With sixteen weeks in the books we have made it to the end of this contest’s regular season. For all but sixteen of you, thanks for playing, but your time in this contest is over. Who are these sixteen survivors? Well, according to the rules, in order to be eligible for the playoffs you need to win a weekly contest or finish in the top three in the overall standings. And for those of you math nerds that are about to race to the comment section to tell me that sixteen weeks of contests plus three from the overall standings equals nineteen, slow your roll. The reason we only have sixteen in the playoffs is because we had two people win twice and one of the top three won a week.

Before I announce the sweet sixteen I need to share the results of weeks 15 and 16. Week 15 was our shortened, three-day week after the All-Star break. Anthony Rendon led the charge that week with 32 points, including three home runs. The winner of the contest was Smallwine, who also won back in week 8. Thanks to Anthony Rendon, Travis Shaw and Josh Reddick he scored 38 points. Have yourself a large wine and enjoy. El Famous Burrito finished second with 34 points. In week 16 Jonathan Schoop was the top scorer totaling 44 points. The winner of our final weekly contest was LenFuego with 75 points. LenFuego’s batters were Andrew McCutchen, Mike Moustakas and Giancarlo Stanton. B. Rabbit finished in second place with 68 points.

Here are the sixteen weekly winners…

Chris Montgomery (70)
Trevor (80)
Euroalien (90)
Denhusk (138)
Cannot spell wrong without Ron (81)
DonSlaughtOnslaught (57)
Peter guigli (77)
Smallwine (71)
Fungazi (90)
Mickey (79)
Foul Balls (78)
Foul Balls (84)*
jesusc97 (65)
Smallwine (38)*
LenFuego (75)

*  Denotes repeat winner

All of these contestants will be moving on to the playoff round. They will be accompanied by the top three from the overall standings. Here are the final regular season standings.

Contestant Score
LenFuego 809
Manley Ramirez 806
Thor da Man 792
You Know Nothing, J.T. Snow 786
Euroalien 761
The Great Knoche 750
B. Rabbit 740
Foul balls 740
Smallwine 722
Robert Leiker 712
malamoney 710
Mickey 706
Trevor 702
Water 662
MattH 635
El Famous Burrito 623
The Padre 620
King Homer 608
Icalltails 596
Fungazi 594

Congratulations to everyone that is moving on and thank you to everyone else that participated in this contest.

Here are the rules for the playoffs.

  1. The playoffs will last five (5) weeks. The contestant with the most points after those five weeks will be declared the Hey Batter champion.
  2. All of the players you picked over the past 16 weeks are now eligible to be picked again. You have a clean slate.
  3. The same rules as the regular season apply. Once you pick a player, you cannot pick that player again in a subsequent playoff week. Doing so will result in zero points for said player.
  4. You cannot pick an Unpickable unless your name is LenFuego. By finishing in the top spot of the overall standings he has earned the right to pick the Unpickables. However, he can only pick one per week. If he picks more than one, only the one with the lowest point total will count. Anyone else that picks an Unpickable will get zero points for said Unpickable.
  5. A card laid is a card played. This means that you cannot change your picks for any reason (exception in rule #6).
  6. In the last week of the playoffs (week 5), you only pick two players. Here’s the kicker. You cannot pick a player that anyone else has picked that week even if you haven’t picked that player yet in the playoffs. You will be able to change your pick if you accidentally pick a player that has been picked by another, but you must do so before the deadline. I will let you know if you need to select a different player in response to your comment.

That’s it. Pretty simple. For the most part at least.

The scoring system that will be used for this contest is as follows:

1B(+1), 2B(+2), 3B(+3), HR(+4), RBI(+1), R(+1), SO(-1), BB(+1), SB(+1), CS(-1)

The Unpickables – Do not pick these players unless you are LenFuego!!!

Mike Trout
Mookie Betts
Jose Altuve
Nolan Arenado
Paul Goldschmidt
Anthony Rizzo
Bryce Harper
Charlie Blackmon
Kris Bryant
Josh Donaldson
Manny Machado
Joey Votto
Miguel Cabrera

The contest closes on Monday at 1pm EST!!!

If you are not in the playoffs please refrain from picking players in the comments section. This will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Now let’s pick some hitters!

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Congrats to all 16 of you!

  2. jack florida says:

    nice job all the qualifiers

  3. Smallwine says:

    Damn, this was fun! Maddening at times but fun, thanks for the brain power putting this together.

  4. Foul balls says:

    Good luck to everyone, my three choices are JTurner, MMoustakas,KDavis

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Foul balls: You’re locked in!

  5. denhusk says:

    Parra, Merrifield, Hosmer

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @denhusk: All set.

  6. Assy says:

    What happened to actual points league posts? :/

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Assy: I’m working on one now. Any topic requests? Please be sure to keep it assy!

  7. Cannot spell wrong without Ron says:

    Hosmer, Nick Williams and Odubel Herrera

  8. Smallwine says:

    DJ LaMahieu
    Freddy Freeman
    Giancarlo Stanton

  9. Fungazi says:

    Reynolds, Story, Schoop

  10. Trevor says:

    G Parra
    A Benintendi
    S Choo

  11. Jesusc97 says:

    Hello, J. Turner, E. Nuñez and S. Souza.


  12. LenFuego says:

    Jose Altuve
    Mike Moustakas
    Jonathan Schoop

    • LenFuego says:

      @LenFuego: Good luck to everyone – this has been a really fun contest.

  13. Thor da Man says:

    Conforto, Parra, Reynolds

  14. Manley Ramirez says:

    Parra, Herrera, Moustakas

  15. G Parra, J Bruce and C Hernadez

  16. O. Herrera parra and c. Hernadez

  17. Mickey says:

    Here we go!

    Robinson Cano
    Francisco Lindor
    Eric Hosmer

  18. Euroalien says:

    Mike Moustakas
    Eric Hosmer
    Jonathan Schoop

  19. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Good luck everyone!

  20. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    Sorry man, I haven’t been active the last couple weeks, and the invite email went to my spam folder. Good luck to everyone; sorry a more active owner couldn’t a spot in the round of 16.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @DonSlaughtOnslaught: You can alway start next week. You’ll be a week behind, but you never know…

      • DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

        @malamoney: cool, will do. A true underdog story.

  21. LenFuego says:

    Are we supposed to put playoff week 2 picks here, or is another post coming? It is already Sunday and I am overseas on vacation for the next two weeks (in a different time zone too), so limited ability to check for new posts.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @LenFuego: The post comes out today.

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