro has looked AMAZING. I think he finishes as a top 5-6 S/S this year. Thoughts?

  71. @AB: Last time Jackson pitched in Tampa it was a no-no I believe. I’m starting Jackson with confidence…especially with Damon’s finger smashed up.

  72. MattW says:

    @Grey/Poon Tycoon/Al Kaholic: Are any of the following high K/BB ratio pitchers worth taking a flyer on given their strong starts, I’d be losing Narveson, but he will probably float on the wire until I want him back…


  73. MR says:

    For what it’s worth…Hafner’s swing is back. I follow the Tribe closely and while it’s hard to argue that Hafner wasn’t juicing back in his All-Star days, his lack of production the last two years was injury-related, not being-awful-related. His shoulder was basically hanging off of his body and he couldn’t get his swing around to hit anything inside. Now he’s turning on those inside pitches and crushing them.

    His arm will probably fall off at some point, but there’s no reason to not pick him up if you have an open util spot. He’s going to give you better production then a lot of these schmo’s Grey is recommending (until he gets hurt of course…but then you can easily drop him).

  74. Most overrated bands of all-time:
    1. Sex Pistols
    2. Journey
    3. Dave Mathews Band

  75. anon says:

    I was offered Raburn for Rauch.. My 2B is Herrera. Big enough upgrade or just hang onto the saves?

  76. Captain Yesterday says:

    I hastily benched Alvarez for Rolen this week due to the stupid early start of the Boston-Toronto game. Who starts a game at 11 am eastern on a Monday? Anyway, good move?

  77. Stophe says:

    Hoping that a gimpy oblique might put fear in my league’s ARod owner.

    In a 6×6 league that counts holds, is Casey McGehee, Gio Gonz and Rafael Soriano too much to offer? Naturally this would also have the added benefit of opening up some roster spots. And maybe the prospect of some popcorn from Cameron. Thanks.

  78. ujoh says:

    Nothing is more subjective than music, and yet people love to argue about it to the point where they get offended if someone doesn’t agree with their tastes.

    Never made any sense to me.

  79. kc says:

    Snider is just dropped in my league. Do I take Snider over Murphy?

  80. MD says:

    Just talked to a fantasy sports writer who is based out of Minn and heavily follows the Twins: I asked him:

    “what’s your take on Nathan losing the closers role? you think he still get saves on the season? or is this now the Matt Capps era in minnesotta?”

    He replied:
    “I think it was the right decision at the time, but it’s still a very fluid situation. I don’t see either one of them as an every-chance closer, I think Nathan still gets some opportunities.”

    So take that as you will, honestly, who knows what is going to happen.

    Here’s another closer question for Grey
    Since Ryan Franklin blows donkeys for toast scraps, i am looking to replace him (or atleast handcuff him). I’m not buying into Boggs or Motte though, what do you know about Eduardo Sanchez? I know he is the future, but do you think they’ll let him have it this early, or is boggs the temporary solution?

  81. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    @Grey/anybody — So should I drop Luke Scott and replace him with Jonny Gomes for one of my Utility spots? Play the hot hand, rights

  82. Rodger-Dodger says:

    @ Chinaski: I like Adam Jones… you have to be patient with him… actually, I like him a LOT! I’d drop Seth Smith for Jones, myself. I’m feeling 50/50 on Boesch. If he produces he’ll start 89%-90% of games, if he falls into another slump like last year, that’ll drop to 70%-75% and not for the better. For what it’s worth, I happily roster both Jones and Boesch in my standard, 12-team league.

    @ various peeps: I’m running Liriano out there today vs. Bal. A big-ol’ Thank-You to Tony for taking one for the Razzball team today! I sonavabenched Scott Baker on Saturday, so I think today’s our Liriano payback… unless that’s what Billingsly performance was written-for… uh-oh.

  83. Alejandro says:

    @ Grey

    Are you going to continue to start Volquez? Would you drop him for De La Rosa today?

  84. OF says:


    Who do you like for ROS in 5×5 Roto?

    Kemp or AGonzalez?


  85. Fletch says:

    Now that I think about it, it’s probably the whole “Deadhead” scene that is overrated than the actual band itself.

    Now go put on your Lou Reed Transformer album and turn the first song “Vicious” to full volume! Or better yet, “Tommy Gun” by the Clash.

  86. Ben b says:

    someone offered me crawford for victorino + jose contreras. do it?

  87. mike from jersey says:

    I t hink its entirely possible gallardo is/ was overrrated. I had him in my keeper, but dealt him for incredible value (when greinke was hurt I dealt for greinke, de la rosa, westbrook. In a pitching heavy points league, its a BIG haul. He hasgreat stuff but looking at his stats he has never really had a fantasy ace worthy season. There is huge potential which gets him drafted way too high. He may just be a 15 win, 3.60 era type. Which isvery good especially with the k-rates. But for fantasy he’s more of a low end #2 as opposed to an ace.

  88. Chili Davis Con Carne says:

    Thoughs on Cueto? Is he worth holding onto until he comes off the DL while guys like DLR, Ogando, Narveson, McClellan, Shields, and Vazquez are sitting on the wire?

  89. Bazzrall says:

    Start Stauffer at Wrigley? And would you own Beachy over Stauffer normally?

  90. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Time to give up on Bumgarner? I could grab Morton but that is about the level of player available. I’m figuring it makes sense to stay put but between him, Kennedy, and Volquez my ratios are absolute trash.

  91. KarlJ. says:

    So I went ahead with the Posey for Pence deal to upgrade my mediocre OF but I expanded the deal to Posey/Gardner for Pence/Tabata.

  92. Sort of feel the same way on Jairr Jurr, just refuse to use that annoying verbage. However, in a shallow league might you consider him over Bedard (or wait 1 more start) or maybe Beachy (despite also being an admitted K whore)? Thanks.

  93. Sort of feel the same way on Jairr Jurr, just refuse to use that annoying verbage; you shameless fellow you However, in a shallow league might you consider him over Bedard (or wait 1 more start) or maybe Beachy (despite also being an admitted K whore)? Thanks.

  94. BSA says:

    Geez tracking the Sawx/Blue Jays today. Talk about two players on the same team hitting two different size bsaeballs. Lowrie acts like it is a proverbial beachball from the bleachers and Crawford is acting like it is stickball in the Southend. Geez!! How big are the boos now that he left them loaded and just popped up leaving Lowrie to be DPed by Tek. Ugh!

  95. bravo says:

    Grey or anybody else that wants to chime in,

    Do you have a general strategy for starting or benching pitchers?

  96. Alex says:


    I think my other comment got buried

    In a Basic 5×5 league. Got offered Phillips/Gallardo/J.Upton for Beckham/McCutchen/Teixeira:

    – Currently been playing Teixeira at UTIL and his replacement if I did this trade would be Pablo Sandoval (or Alex Gordon).
    – My SP isn’t too bad (Felix, Hanson, Morrow, Edwin Jackson, Travis Wood, Bumgarner) but past the top 3/4 there is a big drop

    Would you do this deal if you were me and start one of Sandoval/Gordon at UTIL?

  97. HangingChad says:

    Loaded in OF (Braun, Kemp, J Upton, Tabata, A Gordon)
    Thought I had a good staff (Gallardo, Liriano, Billingsley, D Hudson, Cahill, Floyd, Stauffer). Now panicking for obvious reasons.

    1. Trade Tabata for Beckett?
    2. Trade J Upton for Kershaw?
    3. Sit tight

  98. Sort of have the same feelings on JairJurr, just refuse to use that annoying verbage; you shameless fellow you. However, in a shallow league, might you consider him over Bedard [or wait 1 more start for Eric to get going (or hurt)] or maybe Beachy (despite also being an admitted K whore)? Thanks!

  99. Exactly says:

    Grey, thinking about selling high on Gio before he decides to walk 20 guys next time out, and pairing him with a closer for a better SP:

    So what do you think of Gio + Walden for Greinke? Or do you believe in Gio?


  100. Mike says:


    What are your thoughts on Jed Lowrie? He has been starting over Scutaro lately, and seems to be hitting well. Do you think he takes over the full time gig? I have Jeter who is killing me. Thanks!

  101. Holy smokes! Real sorry for the duplication.

  102. Pooch says:

    Hey Grey,

    Since I know you own these guys on at least one team, are you starting any of these guys this week?

    Anderson Vs. Boston
    Kennedy @ Cincy
    Hudson @ Cincy

  103. nyydj2 says:

    and Lowrie goes deep again for a 2 run jobber, 3 for 3 now today!

  104. Dr Hocker says:

    Yup the Beatles are overrated. So is sex.

  105. joe from point pleasant says:


    Start Doug Fister home vs a slumping Detroit offense?

  106. Howie says:

    @Grey: With Kuo on the DL I am contemplating replacing him (there is something about his injury/age/fragility? which worries me once he comes back such that it might be best to cut the cord now).

    As such, and with WHIP and ERA most critical to my pitching 4×4 Roto fate this season (I loaded up on relievers and am very strong in saves–probably too strong– and weak in wins– although perhaps adding a starter would not make an appreciable difference in this category by season-end).

    So, in that context, would you add Romo, Boggs (intriguing with the ongoing Franklin rapid deterioration ), someone else (of the WHIP/ERA meister variety) or… go off the board with the available-in-my-league Jhoulys Chacin? Does the risk of Chacin already peaking from an ERA/WHIP perspective this season outweigh the chance he continues his mastery (and offer a few wins along the way)– compared to a middle reliever/closer with high cred from an WHIP/ERA perspective (although I don’t believe Boggs has yet earned that)?

    So what is the answer to my short story long?

  107. Martin says:

    @grey- should i pick up jed lowire and drop ryan raburn? or should i stand pat?

  108. Nomar Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Where’s the Jed Lowrie love?? I’m in 10 team leagues (unfortunately) and i’ve picked him up across the board. He’s killing it today as well, his 2B/SS eligibility is huge.

    And Jed is 75% of Jedi. That should count for something.

  109. herschel says:

    @Grey: incredible Menace II Society reference. also, Vazquez was just dropped in my league. worth a stash (would drop m. byrd)?

    anybody wanna cheeseburger??

  110. royce! says:

    The Beatles’ BABIP and LOB% was entirely unsustainable.

  111. royce! says:


  112. nyydj2 says:

    Lowrie now 4 for 4 with 2 runs, a jack and 4 RBI, today.

  113. royce! says:

    This sums up the year so far for my 14 team h2h: my opponent this week started Dice-K. Can’t catch a break!

  114. AdamH says:

    Drop Vazquez or Dempster for Wandy?

  115. Chinaski says:

    @Grey and everybody else: Freese or Alvarez at 3rd?

  116. Wilsonian says:

    I know you said yesterday to not take Espinosa over Beckham…however, does your thinking change when it comes to an 8 Team league? Beckham is 2 for his last 22 and not doing anything. Would this be a similar situation to Napoli and just try out the “hotter” hand and possibly pick Beckham back up in a little bit?

  117. Commish Cauda says:

    deep 16-team, mixed, H2H-Points League (start 1 catcher)

    Trade Morneau & G. Soto FOR Upton?

    -Smoak becomes my everyday 1B
    -Could pick up Alex Avila or Y. Molina to replace Soto.

  118. Salty Balty says:

    Granderson making like Ron Jeremy and going straight for the 2 hole. Do you think he stays there? I was thinking about using him to trade for a 1B, but could see him putting up huge numbers hitting 2nd.

  119. Mark says:

    I know you’re pretty down on him after a handful of rough starts, but you buying Jon Niese for this week’s two start slate? He draws arguably the NL’s two weakest offenses (Houston and Arizona), both at Metco, and all his predictive stats thus far are either in line or better than last year while his luck based stats are jacked up (.320ish BABIP, 56 LOB%, 14% HR/FB). The strikeouts are basically the same (K/9 is up a tad but mostly because he’s faced so many extra hitters with the inflated luck stats, K/TBF is virtually identical with last year) while the walks are down and grounders up. Seems like a great waiver pickup this week in deeper mixed leagues, weekly leagues, and H2H leagues with a weekly transaction cap.

  120. Exactly says:

    Grey, what do you think about dropping Raburn for Lowrie in a 12 team mixed?

  121. Commish Cauda says:


    deep 16-team, mixed, H2H-Points League (start 1 catcher)

    Trade Morneau & G. Soto FOR Justin Upton?

    -Smoak becomes my everyday 1B
    -Could pick up Ramos, Alex Avila or Y. Molina to replace Soto.

  122. Hi Grey — I dropped Jose Lopez with Sizemore coming off the DL and now I’ve got an open DL spot. I like to use that spot to stash someone for down the line (unless one of my starters gets injured). In my 20-team root league, the options worth mentioning are Furcal, Duchscherer, and Tommy Hunter. Any of those choices make you go hmmmm…?

  123. Ozzie says:

    Bumgarner a buy low for a keeper league? Think he has arm fatigue from last year and is rendered useless this year?

  124. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    Would you own Lowrie over Y.Escobar or Espinosa or both yet?

  125. Also, how do you handicap the Redbirds’ closer situation? How long do you think Franklin holds onto the job? And is Boogs, Motte, Batista, and Sanchez the right order for picking up the would-be closer? I’ve seen arguments for all of the first three ending up with the job.

  126. Chinaski says:


    maybe i should explain a little bit. I own Longoria aswell as Zimmerman but they both are out. I also own Alvarez and Freese and feel like its time to add Jed Lowrie so i think i have to drop one of them to get Lowrie. At the end of the day, i think i have to get rid of both (Alvarez and Freese) once Zim and Longoria come back. I just thought until that happens, Freese could be the better option as Alvarez is ice cold and is ruining my AVG. on regular basis. What do you think? Still Alvarez over Freese?

  127. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ha,good news for crawford owners,he goes 1 for 5 and raises his average,he might end up at 270 instead of 300 this year but if he goes 100-70 and 40 sb,s you still got what you bought

  128. Bazzrall says:

    So would you drop Stauffer for Boggs/Batista at this point?

  129. Jet says:

    I’ve got T. Hanson, Hamels, C. Lee, T. Wood, J. Shields, Kuroda, Cueto (DL), Matusz (DL) and Scherzer. I could use a closer, would you even consider trading Scherzer for Kimbrel? And great work, this site is awesome.

  130. Chinaski says:

    Thanks for taking time Grey

  131. RollieFingered says:

    in a 5×5 h2h league

    i have valverde, bell, cordero for closers

    Do i drop either volquez, narveson, or neither and pick up farnsworth or boggs?

    also Ted Lilly is available, do i drop on of them and pick him up instead of a closer?

  132. jaw says:

    Grey, thoughts on this trade? 10 team H2H 5×5 keeper league. Dollar values are cost to keep next year

    Mike Stanton ($28)
    Huston Street ($10)

    for my
    Brett Anderson ($12)
    Danny Espinosa ($10)
    Joel Hanrahan ($10)

    Roster below
    1b- morneau
    util-alex gordon
    bench-jon herrera

    sp-brett anderson


  133. abe says:

    the guy who owns crawford is trying to get rid of him in my league. in a vacuum what kind of player would you package with victorino for him? would you do the trade if it was victorino + a decent starter or closer (zimmerman, travis wood, contreras, etc.)?

  134. Joel says:

    Grey: I’ve been offered Gomes and Orlando Cabrera for Berkman and Jose Lopez in my 6×6 h2h league. I have to do that, right?

  135. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    Bumgarner hit 96 on the gun a couple times yesterday, not sure if he has arm fatigue at the moment. I’m with Grey when it comes to worrying about his workload last season, though.

  136. Benny says:

    Grey – is Liriano just plain old sucking, or is there some light in the way of fancy peripheral statistics?

  137. nick m. says:

    Drop Zobrist for Lowrie?

  138. Nuke LaDouche says:

    anybody starting Marcum today?

  139. nick m. says:

    How about dropping Asdrubal for Lowrie?

  140. ujoh says:

    Would you trade ELo for a top 5 SP if Gordon is your backup 3B? Or is it just April and Gordon is still the anti-Christ?

    Hitters: Soto, Howard, Espinosa, Gordon, Hanley, Kemp, Stanton, Victorino, Berkman, Gardner (BN), Longoria (DL)

    Pitchers: Lester, Hamels, Volquez, Jackson, Norris, Narveson, Harang, Gregg, Farnsworth, Rauch

  141. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Have any other users noticed the site loading super slow lately? Can’t figure out if it’s my computer or the site getting bogged down these days.

  142. GTS says:

    Start Beachy @ LA in 10 team H2H?

  143. AL KOHOLIC says:

    gomes or grady,who you want rest of the year?

  144. BS says:

    Too soon to drop Raburn for Lowrie?

  145. Wilsonian says:

    Mike Leake arrested at a Macy’s in Ohio for trying to walk out with over $60 in T-shirts. He makes roughly $425k a year.

  146. AL KOHOLIC says:

    josh left his crackhead ghost behind,and he found a soul

  147. Chinaski says:

    Grey would you start Ervin Santana against Texas? He owned them last season but i am a little hesitant this time. I have penciled him in but if you have a good reason to justify benching him, let me know.


  148. Black Beard says:

    Ten team league with deep benches. Rollins at SS. Drop any of the following for Lowrie:

    Narveson, Belt, Gardner, or Alvarez?

  149. Martin says:

    @grey- Narveson or Holland for my league that counts W, L, k/bb and the other regular stats

  150. Tom says:

    Hey Grey

    So i have lowrie – I dont know if i should be sitting him or playing him instead of alexi ram or brandon phil.

    Im guessing keep him on the bench or trade him while people are high on him – thoughts?

  151. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Maybe thats the problem. I was using a 1950s supercomputer, but then I was informed that 1950s supercomputers are actually just huge calculators. I’ll look into getting one of those fancy computers that you can draw stick figures on and make them kiss like in Revenge of the Nerds.

  152. agarthered says:

    Grey not a mention of Masterson’s gem on friday? I have narv and am willing to give him a few more games, unless its worth dropping him for Masterson (dont like that he’s in al either, but whats up with cleveland right now!)

  153. agarthered says:

    Sounds good, don’t know about starting him at philli though.

  154. Russ says:

    Beatles overrated? You’re out of your element. Stick with fantasy baseball, unscripted tv, and keeping your true identity hidden.

  155. Derek in Utah says:

    I am hoping Boggs is still avail when I get off work.

    AND….I’m praying to my deity of choice that Hanson starts turning it around.

  156. charlie batch says:

    Tyson Ross – strikeout potential? Whats his brief overview

  157. cubbies299 says:

    Would you trade Kuroda for Aramis? My rotation is Greinke/Haren/Scherzer/Hanson/Gio/Gavin/Kennedy/Kuroda/Ervin and my starting 3B is AGordon right now. I like Agord, but it’d be nice to pair him like a nice wine with Aramis.

  158. dan rydell says:

    grey, love the site, covet the stache.

    would you deal mark reynolds for carlos santana?

    10 team mixed league with 19 freakin’ catchers owned. 6 categories with OPS. i own alex avila.

  159. Derek in Utah says:

    you absolutely need to make that trade. The only worry is that Aramis will get injured (again); but cross that bridge when you come to it.

  160. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Drop Raburn for Trumbone?

  161. blaster says:

    someone just dropped Bumgarner in a keeper league that i am in. I know he seems to be having issues right now but do you think it is worth dropping one of the following guys and burning #1 waiver priority to pick him up? I also have Cueto coming back of the DL soon. So would you lose two of them to make room for Bumgarner and Cueto?

    tim stauffer
    esmil rogers
    brandon mccarthy
    jonathan niese

  162. GTS says:

    Capps or Contreras?

  163. CutoffCabrera says:

    Alright razzballers and Grey, 2 questions (that may sound redundant and stupid, but I’m so surprised I just need to hear it from someone else to believe it. 16 team H2H mixed points league, a guy is offering Zobrist for C. Young the pitcher. 1. Automatic, right? I will say pitching in this league is SCARCE, but Zobrist is like 95% owned!?!? 2. I have Prado, and Utley, who seems to be on a May return timeline. I’m week in the OF…..Are Prado and Zobrist legitimate sources of production from OF even in a league this deep? Should I feel confortable putting them in at OF and just riding it out? My OF starting next week-Gordon, Hart, Coughlan and DH between Willingham/Maybin…….

  164. GTS says:

    Looks like Sands called up and is batting 7th. Some guy grabbed him before me…

  165. CutoffCabrera says:

    @CutoffCabrera- weak, not week

  166. Mark says:

    Hey Grey, would you grab Jerry Sands in favor of Brandon Belt at this point?

  167. Eddy says:

    Manged to snag Sands in my RCL.


  168. Eddy says:

    And I swear to god, if they do a piece on him tonight I’m going to murder that entire crew.

  169. Mark says:


    Yeah saw that, guess its gonna be a waiver order staring contest in just about every active deepish league.

  170. AL KOHOLIC says:

    just grabbed sands in all 3 leagues,hope he lives up to it

  171. Eddy says:


    Does this mean the earliest Sands will be added [to Yahoo!] will be tomorrow morning, once the day elapses?

  172. nyydj2 says:

    Morneau still out of the lineup tonight for the Minnesota Mono’s with the flu. Mauer out with weakness. Starting to get a whole new contorted sense of the true meaning behind the “M & M Boys”.

  173. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Sorry, I’m dumb, but who is this Sands fellow that everyone is going gaga over?

  174. Mark says:


    Not sure when he’ll be added but he’ll but put on waivers once he is.

  175. AL KOHOLIC says:

    another hit for fuld,making my coco pick look bad,and i have an outfield of stanton,bruce,kemp,cruz and ellsbury,and elsbury is tied for 2nd most hr,s,great but start running

  176. the sands of time says:

    GREY which one would you want to trade OFF for a sp,going to pair him up with ogando and uehara for a top sp and a secure closer,stanton,bruce or sizemore?should i be thinking lee or latos

  177. Hennessey says:

    Rios or Morrison?

  178. Wilsonian says:

    Sale, Boggs, Motte, Santos? Pick one…

  179. the sands of time says:

    ill see your volquez 1st inning with travis wood and edwin jackson 1st inning collapses,damn wood

  180. Wilsonian says:

    Zobrist seems to have found his stroke again. What do you think about him or Espinosa in my 8 Teamer?

  181. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Sorry…I have to vent. F * * K!!!! E. Jax, Wood and Marcum have a combined -10 pts for me in the early going.

  182. That guy says:

    6×6 league where quality SPs are heavily valued. Standard pitching categories + quality starts. I have a lot of great outfielders (Braun, Heyward, J. Upton, Pence, Tabata, C. Young, and Sizemore on the DL). I am sorely in need of a top end SP.

    Do I trade J. Upton for Kershaw? (I’d be starting pence in place of Upton)

  183. That guy says:

    oh yeah, we also have an innings cap.

  184. herschel says:

    i know everyone hates cbs, but they never have any issues with call-ups, free agents, minor leaguers, etc….cust kayin.

  185. Hennessey says:

    Drop Crisp or Francisco for Sands?

  186. blaster says:

    so based on this team would you burn #1 waiver priority for madison bumgarner or jerry sands in a 12 team H2H keeper league? I’m assuming I will only be able to get one of them.

    C Chris Iannetta
    1B Justin Morneau
    2B Ian Kinsler
    SS Elvis Andrus
    3B Alex Rodriguez
    OF Chris Young
    OF Jose Tabata
    OF Mike Stanton
    Util Mark Reynolds
    Util Pablo Sandoval
    Ben David Murphy
    Ben Ryan Raburn
    Ben Omar Infante
    DL Josh Hamilton

    SP Jon Lester
    SP David Price
    RP Huston Street
    RP Brandon Lyon
    P Kevin Gregg
    P Brian Fuentes
    P Jordan Zimmermann
    P Brandon Beachy
    P Tim Stauffer
    P Brandon McCarthy
    P Esmil Rogers
    P Jon Niese
    DL Johnny Cueto

  187. jongenes says:

    Pick 2:

    Bumgarner, Norris, Sands, Belt

  188. Black Beard says:

    Lots of talk about Belt getting sent down tomorrow (he’s not even in the lineup tonight), which will leave me with an open roster spot. Who would you pick up (no specific needs):

    Gomes, Lowrie, or Herrera.

  189. Trick dad says:

    Anyone watching liriano pitch? Hows he looking, fastball speed?

  190. nyydj2 says:

    Edwina Jackshit is blowing chunks against a totally scrub Tampa lineup.

  191. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Dump E-Jax for Coke, Zimmermann, McCarthy or Duensing?

    Who do like out of those 4 pitchers anyways?

  192. Fletch says:

    Dump Beckham for Lowrie or Kendrick…or just sit tight?

  193. Trick dad says:

    @Mark- good to know, thanks!

  194. the sands of time says:

    grey-hanrahan or chris perez,thinking hanny for the extra k,s,your thoughts

  195. Wilson's Beard says:

    Drop Snider for Pena?

  196. Mrobs says:

    just got offered Markakis for my Liriano…. take it?

  197. Swagger Jackers says:

    5 walks and 2 Ks for Liriano. NOT. GOOD.

  198. Joel says:

    Grey: 6×6 H2h — for the rest of the season would you rather have Choo or J Up?

  199. DURB says:

    Grey, do you like Wieters or Russell Martin going forward?

  200. Bryan says:


    Is this a good trade for me to accept…
    Giving Mauer, K-Rod and Carlos Pena
    Getting Choo, Moylan and Clay Bucholtz

    I of course will drop Moylan, so the deal is pretty much a 3 for 2 (but honestly I am ready to drop Pena anyways…so what you think?


  201. the sands of time says:

    hoping for a whitesox save situation to solve the closer puzzle,thornton pitched a meaningless inning giving up a run tonight

  202. Chunk says:

    Beachy or Mcdonald?

  203. jay says:

    I’ve been hoarding closers in my league, I have 5 plus aardmsa in a 10 team league. Should I offer a closer for a decent sp like Zimmermann or hold out to package them for something bigger. My sp does need help

  204. the sands of time says:

    greg blows a save in baltimore,do i here uehara?i hope

  205. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    did Crawford really do that?? hehe

  206. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    oh and..

    Is it the norm for Marky Mark Reynolds to have slow starts? Obviously he’s gonna have a low BA all year but 1 HR so far?

  207. the sands of time says:

    gregs wasnt really a blown save or loss,they were down by 1,he then gave up 2 more,hopefully the same results come from another stinky outing

  208. AL KOHOLIC says:

    chapman feeling better 106 mph a new record against mcutchen

  209. Mrobs says:

    anybody want to weigh in on a Liriano for Markakis trade?

  210. Swagger Jackers says:

    @Grey: Drop Coco for Sands?

  211. 12-Team, 7×7 (K, OPS & QS K/9), Roto

    Looks like Belt will be leaving my UTIL slot for the minors any day now, and I’m not confident that my current BE warmer, Ian Stewart, is ready for the promotion to the starting lineup quite yet. I’m considering Boesch, Patterson, Betemit… reckon any of them are worth the three clicks for a Free Agent pickup, or just bleh, blech, belch?

  212. AL KOHOLIC says:

    thank you grey,i been putting you to more work than normal while the ankle heals,its great to have you and this site around to kill my days.emotion(but im not sure if its for you and razzball or for sands)

  213. knighttown says:

    Jsut trying to upgrade my bench strength. Drop either Pagan, Raburn, Escobar or Kennedy for Sands or Aardsma?

  214. Hennessey says:

    If you had Longoria on the DL, would you trade Wright/McCann/Gio for Kemp/Santana/Schmohawk-who-you-plan-to-drop-in-favor-of-better-pitcher-on-the-waiver-wire-but-wanted-to-make-the-other-owner-think-he’s-getting-a-better-deal-by-including-his-scrub-pitcher (HAPPens to be J.A. in this case)?

  215. knighttown says:

    Also thinking of targeting a buy low guy with Johnny Gomes, the number 8 ranked player in fantasy BB. First off, is he anymore than a #5 OF?

    If I can get any of Choo, Gallardo, Zimmerman, Dunn, Uggla, Morneau do I do it?

  216. Carl says:

    Which side wins (H2H, OBP instead of avg):

    Bruce/Castro for Stanton/A.Jones/Liriano?

    Many thanks

  217. Dad says:

    Sands doubles to start his career. Very pedestrian – I expected better. ;)

    And to think, on only his 2nd day in the majors, Sands will face Beachy in LA. I wonder if Pauly Shore will be there.

  218. Bryan says:

    @ Grey…
    The new deal has him wanting Pena instead of Capps…still good to take this, or sit tight?

  219. Black Beard says:

    Choo and Liriano for Bruce and Haren?

  220. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Carlos Pena or Wandy?

  221. Black Beard says:

    Kemp just hit a blast to left…for an out. Homeruns on deck. Big season in the hole.

  222. Colin says:

    Anyone know what the eff is wrong with fatass Broxton? I just LOOOOVE when my closers come in a non save situation and get rocked. Why do perfect innings elude this jackass?

  223. elwood blues says:

    in an NL-only 4×4 12-team league..
    I have Rasmus, Victorino, Krispie, Torres, as my top 4 OFs..

    Would Torres for Heisey be such a bad idea?

    I know I would be giving up a full-timer for a platoon player(for now) and some potential steals, but Torres has such a bad wheel.. I worry if he’ll steal like he did last year.
    Would avg.. hrs and rbis, even out?

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