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Hello, new readers who found us from Googling the title!  You probably weren’t expecting a fantasy baseball site.  Don’t let that stop you.  We’re an equal opportunity offender.  And if the title didn’t interest you, how about Giants to add Bum to ‘Cum topped staff?  Hello, our newest readers that didn’t find us due to the title, but did find us due to that last sentence!  You probably will be offended.  But say the title was, “Giants ‘Cum Led Staff Points To Bum Insertion.” Now if you found us due to that hypothetical title.  Well, ahoy there!  Don’t even get me started on Filthy Sanchez.  All right, a detailed Madison Bumgarner outlook can be found where it says, “Madison Bumgarner outlook.”  Bumgarner is risky, but in the NL West and with his stuff, worth a look in deep mixed and NL-Only leagues.  In keepers, pursue him aggressively.  So far this year, he has a 47:20 K:BB ratio and a 3.13 ERA in 69 innings.  I’d definitely take a flyer (is it flier?) in certain mixed leagues where I needed the upside.  Still, there’s a bunch of arms I’d want over him.  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Brett Cecil – Besides having a name of a 70’s British pinup, Brett Cecil has a 0.99 WHIP and decent Ks.  Sure, the matchups are terrible, but there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be owned in every league.  For what it’s Wuertz, Cecil has appeared in three Buy columns dating back to April.  Watch out, deaf ears, something’s falling!

Felipe Paulino – Sometimes his pitching looks like Ronnie Paulino, while Ronnie’s doing a number two.  In NL-Only and deep mixed leagues, I’d grab Paulino for his Ks and not much else.  But Ks are Ks are Ks, says the letter L prematurely.

Brad Lincoln – Another NL-Only and/or keeper guy.  Oh, and next time you want to make a splash, Lincoln, don’t follow Strasburg.  You’re welcome!

Jason Hammel – I wouldn’t start him at home just yet.  Not worth the agita.  Last year on the road, a 3.13 ERA.  He credits his road success to an Entertainment Coupon Book that allows him to get all the best deals no matter what city he’s in.  And not having to pitch in Coors.  Yeah, that too.

Jon Niese – Just went over him.  Scroll or click.  Scrolling could help you lose 17 calories.

Alfredo Simon – Juan Schmoil says he wants Simon to be the closer.  Granted, he’s probably never seen him actually pitch.  Nevertheless!

David Hernandez – SAGNOF!  Oh, and should you own two O’s closers?  It’s not ideal, but I am on a few teams until the shituation shakes out.  Just think how fun it can be when the O’s don’t win for a week then they finally get a save opp and the bullpen gives up 5 earned in a third of an inning.  Fantasy baseball, this IS my outlet!

John Axford – He is currently the closer.  Man, I wish I was in a league where he was still available.  Like 65% of ESPN leagues.

Brad Lidge – Owned in only 86% of ESPN leagues.  So 14% of ESPN leagues are owned by Philly fans.

Carlos Santana – Just went over him too.  Don’t believe me?  Click here.

Jack Cust – Three True Outcome player:  strikes out, homers from your bench, homers from waivers.

Jose Tabata – I just went over him.  You did?  Hmm… I must’ve been fertilizing in FarmVille. Thanks for heads up, Random Italicized Voice.  You can find Jose Tabata fantasy info at that link-a-ma-jig.

Andres Torres – I’ve probably been remiss by not talking about him, but he’s still only owned in 20% of ESPN leagues, so there’s still time.  Torres has 11 steals in 168 ABs while batting around .300.  He’s old as dog balls but he’s currently hitting.

Neil Walker – Walker is hitting for average and should get Runs out of the two hole like me after Taco Bell.

Sean Rodriguez – He’s a 25 homer, .240 average guy, in the best case scenario, but he’s currently hitting, so there’s that.

Reid Brignac – Actually having a better season than Sean Rodriguez, but hitting .211 over the last 7 games so there’s that, the sequel.


Mike Stanton – BUT YOU JUST TOLD US TO BUY HIM!  I know, Mr. Caps, let me explain.  OKAY, KEEP IT SHORT, THE COPS ARE KNOCKING ON THE DOOR.  *calling off*  ONE SECOND!  I’m praying Stanton hits a few homers this weekend and his value goes even higher than it already is.  Right now, Stanton’s the hottest thing since the bread Strasburg sliced.  His hype is way above his value.  What’s Stanton going to give you?  The same as Carlos Lee?  That’s the best case scenario.  I think you can get Carlos Lee and a donkeycorn in a trade of Stanton.  Don’t trade Stanton for a bag of creamed corn.  Mostly because creamed corn should not be in a bag.  Ever.

Buster Posey – I am such a hater, ain’t I?  I’m gonna drop a double caveat on you.  I wouldn’t trade Stanton or Posey in keeper leagues.  In one year leagues, Posey’s tradeable if there’s guys like Soto, Montero, Suzuki, etc. on your waivers.  He’s not really that much better than any of those other guys, especially “etc.”  That guy can mollywhop!

Nick Markakis – This guy’s taking the career path of Garrett Atkins.  I’m not quite to the point where I’d drop Markakis, but if you can get anything at all for him, I’d go for it.  Really, what’s he going to give you?  20 homers and 7 steals?  I just popped a zit in the mirror and it read, “Yeah, so?”

  1. royce! says:

    The alternate title is really amazing.

  2. royce! says:

    Laughed so hard I had to comment before realizing there was yet another, also amazing, alternate title.

    Santana’s likely to get some starts at 1B as well as C, says some other site.

  3. Van Hammersly says:

    Pursue Bumgarner or Medlen more aggressively in a keeper league?

  4. Eddy says:

    Ha! Those titles are priceless Grey, you’re one dirty guy and that’s why we love you

    And, well, you kind of help us win our leagues but that’s minimal….


  5. Jangles says:

    Freaking great column to wrap up an excellent week! BUT should I drop Posey for Carlos Santana? have a great weekend

  6. Joe B says:

    I have to drop one of these SP in my 5X5 H2H league. Who faces the guillotine?

    R Dempster , E Santana, or I Kennedy

  7. Back to Minors says:

    One of the best write ups I’ve read. Hilarious.

  8. vinko says:

    Now that’s some funny shizz! 14 team, drop Wigginton, Desmond, or Headley for Hammel?

  9. Seequinn says:

    @Grey: Unless the Nats mess with the rotation, looks like The Stryborg will face Carlos Santana, Jason Heyward and Mike Stanton in the next month. We’re betting on who gets the better of him, if any. I say Heyward, because he’ll have corrected what’s slowing him now by then, but there is a lot of love for Massive Mike.

  10. Howard says:

    @Grey Too funny!!! This morning I offered up Stanton AND Posey for Crawford. No go, but I’ll keep trying! Thanks for the humour Grey!

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Back to Minors: Thanks!

    @vinko: Desmond…

    @Seequinn: Heyward seems like the safe bet. I’ll go with Carlos. Stanton will K at least 3 times.

  12. Black Beard says:

    Grey, if you found yourself in a ten team, 7 keeper (must keep a pitcher) league, would you consider holding on to Stanton or Posey or is that too shallow?

  13. Ali says:

    the Taco Bell reference was just unnecessary Grey!

  14. Art Vandelay says:

    Which do you prefer: Kennedy, Ely, or A. Sanchez?

  15. uncdrew says:

    One league-mate dropped R. Martin and added C. Santana. I wish I had the bench slot to add Martin just to hose him when Santana doesn’t play much and/or doesn’t play well.

    Like how in football I might add 5 Defenses one week just so my opponent has to choose between the Rams, Browns and Lions because his DEF is on a bye-week.

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Art Vandelay: Kennedy…

    @uncdrew: Yeah, martin’s terrible. I probably would’ve done the same thing.

  17. Seequinn says:

    @Grey: Agree. Mid-July is when the big guy turns Mr Hyde and everyone regrets trading their second outfielder away. Another debate we are having (my keeper league can generate 200+ emails on a given day if there is good fantasy baseball discussion to be had): how would you rank those guys on a draft board in 3 years? I think how they are now: Heyward, Stanton, Santana seems reasonable but Carlos’s owner is making the Joe Mauer case (to inflate his value for a trade)

  18. Wilsonian says:

    Are we sitting Anibal tonight at the Rays?

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Seequinn: In three years, I think I’ll be looking at them like this. Heyward’s the no-brainer first guy of those three, Stanton is a 35 homer OF and Carlos Santana is a 20+ homer catcher, which is puntable, so I’d draft Stanton 2nd. Ask your friend how well the 1st/2nd round Mauer pick has done this year while others are rocking Barajas.

    @Wilsonian: I would.

    EDIT: Word.

  20. xopchipili says:

    @Grey After getting shot down left and right, I finally managed to offload Markakis for Manny Corpas last night. If I’ve got my math right, a Corpas > a corpse.

  21. JR! says:

    Cust write-up is a stone-cold classic.

  22. Tom Emanski says:

    “Neil Walker – Walker is hitting for average and should get Runs out of the two hole like me after Taco Bell.”

    Hahahahaha classic!

  23. Seequinn says:

    @Grey: He kept him (7 keepers, both leagues) so the price wasn’t as steep. I ended up keeping McCann and letting Broxton go back into the draft…so that has caused testicular soreness.

  24. BabyBeluga says:

    Any read on Smoak’s value?
    I have Jeter, J.Lopez, Chone Figgins and Rollins(DL) – so could move one of these in my 12 team, 6×6 (OPS/holds).

    Could get Smoak for Figgins? Even consider this…?

  25. Seequinn says:

    @Grey: He’s a season away from becoming my Klesko

  26. Tom Emanski says:

    I was THIS close to dropping Santana last night after I heard about the August callup rumors. Now it’s Quentin that’s On Notice for me.

  27. thepizzaman says:

    Taco bell’s crunch wrap supreme is heavenly

  28. GopherDay says:

    I’m in a league that counts Ks for hitters, and the guy one spot ahead of me in Ks has Stanton. I’m hoping he puts up terrifi”K” numbers from here on out and I can pass up the guy ahead of me.

  29. GopherDay says:

    @thepizzaman: Says the pizza man!!

  30. Tom Emanski says:

    By the way Grey, you spelled Nik Markakis wrong.

  31. Adam says:

    Drop Seth Smith and/or Adam Jones for Marlon Byrd, Drew Stubbs, Angel Pagan, Luke Scott, Jose Guillen, Hideki Matsui, Kubel or hold? I’m leaning towards holding Smith until his homestand ends after this weekend and then losing him for Byrd, good call?

  32. @Grey: Fantastic column. My wife was seriously offended when I read the Neil Walker entry out loud. “You men and your bowel movements…”

    Do you like Paulino for 2 @K.C & home vs. Texas over Cahill @ Cubs next week? I’m outnumbered in starts, but my opponent has lousy pitchers. I figure I should win ratios but perhaps lose counting stats.

    Probably still lose the counting game even with Paulino.

  33. Frank Rizzo says:

    Here’s another one of those really dumb questions…..Currently have Weiters, should I leave him plugged in or make the C Santana pickup?

  34. Hammerhead says:

    Would you start Hudson @ Minn?

  35. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Markakis is giving me what Ryan Sweeney could be giving me, a blahtastic average. And I doubt the RBIs will come because Brian Roberts is likely done.

  36. tHe ShiT says:

    Good shit Grey, especially on the Neil Walker bit…

  37. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Oh yeah, I almost 4got… yesterdays comeback would hv been better if u had said “my little brother is starting a World Cup blog”…

  38. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: One more thing, the guy that beat me 2 Santana has Montero on the DL, and Snyder. But he didn’t drop Snyder but a pitcher instead. Something im missing here or is he a fucken ruhtard?

  39. BSA says:

    Alright Grey – Not only do I look forward to the morning round ups but I especially love the buy/sells for two reasons.
    1. The one liners
    2. The fact that each week I seem to do pretty well purchasing during the week and getting some good buys before my leaguemates get there(those RCL guys are quick on the trigger)

    Thing is – can’t really work a trade you mention because everyone is reading your thoughts so the league makes you get REAL creative or pay very close attention to the waiver wire as you might as well drop someone because there ain’t no deals in the RCL Original Recipe.
    I am still working on the stats of the FIP but maybe by the end of the season I will get there and love those columns also.

  40. BSA says:

    @tHe ShiT: no problem with the F word or implication – the R word gives ME more agita than PEavy’s inability to maintain a 2 nothing lead after 1 inning.

  41. @Grey: Getting desperate on the trade front trying to dump Hill & Q. Offered both for Butler, Cargo and Nolasco in separate trades. I’m about to do something ugly. Offer both for MMD. That’d allow me the spot to pick up Damon. Sounds crazy, but I’d do anything to get some value for those two bums.

    News worthy:
    Carlos Beltran went 3-5 with a HR while playing CF in an extended spring training game.

    Smoove Da Hustla will be batting third for the Tribe tonight.

  42. tHe ShiT says:

    @BSA: Sorry dude, didnt mean any offense…

  43. Probable Party Starter says:

    SF Chron (crappy source, but decent enough for Giants info) says he’s not getting the nod. Who’s less wrong?

  44. El Famous Burrito says:


    9 team shallow ROTO

    Keep Scott Baker

    or pickup either Anibel Sanchez or Brett Cecil?

    Thanks, oh and damn that Peavy!!! *shakes fist at cloud*

  45. BSA says:

    @tHe ShiT: I know that is why I sugar coated. No worries.

    @El Famous Burrito: I am shaking my fist with ya.

  46. Probable Party Starter says:

    There’s also talk of the start going to Joe Martinez (instead of Mad Baum). At least that’s what McCovey Chronicles is selling.

  47. Bring Back Pluto says:

    How the hell do you flirt with the idea of not bringing up a decent defensive catcher who, when you do make the call, bats THIRD in your shitty line-up?

  48. Howard says:

    @Grey Would you own Slowey over Ervin or is it tomato/tomahto?

  49. Hi Grey (or anyone else), in a very deep one-keep roto league, how would you rank these three deals

    A: Latos + Aviles for Hanson
    B: Ely + Aviles for Kershaw
    C: Ely + Aviles for Vasquez

    (The other manager just lost JJ Hardy and is starting Valbuena at SS, so Aviles is actually a catalyst for the deal)

  50. nickpuntoblows says:

    @Grey Love the site. Funniest stuff out there. I always have to explain to my girlfriend the random bursts of laughter.

    On a side note I was offered this trade in my 12 team mixed H2H.
    Give Ian Kinsler/Ryan Zimmerman
    Get Alex Rodriguez/ Cole Hamels/ Ellsbury and Miguel Olivo

    Do you think Kinsler will ever return to form? He sure sucks when not hitting at home. Nice if he would steal some again.

  51. @Bring Back Pluto: Seriously. I understand wanting to save money, but you get to a point where it’s just shooting yourself in the foot. He’s 24 and been catching for 3 years. They even brought in Sandy Alomar to mentor him. Enough is enough. Time to sell some tickets n’ stuff.

    @Grey: Masterson next week against the Mets and Bucs or Cahill @ Cubs?

  52. pjtres says:

    grey, should i make these moves in my league or hold tight?

    drop my napoli for santana?

    drop my o-cab for yunel?

    drop my storen for delmon young?

    Thank you. Very funny man you are.

  53. BSA says:

    Just what Papi needs today Moyer + Fenway = slump break out.

    FYI to those with rookie nookie like me Tabata is not in the starting lineup Friday.

  54. TJ says:

    Been getting nothing out of my 2b slot lately between Gordon Beckham and Alberto Callaspo.

    Is it worth dumping Callaspo for Neil Walker?

  55. @3FingersBrown: Between these two Carloses (Carlosi) showing some life, this is the best news I’ve had this year since Lady Sizemore finally broke his knee and became dumpable.

    Oh please oh please oh please let Beltran give some value in the second half. I don’t ask for much.

  56. Eric says:

    Grey, I want to have your babies!!!!

  57. royce! says:

    Is it bad fantasy baseball manners to send out multiple trade offers involving the same player? I never do, and I think my reluctance might be unnecessary.

  58. cashmoney says:

    Kinsler is killing me…would u deal him for mauer and dotel? I have Kelly Johnson to play 2b

  59. BSA says:

    So the question out of Boston is: How strong is Beltre? The second outfielder to collide with him goes down with fractured ribs.

  60. El Famous Burrito says:

    @BSA: They need to teach him how to ice skate, and loan him to The Bruins.

    We need another two-sport athlete like Deion and Bo.

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BabyBeluga: Eh

    @Seequinn: Ha

    @Tom Emanski: I spelled it wrong? Huh? Where?

    @thepizzaman: Hehe

    @GopherDay: Ha

    @Adam: Smith for Byrd, but I like Smith at home more.

    @3FingersBrown: Thanks! Paulino, though he is riskier.

    @Frank Rizzo: Hold

    @Hammerhead: Sure

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: Yup

    @tHe ShiT: Thanks!

    @tHe ShiT: Yeah, bad move. Yup, World Cup is better.

    @BSA: Thanks!

    @3FingersBrown: Crazy, a Beltran sighting.

    @Probable Party Starter: Who’s not? Bumgarner? Oh. Still needs to be grabbed now in NL-Only and keepers if you want him.

    @El Famous Burrito: Cecil

    @Bring Back Pluto: So true.

    @Howard: Tomatoes, but Slowey.

    @Enrique: B

    @nickpuntoblows: Thanks! I’d want the Zimmerman side.

    @3FingersBrown: Masterson, but you know how he do.

    @pjtres: Thanks! No, Yunel, Young…

    @BSA: Ugh

    @TJ: Sure

    @Eric: And I want babies.

    @royce!: Nah, I just sent a trade offer giving Santana to six different teams.

    @cashmoney: I’d take Mauer.

    @BSA: Ha

  62. @royce!: I do it all the time, and I usually mention that in the offer. Sometimes it spurs other managers into action (I never claim I’m making multiple offers if I’m not). I don’t think you necessarily have to tell everyone about the multiple offers, but I don’t think it’s incorrect to do it.

  63. @Baron Von Vulturewins: Ha! I hope Hill and/or Quentin go down. That would be splendid. Life would be so joyous without them.

    How sick is this game we play. I’m a lifelong met fan but all I’m worried about is Pagan’s playing time. Hope they do the right thing and bench Frenchy. I see a platoon. Pagan’s weaker against lefties and Beltran will need plenty of beauty rest.

    @royce!: I don’t think so. Sometimes I tell the trade partner about other offers, sometimes I don’t.

  64. BSA says:

    So Quentin comes in with a bang.

  65. @Grey: Of the offers in my previous question — Latos/Aviles for Hanson; Ely/Aviles for Kershaw; Ely/Aviles for Vasquez — are there any that I definitely SHOULDN’T make?

  66. Kazmere says:

    Big Q HR!

  67. Wilsonian says:

    This might be a bit far off, but I have two guys that look like they’re about to come off the DL in Cruz and DLR. But I’m wondering if attempting to package a couple of guys between here and there might be a better idea instead of the outright drop. Here’s my lineup:

    VMart, Glaus, Utley, Longo, Andrus, Kemp, B-UP, CarGo, Rasmus, Krispie, Stanton, Wright, Cruz-DL

    Doc, Ubaldo, JJ, Ervin, Weaver, Shields, Verlander, K-Rod, Crapps, Aardsma, Axford, DLR-DL

    In this scenario, who would you look to drop when Nellie and DLR come off the DL? It’s an 8 Team H2H Keeper (keep 5, no draft requirements, but must be either 3 bats or 3 pitchers).


    ***Quentin just hit a pinch-hit HR***

  68. Aaron says:

    When is Mad Bum expected to be called up?

  69. @Grey: True dat. I’m out-started anyway next week. No reason to risk getting WHIPed. I’m going to focus on winning ratios. He has one closer to my 3 +Shutdown Sauce if he gets back, so at least I should take 3/6 pitching categories.

  70. KarlJ. says:

    Just saw that Mets manager Jerry Manuel thinks that Beltran is only a week away

  71. dj says:

    chone figgins was straight up dropped in a 12 team mixxed. do i add him? currently rocking ian stewart and longoria at 2b/3b.

    i’d have to drop ely, clayton richard, randy wells or morrow…

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Enrique: Vazquez…

    @Kazmere: Yeah, unfortunately he wasn’t starting so he just sonavabenched me.

    @Wilsonian: How about Stanton and DLR for an upgrade?

    @Aaron: When I wrote this, I heard today. Then he was suspended for 5 games and now I’m not sure. Maybe in the next week or so.

    @KarlJ.: That’s crazy talk.

    @dj: Lose Wells for him.

  73. Bring Back Pluto says:

    My Posey for his McGehee?

    McGehee would be replacing Theriot
    I have Wieters on the bench

  74. Ha Quentin sonavabenched me with a PH HR. Figures. I just had a moment where I was at peace with cutting Q and Hill, realizing I got their numbers off of waivers in Mcgehee and Hart.

    “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…”

  75. Steve says:

    @Grey: Same here. Damn fool isn’t playing well enough to justify a spot in my lineup and then he goes and does that.

  76. Howard says:

    Oh Mr. Rios, I would have your babies.

  77. @KarlJ.: Wouldn’t surprise me if the Mets were giving false reports about how slow things were going, just so he could come back “early” and bring some excitement to the fan base.

    Y’know as deranged as that team is, I’m thrilled that they play so well at home. At least they’ve given me my money’s worth when I’ve gone to the park.

  78. Steve says:

    @Grey: I’m with you on Rios, too. Where was this for the last two or three years?

  79. Jermo says:

    What up grey, you think i should drop bay for pence? Also alex rios is making you look bad,and making me feel good.

  80. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: Thanks for the idea! We’ve got two DL spots, so Cruz and DLR are both there, so I would, in effect, still have to drop someone even if I made a 2-for-1 deal. However, I think I’m going to look into your idea for the time being…but what kind of quality would you be looking at for something like Stanton/DLR? A Romero type, or something better? Thanks dood…

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: It’s very frustrating.

    @Jermo: Eh, I’d hold Bay.

  82. danimal35 says:

    @ Grey: Thanks for making me look up Gary Glitter!

  83. Kazmere says:

    Bruce vs KC/Hochever or JUpton vs STL/Garcia?

  84. Adam says:

    Will you rank my SP for me for trading purposes? Lester, Carpenter, Verlander, Hughes, Dempster, Nolasco…Which would you most like to trade and what range of hitter should I be targeting? No specific position need, but need R/RBI/AVG help. I’m currently +100 on my innings pace so I need to trade one, although if the Yanks start the “Hughes Rules” plan it will lower that a tad…

  85. Blackhawk says:

    I’m in a H2H league that has OBP & KK/BB. Should I lean more towards a Posey (avg.) or Barajas (power) since 2 categories are essentially average. And are low walk pitchers more important than ERA? Thnxs.

  86. Kazmere says:

    Someone dropped Danks in my 12 team roto. Drop either Slowey or Lilly for him?

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @danimal35: Ha

    @Kazmere: Bruce, but not easy choice.

    @Adam: So trade Hughes then… Go for a #2 outfielder.

    @Kazmere: Slowey…

    @Blackhawk: Posey… Yeah, low walk is good. Depends on other factors though.

  88. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Gotta sit 1:
    KelJo v Jaime Garcia
    Boesch v Ohlendorf
    PacMan v Dickey
    S-Rod v Anibal
    Butler v Arroyo
    Robot v Verlander
    Thx sir!

  89. Dumbmutt says:

    Ahh death to me Santana is batting 3rd! I just wish Posey wasn’t hitting so well right now to make an easier decision to pick up Carlos.

  90. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Thank you, i thought so just wanted ur blessing…

  91. Yankees2010 says:

    Hey Grey,
    The Neil Walker Comment is indeed a classic! A guy in our league continues to offer me Kelly Johnson since he now has Pudroida (that’s what us Yankee fans call him – well at least I do) and Swish for Oswalt and Rasmus. What do you think? I really like Oswalt because the rest of my staff sux!

    By the way, I suggested my wife pick up Cecil (in baseball, not in real life) and she is now very happy. I guess that’s all it takes.

    Thanks Grey and nice job as always.

  92. Steve says:

    For all the whining I do about my players, my 7-year-old daughter just out-homered me in Wii Baseball.

    I’m going to throw at her head next time.

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Yankees2010: Cool, thanks! I’d take the Oswalt side if you need them, the trade’s fair.

    @Steve: That’s hilarious!

  94. Yankees2010 says:

    @Steve: Mine too! She adds on a victory dance to make me feel absolutely pathetic.

  95. Steve says:

    Starting Moyer in Fenway in my H2H league. I am a little trepiditious, to say the least.

    What are the chances he and Papi are roughly the same age?

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: As long as your daughter’s not starting for the Sawx, you’ll be fine. Moyer’s younger.

  97. Steve says:

    @Grey: I feel obligated to roster a player (albeit as a streamer) that was born in the same decade as me.

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Tabata’s like 40…

  99. Steve says:

    @Grey: Could be squeaking onto the next decade there…

    His off-field life is a comedy show, though. Seriously, how did he fall for the whole pregnancy thing? Didn’t he ever look at her?

  100. @Grey: Rate in order of overall goodness for the remainder of the campaign OBP included:
    Damon, Pagan, AJax, Tabata

    Having a hard time dropping Lopez believe it or not. May dump Jackson, although that’s a lateral move SB-wise. The thought of being stuck having to play Hill every day is just too much. I’m figuring Lopez won’t be that much worse than Damon going forward as he gives me flexibility.

  101. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Baby, you see my posturepedic pillow? Wait, what’s that under your shirt?

  102. Tom Emanski says:

    @Grey: Don’t you get the urge to spell it Nik instead of Nick because of the Markakis that follows?

  103. Tom Emanski says:

    I am a proud Tabata Birther! Just show us the birth certificate and we’ll stop shouting!

  104. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I’m really at the end of my rope with Hill. but I don’t have the stones to just drop you see any daylight at the end of this dark tunnel?

  105. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: I don’t really. I thought I saw some daylight last week when he hit in a few games in a row hoping people could flip him at that point.

  106. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I’m better off with an empty spot at 2nd, he’s killing my average

  107. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: Try Gordon Beckham on for size.

  108. big o says:

    early on , it seems BSA was spot on with his assessment of papi v moyer ,
    but , with the way things are going ,
    maybe he faces him only once , tonight .

  109. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: Hill is by far 1st in line to be dropped on the two teams I have him,at least I have Stewart on one of the two to fill his spot, on the other he is my lone 2nd baseman

  110. Dumbmutt says:

    Woot Posey batting 3rd tonight keep stinking the place up Panda!

  111. Eddy says:

    Love that Wright is hitting 3rd tonight!

  112. Fletch says:

    @ Grey – What you think about me trading Nolasco and J. Upton for either Lincecum or Wainwright?

  113. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: It’s okay, if that’s what you need. I’d take Lincecum. Not Wainwright.

  114. Grey

    Grey says:

    I sat Gaby for Beckham because the latter was facing Wells and the former facing Shields. Lesson learned: Wells, Beckham and Shields hate me.

  115. Eddy says:

    I think you have to come up with a term when you’re convinced that all your players are conspiring against you.

  116. barker says:

    shields just shat on my head…

  117. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Damnit got sonovabenched by Robot again. His 2 sb’s this week could hv really helped… not ur fault though Grey, that dude has 2 know when I bench him.

  118. @Grey: With Shutdown Sauce and Cruz coming back do I just grow a pair and finally ditch Quentin and Hill? I don’t think I’m going to get anything for either. It’s hard enough to trade good players in this league. I think it’ll be liberating.

    I have plenty of power even with them both currently on the bench (Hart and Mcgehee from waivers – essentially the same numbers as you’d want from the above) and don’t want to sacrifice R/SB. I’d rather have Lopez or F. Sanchez (shudder) at MI than Hill right now.

    Just think, if I do it, you’ll get to stop hearing reading my comments about them.

  119. Scruffy's Dad says:

    Which side do you want in 3 year, 14-team keeper? Strasburg/Ian Stewart or Longoria? I’m loaded with SP/RP and knew the guy was shopping Longoria.

  120. Lines says:

    Is anyone in the Cincinnati area tonight? If so, please give Jay Bruce a hug for me. Don’t tell him it’s from me, though. That would just be weird.


  121. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: I don’t know, but it’s like that on all my teams. And I blame Gordon Beckham.

    @barker: Sorry… That stinks. Literally.

    @tHe ShiT: Ouch…

    @3FingersBrown: Ha… Sounds good then! Joking. Yeah, I’d have a hard time parting with Quentin outside of 10 team leagues.

    @Lines: Oh, you know he’ll know it’s from you anyway.

  122. Eddy says:

    I think your Peña June production prediction has been the best this season. Dude has hit one in 5 consecutive games

  123. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Scruffy’s Dad: Longoria…

    @Eddy: Yeah, wish I was enjoying it in more than one league.

  124. herschel says:

    wrong week to quit carlos pena. sonofabench.

  125. Lines says:

    @Grey – I owe you, dude. You told me to play Werth over Bautista tonight. Werth already has two hits, Bautista doesn’t have any!

    What’s that you say? Different time zones? Sorry, that science fiction crap ain’t for me. Go Edge Jr.!

  126. Bodymore says:

    I’m at the O’s Mets game and the orioles are literally sucking on Dickey’s balls.

  127. Eddy says:

    Is it a bad time to tell you Gaby hit another HR and has 6 RBI?

  128. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey & The Nation: His Lincecum & Slowey for my Pujols and Harang. 12 team H2H dynasty league, with points system that favors pitching. I would slide Miggy from U to 1B and insert Robot Jones as my U. Should I pull the trigger? Thanks!

  129. @Grey: Yeah I think it’s time to cut bait and move on, although Cruz’ latest setback buys Q some more time. McGehee continues his Hill ’09 impression…

    Wow did anyone else see Wieters AB just now against Feliciano? He’s lost.

  130. .(). says:

    yo — you do realize your blogs caters to about 1% of ESPN leagues, their 8-team leagues and short-bus owners, so maybe you should stop referencing them so much.

    You cater to the intelligentsia, not the DOH’s. Compliment. Take it, it’s yours.

  131. Steve says:

    @Grey: Moyer is a stupid old coot.

    As am I for starting him.

  132. Man Rodrigo Lopen pwns Pujols. Cards gotta chance him, so el hombre can get me some hits!

  133. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lines: Ha… Nice.

    @Bodymore: Ha

    @Bill Lumbergh: Sounds okay for you, I’d prefer to go for a smaller deal with a lesser pitcher.

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, not good.

    @.().: Thanks!

    @Eddy: This is like a 7th level of a sonavabench. Not only have I played him all year but this is his best game by far.

    @Steve: Had to know it was coming at some point.

  134. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah. And to be fair, I did get his two-hitter against the Braves a few weeks back.

    That said, I wasn’t expecting such a WHIP-ping. Had a sub-1.00 WHIP before today. Not now.

  135. thepizzaman says:

    I’m not sure who I despise more, Wieters or Quentin. At least Wieters consistently sucks so I know what I’m getting on a daily basis.

  136. Buge Hoobs says:

    In my 10 man 5×5 I agree that there is no use carrying 2 c’s. My ? is, given that Napoli just picked up 1B eligibility, do I pick up Santana and bump Robot from my CI slot? I know, I know … not going to win my league with either, but now it’s for my deeply bruised ego. I’ve been stuck in this 5 hole for so long, I’m thinking about pulling a Tanya Harding soon!

  137. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: You guys sound even.

    @thepizzaman: I’ll take dependable crapitude.

    @Buge Hoobs: Eh, I’d go with Robot at CI over Napoli.

  138. Steve says:

    Better chance for a Win and Ks tomorrow, while keeping an eye on WHIP – Hammel or Parra?

    Have Garza and Morrow going too.

  139. Steve says:

    Bills finding new ways to frustrate his owners.

  140. eltoo says:

    Fun fact: after all the ballywho (sp?/probably not a real word) about pitching and defense combined with predicted middling offense, the red sox have now scored the most runs (thank you moyer) while being in the bottom third of mlb in runs scored against. not much fantasy relevance to contribute except that i’m glad that i drafted beltre, vmart, scooped ortiz off of waivers in the beginning of may and the only sox pitcher i roster is lester. baseball is a funny little thing.

    p.s how do orioles pitchers live? 4 of the top 5 AL teams are in the east….if matusz and strasburg switched teams i’d have a tough time choosing my preference

  141. John says:

    Jamie Shields Line Tonight:
    3.1 IP 9 H 10 ER 3 BB 4K

    I know someone who is happy right now..


  142. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Hammel…But neither are great.

    @Steve: Of course. Adding to my night.

    @eltoo: Ballyhoo… So true on Matusz and Strasburg.

  143. Grey

    Grey says:

    @John: Not after my Gaby horror show. See comments above.

  144. Steve says:

    @Grey: They most certainly are not. If I’m not worrying about WHIP, still Hammel?

    Pat the Bat (ahem) touches them all.

  145. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, Hammel. Nothing gets by Pat, nothing.

  146. John says:

    haha shields must have a vendetta against you, even while he completely sucked tonight he still managed to rub it in.

  147. Tom Emanski says:

    Man, Garcia is one lucky bird.

  148. nick m. says:

    spot start tomorrow – matusz, takahashi, sheets, or hammel?

  149. big o says:

    what a zoo going on out in dodger-town .

    isn’t that the guy who bit the head off of a bat ?

  150. BKK says:

    J Lopez /Youk vs A-Rod

  151. AJ says:

    Tabata or Sean Rodriguez or Smoak

  152. Sonavabenched! Like clockwork Hill hits a HR. Of course I benched him against Ubaldo.

  153. Dumbmutt says:

    Morgan is gonna have more CS than SB soon. I thought he was allowed to slide head first again too.

  154. @BKK: In a fight? Youk side. Trade Centaur but what do I know. I benched Hill and Q today.

    @Dumbmutt: He got Smoothed!

  155. peter says:

    Fortunately, I didn’t get to watch Billingsley’s start, tonight. Did anyone? Are there any excuses for this one?

  156. Dumbmutt says:

    His first day up and the bastard throws out Morgan! That’s it I’m sticking with Posey.

  157. Doug Ault says:

    @3FingersBrown: If only I’d known, all Hill needed was better competition ;-)

  158. Big Nate says:

    Pick two for the rest of the season:

    Sheets, Kuroda, Medlen, Kennedy, Silva or Richard?

  159. @Dumbmutt: That’s it! I just offered him for Ted Lilly to a guy who’s starting Blanco Polanco at 2nd and needs pop.

  160. Wilsonian says:

    BJ and Ervin for Kershaw?

    Good deal in an 8 Team Keeper? Still would have Kemp, CarGo, Rasmus, Krispie, Stanton and Cruz in the OF.

    If it gets turned down, would you substitute Dream Weaver for Ervin to get the job done, or is that overpaying?

  161. MeanMachine says:

    Niehaus just said “… and David Aardsma blows another one!”

    he had me at “David Aardsma blows”

    I hate being a Ms fan!

  162. How’s this for the ultimate failure trade – Hill & Q for Caballo. His owner is thin at MI

  163. Eddy says:


    I kid you not, this was in Prado’s notes. I laughed for a good 5 minutes.

    “Manager Bobby Cox is trying to give everyone a blow, and Prado in particular, because he has a sore left hand.”

  164. Eddy says:

    Berkman vs. Javy Vasquez

    Stanton vs. Garza

    Looking for homers and runs

  165. DrEasy says:

    Fun fact provided to you by the DrEasy Sports Bureau: this is the 11th game in a row that Coghlan’s average has increased from the day before. In that streak, his AVG has gone from .216 to .278.

  166. DrEasy says:

    Fourth True Outcome for Jack Cust: he hits homers from an opponent’s bench. That’s the way I like it!

  167. DJSatane says:

    You say posey is not better than soto, well problem is posey is basically playing every day (1b/C) and now maybe even batting 3rd… soto seems to miss 2-3 games a week and bats deep in the order, basically posey will have much more opportunity than soto and seems to be better hitter, even if less power.

  168. Howard says:

    Hi Grey, I’m still tweaking my 12 team roto for AVG. Last week I traded Lind for Michael Young. The key to my demise seems to be Reynolds. While I am leading in HR/RBI he’s a drag on the team AVG. I do really need an Ichiro to balance it out. I’m targeting teams which are low in HR/RBI which have Sandoval and Butler or Morneau at 1B. My other option is to move Vmart to 1B and pick up a catcher like Montero or Paulino or Hundley who can hit for AVG and keep Reynolds at UTIL and hope that the increase in AVG will help. I may have to sweeten the pot with one of my OF like Lee or Manny to get a 1B. Too much to give up?

  169. Buge Hoobs says:

    Thanks for the Stanton/Napoli/robot advice. I swear to you that it made more sense when I wrote it last night. I apologize. Guess that’s what happens when you drink with the Amish out in Dutch Wonderland. Good thing I passed out before being able to reply.

  170. nick m. says:

    To anyone –
    Better DL stash: Volquez, Bedard, or Webb?

  171. Giant JJ says:

    Cahill for spillborgh? 20 team

  172. xopchipili says:

    I’ve got 6 OFs for 5 positions right now. 5 of them have been red hot for the last month…and the sixth is Matt Holliday.

    Would I be insane to bench Holliday for the likes of Willingham, JoGui (nom nom nom, I love a good hoagie) and Torres? All these guys are easily dumpable when the ride comes to an end, but I hate to waste a good hot streak…

  173. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Grey and the rest of Razznation. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the rookies making up the left side of the MIN infield, Plouffe and Valencia. I’ve got a spot open in an AL Only league and am wondering if either of them are worth picking up.

  174. Tom Emanski says:

    I’m actually considering benching Nolasco today. My first pitcher drafted.

  175. Grey

    Grey says:

    @John: Ha

    @Tom Emanski: Yup

    @nick m.: None? Sheets…

    @big o: Huh?

    @BKK: I’d take the Youk side if you needed depth.

    @AJ: Tabata for steals, Smoak for power.

    @3FingersBrown: At least you didn’t have Gaby.

    @peter: Didn’t see it, sorry.

    @Dumbmutt: Hehe

    @Big Nate: Kennedy, Kuroda…

    @Wilsonian: Why do you want Kershaw so bad?

    @MeanMachine: Ha

    @3FingersBrown: Nice…

    @Eddy: Ha!

    @DrEasy: Nice…

    @Howard: No, that’s fine.

    @Buge Hoobs: Ha!

    @nick m.: Bedard

    @Giant JJ: Apples and oranges… Cahill…

    @xopchipili: I wouldn’t bench Holliday.

    @Clyde Prompto: Depends how badly you need a starter, which about all they are.

    @Tom Emanski: It’s risky, depends on your situation.

    @big o: Ha!

  176. Rob Wilfong says:

    Hey Grey and Razznation,

    What kind of value does JUpton have in a 5×5 keeper league these days? He hasn’t been worthless, but he hasn’t had the breakout year I was hoping to see. If I keep him, he’d be paid like a top 10 OF for the next three years.

    Does it make sense to trade him for two cheaper options, such as Rios and McGehee? McGehee would replace Stewart.

    Would that be the classic case of me selling low and buying high?


  177. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: just for clarification purposes: you advised me yesterday to deal Stanton and DLR for a Hamels type pitcher to clear up room for Cruz when he comes off the DL. I sent out a few offers and no one was biting because DLR is still, well, DL-ed. So I upped the offer to Ervin (my worst pitcher) and Stanton for some pitchers that I view to be better than Ervin (and Hamels), i.e. Kershaw. I got a counter of Stanton and Verlander for Kershaw, and I said I wouldn’t do that because I see Verlander to be, at worst, and equal to Kershaw. So I offered a little better bat, in my opinion, with Ervin for Kershaw, which was accepted. I probably wouldn’t have offered Weaver, I was just wondering if that would’ve been a decent offer in your opinion.

    Also, my league loves pitchers, besides the guy I dealt with, because he just likes making trades (made three yesterday). It’s a keeper league, and we do off season trades. If Kershaw keeps it up, he’ll be great trade bait (for draft picks or a keeper that I like better). I most likely wouldn’t keep him with Ubaldo, Doc and JJ on this team, and you keep 5 (must be either 3 bats or 3 pitchers, no more). And if you really want to sugarcoat things, it looks like Kershaw/Cruz for BJ/Ervin.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to clarify. It wasn’t that I LOVE Kershaw, just see some long term value and it clears up some space for Cruz, where I would’ve had to drop someone instead of getting the slight upgrade that I got in Kershaw.

  178. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: I really want to pick up coghlan to use in my outfield cause he’s en fuego, but I’m not sure who to drop. I have Medlen, S. Baker, Manny, Wieters, and G. Jones on my bench. Who would you drop?

  179. Rob Wilfong says:

    Keeper league where auction values matter. . .

    What about JUpton($23) for CarGo($3) and McGehee($3)? Or, should I just wait for Upton to start making contact?

  180. Tele says:

    I need pitching at the moment and another team is even more desperate for hitting. Considering proposing Either and Stanton for J. Johnson. Too much of a lowball offer or is there a possibility of a trade?

  181. Tele says:

    Thanks Grey. Question is: Is it worth it? :P

  182. Tom Emanski says:

    Just read that now the Os might SAGNOF by committee now that Hernandez touched 97 in his first save. I hate saves. Saves are for Jesus.

  183. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey: 12 team H2H dynasty points league. My Pujols/Harang for his Lincecum/Slowey offer, got countered with an offer of his Lincecum/Slowey for my Pujols/J. Sanchez. Still a go? I’ve got Miggy slotted to fill in for Pujols and could use some pitching help. My offense is loaded with studs like Braun, Wright, and Utley, and I could use the balance. Does this swap of Pujols/J. Sanchez for Lincecum/Slowey seem fair given that this is a forever league? Thanks!

  184. Terrence Mann says:

    @Tom Emanski:

    Sweet. I already have Ohman taking up a roster spot and Simon on the DL. I now have to roster three players in the hope that maybe, just maybe, Baltimore will be ahead of a game in the ninth inning when it’s likely my peripherals will get raped in the process?

    Why do I play fantasy baseball?

  185. Tom Emanski says:

    @Terrence Mann: I ask myself that all the time. I had Gonzalez stashed and just picked up Simon to find out that Hernandez will share saves. There is no winning with Os pitchers. Only betrayal and despair.

  186. Martin says:

    @grey- Is it officially time to drop of the wandy wagon? I am watching his start today, and yes in the 3rd inning he is getting very unlucky, but he cant locate his pitches and his curve looks bad.

  187. DirtDog says:

    What do you think of trading Wandy Rod for Lackey? WRod Sucks I want to get him off my team but I can’t drop him.. Fair trade, who wins?

  188. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Hope you were watching him from your bench. Yeah, he doesn’t look right. I’d look elsewhere.

    @DirtDog: I’d prefer Lackey, but I don’t really like Lackey.

  189. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey. Should I substitute Kennedy for J. Sanchez and counter?

  190. DirtDog says:

    2 catchers..Who to trade away? Posey or Santana? and at what price should i shoot for

  191. nick m. says:

    who do you like for a spot start for tomorrow? monasterios, medlen, francis, wakefield, mazzaro?

  192. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DirtDog: Whichever guy gets you more… Depends what you need.

  193. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nick m.: Medlen, but I don’t know everyone’s matchups.

  194. Rob Wilfong says:

    Same keeper league, expanded trade. . .

    I give my JUpton ($23) and Wieters ($17) for his CarGo ($3), McGehee ($3) and McCann ($24).

    Fair? Thanks.

  195. nick m. says:

    monsterios vs. laa, medlen @ min, wakefield vs. philly, francis vs. tor, mazzaro @ sf. still medlen?

    or should i just hold on to my move and grab saunders for his start on monday vs. the brewers?

  196. Christ, granted it is the Yankees, but is Wandy officially junk this season?

  197. uncdrew says:

    I finally had the brains to bench Wandy today. I feel like that’s some great win for me. *sigh*

  198. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bostonbeerman: I’d lose him in most leagues, yeah.

    @Donnie Baseball: Buying in what way? He could be a middle reliever. Guess we’ll see how it unfolds.

    @uncdrew: Sigh, indeed.

  199. BSA says:

    DiceK on the DL – Atchison pitching.

  200. BSA says:

    OK, Things just got more interesting, I know, I know, games with DiceK are already interesting enough.

    Beckett and DiceK down – I have a feeling they will be bringing up a AAA pitcher for the open spot as the rotation goes around.

    Atchison ain’t the short term fix.

    Here’s a FOXism – “If the Phillies first 6 batters don’t hit, they don’t win.”
    Question – “What team will win with batters 7-9 producing?”

    Where’s Remy?

  201. BSA says:

    PSA – A Razzball vote will be famous for helping Synergy Center breaking into the 30s? We are at 40 today. Couldn’t be where we are without all of you.

  202. BSA says:

    What does Nava have in common with Kouzmanoff?

  203. Steve says:

    @Grey: Any interest in the World Cup?

  204. Doc says:

    Sorry for the off-topic question, but would it be crazy of me to cut Yadier Molina and pick up Carlos Santana in a re-draft league?

  205. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Thanks for the heads up!

    @BSA: What?

    @Steve: Nope

    @Doc: I’d grab Santana.

  206. BSA says:

    Grand Salami on first pitch in the bigs.

  207. thepizzaman says:

    @BSA: I believe Jeremy Hermida did it to. Maybe not the first pitch though.

  208. thepizzaman says:

    Just did a little research, Hermida’s was a 1-1 count. Good for Nava!

  209. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Ah…

  210. TonyCino says:

    12 team 10×10 roto daily league, currently in 5th
    I need more pitching, is Holliday for CLee and RFranklin a fair offer? Should I offer JUpton instead?

    My other OF: Kemp, JUpton, Bruce, Rasmus, Boesch, Stanton
    My SPs: Halladay, Liriano, Garza, CLewis, Ely, Medlen, Nolasco, Morrow, Cahill, Hochevar
    My RPs: BWagner, Gregerson

  211. @Grey: It seriously warms my heart that you have no interest in the game of the foot.

    Gotta love Quentin. Put him back in the lineup (over the icy cold AJax) and he gives me an 0-5. I think you’re right, I’ll be much happier with Damon. At least he walks. Hopefully my claim goes through, 9th.

  212. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Am I a sociopath, or is Tim McCarver the worst announcer in the history of the world? (I’m hoping the two are mutually exclusive).

  213. Carl Spackler says:

    Held onto Carlos Q all year………Coghlan is on the wire and heating up. Is this a no brainer to drop him for him? Bats are Napoli, Howard, Phillips, Jeter, Longo, Either, Hart, Pacman, Bruce, Gardner, Pena Bench Ian Stewart, C Quentin.

  214. Tom Emanski says:

    @Tom Emanski: I guess I should’ve benched him

  215. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TonyCino: Either one is fair. I’d offer Holliday.

    @3FingersBrown: If not with Damon, at least you’ll feel free to drop and pickup whoever once he’s gone.

    @Bring Back Pluto: Don’t think they are mutually exclusive.

    @Carl Spackler: Coghlan’s been hot for a month. Make the switch.

    @Tom Emanski: Yup…

  216. Dumbmutt says:

    Pena woah now

  217. @Bring Back Pluto: McCarver is awful. I’m not sure how I’m still a baseball fan after being subjected to him call for the Mets for many years.

    @Grey: Yeah, definitely. I’m stilling eyeing Dave of Jesus, he’s going good. You think I’m better off with DeJesus or Damon? I think Caveman has more upside, if that’s possible for a guy pushing 40.

    Hey Santana just hit his first dinger. 3 RBI so far today. “Excellent,” as Burns would say.

  218. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dumbmutt: Wow, indeed.

    @3FingersBrown: I’d go with Damon. If for no other reason then you don’t have to watch Royal highlights.

  219. pubscout says:

    Grey: I know, SAGNOF. However, I SAGNOF-ed myself into 12th place in saves. Overall, I’m in third place, 12 points out of first. My OF is well off with Ethier, the Dread Pirate, Bruce, Nellie, and Swisher and I’ve got Stubbs and now Tabata on my bench. My only saves come from Gregg and Axford. Can I move Bruce for KRod? Or is that dumb? Is Bruce gonna be more than he’s been so far this year? Is KRod gonna keep his job, his arm and his rec specs?

  220. Fletch says:

    @ Grey – Which 2 do you like from here on out?

    A. Sanchez, De La Rosa, Niese, Floyd?

  221. Tom Emanski says:

    Grey, in a vacuum who do you keep out of Quentin, Tabata, Simon, Mike Gonzalez. It’s a Dirt Devil if that helps.

  222. Donnie Baseball says:

    ok nolasco, I know you’re trying to set the record for least walks in a season, but this is ridiculous. Try to strike some guys out.

  223. Tom Emanski says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Don’t forget the HRs too. Just to rub it in some more.

  224. Donnie Baseball says:

    @Bring Back Pluto:

    McCarver sucks. I mute him and Buck.

  225. Donnie Baseball says:

    Oh Grey, as for Resop. I’ve read a few teams are scouting him as a starter.

    Detroit and St. louis were named. I think he’d only be a MR if the Braves’ keep him.

  226. @Grey: That’s a good enough reason. It’s bad enough having to get Grienke’d every week.

  227. Donnie Baseball says:

    Volquez 1st minor league start. 3 In 0 ER 3 K’s 0 BB 2 H. Looks pretty good.

  228. Tom Emanski says:

    @Donnie Baseball: I read he could even be back by late June. I have him stashed.

  229. Tom Emanski says:

    Saturdays around here suck. Everyone has a life except me.

  230. Donnie Baseball says:

    @Tom Emanski:

    Ha! yeah it’s pretty dead.

  231. NukeLaDouche says:

    Sandoval and Pence for Arod?

  232. Steve says:

    @Grey: @Tom Emanski: With crappy weather at that.

  233. Like clockwork, I bench AJax for Q and he sonavabenches me with the 2 SB I needed to contend. Ugh. At least Tabata and Santana are producing tonight.

  234. danimal35 says:

    I care only about K’s and need to pick up a spot start for tomorrow…which of these schmohawks gets me the most strikeouts:

    Gavin Floyd @ ChC
    Kevin Millwood vs NYM
    Vin Mazzaro @ SF

  235. Steve says:

    Montero pinch-hitting for Haren.

    He’s back!

  236. Tom Emanski says:

    @Steve: Where do you live, Venus?

  237. Steve says:

    @Tom Emanski: Close.

    New Zealand.

  238. Steve says:

    Grabbed Soto in the ol’ keeper when Montero went down.

    Now Montero’s back, what to do?

  239. Tom Emanski says:

    Grey, I’m gonna have to give the full context because the decision is important. I’m looking to pick up Sean-Rod (2B/OF) as insurance for Roberts so I need to drop someone. I’m set with saves but I’m weary about dropping closers since I stupidly dropped Dotel earlier, and I’m greedy. I like Tabata for steals but he’s only 21 and isn’t a guarantee to stay up. Quentin probably doesn’t give me anything Sean-Rod won’t in the 2nd half. I could wait on a decisions about the Os closing situation and Roberts’ return but I don’t want anyone to get S-Rod. I think it comes down to Simon and Quentin.

    Mike Napoli
    Ryan Howard
    Brian Roberts
    Ryan Zimmerman
    José Reyes
    Carlos González
    Jayson Werth
    Brennan Boesch
    Jose Tabata
    Carlos Quentin
    Carlos Santana

    Justin Verlander
    Francisco Liriano
    Francisco Rodríguez
    Roy Oswalt
    Max Scherzer
    Jonathan Sánchez
    Matt Capps
    Leo Núñez
    Luke Gregerson
    Arthur Rhodes
    Alfredo Simon
    DL Michael González
    DL Edinson Vólquez

  240. W or L, Hammel was VERY impressive tonight. I threw him out there since I’m up big in ratios and just need W and K. Figured he’d get bombed.

    Panda jacks for the first time since forever… Looking back to last season, he had about the same pedestrian numbers going into June as he’s had this year. Hopefully he’ll turn it on. Could be a buy low if you need AVG and a little power

  241. Dumbmutt says:

    Is a Commish able to cancel or change a dropped players waiver status during the season on Yahoo.

    I did stupid things when I couldn’t sleep last night but somehow the commish added one of the players I dropped yesterday (picked up and dropped player within 12 hours) while 2 other players are still on waivers. Lol

  242. Steve says:

    @3FingersBrown: I started Hammel and Morrow in my H2H league. Perfect outcome.

  243. Tom Emanski says:

    @Grey: 18

  244. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Emanski: There’s no way I’d drop Quentin in an 18 team league. Sean-Rod has 4 homers and batting ninth when he’s playing.

  245. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks. If I was to keep one of Hammel and Morrow in my H2H rotation, who do you recommend? My other starters are Hamels, Garza, Buchholz, Erv-San, Hudson, Latos and Medlen.

  246. Steve says:

    @Grey: Merci encore.

    Une autre seulement. Who will suck less (ideally some Ks and tolerable WHIP ideally) of out Millwood, Mazzaro, Litsch and LeCure?

    What a choice!

  247. Tom Emanski says:

    @Grey: Yea I guess, but he’s giving me nothing except the occasional HR, which I don’t need. He’s killing my already bad team avg. He’s also an injury risk and didn’t have a great 2nd half last year.

  248. d2bnz says:

    Given that I am so often the victim of the sonovabench syndrome , I just thought I’d let my fellow Razz ballers know that I am leaving leaving Ian Stewart on the bench for the coming week

    Fade me

  249. @Steve: Nice. Hammel really produced an amazing line this week.

    @Grey: After tonight’s action packed Jackson making an appearance, I went with your original advice and decided to dump Lopez for Damon instead. While it leaves me with only Hill at 2B, Lopez hasn’t done squat and I need whatever SB I can get.

    With Simon coming back, I’ve got to ditch a guy. Do I make break with Wieters and admit my defeat in keeping him, now that I have Smooth? 2 C’s are the cousin of death.

    …or do I drop Quentin, the next most useless guy in my lineup? I’ve got a lot of pop, and with Hill, I need his BA like a third testicle.

    You know someone’s going to hit the jackpot on one of those guys. Ultimately, another will have to go when Cruz gets back and the next week(s) will be an audition between Jax, Tabata, Pagan and Q.

    Anyway, that’s what’s going to keep me up while I try and get some sleep for a long drive upstate to see the in-laws.

  250. Steve says:

    Oh – and how the hell has (my opponent’s) Kazmire pulled off two starts like this, this week?

    He’s supposed to suck, Grey. Why isn’t he? Why?

  251. Eddy says:

    Guess what three pitchers gave me a win, 20 Ks, 2.00 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, and 3 QS?

    Feldman, Morrow, and Parra.

    No, don’t worry, I uttered the same three words in an interrogative tone of voice.

  252. aj says:

    who do you like long term napoli or montero? who do drop: napoli montero, hoffman, tabata, niece

  253. MeanMachine says:

    I play in a 16 team H2H points league where u only get 3 moves a week so you better plan carefully. Need the Grey Seal of Approval.

    Cueto for Hammel
    Wandy the Wanker for Street
    Molina for Moreno or Ivan?


  254. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    I promised Wieters I would stick with him through thick and thin, but this “3 days on, 1 day off” twist is a little too “thick” (or is “thin” the bad one?) for me to stomach. He needs to be dropped in a 10-Team league with the likes of Posey, Doumit, Soto and Montero in the FA pool, right? Posey for upside, any of those other three for safer “Ron Popeil” usage, right?

  255. Eddy says:

    I need one pitcher tomorrow that has the best shot at giving me a W, but without imploding.

    Gavin Floyd vs Cubs
    Jesse Litsch vs Rockies
    Vin Mazzaro vs Giants

    Floyd beat the Cubs in his only career start against them, Mazzaro only gave up a run in his last outing vs Angels (but hasn’t gone past 5 innings in 17 starts), and Litsch who I barely know anything about to be honest.

  256. aj says:

    who would you pick up and dl brett anderson or travis snider

  257. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: LeCure

    @3FingersBrown: Ha… This is a keeper? I’d hold Wieters and try to trade a catcher. If I misinterpreted when you said keeping Wieters and it’s not a keeper, then lose Wieters.

    @Steve: He won’t suck until you pick him up.

    @Eddy: Yup…

    @MeanMachine: Street…

    @Awesomus Maximus: Posey’s fine.

    @Eddy: Floyd…

    @aj: Snider…

  258. Fletch says:

    @ Grey – I’m half-tempted to drop Nolasco for Niese…unless the fish send him down to AAA ball like they did last year. What do you think?

    Cecil @ Petco next week or C. Lewis @ Hou?

  259. @Grey: Yeah it is a keeper. That’s been the plan all along – to trade a catcher, but Wieters isn’t cooperating. I think you’re right though, I should stick with the program.

    It’s tough. I like to carry minimal bats on the bench and certainly not 2 C’s. After winning the league last year with some dubious moves that F’d me this year, (trading Longoria & Ethier) I’ve got a gambler’s, win now mentality.

    That’s what happens when you have to answer to the NY media after every loss. ;)

  260. Tim says:

    Grey, at this point would you trade Kemp and Ethier for Rios and Geurrero? The latter two are both putting up better numbers (asides from Kemps Runs) in a standard scoring (plus XBH) non-keeper h2h league?

  261. Steve says:

    @Grey: True, although, just by thinking abouit him, I nearly cost him a win – I would have thought that (my) Ethier and Kemp would have been able to do something with the bases full.

    Elsewhere, I’m overflowing with OFs in the keeper, but if I’ve got a chance to grab Jennings, I should, shouldn’t I?

  262. Nathan says:

    @Fletch: At this point I think we can only hope that he gets sent down to AAA to “get his head together” and then comes back and has a 2nd half like he did last year. This shizz cannot go on.

  263. penpen says:

    Baker sucked it up last start so Nolasco went out there and tried to match him, but I guess he went a bit overboard.

  264. Steve says:

    @Steve: Or Pedro Alvarez perhaps? Already have Car-Go, Stanton and Pence as relatively cheap keeper OF options for next year.

    Stewart is current 3B and will be $10 to keep next year.

  265. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: I wouldn’t drop Nolasco. Cecil…

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, stick with it.

    @Tim: I’d want the Kemp side.

    @Steve: Sure, grab Alvarez.

  266. NukeLaDouche says:

    Jose Lopez or Wiggy at 2B? Im trying to trade to shore this problem up but so far not one trade has happened in this league. Everyone acts like all the predraft rankings are gospel still, so stupid.

  267. EL BURRO says:

    14 team mixed league, h2h, non-keeper

    my current SP staff: ubaldo, oswalt, nolasco, kennedy, hudson, morrow, paulino

    trade my mike stanton and madison bumgarner for his mat latos and edison volquez?

    im pretty deep at OF with: choo choo, grandy, vlad, corey hart, adam jones, quentin… snider and stanton are on bench (we start 3 OF + 3 UTIL), so dont really need stanton.

    just want to make sure Im getting enough value.

  268. ViagraFalls says:

    8 man league, h2h, non-keeper like above.

    I use the Match-up Ratings list as only a part of my decision to start certain guys, as much of the time (for instance with Carlos Pena getting mostly two stars this week, deservedly so up till now) it will either give a guy five out of five stars and he will suck, or like with the Pena thing it will show two-three stars and they may come out on fire.

    That being said, it is the final day today of my h2h with a guy in my league and we are neck and neck. My OF has usually consisted of Holliday, Hunter and Heyward, with Grandy or Byrd in the Utility spot. But with Heyward struggling on this roadtrip I am planning on benching him until he gets his mojo back. I have Corey Hart, who has five stars for today, and am thinking of putting him in. But we all know how streaky he is and rocking a ho-hum BA. My roster is V-Mart, Pena, Cano, McGehee, Tulo, Holliday, Heyward, Hunter, Grandy, Byrd, Cantu and Hart.

    If Heyward is on the bench, I was thinking of going with a Grandy-Holliday-Hunter OF, with Byrd in the Utility slot. But I do have the streaky HR hitter Hart with five stars on the match-up rating and am wondering whether to slot him in either at the Utility slot for Byrd (who himself has been great so I hesitate at that one…), or possibly sitting Torii. Hunter has defied a lot of odds so it’s a bitch to decide on a guy like Hart that will either hit a HR or likely do nothing.

    The other place of question is at 3B. I have McGehee there, but he has been in a little bit of a slump and has a two star match-up rating against the erratic Colby Lewis. I can slot Cantu in for him, who himself has a four star match-up against Niemann (though I don’t know how they got that seeing as how he is 0-3 against him). Long question, my apologies. But I need this week and truly appreciate any advice. I know I will lose the pitching K’s, wins and possibly averages war. I only have Pelfrey starting, hopefully he is good again and can get some run support. The other guy has those three pitchers going.

  269. bpasinko says:

    Garza or Pablo Sandoval?

  270. Suck My Wieters says:


    Who do you like more? Jose Reyes or BJ Upton. This also is a keeper league, head to head. Im not sure I’d keeper either, Im pretty positive ill acquire Crawford at years end for a 1st round pick. What should I do? Trade Upton for Reyes and then trade for Crawford at years end and keep him.

  271. @Grey: Thanks Grey. I’ll have some hard decisions to make, but I’m glad that you see the logic in what I’ve been planning, even if I sometimes lose sight of it.

  272. GrandSlamSingle says:

    10 team, H2H

    Which two would you start:

    Buchholz, ARI and LA
    Carmona, @PIT
    Morrow, SF
    Wells, OAK
    Kennedy, @BOS and @DET

  273. ViagraFalls says:

    With an OF of Holliday, Grandy and Hart, would you suggest Byrd or T. Hunter play up the Utility role?

  274. Tom Emanski says:

    I’m actually benching Howard vs. Wakefield today in favor of Napoli the new 1B

  275. ViagraFalls says:

    Thanks Grey.

  276. Corey II says:

    @ Grey / anyone

    I know you said said not to trade for a C, but you also say dont buy injured pitchers.

    Which side of this trade would you rather have (if you were starting Jaso at C and YMolina was the best FA replacement) – Miguel Montero for Jorge De La Rosa.


  277. Eddy says:

    That Dunn/Santana collision was hilarious

  278. Donnie Baseball says:

    I don’t know about this Strasburg guy, gives up alot of homers. I don’t know if he’s going to make it.

  279. thepizzaman says:

    @Eddy: Glad someone else saw that haha

  280. struggler says:

    Lets hope Joe Martinez get used today so we can get a peak at some Mad Bum. SF’s pen has worked hard the past couple of days.

  281. struggler says:

    Oh and I secretly desire a Mad Bum call up just so I can change my team name to Black Magic Mad Bums.

  282. GrandSlamSingle says:

    @Grey: Danke!

  283. thepizzaman says:

    Wieters is pathetic. I don’t know how much longer i can put up with these 0-4 days

  284. Big Nate says:

    @ Grey: I’ve been looking to move a closer for starting pitching and have been offered Torii Hunter, Kennedy and Oswalt for Rios, Rauch and Scott Baker. Is that the right price for Rios?

    My other option is Rauch for Kennedy and Kuroda.

  285. Steve says:

    Feeling pretty good about trading Price and Wilson for David Wright, right now…

  286. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: In order to solve my overloaded outfield with the addition of Holiday, plus my angst over Hill at 2nd,I’ve traded Howard for Utley.I can plug mini donkey into 1st,and use the utility spot for Holliday………….I know Utley is in a slump, but what are your thoughts on Howard for Utley?

  287. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, looked pretty good when it went down too.

    @Doug Ault: Sure, I’d take Utley.

  288. Chris says:


    Grey, I’d appreciate your thoughts on a couple weekly decisions.

    Sit 1: Price (@Atl, @Fla), J Sanchez (Bal, @Tor), Kershaw (@Cin), Strasburg (CWS), Hamels (Min), Greinke (@Atl)

    Pick 2: Hart, Coghlan, Markakis, Krispie, A Hill

  289. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: The restructuring continues,I just offered Ichiro for Reyes, to replace Drew………..wise move?

  290. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Chris: Hart, Krispie… Kershaw…

  291. Steve says:

    Felix is going to need to ice his arm after this one – and it should be Aardsma that does it for him.

  292. struggler says:

    Hold medlen or pump n dump for sum Bum?
    Tabata, Pete Alvarez or Posey (have Los Santana)?

    Getting aincy for some rookie nookie and beginning to resent owning 2 C in multiple leagues. What do you say?

  293. Steve says:

    There is some crappy relief pitching going on right now.

  294. struggler says:

    Fine – I’ll hold on Medlen. Thanks…I’ll have to wait a little longer to make the name change.

    So drop Tabata for Pete? I could use some steals but Alvarez looks to be too good to take a pass on: AAA #s = .376 obp 13hrs 52rbis.

  295. Grey

    Grey says:

    @struggler: Nope, you asked that already.

  296. struggler says:

    Just seeking clarification. My badz!

  297. royce! says:

    Hey Grey– would you advise to hold Nolasco in 10 team leagues?

    I have him, Bills, Vazquez, Weaver, Colby Lewis, Ervin Santana, Ubaldo, Cole Hamels, and Beckett (DL). I loaded up on SP after having fallen considerably behind in starts, and now am still projected to 196 of 200 max.

    I would probably replace him with an IF to fill in for A-Rod until he’s back, and then grab a MR to bring down my peripherals.

  298. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: A-Rod’s supposed to be back on Tuesday. I’d just bench Nolasco for a start or two.

  299. yanks4life says:

    Drop Lind, Bruce, or Span for Cuddyer who was just dropped?

  300. Howard says:

    Hi Grey, hope you’re having a good wknd! Would you take Niese, Gio, Medlen or Marcum over Slowey, Niemann, Kennedy, Scherzer, ASanchez, Shields?

  301. Hammerhead says:

    @Grey: am I a total Bamboozle for even considering Granderson/Lind/David Price for Greinke/Howard??

  302. Grey

    Grey says:

    @yanks4life: Nope

    @Howard: Thanks, you too! Niese over Scherzer, Medlen over Niemann…

    @Hammerhead: I’d want Howard’s side.

  303. sal says:

    @Grey: pick one for this week – H2H points. Cahill, masterson, paulino, tillman or roll with dotel all week.

  304. @Grey: Evening Grey. Got a guy who wants Nelson. Rios for Cruz straight up? I know you hate Rios, as do I, but his numbers look sustainable as much as I hate to say it.

    If he refuses, which he probably will. Butler for Cruz? I need ratios and Butler’s power should pick up.

    What say you? Hope your teams are doing well this weekend!

  305. Lines says:

    Dear Everyone Who Owns Jorge Posada,

    You’re welcome. His grand slams in consecutive games are the direct consequence of me deciding to lose him and hold onto Buster Posey. I’m pretty sure that’s why it happened, anyway. I mean, the science is there, y’know?

    Hope you enjoyed the extra RBI.


    PS – I did pick up Ted Lilly for Jor-Po, and that’s workin’ out pretty darn well so far.

  306. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sal: Dotel, unless you need a SP then Masterson.

    @3FingersBrown: Cruz is better than both of them.

    @Lines: Thanks!

  307. TastelessGarbage says:

    Lilly with the no-no thru 8….

  308. Lines says:

    Like I needed another reason to dislike Juan Pierre.

  309. DrEasy says:

    Pierre pinch hits and breaks it at the top of the 9th.

  310. @Grey: Other options in exchange for Cruz…

    Nolasco (I need good WHIP pitching and I feel he should improve)
    Buchholz (ehhhhh not enough K’s)
    Victorino (meh… I don’t think his power’s for real. I’d like him more if he was walking)

  311. TastelessGarbage says:

    ….until Lucky Pierre comes along.

  312. @Grey: Without a doubt. The only question is his health. The injuries hurt even more in h2h and who knows how many AB’s he’s got in him. My thinking is to cash out before disaster strikes.

  313. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: If that’s how you’re feeling, then go with Butler. At least he’s reliable and consistent. Just seems like a lot to pay for him.

  314. dsimon says:

    Just got an offer in my big keeper league…

    I give: Justin Smoak, Desmond Jennings, Colby Lewis

    I get: Adam Lind, David Aardsma

    My current closers are F Cordero, R Franklin, and C Qualls, so it’d probably be nice to not have to rely on Qualls.

    I’m buying Lind low here, but man, he’s hitting .109 against lefties this year. I know he hit 35 homers last year, but man… what is his deal??

  315. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dsimon: I’d hold tight.

  316. @Grey: Yeah it is a lot and I lose some SB, which I can’t afford. Kershaw? That’s his best pitcher and my biggest need (next to a healthy Cruz). Too many BB though and we’re counting QS, so his value takes a hit (while I’d think Ricky gets a bump, since he goes deep)

    It’s tough to hold onto him after being scarred from watching Reyes deal with the bad hammy for so long. When he plays, I’m gold but otherwise I’ve been scuffling a lot on offense.

    @dsimon: FWIW, I don’t like that deal for you. Lind’s a mystery, Aardsma ain’t all that and you’re giving 2 potential studs and a solid starter.

  317. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, if you need SBs, then go with Rios. No on Butler. Just can’t believe in your entire league those are the only two guys you can trade for.

    Kershaw is fine for him, but he’s not helping your offense.

  318. Grey,

    I have Strasburg in a keeper without restrictions (I can keep him forever if I want to). I can’t figure out his value. Would asking for players like Teixeira, Braun, Miggy Cabrera?


  319. @Grey: Honestly, I can’t believe it either! I don’t know if it’s the $ or the pressure of being ridiculed by one’s peers, but it’s almost impossible to make a fair deal in this league. Everyone waits until the deadline to see if they’re buying or selling, since it’s a keeper and we can trade draft picks for the following season.

    I’ve let it be known that he’s available and people look at me crossed eyed when I offer him for fair value.

    I’m tempted by Rios. As well as he’s hitting, his BABIP is only .316 (.319 career).
    ZiPs rest of the year projected llines
    Rios: 13HR/52R/45RBI/18SB/.283/.338
    Cruz: 18/42/51/10/.273/.349

  320. I’m going to start by asking high with Votto. I highly doubt he’ll go for it but I want to see where it goes.

    If I can’t find good value now, I’ll probably just hold and let him come back and bash for a week before I try again.

  321. Tom Emanski says:

    I never thought Chase Utley would ever OPS .515, even for half a month

  322. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bostonbeerman: I’d take Miggy or Braun.

    @3FingersBrown: They look like basically the same player in ZIPs. Bit more power here, more speed there.

    @Tom Emanski: Yeah, he should pull out of it though.

  323. DrEasy says:

    I have Montero on my DL, even though he’s been reactivated and played today. I don’t really need him, as I already have Posada and the Supernatural. I’m looking to trade one or two of my catchers. So here’s a two-part question:

    – if I offer a deal (say, Supernatural + Alexei for Andrus) and it gets accepted, do I have to activate Montero first, or can the deal go through without needing to make another move? The two-for-one offer would create the roster space to reactivate him, but I’m not sure if Yahoo allows it.

    – how would you rank my catchers: Posada, Supernatural, Montero, and which one would you offer as part of a package with Alexei to get Andrus?


  324. Eddy says:

    Grey, Borbon has quietly hit in every game of June except on the 1st and is up to .285. And I believe he hit 2nd today no?

    Is it finally time to take the Borbon off the shelf?

  325. @Grey: Yeah but that’s assuming Nelly gets 301 PA, which is not something I’d wager on.

    I was pretty surprised to see their numbers so close. I figured that Rios would be due for major regression, but it doesn’t seem so. I don’t see those projections as the be all, end all however. I think Nelson might do more if he plays that much.

    I sent the offer for Votto. His owner loves him, so I don’t see him accepting, that’s why I didn’t even mention him. I would take Rios out of that list I wrote, but no one else. Votto would make the better keeper. Nolasco should be better, but I think I could get more or find a cheaper alternative.

    With Nelson on the DL, I’d have to ditch a guy. Perhaps I’ll offer Quentin as a throw in.

  326. @Grey: Check this out. Just as I’m about to shut down for the night I get this offer (same 6×6 keeper league – OBP + QS)…

    Werth and Posey for Cruz, Hill and Wieters

    That deal might solve a lot of problems, although it would leave me without a MI. I’d probably go and drop Quentin or Jackson for either Lopez (who I just dumped) or Freddy “empty BA” Sanchez

    I know I’m selling low on Cruz, but it’s addition by subtraction for the other two I feel. Wieters is dead weight with Santana around.

  327. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: You have to wait for the deal to go through. I’d rank them Posada, Santana… I’d deal any of them for Andrus, they’re just catchers.

    @Eddy: Quietly, indeed. Very few steals. But I do mention him in tomorrow’s roundup. Stay tuned…

    @3FingersBrown: I’d take that deal. Gets dead weight off your team and gives you room to move guys around. Plus, Werth is Cruz with better health.

  328. @Grey: That’s what I’m thinking. Posey gives me a lot of flexibility with the CI eligibility and a better trade chip than Wieters.

    Who would you take at MI? Sanchez or Lopez. Maybe I can get the O-Dog as a throw in, since he’s already got 3 DL’ed guys (Rollins and Penny are the others) and will drop someone.

  329. JG_isms says:

    Drop Ely or Tommy Hunter for J.Hammel?

    Your thoughts on trade 1

    Rickie Weeks, Jose Reyes & Jonathan Niese
    Zobrist, Aviles & Colby Lewis

    Trade 2
    Stephen Strasburg & Tyler Clippard
    Josh Hamilton & J. Broxton

    Who wins?

  330. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JG_isms: Hammel over either. Lose Hunter. I’d take the Reyes side and the Hamilton. Take followups to the newest post too. Thanks!

  331. BAS says:

    Would it make sense to drop Cecil or Niese and stash Aroldis Chapman? Stashing MadBum and Ed Volquez already.

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