There were signs…. He’d call Dexter Fowler, “Dudley.”  He’d call Todd Helton, “Tootie.”  He’d hit like a menopausal woman with no occasional hot flashes.  But you take the good, you take the bad…  It’s “Take the good” first!  Where’s the good, Garret Atkins?  It’s time to clean house and Atkins is the first one to go.  Here’s what I said in February in the rankings, “The Holliday trade to the A’s hurts Atkins value too.  And, frankly, for the last three years, Atkins was hurting his own value.  He’s gone from 29 to 25 to 21 home runs since 2006.  If you were taking the SATs, the next number in that sequence would be 17.  His slugging percentage has been following suit, as well.  The way Atkins is headed, he’s going to need 2nd base eligibility to have any value by 2010.”  And that’s me quoting me!  Atkins hit 2 home runs yesterday.  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!  He’s an average 3rd baseman who will probably be traded from the Rockies in the coming months.  Honestly, you’re probably be better off with Mark Teahen at 3rd.  Someone somewhere many years ago said Atkins is going to hit 30 homers because he plays in Coors and for some reason people have not stopped believing it.  It’s a crock.  You know who else is crizzap?  Troy Tulowitzki.  Who are you, Troy Tulowitzki?  I know, Stephen Drew; I know Ben Zobrist.  I do not know Troy Tulowitzki.  The Rockies are the new blech.  So it’s time to shake things up, right?  Yes.  For you and the Rockies.  Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy and Sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Carlos Gonzalez – They’ll probably trade Hawpe to a contender and play Carlos Gonzalez full-time.  Or just sit Seth Smith.  The Rockies HATE Seth Smith.  (Caps for emphasis and the doode reading over your shoulder.)  CarGo’s a solid flier in deep, NL-Only leagues, especially keepers.  In mixed leagues, if you have room, I’d take the gamble because you never know and you might be able to flip him for a better, more reliable piece if he starts off hot.  He does have 15/15 potential, but he’s probably no better than Ben Francisco at this point.

Carlos Quentin – I don’t want to give you false hope and it’s always wise to be careful when dealing with injuries with injury-prone players — will it magically reappear in three days after you trade for him? — but I’m optimistic Carlos Quentin can come back from his injury and be productive.

Tommy Hanson – One of the few rookie pitchers that should be owned in every league.  Even 2 team leagues that have one man benches.

Andrew McCutchen – Think of him as SAGNOF and nothing else.

David Murphy – With Hamilton out, Murphy’s been starting every day.  He has a .357 average and two steals in the last seven games.  When Beltran went down, I grabbed Murphy on one team and I haven’t dropped him back to waivers yet.

J.P. Howell – Could be distancing himself from the Wheelerfourson.  In all of my leagues, I’m currently holding Wheeler and no one else from the Wheelerfourson.  If Wheeler doesn’t get a save opp in the next week, he’s gone too.

Ricky Nolasco – I’d bench him for his start on Sunday.  But I would pick him up.

Sean Rodriguez – What do the Angels do with a 2nd baseman who has 18 homers in 179 ABs in Triple-A?  Promote him and demote Howie Kendrick? ( I told you to get rid of Kendrick two weeks ago in the Buy/Sell — you can find old Buy/Sells on the left sidebar.  Print them out and wallpaper your brain.  Or save money on toilet paper.  You’re call!)  Or do the Angels promote Rodriguez, demote Kendrick, wait two weeks until Kendrick starts hitting in the Coors-like PCL and then promote Kendrick right back and demote Rodriguez again like they’ve been doing with Brandon Wood for the last three years?  Phew, that was the longest question in the history of words.  I think there’s a 50/50 chance of either scenario happening.  In deep leagues, you grab Rodriguez now so you don’t have to beat your entire league to the waiver wire.

Matt Joyce – Joyce is best known for, “A Portrait of the Power Hitter Who Needs Playing Time.”  Lost Quentin to injuries and Votto and Bruce to the dark side?  Joyce can give your team a power boost.

J.A. Happ – Extending his kiddie leash so we can see another start.

Randy Wells – After going through five starts with a 1.69 ERA and a .97 WHIP, it’s mixed league time, friends.  He’s been too good at this point for him to be sitting on waivers.

Gordon Beckham – Went over him yesterday.  Here’s the Cliff Notes version, “British 2nd baseman who’s married to one of the Spice Girls.  Once had a dalliance with the Queen.  Pick him up in leagues if you need MI help.”


Miguel Tejada – A resurgence at Latin 35?  Doode’s like 52 years old.  You know who else is 52?  Your uncle.  Can your uncle win the NL batting title?  Well, is your uncle Rod Carew?  No?  Well, there.

Torii Hunter – Was great for two months.  No doubt, Stefani.  But he’s not a 30/30/.300 guy.

Asdrubal Cabrera – We’re still friends of Asdrubal, but you don’t need to DL him.  Peace out, ‘Drubal.

Kosuke Fukudome – He’s the definition of yawnstipating.  5/4/.308 after two months?  That comes out to approximately eh/meh/okay by the end of the year.

Nyjer Morgan – He has 11 steals on the year.  Whoopie-farfennyjer!

  1. and1mcgee says:

    drop Ass-droobal?? hmm what’s a pick-up suggestion for him? (mainly 2B, personally…)

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @and1mcgee: Give me top five guys that are available.

  3. and1mcgee says:

    somewhere on some site ran by Garrett Atkins about fantasy baseball experts, his “SELL” says to sell Grey! So take that, Grey!!

    and yes, Atkins isn’t ownable. Branyan is making him look like the worst pick of any draft out there.

  4. Aaron Pil says:

    I wonder how long it will take for this post to be rewritten by the guys at Yahoo.

    You get the news here first-and the jokes are funnier.
    The Kendrick-Rodriguez thing is both poignant and funny.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @and1mcgee: Not sure I follow your first point, but I do agree Branyan’s blowing Atkins out of the water.

    @Aaron Pil: Thanks!

  6. and1mcgee says:

    while he’s on the DL, I have DeRosa @ 2B and Davis @ 3B. DeRosa spells Davis when I have power that week/lack average or runs even, I play Davis if I am behind in jacks. i guess this is working out. (FA’s: Burriss, Bonifacio, I. Stewart, Kennedy (i guess he’s good when he’s hot), and I lile Schumaker’s average… I’m fine for now. I picked up Nolasco when I put Ass-droobler on the DL for now… thx Grey

  7. I held onto Fernando Martinez over Carlos Gonzalez this morning, then feeling somewhat regretful I picked up Sean Rodriguez. I was still kinda regretting it until I just read you saying to buy Rodriguez… I hope. How would you rate Carlos Gonzalez, Fernando Martinez, and Sean Rodriguez?

    the 2b power seemed too much to pass on.

  8. and1mcgee says:

    sorry, i typed it quickly… i meant if Garrett Atkins had a website about fantasy ‘perts like yourself, would he be selling you just to get back at you?

  9. EricB says:

    I’d like to pick up Randy Wells. Possible candidates to cut include: Gordon Beckham, Xavier Nady, Nolan Reimold, Ian Stewart. My team is a little short on power at the moment and fairly solid in SBs. Pitching is very good, but there is always room for one more good pitcher. See anyone to cut or should I leave Wells out there?

  10. and1mcgee says:

    Sean Rod is a gangsta. they say the 2nd best, if not the best athlete in the organization. And that includes Scioscia, so.. you KNOW he’s good. he plays INF and OF and he is probably the fastest guy on the team. (I watched Angels games last year…) I like both Dodgers and Angels, though… But S-Rod is legit. It’s a “when” thing, not an ‘if” thing…

  11. Greg says:

    I picked up Sean Rodriguez and plugged him into 1 of the 2 ML roster spots I have (had to drop Lars Anderson 1B BOS).

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @and1mcgee: Cool re: Asdrubal. re: Atkins — Ha!

    @bpasinko: Cargo, Rodriguez… But only because Cargo’s up right now. If Rodriguez gets the call, he’s above him, so if you have no immediate need, I’d hold Rodriguez.

  13. big o says:

    hope you’re right about cq .
    hope is all i have left .
    just seeing him on my bench/dl every week makes me wanna puke/cry .
    almost sold him for a bag of peanuts , last week , but they were the dry-roasted/un-salted variety .

  14. Swass says:

    Well-deserved Gatkins bashing here…but would you trade John Danks for him?

  15. Swass says:

    Drop Asdrubal for any of these hitters: Melky, Morales, Rolen, Andrus, CarGo, Sean Rod, Rowand?

  16. cws05nuts says:

    Hasn’t Sean-Rod been to the Show before and failed? Doesn’t he strike out 1/3 Ab’s?

    Just asking because my how Hill’s ceiling seems to be leveling off into mediocrity. 0-century in the past 2 weeks. But, does Sean-Rod’s upside win out vs. the real A Hill were seeing these days?

  17. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: Hope is a wonderful thing.

    @Swass: Nope

    @Swass: Grab Sean Rod if you don’t need someone immediately. Grab Andrus if you need a MI. Grab CarGo if you wanna take a flier on a new call-up.

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cws05nuts: Sean-Rod might be a liability on average, but he has power to spare. I still want Hill over him.

  19. cws05nuts says:

    @Grey: Thank you sir. If anyone cares, just heard on the radio that Mr. Hafner might suit up tonight for some cws action.

  20. Steve says:

    The only league I own Atkins is the RCL.
    So I guess I’m stuck with him. You’d own him ahead of Andy LaRoche?

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cws05nuts: You’re welcome and thanks for the update. I give Pronk twelve days.

    @Steve: Yeah, I would. But it’s not saying much.

  22. Matt says:

    Grey, great posts today. The Teahen Subaru pace car line was fantastic. What do you think of my Adam Dunn and Aaron Hill for his Alfonso Soriano? I have Kinsler at 2b.

  23. Steve says:

    No, its not, is it? You like EE better?

  24. Joe B says:

    Hey Grey… if Liriano drops a big turd on the mound again tonite, should I drop him for Nolasco???

  25. Mr. Rickey says:

    If he bombs again today, drop Ervin Santana for Hanson, Happ or Wells?

    Traded Torii and Downs a few weeks ago for Beckett and Alexi Ramirez – feeling pretty good about it.

  26. and1mcgee says:

    let’s hope for Sean Rod, it’s better this time around. His #’s weren’t nearly as good in AAA before his last call-up, so he’s clearly improved… even if they play PCL games in backyards.

  27. Greg says:

    Start Dukes or Reimold tonight?

  28. airlifting says:

    @Mr. Rickey: i’d already be dropping ervin for hanson. i can’t imagine hanson won’t at least be santana’s equal the rest of the season.

  29. anoraxx says:

    Ultey+Bell for Cano+Bay, who is the winner?

  30. Aaron Pil says:

    @anoraxx: Utley Bell is a big winer. Pull the trigger on that one really fast. Make up some lie about your leaving town for the weekend and you want to have this done before you leave today.

  31. sean says:

    Soto’s on waivers in my league. Let him wallow?

  32. anoraxx says:

    @Aaron Pil:
    Hehe, I am actually on the other side. I am kinda testing the waters as I need some upgrade in the outfield.

  33. Wizo says:

    Rios or Kris Davis?

  34. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    anyone have the balls to start Liriano in Seattle? How sad thaty I will prob bench him in Seattle…..

  35. Swass says:

    @anoraxx: I don’t think Utley Bell side wins at all actually. Closers can be found every few weeks and Cano has been playing like he used to, which was pretty good outside of last year. He’s no Utley obviously, but he’ll score runs, drive him some, and he’s already at his season SB totals. Jason Bay speaks for himself. Its a pretty fair deal though.

  36. rhymenoceros says:

    Since you seem so active on this post, Grey, answer me this: How the hell am I supposed to sell Tejada in my RCL division if you keep telling everyone to sell him? I’ve been pimping his inflated numbers for weeks with no bites. What is a reasonable price to expect from him, especially considering that Alexi Ramirez has been ass-tastic and he’s my other MI?

  37. rhymenoceros says:

    @sean: Let him wallow. Who else is going to pick him up, especially now that he’s losing AB’s to freaking Koyie Hill.

  38. brad says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I’m starting Liriano in the league where I need the most help. In the league where I’m near the top of the standings he’s been on my bench for a few starts.

    I guess I’m saying that I’m starting him where I’m desperate.

  39. and1mcgee says:

    @ Aaron Pil: lying is bad

  40. anoraxx says:


    Yeah this is the way I was thinking. I might try to ship Qualls instead of Bell though.

  41. jbatkins says:

    Hey Grey, I’m stuck in a serious DL bind… do I give up Kershaw and Webb to get Lester? Kershaw/Danks are my worst pitchers, but I need room to stash Reyes on the DL (where Webb is right now). Is Lester a big enough downgrade over Webb that we should scuttle the trade? (otherwise, we’re taking 0’s for Votto/Reyes until one comes back)…

  42. Swass says:

    @Grey: I grabbed Rowand despite my hatred for having Giants on my team. He’s pretty much raking and he’s magically scoring runs. I think he still hits in front of Bonds.

  43. @ K.Hernandez: I have the balls to start him in Seattle. Cust kayin’. After absolutely no trade interest in him, two things could result: #1 a decent outing that will bear sweet fruit going forward, or more likely #2 provide incentive to dump him for Nolasco, who will appreciate the jesture and reward my fantasy team with Ace type stats for the rest of the season. It’s all good either way, regardless of the outcome or ball size.

  44. Aaron Pil says:

    @anoraxx: Qualls is a better choice. Bell has been really good, and he has a track record of being a very good 8th inning guy as well. He’s in a pitchers park and he is established. He has been pretty healthy for the last 4 years.

    Qualls is a big question mark with his forearm pain.

    The best player in the deal is Utley, who you will be giving up.

    Bay is good-having a great year, with a good track record.

    Cano is having a good year, but he has a terrible track record.

    In this trade you give up the best player and assume the most risk.

  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Matt: Thanks! Too much for Al-So.

    @Steve: If he’s healthy and playing, yup.

    @Joe B: Sure

    @Mr. Rickey: Sure, Hanson

    @Greg: Reimold

    @anoraxx: Utley’s side.

    @Wizo: Rios

    @rhymenoceros: Hmm… You got a dilemma there. Not sure what you need, how’s that for a cop out? I’d try and get a 2nd to 3rd tier starter, think Wainwright.

    @jbatkins: Nope, don’t get Lester there.

  46. Dom says:

    Any comments on Kazmir?

  47. BabyBeluga says:

    Am I giving away too much in this deal or should I be pulling the trigger now? I need pitching help (for context) and seeking the best in Johann.

    I get Santana and give Manny and Nelson Cruz (keeper league).
    My outfield is ok, but overly reliant on youth with A.Jones, N.Cruz, Lind, Bruce, E.Dukes (and Taveras, Milton, R.Winn to fill in) – Manny was the one reliable piece.

    That being said, Johann is an obvious difference maker in an area I need to attack. In second place and leading in HR/RBI – behind in era/whip… I’ve sent Manny and Lind (rather than Cruz) for Johann, but have not rejected his original offer yet…

  48. Sam says:

    Funny jokes once again Grey, someone proposed me this trade since I’m at the bottom of HR’s, RBI’s,

    Ryan Howard and Randy Wolf for YOUUUUK and Carpenter.

    Should I do it ? Its a 12 team Yahoo roto league.

  49. Swass says:

    @Aaron Pil: I fail to see how Robinson Cano has a terrible track record. Outside of last year, he has been an above average 2b. Jason Bay also has been a top 10 outfielder since the beginning of last year. I’d agree with the good player having a great year assessment, but he had a great fantasy year also. Heath Bells are cool, but saves is only one category. You will find a replacement player for him before your worst OF or worst 2b outperforms Cano or Bay.

  50. Swass says:

    great fantasy year last year also*

  51. Steve says:

    Yanks v Rays postponed.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dom: Too many starters out there, I wouldn’t get involved with Kazmir.

    @BabyBeluga: Obviously, I’d prefer to do Lind there but it’s still a good deal for you if you need Johan.

    @Sam: I’d want Howard’s side.

    @Steve: Thanks for the heads up, will need to change lineups.

  53. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah – grabbed Giambi in the RCL to sub in for Joyce.

    So of course he’s bound to tee off against Guthrie in my H2H.

    On Atkins, MVN Outsider (they link to Razzball so I don’t feel guilty about mentioning them!) suggest that Atkins’ solid contact and walk rate and ludicrously low BABIP offers some scope for improvement.


    BTW, not saying I’m running out to get him anywhere, just scrambling for some rationalization for keeping him in the RCL!

  54. Sabs says:

    What kind of bat should I be looking for in exchange for Hunter? The A-Rod owner in my points league loves him some rookie nookie; is Hunter/Gamel for A-Rod ambitious enough for you?

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Do I think Atkins hits .190 and 5 HRs all year? Nope, but his year to year trends are terrible and if he gets traded to a less hitter friendly park it’s not good. Then throw in the fact that if he’s traded to contender and doesn’t hit, his leash will be short so he might lose time. And that’s me being optimistic.

    @Sabs: Sure, I’d want A-Rod there.

  56. Tom says:

    Wow, everyone in my league wants a piece of mccutchen. I wanted the steals, but I like selling rookie nookie when it’s hot!

    Also, here’s a trade that I’m considering:

    Qualls/Mcutchen for Taveras/Bruce.

    I get the Bruce side. Offer’s on the table, and I think i want it.

  57. Steve says:

    @Grey: Fair enough.

    It’s just me, clinging to any nugget of hope!

    Elsewhere, Murphy or Ben-Fran?

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: I’d take Bruce there.

    @Steve: Murphy

  59. Aaron Pil says:

    @Swass: Terrible track record as in hes a hot and cold hitter. If you draft him and plug him in and forget him you will be fine. If your trading for him though and trying to time a window of his best performance, its way harder.

    Heath Bell is established and helps you in 4 categories. 2b is always scarce. OF very dependent on league.

  60. @Grey: Another Buy A-Rod oportunity for you to judge. It is a Keeper League, but I don’t want to tank the season for the future. Would you deal Zimmerman AND a very decent arm Carpenter, Hanson, maybe Scherzer, or at least Liriano, for Alex? I also own Texiera if the back to back batters matters at all…Thanks!

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @zombie: I would do that deal, but I’d really push for Liriano, then Scherzer then Carp then Hanson.

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Ugh. I hate Reyes.

  63. Doc says:

    @Grey: Somebody sent me a buy low offer on Reyes. Should I try to work with him and get it up to an even deal?

  64. Swass says:

    @Aaron Pil: His career splits from June through the rest of the season are pretty damn good. I don’t think he’s that streaky and new Yankee Stadium can’t hurt.

    I disagree with the notion that Heath Bell helps in 4 categories. I don’t think a ceiling of 3k and 1 scoreless inning a night helps, especially when you consider the Padres won’t be winning that many games. If you want help in Ks and ERA/WHIP from a reliever and don’t want to pay much, check out a MR.

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Sure, no harm in that.

  66. JR says:

    @Grey: Two questions regarding a H2H league in which I have to ensure that players will sustain their performances throughout the season:

    2B: F-Lopez, Stewart, Beckham
    U: Cuddyer, Atkins, Pierre

    Thanks in advance!

  67. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I just cut Atkins in disgust,the best I’ll get out of him is an improved waiver wire spot…………….I think I know the answer on if I should start Danks tonite, but howzabout Price?

  68. Steve says:

    @Doug Ault: Yanks-Rays are PPD.

  69. Doug Ault says:

    @Steve: Thanks for the heads up

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Sorry, I don’t understand the question.

    @Steve: Start him tomorrow.

  71. JR says:

    @Grey: Sorry, if you had to pick one 2B and one U to sustain their performance over the year, who would it be?

    F-Lopez, Stewart, or Beckham?
    Cuddyer, Pierre, or Atkins?

  72. Kris says:

    @Grey: Don’t blame Jose, blame the Mets trainers for handling his injury in as poor a fashion as possible.

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Lopez, Pierre.

    @Kris: True.

  74. Steve says:

    @Grey: I know he’s been awful (I’m still having trouble sitting down in the keeper), but Ervin should still be owned, no?

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Can’t lose him in a keeper. Not yet at least.

  76. Steve says:

    @Grey: Sorry – should have been more direct. If he’s on waivers in a 12-teamer (non-keeper), do you grab him and stash him?

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Oh, nah. I’m not messing with him.

  78. Prince says:

    Another great writeup. I always want to say this, actually, but don’t want to be a suck-up. Probably am now that I just said that. Oh well.

    So Jurrjens vs. Gallardo — he won’t get me K’s, probably not the win. Am I right in that this probably isn’t a good start for him?

  79. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks. I’m down to 5 starters in the RCL with Volquez out, so casting around for a 6th.

    Any future in owning Richard, Wellemeyer or Kawakami?

  80. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: Thanks! Might not be a good start for him, but the way he’s pitching who have to start him.

    @Steve: Blech on those three.

  81. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah – time to re-discover my inner Mr. B methinks.

  82. TonyC says:

    I’m in a 12-team, H2H league, and I have to drop someone when Uehara comes off the DL next week. I was thinking of dropping either Marmol or Cristian Guzman or maybe even Uehara, but I’m not sure. Here’s my roster as it stands right now:

    c Wieters
    1b Fielder
    2b Phillips
    3b Wright
    ss Drew
    if Sandoval
    of Kemp
    of Damon
    of BJ Upton
    of J Upton
    util Adam Jones
    bn C Guzman
    sp Billingsley, Vazquez, Shields, Jackson, Matsuzaka, Scherzer, Price, Nolasco
    rp Broxton, Rivera, Fuentes, Marmol
    dl Uehara


    ps – you’re site is fantastic. you guys do really great work.

  83. Greg says:

    Anyone else tired of Kinsler swinging at the first pitch? He needs to go on a serious hot streak again.

  84. Greg says:

    @TonyC: I think I would drop Guzman.

  85. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TonyC: Thanks! I’d lose Uehara.

    @Greg: Yeah, seriously.

  86. knighttown says:

    Grey, your earlier comment about the throw in for AROD caught my attention (you ranked which SP’s you’d throw in first). I’ve been red hot, moving from 11th to 2nd in my league since May 1st. Now the hard work comes. The guy in front of me is at 90 and his team is solid. I’m in and around the 72-75 mark. I’m trying to upgrade and stockpile talent, in effect, selling high on my guys for someone who big numbers will come in August. Alas, two months into the season is enough that your preseason rankings which I use as the gospel have probably changed. Would you do me a favor and re-rank my guys for the rest of 2009?

    In order of the way I’d keep them:

    SP- Beckett, Oswalt, Cain, Weaver, Jackson, Vazquez, Hanson, Liriano

    OF/Util- Braun, Ibanez, B. Upton, J. Upton, Choo, Bruce, Beltre, Reimold

    MI- Alexei, Peralta, Drew


  87. Doc says:

    With Reyes injury is J. Upton comparable?

  88. paulzone says:

    i would have bet many daquiaries that ervin would pitch a gem from my bench after bludgeoning me for 15 er in two starts…

  89. Steve says:

    @paulzone: Ha! Same here. You know what would have happened if we’d started him, though.

  90. Steve says:

    @Doc: You’re scaring me.
    @Grey: Are you watching Ervin?

  91. Drev says:

    @Grey: If you were asked — and I guess you *are* being asked — to name five MUST HAVE second-half players, who would they be? I assume Teixeira would be one…

  92. Doc says:

    @Steve: I only report the “news”

  93. Steve says:

    @Doc: You were referring to all three of them, right?

  94. Doc says:

    @Steve: of course

  95. Doc says:

    Wow, Greinke with 6 earned runs in 3 innings

  96. Doc says:

    Will trade Ortiz for food

  97. Mr Baseball says:

    Hey Grey are their any other minor league players that you are expecting to be promoted to the majors soon – (players you like) (players you hate)

  98. jbatkins says:

    Alright, how about this: Webb and Kershaw for Lester and Damon? I guess what this all comes down to is, (a) do you think Damon will continue his current play (including playing time), and (b) do you think Webb (if he even does come back) will play to the level that we’re used to?

  99. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. That would be like staying home on a Friday night to watch baseball and comment on a blog. Totally lame people, frickin idiots, losers. Get a life.

    Wait a minute…………….

    Carry on.

  100. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: I don’t get it. What are you insinuating?