Do not adjust your sets. Yes, it is Sunday, and yes, I am writing you a DFS post for the second day in a row; we have not magically gone back in time to Saturday, my usual day. I’ve swapped spots temporarily with FredWord, who at time of writing was preparing for Hurricane Irma. We’re all thinking of you, mate, and everyone else who lately has been and may yet be affected by Mother Nature, everywhere. It’s kind of weird how life goes on, but it does, and I know I’m lucky to be warm and dry and able to play DFS today. I’m feeling a bit of an urge to spread the love, though, including any winnings I make this weekend. This could be a good and baseball-relevant place. So let’s make it a good one. (Fingers crossed. This is actually the first time I’ve attempted to write about FantasyDraft; as much as I like it [it’s roomy in here, like elastic-waistbanded pants! Flexible like a Thighmaster!], it could all go horribly wrong.)

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Here’s the lineup I’m entering into FantasyDraft, Sunday September 10, 1:07 p.m. (note that the slate today doesn’t include the Cleveland-Baltimore game at 8 p.m., which bums me out because I had a blurb all written for you about Edwin Encarnacion and his 10 for 37 BVP versus Jeremy Hellickson, so if you get a chance to play EE anywhere, do it [#bonuscontent]):

Stephen Strasburg, P: $24,800 –  Oy, but the pitching slate is not terribly cooperative today. All the pitchers are either great and really expensive, or bad and cheap. So I’m reluctantly going with Strasburg: I think he’s the surest thing today — not to pick on the Phillies (OK, I’m going to pick on the Phillies), but they are last in the league and third-last in runs scored; my slight reluctance stems from the fact that Strasburg is achingly expensive and you know all your competitors are going to play him, too. But in 19.2 innings pitched against the Phillies this year, he’s earned a grand total of 5 runs (ERA 2.29, WHIP 1.22). Admittedly, his highest ERA is at home in Washington — 3.60 — but at the same time, it’s 3.60, which is miraculous in the Year of the Long Ball (totally a thing).

J.A. Happ, P: $15,600 – He’s about the lowest I can stomach going, ranked 7th on the Razzball Stream-o-Nator for the day. He’s pitched well lately, having given up just 1 home run in his past 8 starts — his ERA is 3.42 over that stretch. With the possible exception of Nick Castellanos and Miguel Cabrera (see below) and Ian Kinsler ($7,200), this should be a good match-up for him. I was initially almost — almost! — tempted by Rich Hill ($19,200), but this Rockies versus Dodgers series appears to be turning into a beat-up-on-LAD-pitchers slugfest.

Scooter Gennett, IF: $8,400 – I have all the hopes (it’s like “feels” but with “hope”) about this meeting of the minds (well, bat and ball) between Jacob and Scooter. Yes, Jacob DeGrom ($22,400 if you want to give him a go) is Stream-o-Nator’s top-ranked pitcher of the day, but I still think this is a good match-up for lefty Scooter, who is hitting .317 against RHP so far this year. When it comes to hitting against DeGrom in particular, Scooter has a .385 average and nice, tidy .500 wOBA in 14 plate appearances. And then there’s Scooter’s home comfort level: he’s hitting .306 in the not-at-all boldly named Great American Ball Park. Also, there’s his .417 average in the last week. Shall I go on?

Corey Seager, IF: $8,100 – Further fueling my sense of déjà vu-ness today, I’m going to recommend Seager for the second day in a row. This time it’s for the match-up against righty Tyler Chatwood: Seager has a .403 wOBA against him, with 4 hits, 1 home run and a double in 14 at-bats; he’s .295 against righties generally. Plus he’s hitting a very decent .309 at home in Dodger Stadium.

Nick Castellanos, IF: $7,500 – Here’s another lefty-righty match-up to consider: right-hand-bat Castellanos has 11 of his 21 home runs off left-handed pitchers (along with a .279 average), and against LHP J.A. Happ, he has a .455 average and .521 wOBA; it’s not a massive sample size (11 at-bats), but throw in his decent pace over the last 7 days (7 for 24 with 2 home runs), along with this relatively decent price, and he may just work out for you. I of course am not happy to be running him up against one of my own starting pitchers, but c’est la vie with the pitching options what they are!

Ryan Goins, IF: $5,400 – This is your Hear Me Out™ play of the day. Goins is probably not going to perform heroics for you, but he has seen Anibal Sanchez well in the past; it could be a decent lefty-righty match-up for a player who’s ticking along steadily. OK. I’ll be honest: at this point, I’m playing him mostly because I need a warm, cheap body in an IF slot.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: $10,800 – It seems a little crazy to blow this much salary cap on a hitter, but I think The Stanton’s (there is only one) worth it. The Razzball Hittertron’s 2nd-highest-rated hitter overall (1st is Trea Turner, $10,400) is 9 for 26 versus RA Dickey, with 2 home runs; that’s a handsome .346 average and .433 wOBA — about as handsome as he is (Things Girls Notice™ [and that you will probably never read on a Sunday again]). He hasn’t yet played in Atlanta’s Suntrust Park, but it’s basically at the midway point for hitter-friendliness, and I dare it to contain him.

Kris Bryant, OF: $8,700 – Bryant in very-slightly-cheaper-than-expected shocker! Bryant is 9 for 22 versus the BrewersZach Davies: a .409 average and .491 wOBA. He has been a little on the sleepy side in September (.207 average) — hence the price, I’m sure — but he is doing something every day, and here’s hoping Davies is the alarm clock he needs.

Ian Desmond, OF: $6,800 – Oh yes, I’m well aware he has not been setting the world on fire lately. But I’m going to play him for the price, the lefty-righty match-up, and the fact that the Rockies are just out-juggernauting the Dodgers lately. Shine on, you crazy Desmond.

Ozzie Albies, UTIL: $6,400 – I’m actually not sure how this match-up is going to go versus Odrisamer Despaigne (one of my favorite names in baseball: true fact), but I need someone cheap, and over the last 7 days, Ozzie “I Bite the Heads Off Bats” Albies has hit .310, with a couple of extra-base hits. He’s a switch hitter who has better splits versus lefties, but against RHP like Despaigne, he’s still sporting a not-too-shabby .267 with 5 doubles and 4 triples.

Miguel Cabrera, UTIL: $5,600 – OK, wow, this price is a bit of a shock. I know he was slumping before his 6-game suspension, but he did go 2 for 4 with a homer in his return on Saturday (perhaps he just needed some time off! Don’t we all, Miggy. Don’t we all) and is hitting .330 versus lefty pitchers like Happ. At this price, definitely worth running him out there.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a smidgen of cloudiness around, but on the whole, it’s clear sailing today in the places where baseball is happening.

Doing Lines In Vegas

At -196, the Nationals are the heavy favorite to take their game over Philly. The Dodgers are projected to beat the Rockies -187, but nah, I’m still scared of the Rockies. The slimmest margin is the Braves over the Marlins at -104.

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5 years ago

By the way, good work on the Scooter section. I dropped him simply based on Degrom. Wish I looked more into it and read your post before the decision

5 years ago

Hittertron is big on Jay Bruce vs. Hellickson. You into that at all? Or would you rather have Matt Adams vs. Odrisamer?